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Robert is available for speaking engagements and can be brought into serve your company or organization meeting.

Robert has delivered a number of talks, lectures, workshops and seminars with hundreds of attendees over the past 30 years. He has given lectures and demonstrations for large and small groups, small businesses and larger corporations. Speaking engagements include the Michigan YWCA in regards to women’s empowerment, Olsten Health Care for In-home nursing awareness and safety, Western Michigan University Freshman Safety and Awareness, Western Michigan University College Radio, and many more.

His lectures and seminars are fun, fast-paced, informative and interactive. Robert has a wonderful way of light-heartedly engaging the audience and filling the room with his powerful and compassionate presence.

Speaking Topics

  1. Expansion Mastery:
    Methods For Living A Fully Engaged Life
    In this program, Robert explains in great detail the process for mastering your personal and spiritual Expansion. The methods of Expansion Mastery have been developed to encourage living a fully engaged life of enthusiasm and excitement and are explained in a clear and concise manner. The primary points are presented with an interactive approach, insuring that the audience can come to know the wisdom for themselves through their own experience. Robert is a modern master of this approach, guiding the audience through knowledge while allowing them to have their own personal experiences. This allows participants to move beyond understanding the material to developing a true sense of knowing.

    This speaking program is designed to hold an atmosphere that is relaxed, engaging and insightful. Robert always injects his unique brand of humor while boldly stating the truths he has come to know. Many spiritual seekers and teachers forget the vital first step in spiritual and personal growth: trading the ego for essence. It is presented here along with many other topics that cut through the mysticism and extract the heart of the original teachings. He constantly receives fantastic feedback by those in attendance, as they are able to internalize the information and directly apply it to enhance their lives.

  2. Becoming A Spiritual Warrior:
    Living An Authentic Life From The Hear
    This program focuses upon the strength that is required when walking the spiritual path. Robert draws upon his unique skills and perspectives as a martial arts master with over 30 years of experience in the martial, meditative, healing and spiritual arts in order to bring you this distinctive and inspiring program. He details the path toward living an authentic life by sharing his own journey that led to spiritual growth and personal freedom. You will learn how to let go of the ego-driven life in exchange for a spirit guided life lived from the heart. Through many ancient warrior principles, Robert teaches you how to develop the same attributes of a warrior without the need for training in martial or combat arts; this is about training your spirit. Concepts such as No-Mind, Subduing the Ego, the Immovable Heart, and Fluid Beliefs lead you into the world of the Divine Warrior. This program is one of a kind and a truly empowering experience.

  3. Relationships:
    Knowing The Truth
    This program is amazing! Discover the insightful process Robert used to move from a life he no longer desired to living a life filled with happiness and appreciation. Learn how to find that special person to share a magical life with. Robert offers honest and open dialogue regarding various types of relationships.
    Relationship with yourself
    Relationship with family
    Relationship with your spouse
    Soul Mates

    Robert guides you through the honest realizations that he underwent in his life in order to finally arrive at a place where he realized his Soul Mate and created a harmonious, mindful relationship that never requires work. Robert busts all the myths and misguided social beliefs regarding relationships to get to the heart and the truth of the matter. If you are ready to be happy and live the life you truly desire, then you will want to hear Robert’s talk on this topic. He holds nothing back so you can guide yourself to prevent repeating relationship mistakes, find your Soul mate and live a life that is nothing less than Heaven on Earth.

  4. A Practical Approach To Spiritual Growth
    How To Live A Spiritual-Based Life – Cutting Through The Fluff & Silliness
    This program covers Robert’s outstanding practical approach to spiritual and personal growth. Most modern self-improvement courses are based in only mental or emotional changes. Other programs that focus on thoughts and feelings are valuable, but they are not complete. Here the audience is presented with the whole picture. Robert explains that true human potential lies in the ability to develop our mind, our emotions, our body, and our spirit. Through the ancient concept of Heaven, Earth and Being, the complete program of human development is revealed. No more wasting time on countless exercises that offer you very little value and result in your frustration; Robert has extracted the essence of numerous exercises and presents them in an easy to understand manner to maximize your results.

    This program also addresses all the fluff and silliness that is commonly associated with spiritual development. Robert shares the importance of being properly grounded in order to make true, lasting and balanced progress in creating a spiritually-based life. Through balance and grounding you learn that you can make incredible progress in this area without all the embarrassing group exercises, becoming a spacey head-case, or the pointless fluff that is so common today. This program is about getting real and learning the things that are truly necessary for spiritual advancement while allowing you to continue to function in daily life. If you want to live more, love more and fully (yet sensibly) create a life experience of Heaven on Earth, then this is a program that you cannot afford to miss.

  5. Expanding Your Business: Adding Nature & Spirit To Business
    Sustainable Management Model For Growth In Changing Times
    This program is geared toward business management. Robert owned and operated his own successful martial arts school and retail store for over 16 years and is now creating a new successful business with these principles as a foundation. Here you are given the Expansion principles as they apply to your small business or corporation. If you are looking for ways to update your management system to better fit the changing times we are experiencing, then this program is exactly what you have been hoping for. You will be guided through the points of:
    Change in the years ahead: What to expect and how to flow with it
    How to adjust your current business and management models to address change
    Trading competition for cooperation
    How to be sustainable: Environmentally and beyond to make your business last
    The principles for applying the essence of Expansion Mastery to your employees, management team and business models

    This program is not presented in a stuffy, boring meeting atmosphere. It is very interactive, encouraging enthusiastic participation from the audience and designed for those businesses that desire to be on the cutting edge. It is the same model that Robert uses to operate 3xpansion, LLC.

Robert will customize any speaking engagement to fit with your needs. Here is a partial list of the topics he addresses the most:

Spiritual and Personal Growth – Quick progress with a practical approach
Living a Fully Engaged Life of Heaven on Earth
Trading Ego for Essence
Living in Harmony with Heaven, Earth and Being
Quieting the Mind
Adding Nature and Spirit to Business

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"I've had a good fortune to know and train under Robert Bessler for six years. The Expansion Mastery System is as easy to use as breathing, or changing my eye focus from a nearby aspen tree to a remote mountain peak. Through decades of painstaking research and experience, Robert has developed teachings that effected every aspect of my life- from personal to family to professional to financial. The teachings are not only of great value to martial artists the world over, but go far beyond martial arts into every facet of life and serve as a "way to live" guide. I suspect that is because through history one (thing) remained constant: the human being. Robert's teachings spring from the very roots of mankind and are based on universal truth that helped men to survive and spiritually expand through millennia when martial arts were a large part of everyday life. The system is very enjoyable to use and is very effective.

Since the beginning I have had deep personal respect for Robert. Every single class, every training event was taught from the heart without reservations. Having the opportunity of frequent personal contact with Robert, one can not help realizing he is a person of utmost integrity, good will and common sense (wisdom). Whatever the subject, and we discussed many, I have never heard Robert make a hollow statement and sometimes he would have profound statements even about subjects in which he is not an expert. A quality that’s very rare. There are not that many people who can talk for six years and just never put their foot in the mouth now and then. Often I thought: this guy must have a mind built right from the ground up and a keen sense of how things work in this Universe. I am very excited that he decided to openly share his teachings. Now my friends and family can enjoy his system in a concise easy to follow fun format. I am also looking forward to future books and programs from Robert Bessler."

~ Mike Zee, Tech Divers LLC, founder



"Robert Bessler's teachings are straight forward and "no fluff". He speaks to us like a friend, from the heart, and explains the importance of human connections. His insights show us how to listen to our own inner thoughts and take control of our lives!! Robert understands the challenges we face and offers the guidance we need to live a joyful and true life!!!"

~ Amanda Wooster