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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I love Robert Bessler's amazing work. He puts ancient Taoist principles to work in practical modern life. He's proven the power of the Inner Smile in transforming the lives of children given up for lost or permanently disabled. His genius is to offer real hope to the hopeless, and power to the dis-empowered. Readers will be inspired, uplifted, and educated on how to make the impossible possible."

 ~ Michael Winn 


 "When I had a problem that stopped me dead in my tracks, Robert Bessler was the first person I called. His advice was clear, useful and actionable. I was able to immediately implement his advice and the results were exactly as he predicted. I am thrilled that Robert is now offering this same advice to a wider audience. I recommend his expertise to anyone looking to find a more authentic way to experience their lives and businesses."

~ Melanie Saladino
Life & Business Coach

"What I love most about Robert's material is how clearly he presents it. I feel confident that all I have to do is add a practice of his into my daily routine and soon enough I see results."

~ Daniel Roberts
Certified Personal Trainer

"Authentic true timeless concepts and practices that are at the core of ANY real teachings I've encountered. Not the new age or commercial fluff. Experiential, not just theoretical: the description of concepts is followed by effective mental and meditative practices, which is the only way to learn and progress. Steps of awakening far beyond what a reader realizes when beginning the practice. Now more important than ever in this age of over-revved brains and all day staring into screens. Highly, highly recommend for people with any level of experience. practice. Certainly life changing."

~ Mike Zee
Founder, Tech Divers, LLC

"The material that my husband has to share through his book and programs is nothing short of exemplary. He is able to take valuable teachings from legitimate spiritual systems, and present them in practical and relatable ways for the modern practitioner without sacrificing their essence. In addition to being his wife, I have been a student of his for many years, and I've personally made a vast amount of positive life changes due to his teachings. As someone with a career in healthcare, I can deeply appreciate his highly holistic approach to address all aspects of life."

~ Amy Bessler, RN

"The mindfulness methods are practical and effective. I've had several major mental shifts and meaningful experiences from these practices that has greatly improved my life. It helped me work through a lot of my personal problems and inner roadblocks that have held me back. This has helped me develop a greater sense of awareness and mental clarity. If you stick with these practices you are in for one awesome ride!"

~ Nathan Hartley
Project Manager

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