Do You Have Vacations or Adventures?

Hey everyone! Robert here!

As vacations continue to decline into extinction, replaced by things such as “stay-cations” and “fake-cations,” I felt I should address this topic. I’m just not going to waste your time discussing staycations and fakecations, but instead help you to see the value in turning this trend upside down to the best of your ability in these uncertain economic times. Instead of swirling in the dismal downward spiral away from relaxing and fun life experiences, why not spiral upward? How do you move above a vacation? I’m happy you asked. The answer is to experience an Adventure!

Vacations, unquestionably, offer value ranging from long overdue relaxation and stress relief to visiting new and exciting places. Vacations are generally fun get-a-ways that help us reset and recharge our batteries a bit in order to return and carry on with our normal, hectic, demanding daily lives. many people are unable to set aside the daily stress and carry it with them on their vacations, but this is not the fault of getting away, it’s the fault of the mind.

My wife and I (and a couple outstanding friends) just returned from an adventure. Amy and I do our best to take at least 2 international adventures each year while having mini-adventures on a more regular basis, sometimes daily. This excursion took us back to Japan for a spiritual pilgrimage to Mt. Togakushi, just outside of Nagano. Sightseeing for a few days and the living in a small mountain town for a week. In my 33 visits to Japan, this was my first adventure without a rigorous training schedule. I felt it was about time. Truly a life-changing and soul-expanding experience as we spent time amongst many Shinto and Buddhist shrines up in the breathtaking mountains of this mysterious area.


Amy and I at he Kuzuryusha (9 headed dragon shrine), Togakushi, Japan. October 2014

An adventure is something more than a vacation. Much, much more. Anyone can take a vacation, but not just anyone can experience an adventure. Yes, it’s true that everyone has the innate ability to do so, but the vast majority remain unable because they lack a sense of awakening. An adventure has a deeper purpose than merely relaxing or recharging or looking at particular sites. Adventures carry a sense of deep meaning to the person setting out to have such an experience. The difference being that the common vacationer goes to the see things like these shrines and temples of Japan while taking tons of photos so they can return home and tell everyone where they’ve been. Some people even post them to social media while they are at these places – thus insuring that they’re not in the moment or having the adventure experience at all. The adventurer, however, visits these incredible Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples to experience them. They have consciously chosen these destinations because they feel drawn and connected to them from somewhere deep within themselves. They’re connected to the places they visit in ways, they themselves may or may not fully understand, but they knew this feeling is something very strong and very real.


The Hisaizu Shrine in Koshigaya, Japan. One of our favorite places to visit. October 2014

Through an awakened perspective, the adventurer “feels” the shrines in numerous ways. They have a profound interaction with the energy there by attuning themselves to the vibration of these sacred sites. They can feel if the energy still remains strong there or if it no longer remains. Adventurers are touched by the sacred places they visit and their experience is one light years beyond merely seeing a place for the sake of simply seeing it. The adventurer lives the experience fully by opening their mind and heart to embrace the culture and do their best to live as they do. When in Japan, they have a Japanese experience. When in Egypt, they have an Egyptian experience. Never attempting to force the same old experience based upon where they live. Adventurers let go of their comfort zones and step out into the wondrous world in order to better experience the moment and consciously connect to this new place, allowing the magic of the universe to unfold naturally around them. Adventures change you forever, they act as a catalyst to your spiritual expansion.

This is why different people can visit the exact same place and some have no expansion whatsoever trasnpire, while others are profoundly moved, changed forever, and undergo the personal transformation of soul-expansion. It’s not about what you look at with the ordinary mind, but how you see (feel) it from your spirit, that matters. Henry David Thoreau put it this way, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” This is also the difference between those who are merely existing and those who are able to truly live a fully engaged life.

Just in case you’re curious as to whether you’re having a vacation or an adventure – here’s the top 5 ways to tell you’ve had an adventure.

1. Upon returning from an adventure, you’ll usually experience some degree of culture shock from returning to your own country, and/or state. You need to readjust because you don’t feel right or “normal” at home any longer. You’ll feel different and possibly even see things differently in your day-to-day life from then on.

2. Upon returning from an adventure, you’ll find yourself missing the language, the food, the people, and the cultural living habits in ways you never expected. You may find that you end up adopting some of these or other cultural aspects into your normal daily life. This is one way to realize that you’ve changed.

3. Upon returning from an adventure, you may find yourself being uncomfortable with some of the societal norms of home and you may even experience difficulty in readjusting. You may find yourself longing for the way they did things somewhere else. In addition, you may be surprised at how much “smaller” everyone seems in regards to things beyond physical size once you return to them.

4. Upon returning from an adventure, you may realize that you were able to have a deeper connection with many of the people of a different culture than you now can with those around you at home, despite things such as language barriers. You’ll also be reeling from the amount of “magical” things that seemed to happen that you didn’t plan or force, but allowed to enter your experience. These are gifts from the universe that help you to expand.

5. Upon returning from an adventure, you begin thinking much more globally than you used to. Your mind and heart are more opened than ever before. You become open to new ways of thinking and living far beyond those who simply remain within the invisible boundaries of their own country, state, or country. You may even have a sense of “feeling” as though you’re more than you were before the adventure.

Adventures are the experiences of those who choose the path of awakening. An adventure requires a conscious connection to where you go and to the reason for going. They carry a deep spiritual experience of some sort that simple vacations lack. It’s the difference between mindlessness and mindfulness. The wonderful news is that you have the power to choose which you take – a vacation or an adventure. The choice is always yours and no one can take it away from you. Once you attain the ability to have a true adventure, and you become more consciously expansive because of it, you’ll begin to understand how to have adventures every day regardless of where you’re at or what you’re doing. This is the path of awakening unfolding before your very eyes. This is the adventure of life.

Want Help Finding Your Soul-Mate?

Hey everyone! Robert here!

I’ve been receiving a large number of emails and comments from people asking me for advice on how to find their soul-mate. Fair enough – and thank you very much for contacting me. I always enjoy hearing from all of you. While I should reiterate that I don’t really offer “advice,” I do share what I’ve come to know as truth in regards to the topic of soul-mates and the way it unfolded for Amy and I.

While I usually take coaching clients through this process in great detail to facilitate their success, I’ll share a few ideas here in order to help you to begin moving (and vibrating) in the right direction. In the near future, we’ll be making incredibly helpful tools available to all of you that should be of great assistance and serve your ability to attract your soul-mate. We’ll also be guiding you through specific, practical and effective methods at our live events for doing exactly what we did. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it to your area soon. Of course, I’m always available for personal coaching clients who are serious about this as well.

So, you want to find your soul-mate. Are you sure you’re ready for such a life changing event to occur? Let’s find out.

The first thing to understand, is that in order to experience a life changing event, you need to change your life. Life change requires changes to made to your life, right? Of course. These changes may be in the form of vibration, mental/emotional advancement, or even personal responsibility. Whatever the specific form the change takes depends upon your own unique life situation, one things for certain though, anything you wish to change in your life begins by making changes to yourself.

The next thing to understand, and the thing that I know people hate to hear, is that you must stop trying to search for your soul-mate; that’s just not how it works. Soul-mates will be brought together through divine alignment and attraction. When you search, seek, or otherwise display an act of desperation, you’re attempting to force something that cannot be forced. This results in attracting more reasons to have to seek, search or feel desperate. So, yeah, don’t do that. The big secret to this is to learn how to Attract and Allow. You need to switch from an egoic mindset (that’s desperately forces) to one based in essence (your true self and the mind that allows). Patience is required.

In order to begin attracting your soul-mate, you must become perfectly content with your self. You need to enjoy and appreciate the person you are, and if that’s difficult for you, then how could you possibly expect someone else to love and appreciate you? Think about it. If you’re unhappy with anything about yourself, then you’ll need to take action in order to change it. These changes will result in you becoming a person that you can respect, love, appreciate and enjoy. This will raise your vibration to match that of someone who can love, respect, and appreciate everything about you. Remember that soul-mates have absolutely no reason to compromise.

It’s not about simply accepting yourself as you are in order to satisfy the ego while continuing to live with your own faults. This is a common misconception in regards to the new age idea of accepting yourself as perfect just the way you are. It may feel good for a moment, but you’ll find yourself stuck in the same place you’ve always been – without your soul-mate. In order to love yourself the way you are, you may recognize that there are (at least) a few things about yourself that you’re not particularly fond of. In that case, jump into action and make those changes in yourself. You can do it – I did. This is what I meant by my earlier statement of changing yourself in order to change your life.

Don’t wallow in self-pity or become discouraged over these faults, instead, accept that you have them, face them, accept that you desire to change them to become the person you know in your heart you were meant to be, and then engage in the practices that can help you make those changes. The most important change is overcoming your own ego. If you’re unwilling to look at yourself through the lens of honesty, and make improvements, than how can you expect someone else who’s truly magnificent to settle for you? You must rise to be magnificent too – and you know that you can. Only then can you be in vibrational alignment with your soul-mate. See, its not about trying to find them, its about vibrating at the same frequency so that the universe can bring you together.

Take a long honest look at yourself, change what you don’t like, and raise your vibration and value to match that of your soul-mate’s. Soul-mates require both people to be awakened and holding a sense of egolessness. To do this requires great diligence, that’s why so few people throughout the world are able to meet their soul-mate.  They’re simply not willing to do what it takes. Are you? Do it for yourself first and foremost and the rest will fall into place naturally.

In becoming the mindful, awakened, and egoless person you know you were meant to be, by becoming your very best self, you will set into action, the attraction of your soul-mate. They may require some time to ready themselves in order to be worthy of you and all of your awesomeness as well. This is why the universe delivers them when the time is right, not necessarily when you want it to be. With each area of yourself that you strive to improve upon, that you begin to enjoy about yourself, and respect about yourself, you will set the attraction process into motion. It’s when you are the most happy with yourself; feeling free, loving your life and knowing what it is to feel like your true self doing something that you completely love to do – that you will be most likely to meet your soul-mate. The idea is to actively work on yourself, to get your life in order and begin living it joyfully. This is allowing.

The allowing starts when you become comfortable being with yourself and you no longer feel alone when you’re by yourself. When you come to enjoy your own aloneness, this will trigger the allowing process. This allows the universe to move things around in order to set up a synchronistic opportunity for the two of you to meet.

I’ve found, and continue to witness, people coming together with their soul-mates when they’re engaged in some form of activity for their own betterment and enjoyment, completely absorbed in their sense of self and enjoying who they are and how they’re living life. This is when you’re most likely to have your soul-mate walk into your life. When you least expect it, the universe will reveal who they are and you’ll be brought together through a situation that may likely appear as a random meeting or coincidence – however it’s anything but.

These are the first steps to implement for finding your soul-mate. This is how the process begins to unfold. I wish you the best of luck. If you have success, please leave a comment and let me know, I always enjoy hearing your good news.