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Expansion Mastery

Living a Fully Engaged Conscious Life

The Expansion Mastery System is designed to serve spiritual seekers by presenting them with practical, powerful, and authentic practices that offer real, lasting results. Whether you’re a deeply devoted spiritual seeker, simply a meditation enthusiast, or just someone who wants to be more aware, awake, alive and live more fully to truly enjoy your life, the Expansion Mastery System has what you’ve been seeking.

Isn't it time you started living the life you desire and deserve - a life filled with purpose and passion? Expansion Mastery is a practical spiritual system designed to help you do something very few people seem to do - really live. There's a great phrase by William Wallace, "Every man dies. But not every man really lives." It's time to be the exception, the person who really lives. Now is the time to let go of a life where you merely exist, going the=rough the day-to-day motions. Now is the time to embrace the grand adventure of life and truly start living.

All of the spiritual and meditative practices are taken from over 30 years of personal study and exploration in several Eastern spiritual traditions, and are presented without any religious dogma, new age fluff, or clarity-hindering mysticism. It is my intention to honor the great ancient spiritual traditions by presenting the true core focus of their practices in the way the founders and great masters originally intended, allowing you to benefit from the wisdom of the system’s structures that have proven results for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is out of deep respect for these spiritual systems that I offer the practices as tools to be employed for our physical, mental, and spiritual elevation.

This method results in allowing you to engage in these authentic practices with a sense of clarity and confidence that your efforts are being directed to the heart of each spiritual practice. This means you’re capable of attaining the desired results more quickly, clearly, and easily, enabling you to begin living a fully engaged life. 


You can expect a no-nonsense, practical, and honest approach to all of our practices and programs. It is not my own system of made-up practices based on misunderstood teachings or over-simplified opinions, but the heart of true, authentic practices without the religious dogma, agendas, or trappings. My intention is always for your personal success in every practice you undergo in order for you to begin awakening, becoming authentic, and starting to live life to the fullest. 

Expansion Mastery is an incredibly balanced 3-fold system that includes amazing practices for your physical body, your mind, and your spirit - all three aspects of your being. I’ve spent nearly four decades studying and practicing martial arts and spiritual traditions all over the world and my desire is to share the practices that really work and have the incredible potential to guide you on the path of awakening as you create a fully engaged life. My programs are designed act merely as a guide allowing every single person to engage the practices in a way that lets you have your own unique experience with them, because each person’s spiritual journey is unique. 

The time is NOW! Begin your spiritual journey and embrace the grand adventure of life and live with an open heart overflowing with love, appreciation, and joy. 

Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life is available from, Barnes & Nobles, and most other fine booksellers. Autographed copies are only available here at

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