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Andy Dooley Interview

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Video Interview Link

My 3rd guest interview is with author, Andy Dooley. Andy is truly awesome and he gave a very outstanding and interactive interview. Be ready to take some notes and to try this process with a friend. I really had a blast with Andy and I learned a lot as well. Yes, he is Mike’s younger brother. Andy is the author of the book, “iManifest” which can be purchased on his website. Andy is known as a “Spiritual Comedian,” a “Law of Attraction Expert” and the “Vibration Activation Coach!” Andy’s approach to manifestation is fun, filled with great energy and very effective. He shared one of his new training methods with  all of us during this interview which really impressed me. I was fortunate to see one of Andy’s presentations in May of 2010 while cruising down the Nile River in Egypt and I see how far he has come and how much he has honed his personal approach. I know you will be impressed as well with the material he shares. Enjoy this interview and I dare you not to crack a smile. 🙂

To see the fun and exciting teachings of Andy Dooley, you can go to There  you will find a list of all his great products, cool artwork, funky poems, as well as his instructional videos. Great stuff! Andy has produced CD programs and a DVD. The CD programs include; You Are Awesome, Amazing, Fun & Fantastic! (Which I purchased from Andy a while ago and I love this audio program.) He also offers You Can Go From Fear To Funny In 160 Minutes! and the DVD entitled, How To Change Your Life Forever! Please check out Andy’s website to see more of what he is about and has to offer.

For those of you who have visited our home, you have seen the super-sweet artwork from Andy hanging on the wall in the entrance to our office/library. We love it. I hope all of you have as much fun watching this interview as I did doing it!

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