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Creating Heaven on Earth

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Since the topic of “Heaven on Earth” seems to keep showing up in my experience right now, I felt it only appropriate to share it here with all of you. Who doesn’t wish for a life that’s Heaven on Earth? While this idea seems ever-elusive or even fantasy-like to most people, are you aware that there is an actual path mapped out for us explaining how to create it? This is an important theme throughout my book, because I feel it’s the result of living fully as a human being. It’s actually the central theme that my entire book is based upon. Someone who creates Heaven on Earth is a Being who’s living in direct connection with Heaven and Earth. This is not just a metaphor or myth, it’s something very real. Between Heaven and Earth is the rightful place of a fully actualized human Being. It’s then, that they not only make the choice to live this idea of Heaven on Earth, but actually manifest it into time-space reality.

What steps are you taking to create a life that is Heaven on Earth? Do you have an action plan in place? What practices do you have in place to deeply connect yourself to Heaven? What are you doing to live in harmony with Nature and to know the Earth? What are you doing to become an awakened Being? Heaven on Earth is not something you simply dream up in your head and believe to be true, its something very “tangible.”

In the practices of Qigong, Bagua, Taiji, and other internal practices, we literally focus on bringing the energy of Heaven down to Earth as well as drawing the energy of Earth up to Heaven. These practices allow us to intimately know and connect with these incredible, powerful energies. Through meditation and other spiritual vibration raising practices, we can become well-acquainted with our own Divinity, especially once the ego has been overcome and we’re able to clearly hear our own inner voice. Raising our vibration and holding this raised vibration is an important first step on this path. This helps connect us to spirit. Connecting to the Earth requires more than spending time in nature – although that’s a wonderful part of it. It requires us to recognize the planet as a living entity; to care for and appreciate her. Live in harmony with the seasons and your immediate environment and treat your physical body with respect as a representation of the Earth. Living in harmony with our own humanity is extremely important. We must first open our heart and connect to ourselves, accepting and loving ourselves, it’s then that we can truly love one another. There is so little love and human connection in the world right now because people are not able to love themselves. Separateness is not what we need. The idea of “I look out for number one” is the voice of the ego, not of humanism. Once we become connected to our own sense of Being, then we are able to easily connect to the greater sense of humanity as a whole.

This is living in harmony with the universal truth of Heaven, Earth and Being (Humanity). Then, by activating your own Divinity, you come to know the very nature of Heaven, not as an imaginary place somewhere in the clouds, but within your own heart. As you do this, you become more connected to and appreciative of Nature. Nature is the manifestation of the Earth, and discovering how human Beings are not separate from, but deeply connected to Nature allows us to know the essence of Earth. As we connect more to the forces of Heaven and Earth we become more connected to one another, we feel the oneness of our own Being as well as that of all beings. We come to realize that we are all blood brothers and sisters. This cannot be denied as every one of us has blood coursing through our veins.

Once this is clearly attained and brought into balance we hold Heaven and Earth inside us. Once internalized, we can manifest it into our outer world of time, space and matter; this results in creating a life that is far from the ordinary sleepwalking, stuck-in-the-head human experience. It becomes and extraordinary experience of the awakened being and you find yourself living a life that takes your breath away to even think about. This life is overflowing with authentic love, happiness, wonder, and a constant state of appreciation. You walk every step of your awakened life path fully connected to the Divinity of Heaven and the Nature of Earth. I wrote Expansion Mastery with the hopes that it may serve others in achieving this extraordinary life. A life that is simply Heaven on Earth.

Creating Heaven on Earth is not merely about enjoying your life experience, it’s a concept that must be put into action creating a direct and conscious unity of Heaven, Earth and your own Humanity. This concept is also known as Spirituality, Ecology, and Humanism by certain esoteric traditions. It permeates nearly every ancient spiritual system and is at the very essence of our existence. It is truth. But experiencing Heaven on Earth is not something you can sit back and wait to have happen to you, nor is it something you can force. It is, however, something you develop within yourself and then manifest outward. You are responsible for creating this for yourself and the only way to do that is to have specific practices in place that awaken you; connecting you deeply to Heaven, Earth and your own sense of Being. It’s not as difficult as it may seem once you understand the path to creating it.

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