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True Authenticity

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

As the plague of the ever-growing ego continues to sweep the globe, I felt it to be a good time to offer some truth regarding authenticity. It’s all too common in the world today to find people stressing how authentic they are when in reality it’s just their ego justifying it’s actions through twisted logic. True authenticity is a state of being discovered through spiritual practices that take you beyond the mind and ego. It’s crucial to understand the difference between this fake, ego-driven form of authenticity and true authenticity. It’s my desire to offer you a clear example.

The ordinary mind – that of the ego-dominated, unconscious – sees authenticity as a way to strengthen itself. These people believe that authenticity is about doing whatever they want, acting however they want, and making up their own “feel-good” practices – all in the name of being authentic. They believe that they are individuals and finding their own individual path – but this form of separateness is a classic tactic of the ego.

The ego twists and justifies their poor behaviors into the false belief of them just being themselves. They rationalize that they should be able to act however they want to, regardless of how poor that behavior is toward themselves or others, in the name of being themselves. They trick themselves into believing their own misguided inverted logic so they can make up their own false versions of what they call practices. These make believe forms of practice carry no real, lasting value at all. To the contrary, they serve only to stroke the ego and allow the person to feel good about themselves for a short period of time before reverting right back to the same, or often even worse, behavior patterns than they had previously. They confuse their opinion for truth, and they borrow the knowledge of others instead of actually engaging in real practices and attaining direct personal experience. The ordinary mind likes to confuse real authenticity for its facade of self-justification thinly disguised as authenticity.

How can you be authentic when the mind is still dominated by the ego? True authenticity cannot be attained while the mind is still ego-driven. Authenticity is being in tune with your Higher Self (essence), and remember that ego and essence cannot and do not coexist.

Look around at the current trend in the media. Celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, and religious leaders alike are always apologizing for some form of nonsense that holds no real value in the first place. Not a day goes by that I don’t read or hear about one of these “distraction representatives” apologizing for something. Sure, it’s a great way to get publicity, after all, any press is good press, isn’t that what they say? This current trend (and yes, I’m using the word trend here to indicate one more behavior of the those considered to be “trendies”) is a thing example of false authenticity. While we’re supposed to embrace the programming that it’s good to apologize, I encourage you to see how it’s actually an act of disempowerment when it’s not truthful, and clearly the act of someone who is of ordinary mind and thus is not truly authentic at all. If they were authentic, they’d have nothing to apologize for.

True authenticity is something entirely different. Let’s use this trendy example of apologizing as a way to illustrate my point. A person who relies on false authenticity will apologize because they said something or did something that was not mindfully executed or because someone complained about it or their ego found a way to be offended. Those who are willing to quickly retract their statements and apologize are not authentic. However, those who do something from a poor moral perspective and then refuse to apologize because they want to justify their actions and strengthen their sense of self-righteousness as being authentic, are also acting from ego and therefore are not authentic.

The pure mind – This term is used to describe a state of mind beyond ego. A mind that is free of ego and indeed free of itself. A better translation for this term would be “pure no-mind.” It’s only from this state of no-mind that we come in contact with our true authenticity.

Truly authentic people are clear in what they say and do and they stand behind it. Authentic people are spiritually awakened and speak of truth, not opinion or twisted perspective. This doesn’t mean that they won’t apologize if they make an honest mistake, indeed, they’ll be eager and set things straight, but they generally speak mindfully and from what they have come to experience first-hand as truth. Those living without ego will not apologize simply because someone decides they want to be offended or because it’s trendy and offers notoriety. Authentic people don’t act however they want and attempt to justify it, their words and action are mindful , consciously formulated, and based on truth. They don’t attempt to justify their actions by stating that they’ll do what they do because it’s them being who they are, they have lost their sense of self. When the ego passes away, so does your identity, then their is no self. When you go beyond the mind into the realm of essence their is only conscious awareness of truth for what is. There is no more opinion because opinions are mental formations that cannot exist without the mind. This is where true authenticity is found. If you have not entered into no-mind, gone beyond the mind, then you have yet to grasp the truth of authenticity. Authentic people understand that they must directly engage real practices from authentic systems in order to attain awakened consciousness and spiritual expansion.

The path to authenticity begins with mindfulness practices that help you to attain what’s called, “clear perception.” Once clear perception is achieved, then the truth begins to be experienced. You no longer live from a perception twisted by the ego or controlled by outside influences, you begin to see through all of the illusion. As you continue walking this path you enter into meditation that will allow you to experience the state of pure mind and then you will realize true authenticity.

The Expansion Mastery Program is designed to assist you on your own path toward true authenticity and this is why there’s absolutely no dogma associated with Expansion Mastery. Dogma is the creation of the mind and it serves the mind/ego, not the essence. Expansion Mastery is meant to guide you through real practices as you make your own unique way in the world while supplying you with authentic practices from a practical, non-dogmatic standpoint so that you can attain real results faster and easier. There’s no dogma to weigh you down so you’re able to rise to all new heights in the true manner intended by these authentic practices.Please do your best to apply this material to rise above the twisted logic of the ego and to take your stance in the world in a truly authentic way.

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