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The Book Passage Presentation & Book Signing

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I just wanted to share a remarkable experience with you that I had yesterday, confirming that dreams do come true and anything is possible. I was invited to speak and sign books at the Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera, CA and it was a wonderful time. The Book Passage is a highly respected independent bookstore that really does their best to remain true to the book industry. They have hosted many great authors, celebrities and famous politicians throughout the years. It was an honor to have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and speak at such a prestigious bookstore. They had about 8 highly visible book displays set up throughout the store and they had a fully stocked shelf where my book is placed in the Spirituality section right next to The Secret. You can even see the wall display behind the counter which they devoted to my book. How cool is that!? Amy noticed that the 2 books I had signed earlier in the week that had already sold, that was quite exciting to see. The staff I worked with in setting up this event, Alison and Melissa, were fantastic throughout the entire process. Both women are outstanding at their jobs. I truly appreciated Alison’s statement – “I have worked with my fair share of authors, but you’re good nature, positivity, and graciousness have made my experience working with you one of the best so far! I’m genuinely thrilled we’ll have the opportunity to host you.” I was humbled by this.

The counter display and the entire wall display behind the counter.

Amy and I have spent countless hours browsing and buying at the Book Passage. Back when we first moved to this area, we were looking at all of the photos on the wall of the incredible and important speakers they have hosted. I recall commenting how it just became a dream of mine to speak there about my book. This took place before I had even written the first rough draft! Now, here I am just 2 1/2 short years later giving a presentation on my book in this first rate bookstore. Even upon reflecting back on it, I still find it astounding. My advice to anyone reading this – know that anything is possible.

Sharing insight and wisdom through the 5 pillars of Expansion Mastery.

Prior to the event, Amy and I were hanging out in the cafe’ and enjoying an iced tea. We overheard people calling on the phone to make sure they could still get a seat for my presentation. Then I found out that there was actually a reservation list! I was blown away. After this, a very cordial gentleman in the cafe’ asked if I was Robert, the speaker this afternoon? I acknowledged in the affirmative and we introduced ourselves. He had more college degrees than anyone I had ever met. He began the conversation by informing me that I have a following in Marin County because people really resonate with the message in the book and that he had invited a few others to listen as well. Again, I had no idea that I already had a local following. I was blown away twice in less than 10 minutes. You just have to love those kind of days!

The turnout of about 3 dozen people or so was great and the audience was filled with very cool people with valid, intelligent questions. They kept me longer than expected, but I managed to make time to sign some books before finishing. Then the store had me sign a stack of books for their shelf, which I am always happy to do. I have a standing offer to most bookstores in the area – whenever you get more stock of my book, call me and I’ll stop in and autograph them for you.

Autographing books at The Book Passage! Living in a dream, if you can’t tell.

I was especially flattered to receive high praise for my speaking ability. Thats was unexpected. It seemed to be far better than they had anticipated, which is always a plus. I suppose being a good writer does not automatically make one a good speaker. While I have had a bit of professional training recently in speaking and years of experience through teaching the martial and meditative arts, it was easy because I always make it a point to teach from personal experience and speak from my heart. Speaking from my heart may be seen in this photo during my presentation – the body language of my hand gesture says it all.

Teaching from personal experience & speaking from my heart!

My wife was there, as always, to support me. She is also the photographer and videographer for these events. I will share some video from this presentation on this website shortly and I will also include a different segment on my Author Page. During the presentation I noticed she was not getting up to get a photo of the audience. After the presentation, she shared with me that she had actually been so drawn into the talk that she became engrossed and forgot to snap more photos. Isn’t that awesome! Here is someone that lives this material with me day-in and day-out, yet I was still able to capture her interest with the presentation. I was very pleased with this. You see, I had spent weeks writing this presentation. Then, the morning of the event, I threw it out and sat down to write something that came to me in a dream-state the night before. Within an hour, I had written and entirely new presentation and that’s what I presented there. Being in tune to the Universe is a pretty fantastic feeling.

After the presentation I was able to meet a few people from the audience and many of them asked me to become their martial arts teacher. This was an unexpected twist. I have not taught publicly since we moved here. I still teach privately and I have numerous students flying out to visit and train, but I have been focusing on my own training during this time. I am feeling that I may have to begin offering training again soon. One gentleman in particular set up a meeting with me regarding a television documentary on the subject of soul-mates, of which he is the producer. I know that Amy and I would thoroughly love to be a part of this project.

Amy and I after the presentation. Melissa was kind enough to get a photo of us together. How beautiful is she? The book cover is pretty decent too. 😉

I want to thank everyone for participating in this event that meant so much to me. I truly hope that the information I shared offers you something of value to consider and apply to your own life. Remember, the choice is ours – We can live a life that is hell on earth, or we can create an astonishing adventure that is heaven on earth. Choose wisely.

Love & Appreciation To All.

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