Valentine’s Day – Two Voices One Soul

Hey Everyone! Robert & Amy here!

As promised, my beautiful wife, Amy, has joined forces with me to bring you this very special Valentine’s Day edition article. I felt it might be refreshing to hear the perspective of this holiday from both male and female points of view. Plus, what better way to share the Soul-Mate perspective of this romantic holiday than to have both Soul-Mates provide their insights on the subject? We are bringing you this article in the hopes of reclaiming the positive and loving message of Valentine’s Day that seems to have been lost, tossed aside in favor of the more sensible approach of the ordinary, egoic mind. Let’s reclaim the romance! Let’s recover the heart-centered love! Let’s take back Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers!

As you well know, we do not throw around the term “Soul-Mate” lightly. We take this very seriously and mean it quite literally. Not as some over-used fluffy feel-good term, but as an honest-to-goodness experience with the one and only person in the world, your Soul-Mate. The other half of your soul!


Valentine’s Day has been taking a beating in the form of bad press over the past few years and it’s even worse this year. As the media increases its negative and fear driven approach, more articles are written from the negative minds it has infected. It’s important to keep sight of the fact that these types of articles are written by unawakened, ordinary-minded individuals in ordinary relationships or in no relationship at all. When seen through the awakened eyes of extraordinary individuals engaged in an extraordinary relationship, the truth is seen far more clearly. It’s like the existence of two very different worlds within the same dimension. When I speak of the “ordinary” and “extraordinary” it is in reference to those who are unawakened and those who have shifted into a sense of being awakened. I will share more about the three dimensions of relationship in our incredible upcoming Soul-Mate book. The focus of this holiday is love; the purest of intentions, the highest of all vibrations. These misguided articles of stress and anxiety are based in fear. Fear is the opposite of love in every way, it’s the lowest of all vibrations. Why then should we fill ourselves with fear instead of love on this day? We shouldn’t. We should persist more than ever to open our hearts, raise our vibrations, and let our spirit soar, filling our day with love, romance, and appreciation. Let your soul dance freely in unity with it’s other half.

So, my wife and I have joined forces to reclaim this positive, love-filled holiday. This is a day for lovers, it’s a day for unconditional love. Even if you are currently in the process of attracting your Soul-Mate, we want you to know you are not alone. You are loved. We love you. And it’s important to remember to always love yourself, you can’t attract your Soul-Mate without loving yourself first. We felt that it would be fun and enjoyable to share this wonderful holiday from the perspective of awakened Soul-Mates. I am going to offer a couple of unfortunate, yet typical statements that we have found repeatedly stressed in online articles. They are indicative of the mind that has succumbed to the negative epidemic of the ego. In response, we are going to offer our opinions of those subjects. I hope you find it enlightening.

Valentine’s Day is a day of stress, anxiety, and disappointment. It’s artificial and superficial. It gives men the opportunity to forget about romance throughout the rest of the year.

ROBERT: The way you feel about Valentine’s Day is a direct reflection of your feelings in regards to your own relationship. Its true. Stress and anxiety are a sign of the times in which we live, but they don’t need to be the excuse for not wishing to celebrate this holiday. Many people are feeling these ill effects due to the uncertainty and fearful nature of these quickly changing times. Because of the increase in people being stuck in their heads and consumed by their ego, and being consumed by fear; their nervous systems are completely fried. This causes stress, tension, and anxiety over the least little occurrence. But this doesn’t have to be the case on Valentine’s Day. Take this day to relax, set all other things aside and focus on the one true love of your life. How can you make this day special for them? There’s no need to feel pressured into a relationship just because its Valentine’s Day. Be happy spending the day with yourself as you wait patiently to attract your one and only Soul-Mate. Likewise, it shouldn’t be stressful or as though you are inconvenienced, to plan something special for the one you love. Again, pay attention to how you’re feeling as it may offer some truth regarding your relationship. The holiday should be fun, exciting, and an opportunity to express your love to your one true love. It should offer you the opportunity to spend time with the person you love doing something special that you both enjoy. If you really know the person you’re with, which is the core of any relationship, the act of you engaging in a thoughtful gesture will be as exciting for you as it is for them to receive it. It melts my heart to see my wife’s face light up. When she’s elated by an experience I created for her or by something I give her, it simply makes my day so much brighter and I feel my heart overflowing with joy.

Seeing this holiday as artificial or superficial is nothing more than the viewpoint of the egoic mind. There is nothing artificial about love. Nor is there anything artificial in being willing to share that love – so long as your love is true. Expressing your love with material things is perfectly fine. Of course, love is the primary focus, but let’s face facts, we all enjoy giving and receiving gifts. The inability to gracefully receive exposes the presence of the ego. Is it artificial to want to do something extra-special for the one person you love most in the world on this particular day? I think not. Is it artificial to desire to make the effort to know what they enjoy and get it for them, or set up an experience for them? Not even a little bit. If whatever you do – dinner, dancing, flowers, jewelry, a romantic card, a heart-felt embrace, a tender kiss, a meaningful “I love you” – comes from your heart, how can that possibly be perceived as superficial? Showing your love is meant to be a genuine heart-felt act, not the thought-based result of purchasing of gifts. Any gifts are meant to be a material representation of the eternal love you feel for the other person. I always have special plans in place throughout the day to brighten Amy’s day. Because nothing brightens my day as much as her happiness.

AMY: I’ve been a little startled this year at seeing all the negative press about Valentine’s Day. When did a holiday about sharing love turn into something dreadful? Even amongst my coworkers I hear that no one is bothering to celebrate, that they won’t even see their significant other or do anything special. Others say that they will have a family dinner with their children. The core of this holiday is about expressing your love to the special person in your life, and it should be a joyful experience; with your love! While it’s great to think your children are special, take this time to reconnect with your partner and create a romantic experience together; this cannot be accomplished if you make it a family affair. I’ve heard from female acquaintances that Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to allow men to slack off the rest of the year, and I think this is an unfortunate mindset. Robert treats me wonderfully every day of the year, and on holiday’s like this, it’s just a chance to go a little farther than normal for each other. This doesn’t mean we accept negative behavior the rest of the time; if you truly love someone you don’t have the desire to do anything hurtful towards them. So many people allow holidays to stress them out and cause anxiety, when there is no need to put all of these negative emotions on it. When Robert and I are together, any stress and anxiety I was feeling previously melts away; I feel like I’ve come “home” and am at peace, filled with love and happiness. If being in the presence of your partner doesn’t put you at ease, and the thought of spending the evening with them doesn’t thrill you, then perhaps they are simply not the right one. If you don’t have a relationship at this time, don’t waste this day feeling resentful, depressed, or angry at those who do- take the time to show love to yourself! Pamper yourself in some way, however you would best enjoy it- perhaps a great meal, a spa treatment, or an evening pursing some activity that you love.

The Soul-Mate Perspective of Valentine‘s Day.

ROBERT: From a Soul-Mate perspective, Valentine’s Day is an exciting way to show your love in new and creative ways that can manifest into the physical, material world or remain as intangible heart-felt acts of love. When you are an awakened being with your Soul-Mate by your side, every day is an opportunity to express your love. Every step you take together is based in that love. This doesn’t mean that we don’t need Valentine’s Day, indeed, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to go above and beyond what I do for her daily.  One of the things we mutually desired from the celebration of this holiday was to enjoy a special dinner somewhere very nice. So, each year we talk about what we are hungry for and we work together to seek out an exciting new upper scale restaurant to visit and share a romantic meal. It’s easy to decide on the location because we think alike and have the same tastes, which is evidence of being with your Soul-Mate. This has become the core of our own personal custom for the holiday. Of course, we get each other gifts of some sort as well, but the idea is to spend time together and to truly open our hearts and connect to one another very deeply. To offer our complete undivided attention to each other, immersing ourselves into the other. I feel that’s an important component of Valentine’s Day. When you’re with your true Soul-Mate, there is no reason to feel stress, anxiety or worry. Nor are your gestures artificial or superficial, they are genuine expressions of love directly from your heart to theirs.

Our Valentine’s Day is always filled with loving gestures, caring gifts, and wonderfully romantic experiences to share. I want my loving wife to be surrounded by beautiful, fragrant flowers, to see her smile when opening a gift, and enveloped in the enjoyment of a fine meal. I appreciate nothing more than looking across the table of a romantic restaurant into her incredible eyes as our souls embrace. No words need be spoken, we already know what the other is thinking and feeling. Our eyes fill with tears as our hearts overflow with true love and our vibrations take flight as our souls see themselves in each other. This is such a powerful experience of raw spiritual connection that we both acknowledge and cherish. This is a Soul-Mate Valentine’s Day. Now doesn’t it sound worth celebrating!?

AMY: As I have no doubt that Robert is my Soul-Mate, I would like to share what I feel to be the essence of Valentine’s Day with an anecdote from our lives. When we first moved to California, we had a lot of external circumstances to deal with. Just to give a glimpse, among these were getting re-acclimated to the United States after spending a month abroad in China, having to unpack all of our boxes and furniture from the moving POD in three days, and trying to focus on the start of my new job. There was a lot of external stress, but we didn’t allow it to creep in and effect our relationship with each other. Now, the thing that made me fall in love with our new apartment was the kitchen, which had been fully remodeled before we moved in. Robert and I had grown to love cooking together, and I couldn’t wait to start using the kitchen, especially with all the fresh local ingredients we have access to here, but it wasn’t possible; our stacks of boxes and unpacked belongings filled every countertop and spare square inch of floor. Robert knew I was distressed about this, but I didn’t say much because it was simply a matter of circumstance that had to be dealt with for the time being.

We had gotten each other heartfelt cards and were planning a nice dinner, but due to only one vehicle and really not knowing what was even around our new home, we didn’t have a chance for gifts. On my first day of work- which was on Valentine’s Day!- we had a special breakfast together at the hotel next door before I had to brave the California highways and plunge into my new career. As I returned home, wearily walking in the front door, I was astonished to see my kitchen sparkling clean and box-free. Robert had unpacked all of our kitchen wares, putting them in the proper places, moved all the boxes out of the space, and cleaned the entire thing so it would be available for me. I can’t even imagine how hard he must have worked to accomplish this by the time I came home. To me, this was an incredibly loving gesture from his heart, trying to do something creative that would truly make me happy. I am still touched by it to this day. We spent the rest of the evening at a wonderful seafood restaurant called Fish, right on the harbor in Sausalito, eating steaming bowls of fresh caught delicacies and watching the sea lions play in the waves during sunset. I think this shares the epitome of a Soul-Mate Valentine’s Day; to be loving and do whatever you can to make the other person’s day, taking time to revel in the romance and connection you have to one another.


There you go. I would like to express my appreciation to my amazing, intelligent, and gorgeous wife for taking the time to share her perspective here with us. We are collaborating on a book project right now that will offer the truth about Soul-Mates, redefine what they are believed to be, and explain in detail why this experience is the Holy Grail of relationships. We promise there will be no New Age fluff or sappy silliness – only the most incredible, mind-blowing content ever written on this subject! Then there will be an audio program to follow. This program will include a complete home study course, showing you the way to attracting your Soul-Mate into your life. If that’s still not enough – how would like to attend a special live event held by Amy and myself? We will be working directly with participants to set them on the path to successfully attracting their Soul-Mates, while answering questions, sharing insights, and blowing the roof off the place with our vibrations alone! We promise to offer insights that you will not find anywhere else and they work because they’ll be exactly what we did.

We feel that it’s time to reclaim this lover’s holiday and fill it with the positive energy it deserves. Who cares who made it up or why? Use it as another opportunity to take your love to another level and show that one special person how much you truly care, how much your love continues to grow, and that you hold them in your heart constantly. Allow this day to encourage you to begin living a far more heart-centered life. We hope this inspires you to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whether you are in a Soul-Mate relationship or not. May it be overflowing with true love, everlasting joy, and an awakened extraordinary relationship! Amy and I would like to open our hearts and share our love with all of you on this incredible day of love and romance.

Please keep checking back here at for updates regarding our Soul-Mate book, audio program and live events!

I would like to acknowledge and thank Cathy Carter and those who created the fantastic Valentine’s Day artwork that were borrowed from the internet. These are creative and beautiful pieces that I am so pleased to share with all of you. I claim no right to them as I do not own them.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Since the topic of “Heaven on Earth” seems to keep showing up in my experience right now, I felt it only appropriate to share it here with all of you. Who doesn’t wish for a life that’s Heaven on Earth? While this idea seems ever-elusive or even fantasy-like to most people, are you aware that there is an actual path mapped out for us explaining how to create it? This is an important theme throughout my book, because I feel it’s the result of living fully as a human being. It’s actually the central theme that my entire book is based upon. Someone who creates Heaven on Earth is a Being who’s living in direct connection with Heaven and Earth. This is not just a metaphor or myth, it’s something very real. Between Heaven and Earth is the rightful place of a fully actualized human Being. It’s then, that they not only make the choice to live this idea of Heaven on Earth, but actually manifest it into time-space reality.

What steps are you taking to create a life that is Heaven on Earth? Do you have an action plan in place? What practices do you have in place to deeply connect yourself to Heaven? What are you doing to live in harmony with Nature and to know the Earth? What are you doing to become an awakened Being? Heaven on Earth is not something you simply dream up in your head and believe to be true, its something very “tangible.”

In the practices of Qigong, Bagua, Taiji, and other internal practices, we literally focus on bringing the energy of Heaven down to Earth as well as drawing the energy of Earth up to Heaven. These practices allow us to intimately know and connect with these incredible, powerful energies. Through meditation and other spiritual vibration raising practices, we can become well-acquainted with our own Divinity, especially once the ego has been overcome and we’re able to clearly hear our own inner voice. Raising our vibration and holding this raised vibration is an important first step on this path. This helps connect us to spirit. Connecting to the Earth requires more than spending time in nature – although that’s a wonderful part of it. It requires us to recognize the planet as a living entity; to care for and appreciate her. Live in harmony with the seasons and your immediate environment and treat your physical body with respect as a representation of the Earth. Living in harmony with our own humanity is extremely important. We must first open our heart and connect to ourselves, accepting and loving ourselves, it’s then that we can truly love one another. There is so little love and human connection in the world right now because people are not able to love themselves. Separateness is not what we need. The idea of “I look out for number one” is the voice of the ego, not of humanism. Once we become connected to our own sense of Being, then we are able to easily connect to the greater sense of humanity as a whole.

This is living in harmony with the universal truth of Heaven, Earth and Being (Humanity). Then, by activating your own Divinity, you come to know the very nature of Heaven, not as an imaginary place somewhere in the clouds, but within your own heart. As you do this, you become more connected to and appreciative of Nature. Nature is the manifestation of the Earth, and discovering how human Beings are not separate from, but deeply connected to Nature allows us to know the essence of Earth. As we connect more to the forces of Heaven and Earth we become more connected to one another, we feel the oneness of our own Being as well as that of all beings. We come to realize that we are all blood brothers and sisters. This cannot be denied as every one of us has blood coursing through our veins.

Once this is clearly attained and brought into balance we hold Heaven and Earth inside us. Once internalized, we can manifest it into our outer world of time, space and matter; this results in creating a life that is far from the ordinary sleepwalking, stuck-in-the-head human experience. It becomes and extraordinary experience of the awakened being and you find yourself living a life that takes your breath away to even think about. This life is overflowing with authentic love, happiness, wonder, and a constant state of appreciation. You walk every step of your awakened life path fully connected to the Divinity of Heaven and the Nature of Earth. I wrote Expansion Mastery with the hopes that it may serve others in achieving this extraordinary life. A life that is simply Heaven on Earth.

Creating Heaven on Earth is not merely about enjoying your life experience, it’s a concept that must be put into action creating a direct and conscious unity of Heaven, Earth and your own Humanity. This concept is also known as Spirituality, Ecology, and Humanism by certain esoteric traditions. It permeates nearly every ancient spiritual system and is at the very essence of our existence. It is truth. But experiencing Heaven on Earth is not something you can sit back and wait to have happen to you, nor is it something you can force. It is, however, something you develop within yourself and then manifest outward. You are responsible for creating this for yourself and the only way to do that is to have specific practices in place that awaken you; connecting you deeply to Heaven, Earth and your own sense of Being. It’s not as difficult as it may seem once you understand the path to creating it.

Global Shift – From Sports to Spirituality

Hey Everyone! Robert here.

While enjoying a hot cup of brown tea from the Meiji Shrine this morning I couldn’t help but ponder something. This idea came out of nowhere and seemed to weigh on my mind insisting to be recognized and to have the attention that it so deserves placed upon it. So here it is…

What if there were a global shift in priorities from sports to spiritual awakening!?

Can you imagine!!! Sports or Spirituality? If you couldn’t have both (and you can’t), which would you consciously choose?

The truth of the matter is that people everywhere are force-fed a number of distractions every day. Most blindly trot along with the herd without the slightest real thought of their own. Sports, politics, religions, and celebrity gossip are currently among the top of the list of things that provide mass distraction. These things serve to cause separation among the people of the world and to increase the ego all while providing the illusion/delusion of togetherness and teamwork. Remember, where there is ego, there is the absence of spirit. Indeed these topics cause a sense of separateness within the world, each country, each state, each city, and even within some households. They cause us to disassociate from one another, dislike and even hate each other. Whatever happened to the idea of “united we stand?” This tactic of divide and conquer has been used for thousands of years and still continues to be effective because the ego continues to fall for it. But the truth remains that all of these things, in their own way, are merely forms of distraction and illusion. They keep people from focusing on the things that have actual importance and value in life. They keep the truth shrouded in mystery when it doesn’t have to be. I see them at this moment as the primary barriers to worldwide spiritual awakening.

While each of these topics could have its own article, I would like to focus on sports for this particular topic at this moment. While writing this article I was reminded that it was Super Bowl time, funny as I had forgotten all about this as I do not have television, nor do I follow any sports. You’ve got to love synchronicity.

It’s common to go into a local supermarket and hear the staff and patrons carrying on about this team or that team, and this player being better than that one. The last time I observed this I stopped for a moment and just listened. It was the only thing these people could find to talk about with one another. They struggle and ultimately fail to have anything else to say to each other. Have people really lost their ability to interact with one other to such a degree that they need sports in order to generate a topic of mutual interest? If so, things are really off track, wouldn’t you agree? I certainly don’t have a problem striking up meaningful conversation with someone, but admittedly, when the conversation turns to superficial things like sports I lose interest immediately. I just see no need to engage in a conversation and doesn’t offer any sense of vibrational uplifting value. Could you imagine if people spoke of meaningful things around the water cooler? What if sports bars turned their focus to meaningful interactions – and beer? 😉 What if their televisions played programs of Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, or other spiritual leaders with the conversation over a couple of brews being far more significant than cheering for someone to run down a field or throw a ball through a metal ring? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see true spiritual leaders being held in high regard for the value they offer instead of people worshiping sports athletes and so-called celebrities, paying them tens of millions of dollars to provide entertaining distractions – and the worst type of role models for our children and our selves?

Here’s an important question – Why is it that so many men are capable of remembering and becoming emotionally invested in knowing all of the names, stats, injuries, and more of the players on many sports teams, yet they cannot for the life of them remember their own wedding anniversary!? And why is it that this has become acceptable? Think about what exactly this says! A man can recall every stat of every player on multiple teams, yet he cannot bring himself to remember the anniversary of the day he entered into a union with the single-most special person who is supposed to mean more to him than anyone else in the world. He cannot remember his anniversary but does he ever forget the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the Olympics? No, no he doesn’t. Does this say that he cares more about sports than his beloved wife? I think the answer is frighteningly obvious. I think the old joke of a sexy wife walking in front of the television completely undressed vying for attention during a sporting event, only to have her husband unable to notice her while motioning for her to move out-of-the-way because he can’t see the game, says it all. It’s funny and very sad) because it’s true. Not a very positive representation of a mature adult man or a healthy loving relationship is it?

But, to be completely fair, it’s no longer just the men. Many women are now following this unfortunate pattern of distraction and ego-strengthening through competitive sports as well. The world needs these strong women to direct their focus in a far more mindful manner, if they are to help lead the world into survival and avoid extinction. people need to kick the drama addiction. The rollercoaster ride of winning and being elated with losing and being pissed at the world is the addiction of sports fans. They love the drama. This form of drama serves to feed the ego and keep one’s vibration in a state of flux so no personal power can be achieved. First its up and then its down, then its up again or did it sink even lower? These emotional and energetic extremes are like a drug that gets the ego hooked. Doesn’t it reveal the truth when people are able to remember so many things that have absolutely no value in life yet there is no more room in their memory to recall the things that actually do matter? Isn’t it sad that a supposedly superior species such as human beings can have so much potential yet actively choose to throw it away for pointless distractions and a mindless existence?

It’s important to remember that any form of competitive sport strengthens the ego, it’s a simple fact, there’s no way around it. Any competitive sport that pits one person against another for any form of dominance breeds separation and egotism. That’s not to say that they don’t offer other forms of value, but their primary existence is merely that of entertainment and ego-strengthening. Entertainment is used as a form of escapism, it takes people farther away from being able to live consciously in the here and now. It causes them to waste their life and not even realize it. The same goes for the Dungeons and Dragons of sports – creating a fantasy league. Grown adults pretending to make teams of their dream players. Ummmm? It allows people time to escape their real life and immerse themselves in a distraction but in doing so, they waste precious time on pointless non-sense. This keeps your mind from focusing on anything real, anything meaningful, and it prevents your spiritual evolution.

Instead of people screaming at their television sets, getting severely pissed off over their team losing, creating “fantasy” leagues, overturning vehicles, rioting and looting, or getting into fights or even killing one another over a sporting event; wouldn’t it be incredible to engage in activities that brought everyone closer together and compassionately worked to care for the well-being of the planet? This shift from activities that cause human separation into those that generate human connection would allow the human species to fully awaken. Imagine this… Instead of people being pulled away from one another and falsely led to believe that they are different from or better than another; what if they engaged in things that allowed them to see the truth? The truth that everyone is connected, we are all one, we are all the same. That people are supposed to love and care for one another. Imagine if the world’s masses escaped the illusion of political parties and governments? What if they escaped the illusion of one religious belief system being the only right way? What if they lost interest in mind-numbing drivel that is known as celebrity gossip? And what if people were able to shift all of that passion, raw emotion, energy, and mental power that is given away so willingly to competitive sports and directed it toward living in harmony with all others? I wish right now that each of you reading this will take a moment and envision this in your mind. Please make the effort to do it. Just imagine what this amazing world could be like and how we could manifest our potential.

At some point there must be a shift in our awareness away from these meaningless, ego-strengthening, distractions back to the things in life that truly matter. Yes, I said “must.” There is no question about it and no time to waste with fluffy encouragement. We must reclaim an understanding for things that add value to our lives and the lives of others. We need to shift the focus of our priorities to those aspects of life that consciously improve our lives, our connection to one another, and a sense of peace and harmony throughout the world. We must shift our focus from sports to spirituality. From ego to essence. Just imagine if people took all the passion, interest, emotion and money that they give to sports and they were able to invest it all into a worldwide spiritual awakening. It would be enough to substantially change the world.

The numbers here are so significant that if this shift from sports for spiritual awakening were to take place it would act as a catalyst catapulting nearly the entire world population into spiritual evolution. It would be the equivalent to a worldwide spiritual tsunami of awakening! A massive wave sweeping the entire world, bathing its inhabitants in the glow of enlightenment. Imagine if right now, suddenly, everyone in the world shifted their interest from sports to spiritual awakening!

Can you imagine the world we could create if we could shift our focus from these mindless distractions and place all that energy toward personal improvement, spiritual evolution, and a sense of worldwide connection and harmony? Imagine filling stadiums with people, packing every seat, as a way to come together and share heart opening, mentally stimulating ideas that enhanced our lives and bring people closer together. What if we were able to shift the multi-billion dollar sports industry into a multi-billion dollar movement for spiritual awakening? imagine if every person around the globe placed their focus on awakening instead of sports? Violence would cease, greed would transform into giving, compassion would flourish, empires and egos would topple, awakening and well-being would become contagious infecting nearly everyone, hearts would open and connect like never before, the world would heal and happiness would reign.

Okay, so I suppose that was a thought worthy of some recognition and attention, huh? Now it must be brought into reality. Are we ready? If so, turn off the damn TV and kiss your beautiful wife! I mean really kiss her, like you actually mean it. When was the last time you did that? Get off the couch and get into your life. Open your heart to others and talk about things that truly matter. Listen to the guidance of your heart and no longer accept the brainwashing. It’s time for us to stop fearing one another and begin embracing each other and treating each other like the family that we truly are. Are you with me? I hope so because I can’t do it alone. Even so, I won’t stop trying.