New & Exciting Projects for 2017!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to inform all of you as to some of the incredible projects I’m working on and plan to release in this awesome new year. I hope you’re as excited to hear of their production as I am to be producing them. I promise that each project will be a real game changer. I intend to reveal the truth of spirituality and some of that promises to absolutely rock the existing paradigm of false belief.

Sorry, but I can’t reveal the actual names of the projects or their exact content just yet. But trust me, they’ll be beyond awesome and I’ll make sure you know about them before anyone else, as long as you’re a member of this website. If you’re not, sign up now!

The first project will be the release of the long awaited soul-mate book my wife and I are writing together. This is going to change everything you believe about soul-mates and romantic relationships! This book is nearly completed and the editing process has begun. There will be a formal book launch and more when it’s ready. The information contained in this book will leave your jaw hanging open as you realize that what you hold in your hands in a step by step manual, a how to guide, given by two people who are living it.

The second project is a complete course in mind training. Trust me when I say that there’s nothing like this available to the public – but there soon will be. This is going to be a complete guided course, the most clear and comprehensive practical approach to mind training ever offered. I’ll personally walk you through the three fundamental mind gates that lead to true spirituality. You will be guided by video and audio instruction that is both clear and effective. I’m planning on making this a physical product of DVD’s, CD’s, and written materials. I’m also looking at upgrading this website to offer this course digitally right here as well, complete with an online forum only available to those studying the program where you can find support form other like-minded individuals as well as interact with me if you should need assistance. I’ve already planned to offer so many extras with this program that it’ll make your head spin. This course is the result of decades of diligent practice, direct personal experience, and real-world application. It’s been years in the making.

The third is a sequel to my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life. If you haven’t gotten a copy of this book yet, then do it right now. You can get an autographed copy by ordering right here on the website. You’ll be glad you did as the second book will take the material in the first to all new levels. The first book helps you to create a solid and practical foundation, preparing you for what’s to come in this next book.

There’s more in the works, but I’ll stop here for now. This promises to be a very exciting year and I hope you’ll make this the year you get involved, practice with consistency, and make real, lasting progress that will result in your ability to live a Fully Engaged Life!

Love, Robert

Fully Engaged Life Audio Improvement

For all of the listeners and fans of The Fully Engaged Life – look (or rather listen) for a huge improvement in the quality of the audio on the program. The new equipment has been upgraded and the sound is amazing! This will begin with episode #124. Remember that The Fully Engaged Life is released every Monday morning, so enjoy the show with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and start your week off right!