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Expansion Mastery: Important Updates

Hey Everyone!

There’s a LOT of incredible things happening here at Expansion Mastery. I thought I’d share them so you stay informed and get to take advantage of everything being offered. I also wanted to express my sincere appreciation for every single one of you who takes their spiritual expansion seriously and supports us here at Expansion Mastery.

  1. Right now I’ve placed autographed copies of Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life on sale for ONLY $5.00 (plus shipping & handling). How awesome is that!? You save a massive 75%. Make sure to enter the special promo code: heavenonearth to take advantage of the huge savings on this outstanding book that’s been said to be ahead of its time. Well, the time is now. The ONLY time is now! Order yours today.
  2. The BREATH BRIDGE Program is now available at an introductory low price. Make sure you can safely, effectively and effortlessly shift your awareness from the external world to your inner world. This is THE BEST method for going inward in order to make the most of your meditation time.
  3. New content is being prepared for our YouTube channel. Yes, we have a YouTube channel and we’re going to be adding some awesome new content just for you. The channel is @robertdbessler and I’m creating all new short videos right now that’ll be posted there very soon. I have two different topic streams for this new content. The first will offer quick tips, about 2-3 minutes for engaging your practices more efficiently and effectively. The second will address how and why authentic spirituality is being lost due to a purposeful agenda of technocracy and dogma. This content will be available only on my YouTube channel.
  4. Make sure to like, follow, subscribe, and leave supportive comments to our Facebook page (@robertdbessler), Twitter page, and YouTube channel. Plus, you absolutely must tune into THE FULLY ENGAGED LIFE every Monday morning for the latest installment of authentic and down-to-earth spiritual insights and practices. It’s more important than ever to share our material with friends and family in order to preserve authentic, dogma-free spiritual practices. This is how you can actively take part in perpetuating the energy of the great consciousness shift forward, so humanity can evolve in the manner that nature intended.
  5. Watch for more updates as I’m involved in several amazing projects right now. Oh yeah, and the book about Soul-Mate relationships – that’s being edited and will be released soon. My wife and I have done a great deal of polishing with this book to make sure it’s perfect and we’ll reveal the truth about relationships. Learn how to attract the romantic relationship you desire and deserve.

Thanks Everyone! With Love and Appreciation,