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Solala Towler Interview

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Video Interview Link

This is the second exciting author interview for Expansive Expressions! This interview features Solala Towler. Solala is the author of 12 books on Daoism, the editor and publisher of the Empty Vessel Magazine, a musician with 4 cd’s of wonderful music to his credit and he’s been a humble and devoted practitioner of the “Way” for 23 years. In this interview, Solala shares some very valuable insights for living a spiritual and natural life, regardless of your core belief system. He is a shining example of someone who is truly on the path of self-mastery by becoming extremely knowledgable about Daoism and then internalizing the teachings through daily practice and implementing those practices into his life. Solala’s knowledge, compassion and willingness to inspire others really comes through in this interview. This interview is nearly an hour in length, so get yourself a glass of wine, or whatever you prefer and settle in somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed as you watch and enjoy the interview.

I would like to share my appreciation to Solala for taking the time out of the demands of his day to speak with us. I would also like to express my gratitude to Skype for allowing this interview to be possible in this format. It is a wonderful and free service they provide. It is always an honor and a pleasure to speak with Solala, as I always learn from him. As you will soon be able to see, the insights flow from him so naturally. I hope you enjoy it.

Solala Towler’s website can be visited at and I encourage you to check it out. A few of his book titles are, Cha Dao, The Inner Chapters, Embarking On The Way, and Tales From The Tao. Some of his CD titles include, Mountain Gate, Sacred Soundings, and Windhorse: Spirit of Tibet. He is also one of the keynote speakers for the 17th Annual National Qigong Association Conference being held in Vancouver, Washington on July 27th – 29th.

As I stated in the interview, I will be adding a short video of Solala, myself and a small group (including Amy who was filming the footage) practicing the Wuiji Gong form in an ancient Daoist Temple on Qingcheng Mountain, China back in 2009. The courtyard had the most beautiful bagua inlaid on on the ground. The energy there was truly amazing, and the monks were a lot of fun too. 🙂 Enjoy!

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