We are very proud to announce that the Appreciation Mastery Program is now available for sale ONLY through this website! Just in time for Thanksgiving! It’s also a fantastic holiday gift for friends and family who could use more joy in their lives.


Would you like to be a happier person? Do you want to enjoy your life far more than you currently do? Are you suffering from feelings of depression, emptiness, or a general sense of being lost? Are you looking for practical solutions that allow you to improve yourself, raise your vibration, and spark all new levels of spiritual expansion? Then you owe it to yourself to try Robert’s incredibly unique approach to gratitude. These appreciation methods are fast, effective, and enjoyable without the usual fluff. This audio program was designed to be the only one you’ll ever need in order to master the amazing positive power of appreciation. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!


Robert has offered 2 different versions of this program. The first is the 3 disc set standard edition, which is amazing on its own. But, he also created a second program for those who take their spiritual expansion very seriously. This second version is an extremely limited edition 4 disc set that contains a bonus disc containing the master’s practices. The price is only a few dollars more to enable us to cover the costs of the materials and manufacturing, and it’s limited to ONLY 100 units. And they’re already flying off the shelf faster than anticipated. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Just visit our all new products section here on this website to order your copy of this outstanding and unique audio program and master the positive power of APPRECIATION.

We here at want to make sure that your purchasing process is fast, easy, and efficient. If you experience any issue at all that’s less than outstanding, please feel free to contact us at so that we can address the problem immediately for you. Except if you’re being attacked by zombies, because we just can’t help that, even we have our limits. Seriously though, we do strive for unparalleled customer service and always appreciate your feedback. Thank you for ordering.

The Fully Engaged Life – Podcast Show!

Join us every Monday for the latest episode of The Fully Engaged Life! Robert hosts this weekly 30 minute podcast show that takes the Expansion Mastery material to the next level. It’s available in the iTunes Store, on Stitcher Smart Radio, and Libsyn. There’s even a great Fully Engaged Life App for the Android and your tablets! Join him as he shares practical methods for achieving a higher sense of awakening in the modern world while debunking many commonly accepted, yet incorrect, perceptions regarding personal growth and spiritual expansion. The show is as fun as it is informative. Learn practical methods to shift beyond merely existing and start truly living! Many people ask about life after death, but the real question they should be asking, is whether or not they are actually living while they’re alive.

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If you’ve missed past episodes, don’t throw yourself on the floor, screaming and kicking, in a hissy fit. Although, we couldn’t blame you. The good news is that they’re still available in the archives, and even if you miss some episodes, they’ll soon be available for on CD! Collect them all.