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Spiritual Independence

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Happy Independence Day America!

I hope everyone around the world is fully engaging their July 4th weekend! As over $150 million dollars of hot dogs are consumed and 65 million cases of beer are chugged down, we should also reflect on and celebrate our freedoms and liberties.

The Declaration of Independence is a masterpiece that saw the final draft agreed upon and signed on this day in 1776. It spokeof the liberties that were to be the right of every American. Today is a wonderful day to take a moment and read this historic document for yourself. The Declaration of Independence is a powerful document and vitally important part of our history as Americans.

It begins with… “We the people,” and this refers to the great citizens of the United States, but in reality, it should refer to all people from all places. It speaks of the liberties that all people should have the right to enjoy, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must remember that WE are “WE the People.” Our government is designed to work for us, not to rule over us. The people are meant to be the “bosses” of the government, not the other way around. This is our responsibility.

Freedom is supposed to be a right, but how can a person consider themselves to be free when they’re totally dependent upon the government for money, food, and housing? Is that really freedom? A person dependent upon the government is not an independent person, they are a very dependent one. Entitlement causes people to surrender their freedoms in favor of the easy way out; all the while their ego convinces them to believe they’re getting over on someone when nothing could be farther from the truth. This speaks to the mental state of the people, choosing a form of mental and financial slavery for themselves over education and hard work to make their own way in the world, taking their own unique stance in the universe.

But, this is not an article about politics, this is about independence. Specifically, I’m referring to a sense of “Spiritual Independence.” Spiritual Independence and Spiritual Freedom are the successful outcomes of spiritually-based practices. This is true independence.

Spiritual Independence. In a spiritual context, one can celebrate their spiritual independence day when they have successfully risen above the tyrannical domination of the ego. Until this day, you’ll find yourself completely ruled by the ego while your true self, your true voice continues to be repressed. One is only spiritually independent when they’re no longer dependent on the ego to “keep them safe” and provide an “easy way out” through the delusion of entitlement. The spiritually independent have accepted 100% responsibility for themselves in every way. Independence from one’s ego is truly cause for celebration.

Spiritual Freedom. Spiritual Freedom is not about the freedom to choose a religion, it’s far more. Spiritual Freedom only takes place when you live in the present moment, without ego, and with an open heart filled with love, joy and appreciation. This sets your spirit free. This kind of freedom can only be experienced when you’re free of the ego’s need for competition, faith, hope, and belief. Spiritual Freedom comes with the constantly unfolding state of Awakening. This is spiritual freedom and indeed, another great cause for celebration.

So, if you’re one who has overcome their ego and you live in the illumination of Spiritual Independence and Freedom – celebrate and rejoice! You know a rare sense of freedom!

Thanks for the artistic image of the Declaration of Independence, I don’t know who created it to offer credit, but it’s not mine. Thanks too, to Watching the Hawks for their July 4th statistics.

I do not claim ownership of this fantastic graphic.

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