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Spiritual Hierarchy of Sex & Vibration

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Can the type of sex you engage in be a direct reflection of the vibration you carry? Of course it can. This article will address, albeit briefly, my “Spiritual Hierarchy of Sex & Vibration.” This is a deep and complex subject that my wife and I cover in its entirety in our Entangled Souls program, as we uncover love making from a spiritual perspective. This is a brief overview. However, for additional insights on this topic, I would encourage you to listen to my latest podcast show, episode 27 of The Fully Engaged Life. It’s available on iTunes and Stitcher Smart Radio!

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding sex right now. Largely due to the release of a particular movie. As humanity becomes more and more entrenched in their heads, ruled by the ego, doing what they’re told without question, following the herd – so too do we see the trends in sex being more twisted, as we witness the egoic plague pull humanity into a downward spiral. But, as people begin to awaken from their mental slumber, truth and higher vibration will be reclaimed.

I would like to offer a “hierarchy” of sorts in order to establish the 5 basic types of sex and how they reflect our vibrational frequency.

In the middle of this sexual structure is just plain old, honest to goodness Ordinary Sex. This type of sex includes the intention of reproducing. The desire to have children is generally far more of a social and cultural expectation than it is a conscious decision, but through this type of sex reproduction inevitably takes place. This is the Ordinary Sex that most couples who posses the “ordinary” mind engage in. It’s healthy enough, and maybe even a little loving at times. It’s the sex one has when they find themselves scheduling it or squeezing it into their schedules. This is a bit utilitarian, but yet fun. The vibration is mid-range. This is the vibration of the average unawakened person riding the unconscious roller coaster of emotional flux triggered by external stimuli. The vibration is what most people are used to – ordinary.

One level below Ordinary Sex is Lustful Sex. There’s really no emotion attached to this act. Nor is love ever a factor. This sex is the intercourse had by those sleepwalking through life. Those who are mindlessly ego-driven to have sex with as many partners as possible. It’s a form of conquest and competition. This sex act consumes people, using them up and tossing them aside. This is sex based on nothing more than animalistic lust. It’s the need for momentary physical gratification, as in the one night stand. Contained within this level are all those categories of sex such as angry sex, make-up sex, revenge sex, and all of the other nonsense. None of these sex acts contain love, respect, or any emotion other than those based in ego and lust. This is the type of sex that any stray dog in heat is capable of having. The vibration of those attracted to this type of sex is substantially lower. Those who find themselves engaging in this type of sex are victim to an even deeper sleep-state and are totally dominated by ego. Their consciousness is no more awakened than any other animal on the planet.

At the very bottom of the structure is Dysfunctional Sex. This includes all the types of sex that are classified as kinky. The type of sex that’s contained within a ridiculous book and movie that people are now attempting to imitate. Likewise, we’re seeing a flood of articles online that make claims about how normal it is to be kinky. They’re twisted and wrong. Any sex that includes pain, disrespect, degradation, perversion, humiliation, domination, or other disturbing factors is nothing more than the product of a bored and dis-eased mind. This type of mind is anything but normal. Think about it, animals don’t even have this type of sex where they treat one another in such a violent and degrading fashion. Only the warped ego of the human mind is capable of sinking this low. This is a perversion of one of the greatest spiritual expressions that we have the ability to experience in our physical form. Violence and abuse are never expressions of love, merely the acting out of a warped mind. Not only is there no love present in this act, but indeed, the very absence of it. This vibration is the lowest, it’s the rock bottom of vibrational frequencies.

If we return now to the center of Ordinary Sex, we can move one level above that to Romantic Love Making. This is had when people fall in love. It’s usually intense for a couple of years, but then becomes somewhat mundane and sinks to the level of Ordinary Sex. Some rare couples do manage to maintain the aspect of love and romance within this part of their relationship. This typically happens in a new relationship, when both people are deeply attracted to each other. Hearts are opened in the beginning, but over time the excitement wears off. This is a signal that the person is not your Soul-Mate. This is the healthy act of those who have their hearts opened a bit and are able to escape being stuck in their heads. This differs from sex because of the components of love and romance. There is real love happening in this form of Romantic Love Making. The vibration of those in this area is much higher. This is the vibration of those who are actively overcoming their ego and living a more consciously aware and awakened life. It generally feels good to be around these people.

Above Romantic Love Making, at the very height of the sexual experience – is Spiritual Love Making. This is the rarest of all forms of sex / love making. Why? Because this is the expression only experienced by those in an awakened, conscious Soul-Mate relationship. This is the very essence of making love. The act itself becomes a physical and non-physical union of two people, connected physically as well as spiritually through the gateway of the fully opened heart as their souls unite into one. This form of love making includes the purest love, romance, passion, mutual respect, a deep heart connection, and a soul union. When engaged in this type of lovemaking, your vibrational frequency peaks to the closest possible to that of the Divine that it’s capable of while in physical form. When bodies and souls entangle in the spiritual expression of love making, the heavens shake along with them. It is truly a deep, spiritual act of love.

I encourage you to insist on raising your vibration and engaging in healthy Love Making; where love, romance, passion, and respect are all present. Why would you settle for anything less? Don’t you deserve the best? Of course you do!

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