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Mike Dooley Interview

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Video Interview Link

Here is an outstanding interview I did with New York Times Best-Selling Author, Mike Dooley. Many of you may know Mike from the DVD/book, “The Secret.” Mike was in our area on a book tour for his latest book, “Leveraging The Universe.” I spoke with him about the Heaven, Earth and Being principle contained within the Expansion Mastery System and then had him offer his perspective on it. It was a great interview and I appreciate Mike being gracious enough to grant me this interview during a very busy week. He was even kind enough to buy me a beer! I have always enjoyed and respected Mike’s work and he is a very cool person to hang out with. Amy and I got to know both Mike and his brother Andy while traveling with him to Egypt in 2010. I highly recommend checking out his books, they are all fantastic. All of Mike’s titles and merchandise can be found at My gratitude also goes out to Mike’s assistant, Hope. Thank you.

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