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Distraction and Purpose

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

One thing I have come to know as truth – There are two primary paths in life.

The path of distraction and the path of purpose. Free will affords us the ability to choose which path we walk, but make no mistake it’s always our own choice. Even when we choose not to decide, we’ve chosen to surrender our power and allow others to make those choices for us. When we choose from ego, we travel the path of distraction. The ego craves distraction. It hides within distraction. It strengthens its hold on your mind, feeding upon the myriad of distractions. When we consciously choose from essence or spirit, there’s only one path to travel – that of purpose. This path is the path of empowerment where we’ve chosen to accept responsibility for our self and live the soul expanding adventure we came here to experience.

The “awakened” live a life of purpose and passion while those sleepwalking through life live in a state of distraction and delusion. Those strong of spirit and true of heart possess the courage necessary to resist the distractions of the physical world and walk this path of purpose. Those lacking in these qualities are constantly drawn back into the world of distraction, no matter how many times they try to escape.

It’s a simple concept to understand. If you’re not walking the path of purpose at any given moment in time, then you’re on the path of distraction. These paths do not co-exist. You are on one or the other. Distraction leads to a wasted lifetime whereas purpose leads to a fulfilled lifetime with no regrets.

No one can choose the path for you. No one can (or will) force you to walk a particular path. Nor can they walk it for you. It’s your own responsibility. It’s time to awaken and escape the repeating cycles of distraction. To step outside of these old patterns that you may be stuck in and experience the freedom of living your purpose. You will need to consciously make up your own mind. Feel what the right choice is for you from within your heart.

Choose wisely.

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