Super Special Celebration Discount Offer for June

Hey everyone!

As you’ve probably seen on Twitter and Facebook, or heard on my podcast show, The Fully Engaged Life, I’m offering a special birthday celebration discount through my website for the entire month of June. I’ll break it down for you here, because you’ll never forgive yourself if you miss out on this.

For the entire month of June, you can enter a special discount code on the products page of the website and get 75% off a signed copy of my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life. Your get my book for only $5, plus shipping!

This is my way of celebrating my birthday with all of you.

You can order as many copies as you desire, as long as supplies last. I secured a limited number of books from my publisher for this special promotion. When they’re gone, they’re gone. This offer is effective for the month of June only, as of July first, the code will be rendered inactive, so don’t delay, act now!!

Oh yeah, the code. You may need that huh? Well, here it is…


I encourage you to get several copies to give out to friends and family. These autographed books make great gifts and you help to spread the message of awakening and consciousness rising while helping the consciousness shift gain even more momentum. This is your chance to make a real difference in the world. Help those you care about to understand real spirituality through a practical and effective approach meant to help you succeed that’s presented in Expansion Mastery.

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Help me celebrate my birthday, by saving big on an incredible guidebook to living a fully engaged life. You are loved and appreciated!

~ Robert

News: Upcoming Programs & Events

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Just a quick update to keep you up to speed with all the great things I have going on. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday, regardless of where you live in the world. The opportunity to openly share your appreciation is of great benefit and worthy of celebration. I will be taking a few days of solitude to set my course for the upcoming year, but my schedule is already filling up quick.

I have been invited, and just accepted, to teach at the Sports and Fitness Amputee Walking Clinic in Santa Clara, CA. on January 25th. This is a great honor, and Amy and I are so excited for the opportunity to serve others in this capacity. We will be teaching martial arts from the Kukishin Ryu as a way to increase stability and mobility while learning practical self-protection. This event is sponsored by the outstanding professionals at Prosthetic Solutions, Inc. Please contact them for details regarding this event.

I will be offering classes in Qigong and Martial Arts in Marin County, CA. in 2014. Anyone interested can contact me for details. I am also beginning a tour of various studios in order to promote Qigong. I feel this form of exercise is needed now more than ever. Please join us!

I just finished writing a testimonial for my Publisher’s new book! Its so exciting to be asked to that! I’m honored to be included in this incredible book in some small way, and I will be supporting it on this site once it’s released. When I was given advanced access to this book, I was taking notes non-stop. Awesome material!

I am also busy producing audio programs at this very moment. In the studio recording the first program now. It will be ready for release very soon. (watch for details here) I have 6 different audio programs scripted and we are working on having them all released in the upcoming year. I am very particular about these programs because I want you to be blown away by them. I am striving to have you feel they are worth 100 times what you’ll pay for them and that every program changes your life for the better. These programs are like nothing else out there. No fluff, just effective and practical methods to help you attain clarity in life and achieve your spiritual and personal growth goals. I will also be offering special bonuses that you can only get right here on this website, so check back often for details.

Amy and I are also working on a new book together. I have already created the framework for this great book and we are certain that everyone will be thrilled when this incredible information is released. There is also going to be an extensive audio program that is meant to be a companion for this book. Together, you will have the tools for  unbelievable relationship transformation. I can’t reveal everything, but I will share this… it is based off of one of the blog topics where I share the 10 ways of knowing whether you have something special, or if you haven’t found it yet. 😉

That’s it for now! More information coming soon. 🙂



Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share an incredible experience with you – my first book signing and presentation event for Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life! I was invited to speak at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers in the East Bay recently. This is a beautiful two-story location with an outstanding staff.


I have to admit, it’s quite astonishing to recall myself as a teenager wandering through my favorite local bookstores, browsing new arrivals and pausing to stare at the posters of visiting authors displayed throughout the store. I used to fantasize about what it must be like to be a real author and visit a bookstore to sign books and mingle with the fans and customers. I can remember thinking “how incredible that must be.” Now I find myself in Barnes and Noble where the posters on display are of me! Yeah, that’s just a little overwhelming to have your youthful fantasies collide headlong into your current reality. It’s a powerful experience to say the least that took some time to sink in.

My experience at the Emeryville, CA. Barnes and Noble was thrilling in every way. They had given me a wonderful display and posters, not to mention setting up an entire table and tabletop book display. I had a wonderful time speaking and the interaction from those attending was both enjoyable and impressive. the support from the staff was heart-warming as they made me feel right at home. I must admit that I was a bit stunned to see people holding my book who had the pages dog-eared, passages highlighted, and multiple book marks place strategically in the pages. That caught me by surprise. I especially enjoyed hearing people read passages I had written in the book back to me.


Signing books for people at the table and signing a handful of extra copies for the store’s shelf was a great time, too.


I have also been invited to hold a presentation and book signing at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. on the 25th of August. This will be especially exciting for me as it was only one year ago that we were in the audience there listening to author Mike Dooley speak. We drove Mike to his hotel in San Francisco and then he made a few moments for me to interview him for my blog, which was awesome! He was even kind enough to buy me a beer afterward, as we continued our discussion off camera. Now I get to speak at this iconic independent bookstore as well. I feel that I now know what it means to be “living the dream.” 🙂

I understand that as human beings, the fear of death is one of the largest fears that we carry with us, but after two near-death experiences, I feel that its far more frightening to exist without truly living fully as your authentic self while you are alive. This is part of the message I am spreading – Live fully and be authentic! I hope if you are in the area that you will attend one of my book signing events, I would love to meet you in person. If you can’t join me in person, at least pick up your copy of Expansion Mastery. It is available in every English speaking country at this time including the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and others. Its also available in electronic format for the Kindle, Nook and a dozen others.

An excerpt from my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life was just featured as the lead article in a wonderful magazine about Taoism called, Empty Vessel. That’s was a great honor! We are currently setting up radio interviews and additional book signing events that will be including a special mega event with multiple local area authors who will be taking turns speaking throughout the day at another East Bay Barnes & Noble location that will be announced later this summer. I am currently busy writing multiple magazine articles for local and national magazines. My publisher is even talking to me about the possibility for my own radio program. Sound interesting? Let me know in the comment section if you would be interested in listening in to a weekly program. I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

I encourage anyone reading this to follow their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem at the moment. Go for it! Live fully with excitement and energy. Be your authentic self and speak with your own voice, sharing your message with the world. I hope to see you soon. Wishing you all the best!


Expansion Express – That’s Not The Way I Perceived It

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Picture this, if you will…

A small group of unacquainted people are courteously escorted to a hibachi table in the middle of a Japanese-style restaurant. Flames suddenly arise from surrounding tables as people cheer in delight at the antics of the hibachi chefs. Bite-size pieces of shrimp are being flailed about while tiny volcanoes made of onion rings spew “smoke.” Everyone in the group sits, gets settled into their seats and begins to browse the menu for refreshing cocktails and tasty entrees selections. This group is primarily made up of couples out for an evening meal and entertainment from the skilled hibachi chefs. There is the slight feeling of excitement and anticipation is in the air around the group as they’re aware of the stimulating interaction about to take place. The low murmur of voices begins as couples converse between themselves and their evening together begins.

One couple is sitting on the end of the table. They appear pleasant enough and are well dressed. As the evening progresses however, this couple complains about well… everything imaginable. It’s not what they ordered, it’s not what they wanted, it’s not prepared properly, the food is not hot enough, the drinks are not cold enough, the temperature in the restaurant is not right, it’s too noisy, the seats aren’t comfortable. Then, of course, they complain constantly about the service. Eventually, they begin to turn on each other. They begin to bicker and bite at one another, at one point even moving their chairs away from each other as much as they could within the limited space surrounding the hibachi grill. Then they argue and become agitated with each other. You know the type. They had a simply miserable time and made sure everyone was aware of it.

Meanwhile, another couple sitting on the corner seemed to be having a wonder experience. They were engaged in deep conversation with one another, fully engrossed in the experience of being together. They enjoyed the taste of a cocktail and their food was prepared perfectly. They enjoyed pleasant interactions with the chef and the wait staff, exchanging smiles and sentiments of appreciation. The service was spot on and very friendly, they never seemed to wait for anything or be served too quickly. This couple interacted with the hibachi chef, enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and clearly each other. It seemed as though they were having a loving, magical time.

The interesting thing is that both couples were at the very same restaurant, at the very same time, eating the same food prepared by the same chef, partaking of the same cocktails, experiencing the same service and atmosphere, and both were couples in a relationship to one degree or another. The stage was set and the scenario was exactly the same for both of these couples, yet one had an unquestionably miserable time while the other had an incredibly joyous experience.

It comes down to perception. Perception is basically an impression, discernment, or understanding based upon what is observed through sensory information and then what thoughts are associated with those observations – put very simply. Perception is a complex topic that I enjoy researching. Isn’t it fascinating that two different couples can share the same experience, yet due to the difference in their perception, one has a negative evening and the other has a positive evening? There is a self-help saying that goes, “If you can perceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.” Well, if you perceive a bad experience, form the belief that it will happen, then Bam! you will achieve it. Likewise, if you perceive an awesome experience, know it will be magical, then Bam! you achieve that. It comes down to taking responsibility for ourselves and our thoughts, doesn’t it?

The first couple seemed to sit with the expectations of having a bad time. Maybe they pull such childish stunts in an inexcusable attempt at getting a free meal, who knows. Either way, they experienced an insufferable couple hours. They got what they wanted and expected; a terrible time. Remember that “like attracts like.” So if their vibrations were low within themselves, they are certainly going to attract a low vibrational experience, even if it has to be created in their minds through their perception because it is not initiated by any outward reality. They experience the exact same situation as the second couple, but because of their low vibration and negatively driven perception, they have a highly negative experience. They came to have a bad time and they succeeded.

The second couple went out for the evening expecting to have a wonderful dinning experience. They were thrilled to be with one another, both of their vibrations were high and they had positive perceptions. They felt light, free, filled with appreciation and very happy. They attracted that type of experience into their outward reality. This couple came to have an enjoyable evening and they succeeded.

How do I know for certain the second couple had such a magical evening? Because the second couple in this story was Amy and I and we both continue to speak of this pleasing and entertaining evening. While we were obviously aware of the situation with the couple next to us, we did not allow their low vibration to infect our vibrations. We continued to have an incredible evening together while allowing the other couple to have a miserable one. Its just so interesting how you can have one situation with simultaneous experiences and one is negative and the other positive. To each their own reality.

Much of our reality is affected, if not actually created, by our perception. Certainly our thoughts create our reality and those thoughts are influenced by our perceptions. Are your perceptions geared toward the positive or negative? Are you stepping up and taking responsibility for your thoughts, perceptions, vibration, frame of mind, and so on? This is living a fully engaged life! When you no longer allow life to happen to you; you begin to take charge of your life. You begin to live an empowered and authentic life. This allows you mastery of yourself and in turn, of your reality.

I feel too, that your perceptions are deeply connected to not only your thoughts, but your vibration, and therefore, what you attract into your life experience. Pay attention to your experiences and be aware if you are causing a negative experience or a positive one. It’s completely up to you whether you have a great life or one of frustration.

Expansion Express – Can I Trust You?

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I have been tackling, what seems to me, to be some of the trickier topics to share in personal development – forgiveness and trust. While these two concepts are critical to our own healing due to the emotional potholes on the road on life, they are also necessary for us to function as our authentic adult selves.

The conventional thought on forgiveness is that it must end with complete reconciliation and the relationship returns to the way it was. While repairing the relationship is surely the most positive outcome, I contend this model is limiting the potential for growth, and in some cases not the best solution. The relationship is calling out for change, to resist that change is always detrimental to the personal growth of each party and the relationship itself. Relationships need to change and grow because those involved must change and grow. This usually begins when you learn to forgive yourself, then you can more easily forgive others. This is a large factor in the complexity of relationships which needs to not only be understood, but embraced. Not just in regards to the outcome, but in regards to personal and spiritual growth.

To forgive someone is the healing. It is potentially unhealthy to hold onto negative thoughts and emotions. However, sometimes after you have forgiven, the best outcome may be to create space and time. This allows both parties to heal as well as have the room to grow within the space created. No hard feelings need to be fostered or harboured there, it is simply a space for personal growth. If the relationship is not toxic, then it too will grow and reach its new phase. In some cases, the growth process will only occur through this separation, especially in those cases where the relationship was toxic to begin with. While many people desire things “to be as they were,” this is unrealistic, resistant to change, and results in stagnation as no growth can take place in keeping things as they are. Everything is changing all the time, it cannot be stopped, it needs to change for without it there is no growth. Without growth, there is only death.

So, let’s move into the topic of trust. While it may seem difficult to find trustworthy people in today’s world, I assure you they are out there. While there is truth to the fact that we cannot simply trust everyone we have some form of relationship with or even everyone we would like to trust, we should surround ourselves with those we can. It’s a matter of aligning your own vibration with those who are of higher caliber character. Over the past few years I have been meeting a large amount of new people. These people I consider to be friends, many I consider to be personal friends and I place my trust in them completely. I find that the more I trust myself and my own decisions, the more these people are willing to place their trust in me as well.

Just as forgiveness is about learning to fogive yourself, trusting others is the result of trusting yourself. Yes, once again we must dust off the mirror and look longingly at ourselves, as well as inside ourselves, first and foremost. That is where trust begins.

When I was young I had pretty bad control issues. I admit it. I was not an empowered, secure person when I was younger. How I managed to keep a relationship – I have no idea. Through lacking the ability to trust, I would respond by trying to hold on too tightly to what I had through attempting to control the situations and the people involved. Of course it resulted in failure every single time. There is no other outcome to such a scenario. The rock band .38 Special understood it – “Hold on loosely” is the name of one of their famous #1 hits. Yes, this dates me pretty good, but it still amazes me how .38 Special knew it and yet I was to dense back then to really grasp what they were singing about and actually apply it to myself. I was simply unable to at that point in my life. Through the practices I eventually learned, which are contained within the Expansion Mastery System, I learned that this inability to trust others was not the fault of theirs, it was mine. Ouch. It came back to feelings and beliefs that I could not handle the pain and humiliation if someone betrayed me in some way. Sound at all familiar? If so, don’t worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂 If I can do this, so can you!

Through powerful practices of inner reflection and inner honesty I began to reform some of the beliefs I had, understanding why they formed the way they did in the first place. Here are some highlights that may offer you a little sunshine on your own situation…

1. I realized that much of my feelings of fear and betrayal stemmed from the separation of my parents when I was a young teenager as well as rejection from my childhood peers. I then understood that those feelings formed into beliefs. Those beliefs were the product of a child and they really had no role now that I was an adult and therefore they needed to change. I then set out to change the beliefs and the feelings changed automatically. In addition, I realized that these feelings and beliefs resulted from me not liking myself very much. I had to undergo intensive practices that allowed me to forgive myself and have the ability to not just like who I was, but to completely and unconditionally love myself.

2. I realized that I didn’t trust myself to make the right life decisions. I should have, I made some good ones through my teenage years, such as never trying drugs or cigarettes. I’m sure you have made some good decisions in your life as well. I later learned too that when I felt fearful, controlling and insecure the most was when I was making decisions that took me off of my authentic life path. This is an important point – please think deeply on this. As I look back, when I allowed life to happen to me or when others were allowed to control my life choices, these feelings of mistrust became more intense. Now that I make conscious, mindful decisions to live my authentic life, these feelings of mistrust have been replaced with feelings of deep, loving trust and they are continuously reinforced through my life experiences. In other words, as I trust, I attract more reasons and people to trust in. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

3. I found too, that as I became more sensitive to my environment and to my physical body (inside and out) I was able to feel who I could justifiably place my trust in and who I should not trust. As we know, there are people in life who cannot and should not be trusted. I simply separate myself from such people now. There is no room in my authentic experience for those who are not trustworthy. I also know I am deserving of this because I act in an open and trustworthy manner towards others. Even all of my great business friends stress transparency and full disclosure in their own business practices, but this also overflows into their personalities as well. It’s just who and how they are. These are the people I choose to surround myself with and interact with in regards to business.

4. I have also realized that I should not allow my trust in people to be so easily shaken every time they act in a way that I may not agree with. I have learned to instead, place my trust in the fact that they are doing what they need to for themselves. I have to trust in their ability to make their own life decisions even if they spark a change in our relationship. this allows me to be “fluid” in my relationships, allowing the relationship itself and all involved to grow and change as nature intended. I trust in the bigger picture of life.

Look inside yourself. Look into your own heart and begin to place your well deserved trust in yourself. If you can’t trust yourself how can you expect others to trust you? Once you trust in yourself, it opens a space of authenticity within your heart and your life opens up, blooming like the most beautiful rose you have ever seen. Stay mindful to the times when you don’t feel trusting, that may be alerting you to the fact that you are straying from your life path and purpose.

I am not a “drama-addict” so I prefer a drama-free life. I enjoy peace, quiet and tranquility. I find that by surrounding myself with those who I know to be trustworthy, I have drama-free friends and business friends. People who crave drama and surround themselves with it are exhausting. I prefer inspiring to exhausting.

When you trust, your vibration raises and your heart expands. This allows you to attract positive things into your life and live from a place of self-love, self-trust, self-forgiveness and self-empowerment. This makes it much easier to love, trust, forgive and empower others. I now find that being able to place my full trust in people to be an incredible feeling! I place 100% of my unconditional trust in my finace’ and this is an extremely crucial aspect to out relationship. Likewise, I give her every reason to be able to place 100% of her trust in me. It is tantamount to a healthy relationship that you both trust yourselves and each other fully. Accept nothing less for yourself in your own relationships, you deserve it. I trust that you will make the right decision. 😉

Expansion Express – Able To Forgive Yet?

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Let’s continue to keep all the good people of the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers. I hope all of your friends and family are accounted for, warm, dry and healthy.

In the last video post, I covered some basic ideas of forgiveness. Now, I know that many people do not like to hear that they have to begin the healing process of forgiveness by looking at themselves. It can be a hard thing to hear at first and a harder thing to do, but this is another reason why I stress the importance of having a warrior spirit. There are times when taking a long and honest look in the mirror can be the most difficult thing we could do. It’s easy to get caught up in all the fluff and silliness often associated with spiritual growth, and those types of teachings can make you feel all warm and fuzzy – for a moment. But, they will not produce real spiritual and personal growth. They mostly just stroke the ego in a passive way while supplying the illusion of spiritual practice. This path can be challenging. It takes real courage and a strong desire to experience true, lasting growth no matter what. I share this truth with you because I know that you have this courage, and the strength to succeed.

Forgiveness, in part, is the realization that others have their own life experiences to live, just as you and I do. Sometimes, they need to do what is best for themselves, even if we cannot see it that way. Often times, when these situations occur, it is allowing the other person to be their authentic self and step into their power, while at the same time providing us with the opportunity to grow or learn a life lesson. Yes, in life people sometimes do things to unfairly wrong us. Sometimes these people may be our own parents. Let’s face it, some people are simply toxic or even mentally unbalanced. But that is still their life experience and our interaction with them provides us with the opportunity to grow. It doesn’t always mean making up and having a close relationship. Sometimes it means separating ourselves from them, giving ourselves some space – space we need in order to grow. The growth comes from forgiveness. More often than not, forgiveness is about helping and healing ourselves, not something that is projected toward another. We cannot force others to act the way we may want them too. This is the desire of the controlling ego and will always cause you pain and suffering.

By harbouring hard feelings toward someone else or being angry with them, we lower our own vibration. Which is not good. Carrying around these negative emotions may also lead to negatively impacting our own physical health. It is becoming increasingly understood that negative emotions can lead to physical disease (“dis-ease”) such as cancer. By offering forgiveness, we let go of these negative, potentially harmful emotions and allow our vibration to increase as well as possibly maintaining our physical health and well-being. For any serious martial artists out there, this is the goal of training – to become powerful enough that we are not affected (ie – our vibration does not become lowered by anger or fear) by others even while we are in the process of fighting for our lives.

We also have to understand that the real reason we may have trust issues is because we don’t really trust ourselves. Trust begins from within as well. Once you begin to truly trust in yourself, it becomes much easier to trust in others and no longer have your trust so easily shattered. I can recall when I had the most serious trust issues was when I was a controlling person. I was this way because of my own insecurities and feelings of powerlessness. Fortunately, I was able to turn that around and so can you. Of course, in our modern society, we cannot simply trust everyone. That would be foolish. However, for those we know and love, trust should come easy and not be so easily shaken.

This is why I encourage people to first look at their own perceptions of right and wrong, look at their own expectations of others and see first if your own ego is at the root of this situation. The ego is usually at fault for our unhappiness or suffering. Once you sit down and give some honest thought to this, you may see how your ego is partially at fault, it is then that you can begin to work on subduing the ego and making real spiritual progress. Once this happens, you can begin to forgive and move forward in your own life and possibly (hopefully) in your relationship as well. If the situation is one that requires separation in order to heal and move forward, there is nothing wrong with that. It is a natural part of life. Just do your best to remain open to allowing the other person back into your life when the time feels right.

Here are some steps in the process of forgiveness….

1. Think about what happened that caused your feelings of being wronged and caused your lack of trust. Be willing to be completely honest and objective with yourself. Reflect on your own perceptions, expectations and desires.

2. Look at yourself before looking at another. Was your ego at fault for these feelings? Did the other person actually wrong you or were they merely attempting to live their life as their authentic self and that clashed with the way you wanted them to act? Become clear on this.

3. If it appears that the other person indeed caused you real mental, emotional, or physical distress, then you may need to create separation between you until the other person seeks help for their behaviors or experiences some form of personal growth. If they do not do so, then it may be time to walk a path that is different from this person’s. Often times, if it is someone we love, this can mean simply limiting your time or contact with them, keeping a safe distance. Do your best to avoid cutting them out of your life completely. I can tell you from past experience that this one is a poor choice.

4. If you discover that your own ego may be at fault for your suffering, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on yourself. Subduing the ego is at the very core of real, life-changing spiritual practice. Then you can set about repairing the relationship and making it a close and beneficial one for you both once again. You may also need to request their forgiveness. Yes, this is a two-way street.

5. Let go of the negative feelings toward the other person. There are practices I will be sharing where you learn to dissolve the negative emotions and recycle them into positive emotions in order to give you more fuel for your spiritual expansion. This will result in you being able to raise your vibration and add inner strength to your pursuit of spiritual growth.

6. Once your vibration has raised, you will notice that forgiveness is a much easier task. Once you forgive, you will free yourself of the chains of hard feelings and experience a sense of emotional freedom. Your perception may shift, allowing you to accept others and situations more freely without judgment or the need to control.

I believe that this sense of freedom and raised vibration is the practical reason that we have the statement “to forgive is divine.” Experience your divinity through forgiveness. Allow yourself and others to be who they are and live an authentic life. You will find that this leads to far greater happiness and often times, a far greater relationship for all involved. You may find yourself living in a far more empowered space as a result.

Remember that “love conquers all.” This does not refer to the romantic notion that love will overcome all obstacles resulting in happiness as Hollywood likes to promote – that is entertainment not truth. The phrase – “love conquers all” refers more accurately to the fact that love is the highest form of vibration. Love overcomes all other vibrations. Love is the Universe or God. When you forgive, you realign yourself with love and the Divine. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. 🙂

Facebook Fan Page – Please “Like”

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Just a quick note for those of you who are not aware. I just launched my Facebook Fan Page. It’s very exciting and I am hoping that all of you will help me to boost the number of “Likes” on the page so it looks as though I actually do have some fans, or at least people who kinda like me. 😉 Get your friends, family, neighbors and even random people you stop on the street to go there and “Like” it.

All of your support is greatly appreciated. If you happen to have a fan page or something that I can “Like” to share my support for you in return, just list it in the comment section below and I will put the smack-down on the “Like” button for you. Anyone else visitng the blog can do the same if they so desire.

Community is important and mutual support for one another is one good way for us to be connected. Thanks again for visiting the blog and for your wonderful, intelligent, and positive comments here on Expansive Expressions!

Expansion Express – Experiencing It For Yourself

[wpvideo DVWZlXtI]

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I hope you are ready to live another glorious day of your life. I trust that you are.

I have talked at length about the idea of thinking for yourself. You are all well versed in that and most likely masters by now. So, I would like to expand on this concept a bit to include “experiencing for yourself.”

Get out in the world and rely on your own experiences. Don’t always rely on an app that offers the perceptions of others to dictate what experiences you do and do not have. Just because someone around you isn’t having a good experience does not mean that you aren’t. Maybe they are having a bad day, or things are not what they expected, or they just crave drama, or maybe they have an unrealistic sense of entitlement that is reflected in a poor experience for them. That’s their experience. They live theirs and you live yours.

While these guides offer helpful advice, they should be used with a degree of common sense and not be the sole source of your decisions. I believe that’s their intended use. Besides, once you are in conscious control of creating your life, you can just usually create a great time anyway. Obviously if a place has continuously poor ratings, then common sense tells us to perhaps make another choice. Just try not to fear going in the opposite direction of the masses, usually that’s where the greatest experiences are.

Expansion Express – Truth & Twisted Logic

Hey everyone! Robert here.

I have stressed that we are living in a time of great change. It’s no longer possible to pretend otherwise or to ignore it in the hopes that everything will return to “normal.” We are living in a new era.

In my opinion the sheeple herd is heading for a cliff. Once they go over that cliff there is only one direction for them to go – down. I contend that right now is the time to separate yourself from the herd, step away and see things for yourself, with clarity and common sense. Now is the time to begin to truly think, act and live for yourself in a way that you know in your heart is right for you.

I have a number of important mentors in my life. They are all very successful and wealthy people, but more importantly, they are deeply insightful and caring. They shared some investment advice with me which I believe originated with billionaire investor Warren Buffett – “When the herd buys, you sell and when the herd sells, you buy.” Go against the herd. This idea applies to not just investment advice, but to life. Separating yourself from the herd and realizing that the truth is usually in direct opposition to what the herd thinks and does can be understood through this wise investment advice. After all, what percentage of the herd becomes wealthy from investing? That’s right, very few. It is well-known that the herd reacts from fear, they do not respond from wisdom. They react from the herd mentality, they do not respond from common sense. They move mindlessly through life, they do not move mindfully in their own truth.

The new era that we are already actively entering will guide us from the information age into the intuitive age. Signs of this already abound. Look around. As we continue to enter this new era we will shift to a more mindful, heart-centered, common sense society and away from the false entitled, twisted logic, drain on society, that we are seeing now. Those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves will be at the front of the herd, heading off the cliff. This twisted logic that attempts to turn the truth upside down and justify poor excuses is rampant and we must not only deny it, but no longer tolerate its ignorance.

So much of what passes for “research” is twisting logic and common sense into something insanely unrecognizable. Most of it has either been “swayed” or “paid” and is not remotely true. I recently read a couple of articles regarding cheating. How the so-called “experts” in their field claim that cheating can strengthen your marriage and actually be good for it. That it’s not cheating if you are in a different area code or state. WHAT!? Sure this will “make sense” to all the people out there who want to cheat and have it justified, even if it is with twisted logic, but that does not make it true. Cheating does not and will not ever strengthen your marriage and cheating is cheating – period, it doesn’t matter where you are.

In my understanding of a spiritual union of souls, if you truly love someone and they are your soul-mate, then your heart will be so filled with love for that person that you could never consider being with someone else. If you cheat, you do not love them, no matter what lie you tell yourself or them and you are most likely not meant for each other. That may seem a bit harsh to hear, but the truth often is. It’s truth, not twisted logic disguised as truth. If you desire to be with someone else, this is not some animal urge that males naturally have in order to keep the human race alive, we have evolved past this long ago. At least most of us. The desire for another is natures way of letting you know that you are not with the person you are meant to be with, you have not found your soul-mate.

Here are a couple of ways to understand this which can easily be applied to any other area as well.

1. Have someone call you a cheater. As they do this, feel the emotions and vibrations that this word brings out in you. Not good is it? This descriptor is negative and no matter what spin you place on it, it will always carry a negative vibration. Now have them say something loving to you to reset your vibration to a better frequency.

2. Now take a brief moment and visualize your spouse cheating on you. Feel what emotions that brings up in you. None of them are good are they? Of course not. We are not meant to behave in such a disrespectful manner to someone we truly love. Now visualize your spouse loving you and only you in order to reset your vibration. If you perform this exercise and you do not feel bad, then you need to realize your heart center is shut down because you are not in a loving relationship.

I could go on and on, but by now you should get the point. Something that lowers your vibration cannot be good for you or your life. It is very simple to me… if you want to be with someone, then make sure they are with the right one and then be with them completely. Desiring someone else means that you are not with your soul-mate. It clearly indicates that you do not truly love that person anymore and it is urging you to move on and find the one you are meant to be with. There are no accidental sexual encounters that you never meant to happen because it didn’t mean anything. More twisted logic and sorry excuses – all of it.

I hope you are entering this new era with your true soul-mate and that your life is filled with deep, authentic love. I hope your hearts belong to each other for all eternity and that you are able to fall more deeply in love with each passing day. Be courageous and join us as we step away from the herd and live our authentic lives. We are consciously walking away from the cliff instead of running mindlessly toward it. Which direction are you choosing to travel?

Expansion Express – A Day To Remember or To Get Through?

Good morning everyone, Robert here!

I hope your day is off to a great start! I know mine is. The sun is just beginning to peek at us over the horizon, the birds are filled with energy and singing away. The cool ocean breeze is being gently warmed by the morning rays of the sun. The calm, quiet is slowly being replaced with the stirring of people as they begin their day. Experiencing life in the physical reality is just so extraordinary. I wish I had the words to express my personal appreciation for it, but words cannot paint the picture of what I feel in my heart.

So, today is October 9th. You already knew that, I know. But what you didn’t know is that it is 8 months from today that Amy and I get married. Everything is nearly in place for the wedding and I could not be happier. I am an extremely fortunate man as I get to be with the most beautiful and inspiring woman I have ever met. My life has improved dramatically by having her in it and I express my appreciation daily for her love and support. I have never experienced love this deep, with my heart overflowing everyday. Our relationship is never work, it is a harmonious partnership of love, joy and appreciation.

We recently returned to Michigan for a wedding where Amy was the Maid of Honor. We had a fantastic time and were surrounded by dear old friends and we even made some great new friends. It was a time for strengthening connections and supporting those close to us.

So, with all this wedding activity, I thought it only fitting that I share a couple things regarding the area of marriage. I have a completely different viewpoint of marriage since I went through a divorce and time of personal transformation, to rise from the ashes as a new man with a new relationship. I have all new feelings and insights regarding the topic and I hope that they may be of value to you whether you are already married or still searching for your soul-mate. I am no “wedding authority” but I am willing to share some things that are working incredibly well for us in hopes that you can make good life decisions and have the wedding (and life) of your dreams. I know it is somewhat unusual for a man to give wedding advice, but this is also life advice from living a fully engaged life. In addition, I feel it’s about time that men stepped up to the wedding plate and participated instead of dropping it all in the laps of the women. Non-participation in the wedding planning shows a lack of interest in getting married in the first place. It may not be considered unusual for men to tell the women to plan it because it’s “their day,” but that doesn’t make it right. This is so the man doesn’t have to be bothered with it and in my opinion, and it clearly indicates that the man is not fully engaged in the event or the actual decision to be married. One would have to question if they truly desire to be married at all? My personal involvement is a sign that I am fully engaged in this decision and in my life experiences, that it is what I truly desire, and that I am fully present in this entire experience.

The first thing when beginning a relationship or getting ready for a wedding is to be 100% certain that it is what YOU want. I am speaking to both parties here. What I mean is that you need to make this a conscious decision that is exactly the life experience that you want for yourself. If you are not 100% positive, then don’t do it. Do not allow life to happen to you. That was my big mistake. I allowed life to happen to me and I was not fully present or engaged in what was going on. This time I am. I thought it was the right thing to do because that’s what seemed to be the social convention. Forget that! Search your heart and do it because you want to. Because you can’t imagine a life without the other person standing by your side and experiencing the magic of life with you. Make sure that you love them so deeply and completely that it fills your heart with joy everytime you think about them, look at them, or even hear their voice.

I recently read an online article that stated 25% of men were fine with getting married even though they didn’t “feel a spark with the other person.” It even stated that some women were okay with it too. C’mon you guys, wake up and participate in your lives! If there is no “spark” then there is no love and it surely tells you that this is not your soul-mate. A wedding is a celebration of the lifetime you will spend together. There should not just be a spark, there should be an explosion! Start making life happen instead of sitting back and allowing it to walk all over you. Life is meant to be experienced to the fullest. Make sure you are actively involved in the decision and that it is done out of no other reason than love. You should not desire to change the other person in any way (because you will always fail), and you should not attempt to “train” them or shape them in the way you want them to be. This too will end poorly. They should already be the perfect person for you. If not, then you may need to reflect upon whether or not you are with the right person.

As for the wedding itself. Forget all this crap on TV about the bitchy-brides and overly lush weddings that only the richest of the rich can afford, and any other forced social perception that TV offers these days. Please allow me to share something simple and profound with you. It is YOUR wedding! That’s right, it is not your parent’s wedding, or your friend’s wedding, or society’s wedding – it is yours and you should plan it as such. All too often I hear people saying how they wish their wedding would have been different. That it would have been smaller, or held somewhere else, or whatever. The point is that this event is a celebration of your union and you need to create the wedding you desire, not regrets that you will have later. The desires of others is for their own wedding experience. Break the conventional norm of the herd and have your own wedding the way you want it. It’s YOUR experience, not anyone else’s. Have the courage to stand up and live it your way. This is also a good reason to hold an event that is within your own budget, so you do not have to bow to the demands of others because they are helping to pay for it.

Wedding planning is only stressful when you allow it to be or desire it to be out of an addiction for drama. So many people get worked up during the wedding planning and meltdown on the wedding day. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that, nor should it. It is a day to be enjoyed. It’s a celebration and it should be experienced with that in mind. The stress of a wedding is always placed our your shoulders for one reason – you put it there! Let go of the social belief that weddings are stressful and begin viewing them as a celebration and you can make it a stress-free, fun-filled time.

Here are some of my tips and my own experiences:

1. Design the wedding you both desire. Only the two of you. If this is your soul-mate, then every decision will naturally be mutual. Compromise is a sign that you may not be with your soul-mate. If you both envision the same event, that’s a sign that you have found that special someone. We have not asked for nor allowed any outside influence in our wedding plans. We are inviting who we want and we are doing it the way we want. We have not had to compromise on anything, we seem to always have the same idea and we have decided on everything without the need for give and take. It tends to happen that way with soul-mates.

2. Make the wedding a celebration of your union. I believe this is the original idea of a wedding, yet it has become lost as people attempt to make it a social event, a day for the family to show off, or a stressful day that you cant wait to have end so life can return to normal. It should be a celebration of love; to be shared with your closest of family and friends. Make the entire event a celebration. Make it fun, relaxing, exciting – whatever you desire and can afford. We are making a weekend celebration for everyone who is invited. A relaxing, drama-free weekend surrounded by our closest family and friends. We are making the weekend fun and relaxing for all of us, filled with special amenities to enjoy, so we can enjoy each other’s company with appreciation and open-hearted connection.

3. You are in control of your own experience. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have a certain spiritual foundation, then make sure it is officiated in that way. It should reflect both of your beliefs and not your parents or anyone elses. Do not bow down to social convention and follow the herd, create the event you want. Invite only those who you desire to share this special celebration with. Avoid allowing others to dictate your guest list. Have the size wedding that you want, and avoid inviting others out of obligation. Think about it, would you want to show up to an event knowing you were only invited out of a sense of obligation, or would you like to show up knowing that it meant a lot to the couple that you’re participating in this event with them? We are not afraid to break the rules and create our own. We know what is meaningful for us better than anyone else and that’s how things are being arranged. No stress, no fuss, no accommodating the demands of others – just excitement as we plan the big day.

4. Don’t fear breaking tradition. You need to understand why many traditions were started in the first place rather than mindlessly following them. If you want things in a certain place or a certain way, then have them like that. Remember that this is your experience, no one elses. Take certain aspects from tradition if you like and then begin your own traditions and be your authentic self. Our wedding will be a genuine reflection of who we are as individuals and together. We have even added a pre-honeymoon before the actual honeymoon. Why? Because we could. One (of the many) traditions we are breaking is gift-giving. We are asking guests not to give gifts or money. We do not need or want for anything and we don’t want our guests to stress about what to get us. Their company is the only gift we desire and it’s far better than anything they could purchase anyway.

5. Let go of stress. There is really no need to be stressed out over something that is supposed to be so special. In my opinion, if you are looking forward to the event being over, that’s saying something about more than your wedding ceremony. Think about it. Stop worrying about perfection, stuff happens when you are living life, go with it and adapt. If you have a healthy perspective, then everything will be great, because you will see and experience it that way. We plan on enjoying this celebration to the fullest. We are looking forward to the experience itself and sharing it with those people who are the most important in our lives. We will not be looking forward to it ending and we will have only the fondest of memories afterward. We hope our guests return home with the same fond memories and feelings, being elated they made the effort to attend.

These ideas are the way we are structuring our wedding and they directly reflect the way we live through Expansion Mastery. If you look into each of the ideas I shared, you can easily apply them to any area of your life. We do. Enjoy!

PS – I love you Sweetheart! You are the greatest part of my world and the best part of me. 🙂