The Holidays – A Soul-Mate Perspective

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

We have an interesting conversation going on in our Facebook Expansion Mastery Group and I thought I would expand on this topic here as it’s quite timely. I would like to personally invite anyone who has read my book to join us in the group – check us out on Facebook. My wife and I participate personally and the group community is wonderful, and filled with insightful people.

I have addressed the topic of Soul-Mates from a number of perspectives. In order to help make the big picture clear for people, my wife and I are currently writing a book on this type of subject and creating an extensive audio program to serve as a companion to it. If you are looking for clarity and truth regarding what Soul-Mates are truly meant to be and the type of relationship that’s possible from a Soul-Mate experience, then watch for details about this program right here at

So, we have been hearing a number of good people talk about how they don’t exchange gifts with their spouse during the holiday season. (I’m going to use spouse for the context of a Soul-Mate partner, but you need not be married to be Soul-Mates) Now, I’m not pushing any religious context with the holidays, only as a time of year for opening your heart, giving gifts and sharing love. You can, of course, attach any meaning to it that you desire. Most of these excuses for the lack of gift-giving with the one person who is supposed to mean the most to you in world are poorly gift-wrapped in ill-conceived, mistakenly believed, “rational thought.” We’ve heard it all, here are just a few….

“Christmas is for children.”
“It’s too hard to think of what they want.”
“They never give me what I really wanted.”
“I don’t have the money this year.”
“We just go out and get what we want for ourselves.”
“We just don’t bother to celebrate the holidays.”
“We each spend the holiday with our own families.”

The list of so-called “reasons” for not exchanging gifts goes on and on. but the exchange of gifts is more than the mere trading of material things, it’s about the energy attached to the gift. The vibration of love. Here are a few things to consider from the perspective of a Soul-Mate relationship.

“Christmas is for children.” The holidays are not just for the young. It’s far too common for people to stop celebrating just because it takes too much effort. Holidays are a time for us all to make the effort to share, love, and celebrate. Put all the electronic toys of the virtual world aside and be present with those you love here in the reality of this world. Life is meant to be lived as a mind-blowing adventure and the opportunity to celebrate allows us to enjoy it in our own unique way. I feel every child deserves a great holiday, but so do you and I. It just feels right to place the children first, but when it comes to giving gifts, my wife (and Soul-Mate) is always at the top of my list. I could not conceive of going through the holiday without giving her gifts. It would break my heart. A Soul-Mate will desire to make their spouse happy because that’s what brings them more happiness than anything else. It’s not just the giving of gifts either, but the entire celebratory experience. Days off work to spend together, special treats and a holiday dinner, festive music, movies, candlelight, and snuggling together on the sofa while enjoying an adult beverage and staying warm are just some of the ways we connect and enjoy one another during the holiday.

“It’s too hard to think of what they want.” If you have a difficult time figuring out what your spouse would want as a gift, you’re in real trouble. Soul-Mates know what the other likes, and would want as a gift without much effort. I pay attention throughout the year. When I hear my wife say that she really likes something, I keep it in mind (or on my phone so I don’t forget), and then if she hasn’t gotten it for herself at some point throughout the year, I make sure she gets it for the holidays. We also spend time to be creative and search for ideas of things that the other would enjoy that they haven’t even mentioned. A Soul-Mate finds it joyful and exciting to do this for the other. She’s wonderful at finding things I love that I didn’t even know existed! Let’s face facts here. If you find it too difficult to know what the most important person in your life wants, you are most likely not in a Soul-Mate relationship. I find this is usually just an excuse for the lack of desire to make your spouse happy. Doesn’t exactly sound like a Soul-Mate relationship does it? For Soul-Mates, it’s never tedious, its fun.

“They never give me what I really wanted.” Soul-Mates have such a deep connection that they are well aware of what the other likes and doesn’t. What might it say about the relationship when the other person hasn’t even bothered to know what you enjoy? I always try my best to give my wife the greatest possible gifts and she certainly hits the mark with the gifts she gives me. Although, the presence of one another is the most desired gift of all. I couldn’t imagine spending a holiday season without her. You see, SHE is what I want more than anything else in the world and having her here with me makes every one of my holidays the greatest ever.

“I don’t have the money this year.” I can sympathize. Times are tough for many people throughout the world. But I will make any effort necessary to make sure my wife has some sort of gift. In the U.S. there is plenty of money floating around, the Fed has been printing new money at the rate of about $94 billion every month. Find a (legal) way to get some. If you set your vibration to match it, it will come to you, even if it’s just enough to get your Soul-Mate a little something special.

“We just go out and get what we want for ourselves.” I’m not sure what to even say about this one. Yet, we have heard it and read about people doing this in articles. This is sad, no this is just pitiful. This screams disconnection and ego. Yes, ego. If you do not have enough faith to know that your spouse is capable of getting you something fantastic, then what kind of connection do you really have. Likewise, if you are unable to get something great for them, how well do you truly know them. If you have to go out and shop for yourself, this demonstrates the ego’s desire to look out for yourself first and foremost. In a Soul-Mates relationship, each spouse puts the other’s needs, wants, and comforts before their own. I know what my wife’s tastes are in everything. I know what things she enjoys and what she doesn’t. This is extremely easy when in a Soul-Mate relationship, because your tastes are going to be the same in nearly every case. It couldn’t be easier.

“We just don’t bother to celebrate the holidays.” Please – This is your life! When you lose the desire to celebrate it means you are unhappy and giving up on yourself and your life. Celebrating any holiday should be a joyous act, not a bothersome one. Engage your life and live it fully. The holidays are a great time of year to share happiness with others, to give of yourself in a way that inspires them to think about how blessed they are to have you in their life. In a Soul-Mate relationship any opportunity to express your love, make the other person happy, and share some extra special time together is always embraced. One of my greatest joys is to be the root cause of a smile to grace my wife’s beautiful face. When she lights up with a smile, it melts my heart! Being with your Soul-Mate brings a sense of ultimate joy to life that motivates you to fully engage and treasure your own life.

“We each spend the holiday with our own families.” What!? Do I really even need to say anything about this one? If you choose to spend the holiday apart – for any ill-conceived reason – do you honestly think you are in a Soul-Mate relationship? Not at all. This includes choosing your family over your spouse. In a Soul-Mate relationship, your spouse comes before all others, without question and without hesitation. If someone else becomes displeased because of this, then that’s their problem to deal with, not mine. Soul-Mates clearly know their place in life and especially during the holidays; with each other, and there is simply nowhere else they would rather be.

Soul-Mates are excited for the holidays. They are eager to engage their life and celebrate. They get to keep a little of that magic and wonder they had when they were children because this special time of year is spent with the person they love most in the world. They feel warmer inside somehow. They get to exchange gifts as tokens of their love, and they get to enjoy the gift of seeing the other’s happiness. They get to spend time making cookies, being playful and young at heart, enjoying tasty treats and beverages. They get to hold the excitement of receiving as well as giving. Soul-Mates take this time of year to raise their vibrations to all new heights as they fill their hearts with love for one another. They experience a deep sense of inner peace and contentment for having found that one and only special person, the other half of themselves, and they hold each other just a little bit tighter. This is the “Season of the Open Heart” and it really has little to do with religion or beliefs – it’s about love. It’s all about LOVE. Open your heart and share some love with others this holiday season, the world needs it, people are starved for it. If you have some love to give, don’t be afraid to share it, and make sure that you show it to the most important person of all – your Soul-Mate. From my wife and I to all of you – “Happy Holidays everyone! We Love You!”

News: Upcoming Programs & Events

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Just a quick update to keep you up to speed with all the great things I have going on. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday, regardless of where you live in the world. The opportunity to openly share your appreciation is of great benefit and worthy of celebration. I will be taking a few days of solitude to set my course for the upcoming year, but my schedule is already filling up quick.

I have been invited, and just accepted, to teach at the Sports and Fitness Amputee Walking Clinic in Santa Clara, CA. on January 25th. This is a great honor, and Amy and I are so excited for the opportunity to serve others in this capacity. We will be teaching martial arts from the Kukishin Ryu as a way to increase stability and mobility while learning practical self-protection. This event is sponsored by the outstanding professionals at Prosthetic Solutions, Inc. Please contact them for details regarding this event.

I will be offering classes in Qigong and Martial Arts in Marin County, CA. in 2014. Anyone interested can contact me for details. I am also beginning a tour of various studios in order to promote Qigong. I feel this form of exercise is needed now more than ever. Please join us!

I just finished writing a testimonial for my Publisher’s new book! Its so exciting to be asked to that! I’m honored to be included in this incredible book in some small way, and I will be supporting it on this site once it’s released. When I was given advanced access to this book, I was taking notes non-stop. Awesome material!

I am also busy producing audio programs at this very moment. In the studio recording the first program now. It will be ready for release very soon. (watch for details here) I have 6 different audio programs scripted and we are working on having them all released in the upcoming year. I am very particular about these programs because I want you to be blown away by them. I am striving to have you feel they are worth 100 times what you’ll pay for them and that every program changes your life for the better. These programs are like nothing else out there. No fluff, just effective and practical methods to help you attain clarity in life and achieve your spiritual and personal growth goals. I will also be offering special bonuses that you can only get right here on this website, so check back often for details.

Amy and I are also working on a new book together. I have already created the framework for this great book and we are certain that everyone will be thrilled when this incredible information is released. There is also going to be an extensive audio program that is meant to be a companion for this book. Together, you will have the tools for  unbelievable relationship transformation. I can’t reveal everything, but I will share this… it is based off of one of the blog topics where I share the 10 ways of knowing whether you have something special, or if you haven’t found it yet. 😉

That’s it for now! More information coming soon. 🙂