The War For Reality & Spirituality – part1

Part One: Setting The Stage
I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again – Are we living in the most interesting, amazingly bizarre times or what!? Yes, it’s turbulent, twisted, and seemingly insane, but it’s also a monumentally historic moment for the entire world; for all of humanity. This is an era of human evolution. We’re resting on the cusp of something so monumentally important that the outcome will dictate the future of all mankind for hundreds or even thousands of years. These are the most incredible moments in perhaps all of human history and one of the wildest topics I’ve ever written about, and to be honest, I was hoping that I would never have to share what I’m about to write here. This article is not for those who wish to remain asleep; indeed, it requires courage to read in its entirety without the ego becoming fearful and wanting to deny the validity. So, prepare for your head to spin and your beliefs to be challenged because you’re about to go down the proverbial rabbit hole with me.

I live a fully engaged spiritual life, and I don’t particularly like the word war, but the fact remains, whether we like it or not, that this has become a war. Yes, we are all involved in this absurd situation. I don’t place any more focus on the war-like aspect of what’s happening than necessary, but there comes a time when we must accept the truth and begin taking appropriate action in order to prevent our lives and our wonderful world from being high-jacked and destroyed. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re completely passive- those are fake spiritualists. It means that you live passively until you’re left with no choice but to become proactive in order to protect yourself and those you love. Then you summon the warrior spirit, your great inner strength, and take your stance in the world. You hold your ground and you speak your mind in order to defend what’s right.

We’re all living through a mass multi-tiered revolutionary war of not only a civil and political nature, but of a mental and spiritual nature as well. We’re all in a fight for our freedom, our rights, our mental health, as well as the evolution of our consciousness. Never before has there been more at stake for so many. This conflict currently contains a revolution, a counter revolution, and counter-counter revolution all going on right in front of us and yet so very few seem to actually perceive its existence. Most are aware of the civil and political side of this war, especially in the U.S., but this revolution is happening all over the globe. This is not the conventional type of combat fought with planes, ships, or missiles for the purposes of territory disputes or military advances. This is a spiritual war for the control of the narrative of reality in order to mentally enslave the people of the world.

The political battle is relatively easy for everyone to witness, but those who are victims of the establishment’s brainwashing don’t see it through the eyes of clear comprehension. They’ve fallen victim to the brainwashing of the twisted logic and inverted reality. You can’t help but notice it because the globalist establishment elitists and their misled minions are screaming and throwing infantile fits in desperation as they’re being challenged. The civil battles we see arise are nearly all orchestrated by the globalist elitists to assist their social engineering plans and they use triggers such as political correctness to seem legitimate and righteous. This is easy to recognize as it’s taking place all around us in the form of misguided protests and violent resistance marches. The mental battle being waged seems to be well realized by those who are waking up, but the brainwashed sleep-walking masses, using toxic medications and chemicals, have little inclination as to the reality of this. This is a battle for your mental perception and your sanity as the globalist elitists are pushing a fake, twisted, inverted narrative of reality that they’re creating.

But the very heart of this that many people haven’t yet realized is the battle for the evolution of humanity known as the consciousness shift. The establishment is pulling out all the stops to stifle and ultimately prevent this natural evolutionary process from taking place. The real war is about suppressing the rise of human consciousness and vibration. I’ve been hearing a few statements by those beginning to realize that there’s a great spiritual component to this, but they haven’t been able to put their finger on it. It’s because the mind perceives this in the context of what it relates to, which is usually religion. It’s not about religious prophecy, it’s about actual spirituality. This spiritual factor is what most everyone has missed or misunderstood, but it’s something I’ve been aware of and involved in for many years now, as have the ancient indigenous cultures all over the globe. This spiritual evolution is what the global elitists are trying to prevent, and they’re using the civil and political arenas as a means to do that while distracting from the real agenda.

Let’s remove some of the obscurity and misinformation around this by exposing what they’ve been up to. The global new world order elitists are those in the deep state establishment who push the global takeover agenda, breaking down national sovereignty, removing the rights and freedoms of the people, and destroying cultures in order to remain in control and seize total global control. Their intention is to take control of the entire world and everyone in it while they transform the masses from a natural lifestyle to that of a false version of their control. These elites are the most corrupt types of criminals and view themselves to be above any laws. These criminals in control are only “elite” due to the amount of wealth they’ve managed to steal from the people, but in actual reality they’re extreme egotists. Their egos have been inflated to such a dangerous, unsustainable level that their mental ill minds reflect the very nature of what we call evil. Just because they believe they’re the elite doesn’t make it real; mental delusion is not reality. A hard lesson that many in the world need to learn. A fitting, all-encompassing term for these criminals could be something like; “Technocratic Global New World Order Corporate Elite Egotists.”

The good news is, it’s not all doom and gloom because the protagonists are making gains. They haven’t won the war by any means, but at least they’re winning several battles at this point in time, in spite of continuous resistance. We’re seeing the exposure of many of the corrupt world political, religious, banking, and corporate leaders as their attempts for global takeover are beginning to crumble. It’s time now for all of us to stand in support of what’s right, what’s real, and help evict these criminals from their seats of power and restore ourselves to a reasonable degree of sanity. I encourage you to do some objective research into this and see for yourself that this globalist new world order movement is an evil agenda to enslave and rule over the mindless masses. The goal of these criminals has been clearly stated – they seek mass population reduction and the dismantling of modern civilization in order to erect their own perverted version of reality where they obtain ultimate control.

Now, I fully realize this sounds absurd. To me it sounds more like an episode of the Disney’s cartoon Pinky and Brain. The cartoon is hilarious, but it’s not so funny in real life. These criminals have controlled things for far too long and we’ve all just sat back and allowed it, but that can no longer be the case. The egotists are out of control. I’ve spoken at great length about this ego plague sweeping the globe. The condition of the ego is to control, to control everything around it, and the desire to take over and control the world shows a level of ego that is nothing short of extreme mental illness. They claim that truth is stranger than fiction- well folks, we’re witnessing the proof of that phrase right now!

While these well-meaning protagonists are the lesser of two evils, as they don’t seek to prevent this consciousness shift from naturally taking place, we must seek the middle path. Now’s our chance. I would make a plea to those who are doing everything they can to restore the power back to the people; please set religious dogma aside. This is not a war for religious dominance, it’s a war for the spiritual evolution of all humanity. Everyone strives to understand what’s taking place as best as they can, but the mind resorts to what it knows and for most that’s a religious notion. Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. We must understand that the vibrational frequency around us is increasing and this has nothing to do with religion. This is causing our human vibrational frequency to increase as well, because our electromagnetic field is intimately linked to that of the Earth’s, which I explained in my book, Expansion Mastery. At this time, the field’s frequency is increasing and our own is attempting to increase with it. Our consciousness is rising along with the vibrational frequency and this is a spiritual circumstance. Vibration and conscious awareness are two aspects of the same thing. In our non-physical state we’re vibrating energy of consciousness awareness. This is our true state of being. This time calls for us to set aside differences in all forms, especially religious beliefs, in order to focus on the heart of what’s taking place. We must all come together as one people and embrace this moment in human evolution of which more and more are realizing to be a truth.

But allow me to start where all interesting stories start – at the beginning. This is one of the defining factors between those who are awakening and those who remain deep in the sleep-state of existence.

This all goes back to around the end of the 1940’s or so when the idea of Globalism being was presented to the world. Over the decades to come Globalism was gradually placed in front of us in varying ways and in the beginning it was a very cool idea. The establishment elites developed a stronghold after the assassination of JFK in 1963, as he set out to remove the globalists from power and disband their deep state policies and agendas, including the Federal Reserve. I still feel that the initial idea of Globalism was meant for the coming together of humanity as one people in a positive way. We’re all one, living on one planet, and we should cooperate and coexist peacefully. Paints a beautiful picture of peace, love and harmony doesn’t it? But unfortunately this can never work- well, at least not without this evolutionary consciousness shift taking place. If you’re asking why not, I can answer that question in a single word – ego. If humanity had no ego this could very well be a possibility, but as long as the human mind is dominated by ego and mentally manufactured beliefs, there’s no way this could ever happen. Set your beliefs aside for just a moment, take an honest look around, and you can see this truth for yourself. As long as the human mind is ruled by ego there will be fear, fighting, greed, treachery, hate, shame, separateness, crime, and other negative factors preventing us from living in harmony with one another.

As an adventurer, I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, so in the beginning this idea of One World intrigued me very much. I miss that innocence. If we were an awakened egoless species, we would certainly be capable of living in a way that would be a borderless heaven on earth, but unfortunately, we’re not – at least not yet. And, as it seems, if the “Globalist Elitists” have their way, we never will. While the idea of Globalism seemed to have its roots in harmony, oneness, and world peace, it didn’t take long for the twisted egoic minds of those who truly run our world to corrupt this concept, turning it into a means of increasing their own power, wealth and control while raping and pillaging the people of the world.

Make no mistake, this is positively not a battle of political parties, and this is not a war between religions either. This is a much more serious war, the classic scenario of good versus evil. The evil is not some religious ideal or some mysterious force, it’s the twisted evil of the mentally ill mind/ego of human beings, and the good are those who are waking up and standing up in opposition to their insanity. Now is the time to get control of your ego, look past your own beliefs, opinions, and identity-based affiliations so you can see past the illusion to illuminate the truth.

Continued in Part Two…

Spiritual Independence

Happy Independence Day America!

I hope everyone around the world is fully engaging their July 4th weekend! As over $150 million dollars of hot dogs are consumed and 65 million cases of beer are chugged down, we should also reflect on and celebrate our freedoms and liberties.

The Declaration of Independence is a masterpiece that saw the final draft agreed upon and signed on this day in 1776. It spokeof the liberties that were to be the right of every American. Today is a wonderful day to take a moment and read this historic document for yourself. The Declaration of Independence is a powerful document and vitally important part of our history as Americans.


It begins with… “We the people,” and this refers to the great citizens of the United States, but in reality, it should refer to all people from all places. It speaks of the liberties that all people should have the right to enjoy, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must remember that WE are “WE the People.” Our government is designed to work for us, not to rule over us. The people are meant to be the “bosses” of the government, not the other way around. This is our responsibility.

Freedom is supposed to be a right, but how can a person consider themselves to be free when they’re totally dependent upon the government for money, food, and housing? Is that really freedom? A person dependent upon the government is not an independent person, they are a very dependent one. Entitlement causes people to surrender their freedoms in favor of the easy way out; all the while their ego convinces them to believe they’re getting over on someone when nothing could be farther from the truth. This speaks to the mental state of the people, choosing a form of mental and financial slavery for themselves over education and hard work to make their own way in the world, taking their own unique stance in the universe.

But, this is not an article about politics, this is about independence. Specifically, I’m referring to a sense of “Spiritual Independence.” Spiritual Independence and Spiritual Freedom are the successful outcomes of spiritually-based practices. This is true independence.

Spiritual Independence. In a spiritual context, one can celebrate their spiritual independence day when they have successfully risen above the tyrannical domination of the ego. Until this day, you’ll find yourself completely ruled by the ego while your true self, your true voice continues to be repressed. One is only spiritually independent when they’re no longer dependent on the ego to “keep them safe” and provide an “easy way out” through the delusion of entitlement. The spiritually independent have accepted 100% responsibility for themselves in every way. Independence from one’s ego is truly cause for celebration.

Spiritual Freedom. Spiritual Freedom is not about the freedom to choose a religion, it’s far more. Spiritual Freedom only takes place when you live in the present moment, without ego, and with an open heart filled with love, joy and appreciation. This sets your spirit free. This kind of freedom can only be experienced when you’re free of the ego’s need for competition, faith, hope, and belief. Spiritual Freedom comes with the constantly unfolding state of Awakening. This is spiritual freedom and indeed, another great cause for celebration.

So, if you’re one who has overcome their ego and you live in the illumination of Spiritual Independence and Freedom – celebrate and rejoice! You know a rare sense of freedom!

Thanks for the artistic image of the Declaration of Independence, I don’t know who created it to offer credit, but it’s not mine. Thanks too, to Watching the Hawks for their July 4th statistics. 

A Clear Meditative Path

Hey everyone! Robert here!

I continue to get many requests for a clear-cut, practical approach meditative system that has the ability to guide you through the process without confusion or wasting precious time on ineffective or unnecessary meditative techniques and rituals.

There are countless paths one can embark on regarding meditation; just as there are endless meditations to be practiced. A great many of these are highly beneficial, but it’s also easy to get lost in the sheer volume of meditative techniques being offered. Some masters tell us to simply sit until something happens. Others instruct us through an intricate and seemingly endless maze of techniques and rituals. Others still offer fluffy feel-good meditations that offer what seems to be instant relief, but within just a couple days, we find ourselves right back at square one as they do not result in any real lasting growth or change (expansion).

I would like to offer you a basic path that is direct and effective. I’m not claiming this to be the only way or even the very best way for you, but I am offering it as a path with clear direction and effective practices for real and lasting benefits. It’s worked for me and for students I’ve taken through this exact process. I have personally studied thousands (literally) of meditation methods over the past 35 years from numerous spiritual systems from around the world. What I’m sharing here are the 7 stages of real meditation that will take you through the process in a practical, effective way so you don’t become distracted or lost. I would recommend using this as you core system as it contains the true “goals” of meditation. As always, feel free to add other meditations to it that may fit with your personal desires of growth. This is a very basic overview of what I teach, but it’ll give you a very clear perspective of the process.

For more information on this meditative path, please tune into my weekly podcast show, THE FULLY ENGAGED LIFE where I cover topics and simple technique for making true progress in your soul expansion. I’m also creating this complete method of meditation, all 7 steps, in the form of an online training audio & video course that you’ll be able to explore right here on this website. I’ll even personally help you through each phase!

1. Learn How to Meditate

Most people don’t even know what it actually means to meditate. This requires you to learn how to breathe properly. Abdominal breathing is generally the best. Learn how to properly relax your mind and your body. You’ll need to train your eyelids too, if you intend to progress form the eyes being closed to the eyes being half open. Develop the ability to feel your body and know that it’s relaxing. Have the courage to spend time alone with yourself and turn off the tech while resisting the temptation of distraction. Find a safe, quiet space where you’ll not be interrupted. Have loose colored clothing and a comfortable cushion and/or mat to sit on. Find a posture that feels good to you. The Lotus posture and other forms of seated posture are not necessary, its not about the body, its about the mind and consciousness.

2. Discipline the Mind

This is a way to train the mind in order to avoid falling asleep during mediation or continuously drifting off into random egoic thought patterns. Focus on a candle flame, spiritual statue, mandala, painting or other single point of focus. The idea here is to bring your mind from a point of thousands of random thoughts down to just one thought and hold that single focus for as long as possible. I really enjoy using the candle flame for this exercise as the movement of the flame helps to entertain the mind in the beginning without losing focus. Later, the use of a statue can be used, The stillness of the statue may be more challenging. Hold the mindset of each experience being new and exciting. As you practice this avoid allowing the mind to base the new experience upon those of the past. This will discipline your mind so you have the capacity to meditate and will begin developing a higher sense of mindfulness.

Once you gain the ability to hold a single point of mental focus and basic meditative state, I recommend slowly rising and walking around while maintaining this state of calmness. See how long you can go before your mind snaps back into its normal overly-busy state. While moving, focus on feeling your body. Feel your feet make contact with the ground, feel your legs moving, feel yourself breathing. Feel. Don’t think about feeling – just feel. This helps to drop your awareness from your head into your body.

3. The Breath Bridge

This is the method used to cross from the outer world to your inner world and then back again. You need an effective and efficient “way in” and “way out” when performing meditation. I cannot stress the importance of such a technique enough. This is the very best I’ve ever learned and you’ll find it will serve you well for a long time. Eventually, you’ll find that instead of taking you 10 or 15 minutes to cross the “bridge” that you can do it almost instantly. Once mastered it takes only as long as it takes to lower your eyelids.

4. The Observer

Separate yourself from your thoughts. Separate yourself from your ego. Separate yourself from your mind. Discover your conscious awareness. This is the purpose of the “Observer” meditation. See your thoughts as they travel through the landscape of your mind, observe them without judgment, criticism or forcing them in any way. Just allow them to rise and fall naturally as you witness their birth, demise, and reincarnation. You will learn a great deal about the human mind in this phase. Notice from “where” you seem to be observing them. Feel where your conscious awareness seems to be and then feel your conscious awareness all around you.

The advanced stage of this phase is to overcome the ego. Once you have successfully separated yourself from the ego, you can begin to overcome it. This is a massively important phase. First separate yourself from the ego; by doing so, you expose it for what it is. Then you work on recognizing it both in meditation and out. You’ll learn to stop it as soon as it rears its ugly head. This leads to the ability to tune into your higher self, your essence.

5. Silencing the Mind

This is when you quiet the mind by having less and less rampant thoughts racing around uncontrollably in your head. Here you’re able to put an end to all the incessant chatter, which is mostly negative, going on in your head day in and day out. Then you’ll focus on the space between the thoughts. These “gaps” of thought are where the silence resides, just as it does in between the notes in a song. Find this gap space and try to hold your focus there for as long as you can. This slows the thoughts and eventually brings then to a point of stillness. Silencing the mind is a state of “no-thought” and this develops the ability to turn the random mental thoughts of the ego off leaving you with silence until you consciously choose to engage the act of thinking. This is perceived as difficult because most people fear this stage the most. They’re deathly afraid of the silence because then they’ll surely be left alone with themselves – which is the point. This offers a glimpse of being in the moment. As you overcome the ego, the heart will naturally begin to flower.

6. Attaining No-Mind

This is a higher level of silence, the highest level. This is a state of being, where you’re able to not just turn the mind off, but transcend it altogether. In this state there is no thought, no intention, no self, no mind. There is only being. Your thoughts cease. There is no intention focused upon a goal or outcome, therefore, there’s no attachment to any thing. The self is let go and this too ceases to exist. The “self” refers to the egoic identity of “I” which fades away at this stage. You detach yourself from the mind and by doing so, you experience your true essence. This is to truly be in the present moment, in the here and now. This is a state of emptiness, of being zero. There are various stages to this phase just as awakening itself is most often a gradual process, as this is a form of awakening.

 7. Hold the Meditative State in the Marketplace

The final stage of meditation is the ability to hold the awakened meditative state out in the world. The ability to hold this state as you normal state of being, not something you merely do while seated in meditation. This is now who you are. You’re able to hold this state of consciousness while driving, working, training, and any other daily activity. This is the sense of having arrived to the other shore.

Make sure to email me directly at to order your copy of the NEW 2-CD program, THE BREATH BRIDGE. Get it for $22.99 plus shipping, before its even available on the website. I will be releasing this Meditative Path as an online training course right here in the near future! Stay tuned in!

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Spiritual Hierarchy of Sex & Vibration

Hey everyone! Robert here.

Can the type of sex you engage in be a direct reflection of the vibration you carry? Of course it can. This article will address, albeit briefly, my “Spiritual Hierarchy of Sex & Vibration.” This is a deep and complex subject that my wife and I cover in its entirety in our Entangled Souls program, as we uncover love making from a spiritual perspective. This is a brief overview. However, for additional insights on this topic, I would encourage you to listen to my latest podcast show, episode 27 of The Fully Engaged Life. It’s available on iTunes and Stitcher Smart Radio!

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding sex right now. Largely due to the release of a particular movie. As humanity becomes more and more entrenched in their heads, ruled by the ego, doing what they’re told without question, following the herd – so too do we see the trends in sex being more twisted, as we witness the egoic plague pull humanity into a downward spiral. But, as people begin to awaken from their mental slumber, truth and higher vibration will be reclaimed.


I would like to offer a “hierarchy” of sorts in order to establish the 5 basic types of sex and how they reflect our vibrational frequency.

In the middle of this sexual structure is just plain old, honest to goodness Ordinary Sex. This type of sex includes the intention of reproducing. The desire to have children is generally far more of a social and cultural expectation than it is a conscious decision, but through this type of sex reproduction inevitably takes place. This is the Ordinary Sex that most couples who posses the “ordinary” mind engage in. It’s healthy enough, and maybe even a little loving at times. It’s the sex one has when they find themselves scheduling it or squeezing it into their schedules. This is a bit utilitarian, but yet fun. The vibration is mid-range. This is the vibration of the average unawakened person riding the unconscious roller coaster of emotional flux triggered by external stimuli. The vibration is what most people are used to – ordinary.

One level below Ordinary Sex is Lustful Sex. There’s really no emotion attached to this act. Nor is love ever a factor. This sex is the intercourse had by those sleepwalking through life. Those who are mindlessly ego-driven to have sex with as many partners as possible. It’s a form of conquest and competition. This sex act consumes people, using them up and tossing them aside. This is sex based on nothing more than animalistic lust. It’s the need for momentary physical gratification, as in the one night stand. Contained within this level are all those categories of sex such as angry sex, make-up sex, revenge sex, and all of the other nonsense. None of these sex acts contain love, respect, or any emotion other than those based in ego and lust. This is the type of sex that any stray dog in heat is capable of having. The vibration of those attracted to this type of sex is substantially lower. Those who find themselves engaging in this type of sex are victim to an even deeper sleep-state and are totally dominated by ego. Their consciousness is no more awakened than any other animal on the planet.

At the very bottom of the structure is Dysfunctional Sex. This includes all the types of sex that are classified as kinky. The type of sex that’s contained within a ridiculous book and movie that people are now attempting to imitate. Likewise, we’re seeing a flood of articles online that make claims about how normal it is to be kinky. They’re twisted and wrong. Any sex that includes pain, disrespect, degradation, perversion, humiliation, domination, or other disturbing factors is nothing more than the product of a bored and dis-eased mind. This type of mind is anything but normal. Think about it, animals don’t even have this type of sex where they treat one another in such a violent and degrading fashion. Only the warped ego of the human mind is capable of sinking this low. This is a perversion of one of the greatest spiritual expressions that we have the ability to experience in our physical form. Violence and abuse are never expressions of love, merely the acting out of a warped mind. Not only is there no love present in this act, but indeed, the very absence of it. This vibration is the lowest, it’s the rock bottom of vibrational frequencies.

If we return now to the center of Ordinary Sex, we can move one level above that to Romantic Love Making. This is had when people fall in love. It’s usually intense for a couple of years, but then becomes somewhat mundane and sinks to the level of Ordinary Sex. Some rare couples do manage to maintain the aspect of love and romance within this part of their relationship. This typically happens in a new relationship, when both people are deeply attracted to each other. Hearts are opened in the beginning, but over time the excitement wears off. This is a signal that the person is not your Soul-Mate. This is the healthy act of those who have their hearts opened a bit and are able to escape being stuck in their heads. This differs from sex because of the components of love and romance. There is real love happening in this form of Romantic Love Making. The vibration of those in this area is much higher. This is the vibration of those who are actively overcoming their ego and living a more consciously aware and awakened life. It generally feels good to be around these people.

Above Romantic Love Making, at the very height of the sexual experience – is Spiritual Love Making. This is the rarest of all forms of sex / love making. Why? Because this is the expression only experienced by those in an awakened, conscious Soul-Mate relationship. This is the very essence of making love. The act itself becomes a physical and non-physical union of two people, connected physically as well as spiritually through the gateway of the fully opened heart as their souls unite into one. This form of love making includes the purest love, romance, passion, mutual respect, a deep heart connection, and a soul union. When engaged in this type of lovemaking, your vibrational frequency peaks to the closest possible to that of the Divine that it’s capable of while in physical form. When bodies and souls entangle in the spiritual expression of love making, the heavens shake along with them. It is truly a deep, spiritual act of love.

I encourage you to insist on raising your vibration and engaging in healthy Love Making; where love, romance, passion, and respect are all present. Why would you settle for anything less? Don’t you deserve the best? Of course you do!

Is Busy Really Better?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

How often do you hear someone make the comment; “Oh, it’s good to be so busy!” or “I’m crazy busy right, so that’s good!”? Can you recall the last time that you yourself uttered something similar? Usually, there seems to be a sense of mindlessness with such statements. You know, when you’re really not focused on talking to the person you’re saying it to and it just falls out of your mouth through auto-pilot while you’re thinking about something else. Sometimes, we tend to rely on it as an excuse too, right? But is it really good to be so busy?

We’re certainly encouraged to believe it is. Our society has forced us to adopt overly busy lifestyles in order to thrive or even merely survive. Busy, busy, busy. Now we’re at the point where people feel guilty if they take a break from all the worry, the insane rushing around, and the constant stress that it places them under. Guilt is another form of disempowering stress that weighs on you, lowers your vibration, closes your heart, and negatively impacts your well being.

We see it all around us. Hell, we’ve even done it ourselves.  We quickly choke down fast food-like garbage from a drive-thru while speeding in our cars from one obligation to the next. We believe that “multi-tasking” is an honorable and desirable skill. We surrender our vacation times and holidays in order to continue this ridiculous pace of daily life that leaves our head swirling. Instead, filling the holidays with multiple obligatory visits that we don’t enjoy or shopping for more crap we don’t need. After work, we frantically drive all over town dragging our kids to participate in after school sporting events and other activities, when they’d rather just be playing with their friends. We dash here and dash there so quickly we never truly engage where we’re at in the moment. Our minds are racing the entire time, focusing on the next item on the list before the present item has even been accomplished. Can you feel the stress levels building just from reading this?

Things have been designed to keep us all overly busy, and the ego loves it. Some of this has been purposely designed, but the majority has been created by our own growing egoic mind. We put this sense of being busy on ourselves so we don’t have to face reality. It’s like sleepwalking while feverishly running around in order to avoid waking up. This way the reality of being unhappy in our relationship, our dead-end minimum wage job, living somewhere we don’t like, or living the life we never really wanted to begin with, never has to be acknowledged.

We use being busy as a distraction. Like cowards, we hide behind it so we never have to face ourselves. We can’t possibly be thinking for our self or expanding spiritually when we’re so busy we can’t even think straight. We have deadlines on top of deadlines and we’re unable to give our full attention to anything. We allow ourselves to be pulled in in every direction by anyone who desires to waste our time. Always facing another day overflowing with activities and obligations. We run around like the proverbial “chicken with it’s head cut off” while accomplishing very little by the end of the day. Except for being too exhausted to participate in, let alone enjoy, intimate time with the one we love.

Of course, society cheers us on as we participate in this senseless race because it validates their own need to be so busy. The members of the herd pat us on the back when we tell them how busy we are; but it’s done from the same sense of mindless auto-pilot that everyone uses. You (your ego) feels good from all this attention, as though you’ve really accomplished something incredible. But the reality of the situation is just the opposite.

I say this is all wrong! We’re doing it wrong and mindlessly perpetuating this wrongness! Stop revering being busy! Put the distractions down and take a deep breath. Be brave. There’s nothing noble about it being busy. It’s not the way human beings were meant to live. It causes stress, poor physical and mental health, and accomplishes little in the grand scheme of things. We run around all day frantically trying to fit everything in while our mind races to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. Meanwhile, its frying our nervous system and negatively impacting our mental and physical health. This is the price to be paid for hiding from our own truth. How is a such a life different from a dog spastically running in circles chasing its tail?

Stop perpetuating the idea that being busy is so good, or so righteous. Stop revering an overly busy lifestyle! Being crazy busy is the path of keeping yourself distracted as you race to the end of your life without attaining anything of real value. Step off of this mindless treadmill and step onto the path of an awakened and fully engaged life.

Make time. Take the time back, it’s yours after all. Spend time relaxing, reflecting, meditating, going for walks in nature, and focusing on what really matters. be honest with yourself and feel if you’re living the life you were meant to live. Slow down and get out of your head. See through the illusion that society has placed before you and step outside of the rat race. Defy the ego and take time to look within, to know who you are honestly and what it is you want to experience from your life. Summon your courage and awaken.

No. Busy is not better.

The Potential of Appreciation

Hey everyone! Robert here.

In my research for the new audio program I released recently, APPRECIATION MASTERY, I found that people seem to have a highly superficial understanding of appreciation, especially considering the depth this concept truly holds. Many people view it through exoteric eyes, seeing only the simplistic face value of the term. Their mind then immediately thinks, “Oh, I know that” and they instantly shut down from seeing any deeper. They think that it must be about openly sharing with others that you appreciate them or something they did for you; that it’s about having the good manners to acknowledge thoughtful things others take the time to do for you. They believe that it’s basically about saying “thank you.”

This is all fine and good – on the surface. But it’s only the miniscule grasping of the common mind. The ordinary, egoic mind that knows only the superficial meaning of things and refuses to peer deeper out of fear for its own survival. Appreciation is so much more than what they can even imagine. Appreciation, sometimes (mistakenly) translated as “gratitude,” is a core fundamental method of all spirituality and many religions and when viewed through more awakened eyes its unlimited potential can be clearly recognized. Appreciation is one of the fundamental pillars of Buddhism and it plays an important role throughout the development within this system and countless others as well.

Appreciation is about vibration. It’s the method for learning how to raise your vibrational frequency and hold it in this higher state on a regular basis while opening the heart. It’s not something you do only when someone else causes you to feel this way, it’s something you do for yourself and train yourself to maintain. It’s a state of natural being. This is why the power of appreciation is directly associated with love and happiness. Want to experience more love? More Joy? Then being practicing appreciation in order to open your heart and raise your vibration. This requires far more than merely remembering to say “thanks” of feeling gratitude. Appreciation is an incredible form of empowerment. It centers around the love for others, the love for self, and holding the positive mental and vibrational state of happiness. Appreciation serves as a sort of gateway to directly interact with your vibration. Through it, you can transform yourself and your life.

I enjoy this great quote from Abraham-Hicks:


Appreciation, in the context that I’m speaking, requires practice in order to be mastered. This is why I’ve put together the greatest collection of practical Appreciation practices that I know into one cohesive system. These methods are not readily available to the public and are unlike the common new age fluff surrounding this topic. The methods begin in an easy, quick, and effective manner while increasing in intensity as one progresses toward the Master’s Practice. Appreciation is what links love (opening the heart) and happiness (holding a high vibration), which has the potential to cause an amazing transformation of Self. These are the things that allow us to experience our true nature. The very nature of the Universe, God, or Tao.

The Fully Engaged Life – Podcast Show!

Join us every Monday for the latest episode of The Fully Engaged Life! Robert hosts this weekly 30 minute podcast show that takes the Expansion Mastery material to the next level. It’s available in the iTunes Store, on Stitcher Smart Radio, and Libsyn. There’s even a great Fully Engaged Life App for the Android and your tablets! Join him as he shares practical methods for achieving a higher sense of awakening in the modern world while debunking many commonly accepted, yet incorrect, perceptions regarding personal growth and spiritual expansion. The show is as fun as it is informative. Learn practical methods to shift beyond merely existing and start truly living! Many people ask about life after death, but the real question they should be asking, is whether or not they are actually living while they’re alive.

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If you’ve missed past episodes, don’t throw yourself on the floor, screaming and kicking, in a hissy fit. Although, we couldn’t blame you. The good news is that they’re still available in the archives, and even if you miss some episodes, they’ll soon be available for on CD! Collect them all.

Do You Have Vacations or Adventures?

Hey everyone! Robert here!

As vacations continue to decline into extinction, replaced by things such as “stay-cations” and “fake-cations,” I felt I should address this topic. I’m just not going to waste your time discussing staycations and fakecations, but instead help you to see the value in turning this trend upside down to the best of your ability in these uncertain economic times. Instead of swirling in the dismal downward spiral away from relaxing and fun life experiences, why not spiral upward? How do you move above a vacation? I’m happy you asked. The answer is to experience an Adventure!

Vacations, unquestionably, offer value ranging from long overdue relaxation and stress relief to visiting new and exciting places. Vacations are generally fun get-a-ways that help us reset and recharge our batteries a bit in order to return and carry on with our normal, hectic, demanding daily lives. many people are unable to set aside the daily stress and carry it with them on their vacations, but this is not the fault of getting away, it’s the fault of the mind.

My wife and I (and a couple outstanding friends) just returned from an adventure. Amy and I do our best to take at least 2 international adventures each year while having mini-adventures on a more regular basis, sometimes daily. This excursion took us back to Japan for a spiritual pilgrimage to Mt. Togakushi, just outside of Nagano. Sightseeing for a few days and the living in a small mountain town for a week. In my 33 visits to Japan, this was my first adventure without a rigorous training schedule. I felt it was about time. Truly a life-changing and soul-expanding experience as we spent time amongst many Shinto and Buddhist shrines up in the breathtaking mountains of this mysterious area.


Amy and I at he Kuzuryusha (9 headed dragon shrine), Togakushi, Japan. October 2014

An adventure is something more than a vacation. Much, much more. Anyone can take a vacation, but not just anyone can experience an adventure. Yes, it’s true that everyone has the innate ability to do so, but the vast majority remain unable because they lack a sense of awakening. An adventure has a deeper purpose than merely relaxing or recharging or looking at particular sites. Adventures carry a sense of deep meaning to the person setting out to have such an experience. The difference being that the common vacationer goes to the see things like these shrines and temples of Japan while taking tons of photos so they can return home and tell everyone where they’ve been. Some people even post them to social media while they are at these places – thus insuring that they’re not in the moment or having the adventure experience at all. The adventurer, however, visits these incredible Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples to experience them. They have consciously chosen these destinations because they feel drawn and connected to them from somewhere deep within themselves. They’re connected to the places they visit in ways, they themselves may or may not fully understand, but they knew this feeling is something very strong and very real.


The Hisaizu Shrine in Koshigaya, Japan. One of our favorite places to visit. October 2014

Through an awakened perspective, the adventurer “feels” the shrines in numerous ways. They have a profound interaction with the energy there by attuning themselves to the vibration of these sacred sites. They can feel if the energy still remains strong there or if it no longer remains. Adventurers are touched by the sacred places they visit and their experience is one light years beyond merely seeing a place for the sake of simply seeing it. The adventurer lives the experience fully by opening their mind and heart to embrace the culture and do their best to live as they do. When in Japan, they have a Japanese experience. When in Egypt, they have an Egyptian experience. Never attempting to force the same old experience based upon where they live. Adventurers let go of their comfort zones and step out into the wondrous world in order to better experience the moment and consciously connect to this new place, allowing the magic of the universe to unfold naturally around them. Adventures change you forever, they act as a catalyst to your spiritual expansion.

This is why different people can visit the exact same place and some have no expansion whatsoever trasnpire, while others are profoundly moved, changed forever, and undergo the personal transformation of soul-expansion. It’s not about what you look at with the ordinary mind, but how you see (feel) it from your spirit, that matters. Henry David Thoreau put it this way, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” This is also the difference between those who are merely existing and those who are able to truly live a fully engaged life.

Just in case you’re curious as to whether you’re having a vacation or an adventure – here’s the top 5 ways to tell you’ve had an adventure.

1. Upon returning from an adventure, you’ll usually experience some degree of culture shock from returning to your own country, and/or state. You need to readjust because you don’t feel right or “normal” at home any longer. You’ll feel different and possibly even see things differently in your day-to-day life from then on.

2. Upon returning from an adventure, you’ll find yourself missing the language, the food, the people, and the cultural living habits in ways you never expected. You may find that you end up adopting some of these or other cultural aspects into your normal daily life. This is one way to realize that you’ve changed.

3. Upon returning from an adventure, you may find yourself being uncomfortable with some of the societal norms of home and you may even experience difficulty in readjusting. You may find yourself longing for the way they did things somewhere else. In addition, you may be surprised at how much “smaller” everyone seems in regards to things beyond physical size once you return to them.

4. Upon returning from an adventure, you may realize that you were able to have a deeper connection with many of the people of a different culture than you now can with those around you at home, despite things such as language barriers. You’ll also be reeling from the amount of “magical” things that seemed to happen that you didn’t plan or force, but allowed to enter your experience. These are gifts from the universe that help you to expand.

5. Upon returning from an adventure, you begin thinking much more globally than you used to. Your mind and heart are more opened than ever before. You become open to new ways of thinking and living far beyond those who simply remain within the invisible boundaries of their own country, state, or country. You may even have a sense of “feeling” as though you’re more than you were before the adventure.

Adventures are the experiences of those who choose the path of awakening. An adventure requires a conscious connection to where you go and to the reason for going. They carry a deep spiritual experience of some sort that simple vacations lack. It’s the difference between mindlessness and mindfulness. The wonderful news is that you have the power to choose which you take – a vacation or an adventure. The choice is always yours and no one can take it away from you. Once you attain the ability to have a true adventure, and you become more consciously expansive because of it, you’ll begin to understand how to have adventures every day regardless of where you’re at or what you’re doing. This is the path of awakening unfolding before your very eyes. This is the adventure of life.

Want Help Finding Your Soul-Mate?

Hey everyone! Robert here!

I’ve been receiving a large number of emails and comments from people asking me for advice on how to find their soul-mate. Fair enough – and thank you very much for contacting me. I always enjoy hearing from all of you. While I should reiterate that I don’t really offer “advice,” I do share what I’ve come to know as truth in regards to the topic of soul-mates and the way it unfolded for Amy and I.

While I usually take coaching clients through this process in great detail to facilitate their success, I’ll share a few ideas here in order to help you to begin moving (and vibrating) in the right direction. In the near future, we’ll be making incredibly helpful tools available to all of you that should be of great assistance and serve your ability to attract your soul-mate. We’ll also be guiding you through specific, practical and effective methods at our live events for doing exactly what we did. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it to your area soon. Of course, I’m always available for personal coaching clients who are serious about this as well.

So, you want to find your soul-mate. Are you sure you’re ready for such a life changing event to occur? Let’s find out.

The first thing to understand, is that in order to experience a life changing event, you need to change your life. Life change requires changes to made to your life, right? Of course. These changes may be in the form of vibration, mental/emotional advancement, or even personal responsibility. Whatever the specific form the change takes depends upon your own unique life situation, one things for certain though, anything you wish to change in your life begins by making changes to yourself.

The next thing to understand, and the thing that I know people hate to hear, is that you must stop trying to search for your soul-mate; that’s just not how it works. Soul-mates will be brought together through divine alignment and attraction. When you search, seek, or otherwise display an act of desperation, you’re attempting to force something that cannot be forced. This results in attracting more reasons to have to seek, search or feel desperate. So, yeah, don’t do that. The big secret to this is to learn how to Attract and Allow. You need to switch from an egoic mindset (that’s desperately forces) to one based in essence (your true self and the mind that allows). Patience is required.

In order to begin attracting your soul-mate, you must become perfectly content with your self. You need to enjoy and appreciate the person you are, and if that’s difficult for you, then how could you possibly expect someone else to love and appreciate you? Think about it. If you’re unhappy with anything about yourself, then you’ll need to take action in order to change it. These changes will result in you becoming a person that you can respect, love, appreciate and enjoy. This will raise your vibration to match that of someone who can love, respect, and appreciate everything about you. Remember that soul-mates have absolutely no reason to compromise.

It’s not about simply accepting yourself as you are in order to satisfy the ego while continuing to live with your own faults. This is a common misconception in regards to the new age idea of accepting yourself as perfect just the way you are. It may feel good for a moment, but you’ll find yourself stuck in the same place you’ve always been – without your soul-mate. In order to love yourself the way you are, you may recognize that there are (at least) a few things about yourself that you’re not particularly fond of. In that case, jump into action and make those changes in yourself. You can do it – I did. This is what I meant by my earlier statement of changing yourself in order to change your life.

Don’t wallow in self-pity or become discouraged over these faults, instead, accept that you have them, face them, accept that you desire to change them to become the person you know in your heart you were meant to be, and then engage in the practices that can help you make those changes. The most important change is overcoming your own ego. If you’re unwilling to look at yourself through the lens of honesty, and make improvements, than how can you expect someone else who’s truly magnificent to settle for you? You must rise to be magnificent too – and you know that you can. Only then can you be in vibrational alignment with your soul-mate. See, its not about trying to find them, its about vibrating at the same frequency so that the universe can bring you together.

Take a long honest look at yourself, change what you don’t like, and raise your vibration and value to match that of your soul-mate’s. Soul-mates require both people to be awakened and holding a sense of egolessness. To do this requires great diligence, that’s why so few people throughout the world are able to meet their soul-mate.  They’re simply not willing to do what it takes. Are you? Do it for yourself first and foremost and the rest will fall into place naturally.

In becoming the mindful, awakened, and egoless person you know you were meant to be, by becoming your very best self, you will set into action, the attraction of your soul-mate. They may require some time to ready themselves in order to be worthy of you and all of your awesomeness as well. This is why the universe delivers them when the time is right, not necessarily when you want it to be. With each area of yourself that you strive to improve upon, that you begin to enjoy about yourself, and respect about yourself, you will set the attraction process into motion. It’s when you are the most happy with yourself; feeling free, loving your life and knowing what it is to feel like your true self doing something that you completely love to do – that you will be most likely to meet your soul-mate. The idea is to actively work on yourself, to get your life in order and begin living it joyfully. This is allowing.

The allowing starts when you become comfortable being with yourself and you no longer feel alone when you’re by yourself. When you come to enjoy your own aloneness, this will trigger the allowing process. This allows the universe to move things around in order to set up a synchronistic opportunity for the two of you to meet.

I’ve found, and continue to witness, people coming together with their soul-mates when they’re engaged in some form of activity for their own betterment and enjoyment, completely absorbed in their sense of self and enjoying who they are and how they’re living life. This is when you’re most likely to have your soul-mate walk into your life. When you least expect it, the universe will reveal who they are and you’ll be brought together through a situation that may likely appear as a random meeting or coincidence – however it’s anything but.

These are the first steps to implement for finding your soul-mate. This is how the process begins to unfold. I wish you the best of luck. If you have success, please leave a comment and let me know, I always enjoy hearing your good news.

The Beginner’s Mind

Hey everyone! Robert here!

Shoshin. The “beginner’s mind” or even more appropriately, the beginner’s heart-mind. This is a conscious state of mindfulness wherein one holds a fresh and inquisitive mind, remaining free from fixed beliefs or opinions, regardless of how many times they have performed a particular practice.

Remember when you began a particular activity that you were super excited about and deeply interested in? Can you recall that feeling? Remember how you felt it throughout your entire body? The butterflies in the belly. The excitement in the mind, the energizing effect within the body. You may not have known exactly what to expect or what you’re getting into, but you felt so alive and alert, ready to learn anything and everything. This is Shoshin – The Beginner’s Mind.

I cannot help but marvel at the ever-unfolding synchronistic nature of life. It’s such an immense pleasure and honor to observe the universe in action. A few weeks ago, I asked everyone in my Facebook group forum to ask questions. Any question about nearly any subject. This was to promote the “mind of the beginner” – to get them to Inquire. In the context of the Beginner’s Mind, the term beginner does not refer to someone who’s at a low level, but rather, someone who’s open and keeps seeking instead of convincing themselves that they already know through the form of a misguided belief. It’s referring to someone who’s able to keep a fresh perspective, even when performing the same practice for the 10,000th time. Studying the same text for the 100,000th time. They never enter into the practice with the mind of already knowing. Each moment of every practice holds new insight, a new sense of excitement and wonder, and the opportunity for awakening.

I have made this claim before and I’ll gladly make it again – “Beliefs are poison to the mind.” Holding a belief about anything allows this poison to begin it’s paralyzing effects on the mind. It should be understood that when you achieve no-mind, you let go of all beliefs. There is no other outcome. When you are completely absorbed in the moment, the here and now, you become free of beliefs. They drop to the ground around you much like a child dropping a toy they’re finished playing with. No more thought, no more attention, is given to it.

Ever since I began teaching students, I have openly encouraged questions. “Question everything I say and do, until you know it to be true through your own direct experience” has been a constant theme when I teach.

I was recently reading a book where the author began addressing the topic of the “inquiring mind.” As I continued to read, much to my delight, it was stressed that the mind must be free to inquire and that inquiry was healthy. Beliefs stifle inquiry. Any belief, all beliefs – stifle inquiry, expansion, and awakening. When the mind is convinced that it already knows or understands something, it closes down and becomes unable to accept any new level of understanding. It stops inquiring. All learning ceases, growth dies, and you become locked in the limitation of what little you’ve already experienced; slamming the door shut to any new perspective or experience that’s potentially awaiting you.

Awakening is an ongoing, ever blossoming, beautiful experience. It’s not a destination. We’re never really fully awakened, we’re always in the process of awakening. To say you have arrived (become enlightened) may be a false claim. You can only ever be in a state of arriving. Through the mind of inquiry, the beginner’s mind, we come to experience new meaning with every practice. It’s this direct interaction that manifests the practice as meaningful. The key is to inquire about things that are truly relevant, not things that are meaningless. Inquiry is the proper use of the thinking mind. The purpose is not to always question the validity of things, this is merely the ego attempting to satisfy itself. Inquiry is different, there’s a sense of mindfulness to it, a sense of innocence and wonder, and at the heart of it – the quest for truth.

To perform a practice today has nothing to do with your performance of it yesterday, or any day in the past for that matter. Today is today. Now is now. Sure, the accumulative effects of consistent practice over decades carries a certain amount of experiential benefit. But, to always bring past experiences into your fresh, new, current experience will prevent you from reaching all new heights within that practice. The practice then becomes stagnant; dead. The same is true of relationships, to always bring the baggage of past relationships into your current one is unfair for both parties involved. Think about this. Yet, the egoic mind clings to the past, to the past experiences. In reality the past only exists in the mind, it’s a tool of the ego, and this is why we strive to transcend the mind, separating our consciousness from the mind altogether. If this has not happened, then the individual has not truly ride themselves of their ego, they simply believe they have. Their success only exists in their own mental delusion.

The truth of this can be seen in reading my book, and of course many others; when you read it a month ago you had a certain experience with the material. Then, you may pick it up and read it again. This time having an even deeper experience. You may read it yet again in a year and have a completely new experience, seeing material that you’d swear wasn’t there before. In this way the material in the book seems to keep changing and revealing new insights. This can only happen when you have the mind open to inquiry. To experience this means that you’re holding the proper state of mind to read it.

To practice the same exercise while believing you know it already causes your mind to become dulled and any movement is reduced to nothing more than mindless repetitive mechanics. No new experience can be had from such a way. To continue repeating any form of training or study this way is simply ignorant. When you practice as though every time is a new experience, learning something completely new and exciting, then no matter how many times you do it, it’s never boring – it’s always a brand new experience, just like it was the first time you were introduced to it. In this way you never repeat the same practice twice.