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3 Essential Practices

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Heaven, Earth, and Being (Humanity). The concept that is the very essence of Expansion Mastery. I maintain the importance for three primary practices in life based upon this concept in order to achieve balance and spiritual expansion as a fully actualized human being.

The Chinese call it “Tian Di Ren.” The Japanese refer to it as “Tenchijin.” Depending upon where you are in the world, you may know it as “Heaven, Earth, and Man(kind). Every culture has this incredible concept in one form or another. It exists to serve all of humanity.

I would like to address a very simple outline for integrating this concept into your daily life. The more we live in accordance with this principle of nature, the deeper we’re able to connect to our own sense of humanity. The first area is divided into 2 parts, but in reality they’re not separate form one another. They’re merely the understanding of the outer and the inner, both of which must be consciously cared for, developed, and refined.

1a. An External Physical practice. We need something that’s movement based which allows us to get out of our head and into our body. This can be anything from martial arts to mountain biking, swimming, dancing, hiking, resistance training, cardio training, or anything else you enjoy that requires the physical body to move. The idea is to stretch, strengthen and keep the body in good health and fitness while gaining the ability to feel instead …of thinking. Physical fitness, health, and the ability to get out of our head are the primary focal points.

1b. An Internal Physical practice. We also need an internal physical practice, such as Qigong, Taiji, Bagua, Yoga, etc.. This is a practice that directly involves the internal landscape of the physical body as well as those non-physical “bodies” that expand outward. The idea is to open and strengthen your self internally and energetically. Internal harmony with the natural forces of heaven and earth for better health and vitality are the primary idea.

2. A Mental practice. Basically, some effective form of meditation. This practice provides you with a way to directly observe, access, and discipline the mind. It allows for a healthier mental state and clarity of reality. Please keep in mind that while meditation has many “methods,” at the very essence of all meditation remains the goal of overcoming the ego, attaining no-mind, and awakening your consciousness. This is to transcend the mind and move beyond the mind to live in consciousness, being free of the mind altogether. To be free from mind, is finally to be free of ego, because the ego can only exist in dark recesses of the mind.

3. A Spiritual practice. Whatever this means to you. Connect to the Divine Source. This needs to be an intimate, personal interaction between you and the Divine. It must be felt and experienced to be known. This is not about belief, it’s about direct personal experience. The idea is to establish your own connection and then appreciate it, respect it, and nurture it in a way that opens your heart and raises your vibration.

The concept of Heaven, Earth, and Being could be seen as the greater path; the path we all must walk. The individual practices you choose to undertake and enjoy becomes your own unique way in which you walk the path. You have the freedom to choose. We have the luxury of having many wonderful and highly effective practices openly available to us. There are no more excuses for neglecting any of these areas of our Self. It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and learn to live more fully and consciously. Applying the concept of Heaven, Earth, and Being to your life will surely yield incredible results in personal transformation – I know it certainly has done so for me.

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