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"Do not accept the life of one of the mindless herd. Think for yourself, feel your own heart and get to know your own mind. Begin to subdue your ego in order to live and share with others from a place of authenticity within your heart."

Robert D. Bessler

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About the Author

Robert D. Bessler's Bio

Robert D. Bessler is a published author, speaker, entrepreneur, martial artist, spiritual practitioner, and life enthusiast. He’s the author of Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life, the CEO of 3xpansion, LLC. and an experienced leader in the area of personal and spiritual development. He has nearly four decades of study and experience with martial arts, spiritual systems, healing arts, and several esoteric spiritual systems of the East and West. After two near death experiences, he became a devoted teacher, striving to serve others through his unique, practical approach of authentic spiritual practices without the religious dogma. 

Robert has held hundreds of workshops, seminars, and training retreats based in martial arts and spiritual practice. He has trained extensively throughout Japan and China and currently holds the rank of 10th degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, 5th degree black belt in Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu, and 4th degree black belt in Takeda-ha Aiki-no-Jutsu. In addition, he actively practices the Chinese internal arts of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, and Qigong. 

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The Fully Engaged Life Podcast

The Fully Engaged Life is Robert's podcast show based on his book, Expansion Mastery. Its currently being downloaded in more than 37 countries around the world. Released every Monday morning, this 30 minute podcast is filled with wisdom, insight, practices, and helpful tips to assist you on your spiritual journey. 

The Fully Engaged Life is available on Apple iTunes, Libsyn, iHeart Radio, Stitcher Smart Radio, and other fine podcast platforms. You can also find it on my YouTube channel @RobertDBessler.

Just click on the Fully Engaged Life image above to go directly to the podcasts on iTunes.

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New Book Projects

In addition to Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life, Robert has nearly completed another incredibly insightful book. This book was written in collaboration with his wonderful wife, Amy. Together they've put together, what is destined to become, the "go-to guidebook" for creating a conscious, romantic relationship. 

Entangled Souls (working title) is an open and honest approach to finding that one true person you were meant to share your eternal life with. Yes, soul mates do exist, and this book not only explains what the term soul mate actually refers to, but Robert and Amy unite to explain how you too can create a happy, healthy, and harmoniously loving relationship. 

This loving couple is going to share the little known truths about relationships, all the things that those giving modern relationship advice don't want you to know. But, you deserve the truth and it's finally about to be revealed. Can you imagine a romantic relationship without the need for compromise, sacrifice, game playing, and bickering? What if they explained how you too could have that kind of amazing relationship? Would you be interested?

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Expansion Mastery Blog

Check out the blog for informative articles, all of the latest news and special offers, and to read about Robert's own personal insights on his spiritual journey. 

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