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The Empty Vessel Magazine

Winter 2013

The Empty Vessel Magazine

The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice

Winter 2013


Expansion Mastery:

The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life

By Robert D. Bessler. (Morgan James, 2013.)
Softcover, 253 pages, $19.95.

This book, with chapters such as Awakening Mindfulness, Choose to be Happy, Heart Connection & Oneness, The Feeling of Bliss, and Develop the Strength of the Warrior are accompanied by what the author calls Challenges. These come in three parts; The Idea, The Formal Practice, and the author’s own experience with the practice. In this way, the reader is guided through the sometimes challenging, often exhilarating experiences of these very down-to-earth lessons for living a fully engaged and fully realized life. I'm thrilled that more and more authors are drawing not only from the traditional teachings and practices of the Dao, but their own unique experience with them in their life journey. This book which is a valuable contribution to it's field, will be helpful to anyone interested in creating a fuller, richer, and more dynamic life. 

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Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Book Tour

It was not only a pleasure, but an honor, to speak at Barnes & Noble. I often have fantasized about being a featured author there and seeing my book on their bookshelves - now it's a reality!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone at all the various Barnes & Noble Bookstores that I spoke at. What an exhilarating experience!

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The Book Passage

The Book Tour Continues

I was incredibly excited to speak at the amazing Book Passage, a local independent bookstore famous for hosting authors. 

There was a great turnout and it was such an honor to be able to speak there, as well as to sign books for fans. This was the highlight of the tour. 

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