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In the next exciting episode of THE FULLY ENGAGED LIFE, that will be released on Monday, September 26th, I present the FULLY ENGAGED LIFE CHALLENGE! Join thousands of others and tune into the podcast show for all of the details and insights into this amazing “Challenge.” The challenge begins Monday! Are you in?


Are you courageous enough to accept this challenge!? Do you have the inner strength to follow through? We’ll find out. Here’s all the details…

This is a 15 day challenge. I challenge every one of you to set aside 15 minutes every day for 15 days during which time you get up, go outdoors, and walk for 15 minutes in nature.

This can be your spacious yard, a peaceful park, an inviting beach, or a picturesque mountain hiking trail. But, it must be outdoors – rain or shine. The challenge includes walking in complete silence without your cell phone, earbuds, or other electronic devices. That means no texting or Facebook posting for 15 minutes – yeah, it just got really hard didn’t it?  Playing Pokemon Go is not acceptable nor is it at all compatible with this challenge. Your limits and self-control are probably already being tested aren’t they?

Here’s the practice included in this challenge: Find a safe and pleasant place outdoors near you. When you’re walking – just walk. Be with the action of walking. Remain aware of each step you take and the fact that you are simply walking. Enjoy all the sounds and scenery of nature, yet do not allow it to distract your mind from the act of walking. The key here is not allowing the mind to become distracted or attached to the surroundings, while being fully aware of them and all the serenity and beauty they provide. Stay focused on walking and do not allow the mind to wander on to stray thoughts. As you hold this awareness of the natural environment, keep your primary awareness on the act of walking itself. Don’t think about walking, don’t place any form of judgement on it, just walk. The difficulty, hence it being a challenge, is in the simplicity of it.

We’re asking you to take only one photo at the beginning of the challenge. Take a photo of the area in nature you’re going to be walking and include it in the comment section of a post for this challenge you’ll find on my Facebook Author Page (Robert D. Bessler). No selfies! Post a photo of nature, not yourself. Post your photo along with the comment – “Challenge Accepted!” and then make sure to return and let me know that you succeeded.

So, you’re probably wondering what the cause is that’s associated with this challenge. Simple, the cause is to raise awareness. Ohhhh, are you waiting for more? Sorry, that’s it. This is simply about raising your own awareness. This is a challenge of mindfulness.

You see, when we “raise awareness” of diseases, disorders, and disasters, we mindlessly attract more of that into reality. The ego loves the drama of it all, but we do pay a hefty price. Raising awareness to these things attracts them into our own reality as well as into the reality of those we’re attempting to help. Not very productive is it? People are already very aware of such things and raising awareness has yet to cure or solve a single issue for which awareness has been raised, yet we mindlessly continue with such challenges in the hope that it’ll become trendy. The reason it’s ineffective is because when we think, feel, speak, and act on behalf of such things, our vibration matches them and that attracts more of those things into our reality, and it doesn’t matter if we’re conscious of it or not. I contend that there must be a far better way to help those who are in need. A way that can eventually result in real cures and preventions without attracting more of it into anyone’s life.

We need to first raise our own awareness to higher levels. Much higher. Then, with truly raised consciousness we’ll be far more equipped and inclined to offer solutions that have actual results without vibratory repercussions. I figured if this old paradigm attracts more of what we’re raising awareness for, then why not offer a challenge to raise awareness so that we end up vibrationally attracting more raised awareness into the world!?

Please join us this Monday and let’s do our part in raising the awareness of ourselves and the world around us! Let’s do our part to give this consciousness shift the boost it deserves and set ourselves on the path of awakening. Through this we can all begin living a fully engaged life and help bring this higher sense of conscious living to everyone.

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