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Self-Sabotage: The Truth Is Not What You Think!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

As you well know, we do not throw around the term “Soul-As I was lying in bed this morning at 5:13am, I performed my Appreciation Mastery practice and then before we had to get up at 6:30, I was left to listen to a very crotchety male mallard quaking away in the pond outside our bedroom window while reflecting upon a few topics that were on my mind. My creative juices began flowing and I was once again overflowing with insights shared with me by my loving Essence. I would like to share one of the insights in the hope that it may serve you to succeed in all areas of your life.

I’ve noticed a recent increasing trend in self-help and psychological treatments geared toward the “changing your thoughts” and “reprogramming your mind.” All in the name of correcting self-sabotaging thoughts in order to experience greater success or a healthier lifestyle. I see the latest and greatest experts, Ph.D.’s, and gurus alike presenting their methods for using various mental tricks, mind manipulations, or medications to help you change this type of thinking and behavior. Everything from NLP to meditation to Psychotropic drugs are being packaged as the latest and greatest so-called cure. But they aren’t a cure at all. Many experts attempt to correct this problem through various manipulations of the brain, but the true problem lies in the mind.

As I was lying in bed reflecting on this topic, I thought, “Hey, I bet people would like the truth about this in a few sentences.” Wouldn’t a simple, straight forward, practical answer be a refreshing change? How about a clear path to correct the problem without having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the process? I’m not going to charge you for it, but please don’t tell the others who are trying so diligently to pedal their temporary cures. I know they mean well.

The primary problem is that most of the experts are following the same misguided model as the American Medical Industry, they seek to alleviate the symptoms without ever addressing the actual cause of the problem. In this day and age of awakening, one would think that people would understand what happens to an adhesive bandage (Band-Aid) when we get into the shower. Instead, they keep mindlessly buying more bandages. These systems provide a momentary patch over the symptom in the same way that an aspirin relieves the headache, but never addresses what’s causing the headache in the first place. Changing or thoughts often results in momentary relief, but before long you’ll find yourself right back in the old routine just as you always have. Reprogramming your mind for success results in the same fruitless attempt as the mind will slip back to its default setting at some point. The reason for the ineffectiveness of such things is because they don’t address the root cause, the real problem; as usual they only temporarily mask the symptom. Self-sabotaging thoughts are the symptoms not the cause of the problem.

If you’ve read my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life – and I’m sure you have! 😉 Then you may have noticed that I didn’t include anything at all about the fear of success, self-sabotage, or self-defeating behavior. Why did I leave these important topics out? Did I somehow forget to include such crucial information? Way to miss the boat, Robert! No, not at all, it simply wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary because if you follow the “challenges” I present in the book you’ll correct these issues (and many more) at their source! Although, just as a blind man cannot know and appreciate the exquisite, shimmering luster of the well cut diamond; neither can the unawakened know the depth of what I included in the book. There is truly far more there than anyone has yet realized.

Remember the ancient Chinese Proverb, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime?” Well, I desire to serve you through “teaching you how to fish” in order to correct the root cause of this problem. So here’s the whole truth…

“Your thoughts are not the reason for your self-sabotage, or your self-defeating behaviors, or even your fear of success. These thoughts are only the symptoms. Your ego is responsible for this! Overcome the ego and you immediately extinguish these types of thoughts and behaviors in the same manner as the darkness vanishes when the light switch is turned on.”

There it is. That’s why I share effective practices for overcoming the ego in various ways in the form of “challenges” for spiritual and personal advancement. then you don’t have to chase down every symptom in an attempt to heal it, they are all healed when the common root cause is corrected. You can continue running after the thousands of symptoms or you can cure the few root causes. Which makes more sense to you? When you make progress in this area all self-sabotaging thoughts and self-defeating excuses fad away. There is nothing left to work on. You don’t need to change anything, you don’t need to reprogram anything; just get the ego out of your mind so your own thoughts can dominate your mind and the problem is gone.

For most, the ego so completely dominates their mind and actions that their true Self is shoved in a corner, facing the wall in a time-out that lasts their entire lifetime. Most of the rampant, spastic thoughts rocketing through your head are not really your own. You certainly believe that they are, but in reality they are the product of the ego, not the real you. The ego forms infinite excuses disguised as “intellectual reasoning” in order to prevent your success. Why would it do that to you? Simple, the ego’s arch rival is change and growth. Change results in growth and growth results in your personal advancement and elevation, and that lessens your dependency on the ego. Each step on the path of personal elevation takes the ego one step closer to being exposed for what it is – unnecessary and not you. You reach a point where growth can no longer happen with the subduing of the ego and that means “death” for the ego. Ego and essence cannot coexist, therefore the rise of your maturity and essence means certain death for the immature ego. It will fight with all the dirty, manipulative tricks at its disposal, it will pitch a fit its own demise. The egoic mind is the root cause and actual problem that must be corrected, otherwise, you will simply default right back to old behaviors as soon as you let your mental guard down.

When we shift from ego to essence, we live with the thoughts of our true self. In levels of essence mastery, we live with no thoughts (no-mind) and the only voice we hear in that of our inner voice (spirit, essence) compassionately guiding us. There is simply no possibility for self sabotaging thoughts, unless we allow the ego to creep back in – which we do not. There is no fear of success because your essence only wants what’s best for you and guides you to exactly what you need exactly when you need it. There is only moving forward. Since self-defeating behaviors are merely the outward manifestation of self-sabotaging thoughts, they are eliminated as well. This is the cure. How do you effectively subdue your ego? I provide plenty of practical methods in my book, read it closely and you’ll have a very inexpensive remedy.

Legal stuff. I have to include that the practices I offer are not meant as a substitute for professional mental health care, nor are they meant as a cure for any ailment. just because they worked extremely well for me doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the same results. Whatever. Please check back often at to order your autographed and personalized copy of Expansion Mastery, and for detail concerning my soon to be released audio programs. As always, thanks for being awesome!

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