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Have you gotten your copy of The Breath Bridge!? If you’re serious about meditation, you need this amazing 2-disc audio set that offers you an authentic and highly effective method for crossing the bridge from the external world to the internal world.

If you’re unable to meditate because your mind is simply too busy, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve tried relentlessly to meditate, yet you just can’t seem to go within, then this is the answer you seek. This is the same practical, no fluff approach I used to get outstanding results in my own meditation practice.


This incredibly effect and easy to use program includes two CD’s. The first CD is “The Program” and contains all the detailed information about this practical and powerful method for going within. The second CD is the “Guided Practice” and on this disc I personally guide you through the process to insure your success. The program is purposefully designed to quickly allow you to master this process no longer needing to follow along with my voice, empowering you to use this method anytime, anywhere you want to sit in meditation.

This product has not yet been added to the Products Page of this website, but you can buy it now for only $24.99 (plus $5.95 priority shipping) by emailing me directly at for details.

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