Too Many Mind

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

I love that scene in the movie, The Last Samurai, where they begin to teach about no-mind. Excuse the grammar of the title, but I had to use that statement for this article. ūüôā

With writing so much on the topic of Knowing, I feel its crucial to follow-up with an article regarding the Mind. In my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life, I include insights into the understanding of various states of mind. From the “ordinary mind,” to the “beginner’s mind,” to the “mind of awareness,” to “no-mind,” there is quite a variety of healthy, and not-so-healthy mental conditions afforded to the human being. My goal is to help you become aware of them and then to establish effective practices that will help you achieve them. They are not simply something you have, they usually require training the mind in order to experience them. People often wonder why they cannot fully relate to what I share, the reason is that they have not attained this state of trained mind and therefore cannot truly understand what I am talking about, let alone Know it for themselves yet. Practices are required. Action is required. One must go beyond reading or hearing about something and actually practice it for themselves. To believe we Know something because we read a book or internet article, heard someone tell us something or watched a video on YouTube is evidence that the mind is dominated by the ego. It is the person who does all these things and then sets them into practices that have proven results that develop the ability to Know.

I would like to place my focus on the state of the Dualistic Mind and the Trinity Mind for this article. Everyone is familiar with the dualistic mind to some degree, and the reason is because that’s the typical frame of mind that the majority of people are stuck in. It is accepted as normal. The reason it has become so easily accepted is because very few successfully escape its hold. I developed the term “Trinity Mind” in an attempt to explain a frame of mind that cannot be adequately described through the limitation of words. This trinity mind is one that has expanded (opened) enough to have the capability to grasp the world of the spirit, of nature, and of being within the same thought or feeling. This mind embraces the three-dimensional existence of the completely actualized human being.

Many people remain trapped their entire lives in the mindset of duality. This is a world of contrast which is very useful when we are young and just beginning to learn about the world around us. This contrast helps us to know what we like through knowing what we don’t like. It helps us to understand what is “bad” through understanding what is “good.” While it is very helpful it doesn’t take much reflection to see the simplicity of the dualistic mind. I feel this state of mind serves us while we are young and immature. The problem with this is that many people become stuck in this frame of mind, leaving them mentally immature. The reason is that the ego clings to the simplistic nature of this mind. It is far easier for the ego to dominate and rule from this perspective.

Viewing the world through the eyes of duality is incredibly limiting. It is a way of judging the world around you through opposing forces, seeing things as opposites and living in a world of extremes. Judgment is inevitable from this mindset. Your level of understanding is based upon judgment, yet we know that judgment is the tool of the ego. This mindset leaves us looking at the world through the limitations of everything being an extreme, it’s either black and white, forgetting about all those shades of grey in between. It’s similar to a horse walking through the street with blinders on. They can only see the things that are straight ahead through the forced tunnel vision of the blinders, but they are not capable of using their peripheral vision to see the world all around them. Remember that they’re called “blinders” for a reason.

Through the eyes of duality, things are seen as either good or bad. You are either a democrat or a republican, something is right or it’s wrong, you are rich or poor, you go to heaven or hell, you live on the good side of the tracks or the bad side, there is good and there is evil, you either have or have not, there is only one right way and all others are wrong, you are dead or you are alive, and the list goes on. At some point we must mature and move beyond the dualistic mind, allowing ourselves the ability to expand and mature. This is critical if we intend to experience spiritual growth. Holding a child-like quality of inquisitiveness is NOT the same as being mentally immature or deciding to remain ignorant. These should not be confused. It is through this inquisitiveness that one seeks the practices to grow beyond the mind of duality. The dualistic mind tends to pacify the ego as it places everything in a nice little, simple, box so it feels in control of the world around it. Where there is ego, there is the absence of essence. Where the ego dwells, the mind is closed, although the ego is more than happy to convince you otherwise.

The dualistic mind revolves around a life of extremes. When someone has such a severe sense of greed for money that they do anything to get it, they make attaining it the central focus in their life, they worship it, and they hoard it, not possessing the ability to fathom a life without it – this is one extreme and it is commonly referred to as indulgence. When you have another person who refers to money as evil, denounces it, viewing others who have it as bad or beneath them in some way as they form the misbelief that they are happier without it – this is the other extreme known as renunciation. These are both examples of the dualistic mind that sees opposites and bounces between extremes. The person overly focused on money will miss out on the non-materialistic aspects of life that are so important. The person who believes money is the root of all evil will generally never have enough to enjoy things in life because they are vibrationally pushing it away, thereby missing out on many of life’s finer things and experiences.

The trinity mind is a more expansive mind. It is the ever changing flow of mind that leads to no-mind at all. The trinity mind becomes so expansive that it eventually ceases to exist as such and yet encompasses all. It moves into no-mind where there is no need for beliefs, it is an acceptance for what is. Nothing more is needed. It is when we live through this expansive mindset that we can live from our essence, free of ego. It is here that the mind is truly open and the ability to take the mind further exists. By further, I mean that you are able to control your own mind. You are able to embrace what it is to hold a beginners mind and you can activate it at will. You have the ability to quiet your mind and to bring it to stillness whenever you so desire. Your thoughts are truly your own and not the product of an ego dominated mind. It is from this space that you are able to activate the thinking mind when necessary, without triggering the ego, and then you have the ability to turn it off when you are finished with it. You are able to step outside of the limiting ideas and beliefs imposed upon you by others and really, truly think and feel for yourself and to move beyond the need to think through the attainment of no-mind. Only when you have the ability to have no mind are you truly  in control of your mind.

The trinity mind sees with a multi-dimensional vision. The blinders are removed and the full vision is restored. Any real martial artist trains their eyes in particular ways and one important way is to rely on your peripheral vision instead of the straight-line vision that most people use. Martial artists (should) know that this limits the information that is brought in through the eyes to the brain. They also know that this limits their other senses including the ability to use intuition, to feel the space around them and to Know the intentions of their adversaries.

Those applying the trinity mind will see the world through a much broader perspective. They see that there are varying degrees of right and wrong and that there are a vast number of extenuating circumstances that determine how right or how wrong something is. Nothing is so cut-and-dry as the immature, judgmental mind would like you to believe. Later, you will move beyond this and see that there is no right and wrong at all, that it is simply an illusion of the mind to begin with. Only when there is no-mind, the world of illusion falls away and the truth is revealed.

The trinity mind doesn’t see the world as opposites, it sees it through harmony. Extremely different mindsets aren’t they? The person living in the dualistic mind can see the Tai Chi symbol, generally referred to as the Yin/Yang symbol, and see black and white, two opposites, two opposing forces. But the trinity mind looks at this symbol and sees the harmonious interaction of these forces. It sees complimenting forces at play, not opposites. The expansion of the trinity mind helps you get closer to attaining a mind that is so expansive that it is no-more.

Let’s use the topic of the last blog to bring this point to light. Some people may look at knowing something (through intellectual understanding) and Knowing (through feeling and personal experience that permeates your being) as opposite view points or opposite meanings of this word; but this is a dualistic mind. Those with a trinity mind see these two meanings, not as opposites or opposing meanings, but as different points in the process of Knowing. The dualistic mind needs everything to be a “static thing.” The trinity mind sees everything as a “process.” This is what it is to embrace the truth of change. The trinity mind goes beyond the mere words as the limited expression of mankind and sees Knowing as something much deeper, something that can only be felt and experienced. Indeed, it sees that most things are beyond description with words because they are a process and thereby ever changing, yet they do their best to describe what cannot be described.

“Knowledge is an object, Knowing is a process” – Osho

The dualistic mind hears something like knowing and understands it intellectually, but they still cannot feel it or see it yet. When I speak of Knowing, I talk from one state of mind, of trinity mind. One cannot speak while in a state of no-mind because thoughts are required to create words and this activates the thinking mind. If you are listening from the point of a dualistic mind then you cannot grasp what I am speaking of in the way that I do because I am speaking from the trinity mind. I have trained my mind through decades of practice to achieve this. If you have not, then how can you possibly grasp what I am saying? This is the point of the original article on Knowing. Intellectually understanding what I am speaking of can only result in a mis-understanding on your behalf. Seeking the meaning of words according to a particular language already imposes limitations upon that word and therefore your understanding of it. Your understanding will be lifeless. It is only when you have internalized knowing that it penetrates the core of your being and reveals a sense of Knowing. Then there will no longer be a need to search for definitions or to question, because it is then that you will truly Know.

The dualistic mind creates a limited experience. At its core there is an observer and the observed. In this you will always have a dualistic mind. When you step beyond the mind, into no-mind, then you become free of the confines of the dualistic mind and it is only from here that you can truly experience and Know. When we are in spirit formlessness, there is but one mind, it is the Divine Mind. When the dualistic mind expands, it becomes the trinity mind, and when the trinity mind expands it becomes no-mind. Some pretty famous guy once put it this way – From the One is born the Two, from the Two is born the Three, and from the Three is born the 10,000 things.

Knowing – Part Deux

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

This seems to be a topic that is of interest and holds a bit of confusion, so I would like to clarify a few things.

I would like to explain a bit more about “Knowing” because this idea troubles the ego more than just about any other subject. The analytical egoic mind needs to know. In reality this is the ego that believes it needs to know everything in order to survive. This keeps one locked firmly in their head where the ego rules their life. Hence, the information age and the infectious mental virus of the inflated ego that has spread to epidemic proportions throughout the world. Our world suffers more from the egoic mind more than at any other time in human history due to people being stuck in their heads more than at any other time. People use the thinking mind to look at this idea in terms of the need to know something in order to understand it.

This is not incorrect – from an exoteric, thinking mind point of view it is absolutely correct. First you must know about something, that it even exists, then you can come to gain an understanding for it. This is knowledge and it’s pretty helpful in life. Knowledge is a wonderful and empowering thing, but it is not wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom are not the same. Remember that a limited education in a topic will result in a limited understanding of it. This is just common sense. (Read my last blog post on this for additional reference.) Understanding could be perceived as being above this type of knowing – but this is only in the context of the thinking mind. It is certainly not in the completeness of Knowing.

In order to Know the deeper meaning of Knowing instead of simply attaining knowledge, we need to leave the thinking mind and go beyond. We need to gain first-hand life experience and feel. We need to access our inner wisdom, not the knowledge of our brain, but our higher-self. There are much deeper levels of Knowing than the simplicity of what is found in¬† a dictionary. Can the person who has never known love come to Know love from reading its definition in a dictionary? Of course not, that’s absurd, it must be experienced. Then the person Knows love on a level that cannot be adequately put into words. They feel it deep in their heart. This is Knowing.

I will use a small “k” for the knowing of the thinking mind (or outer knowing) and a capital “K” for the feeling or sense of Knowing (or inner Knowing). Got it? Good deal.

Think about it… you go to college for a particular field. You gain knowledge for that subject. They have you intern as a way to gain something you cannot get from the text books and teachers – personal first-hand experience. Then you get a job. When you walk in are you able to jump right in and perform that job as well as others who have been their far longer than you? Not likely! Certainly not if they take pride in what they do and what they do requires some degree of skill. Skill is attained through experience, not knowledge. Understanding something does not make you skilled at it. The ego would like you to think so, but the truth is, it doesn’t. Skill is acquired through years of experience. Through experience you gain a “knack” or “feel” for what you are doing. Then you combine your knowledge with your experience to develop this knack or feeling for it. A feeling that cannot be conveyed well within the confines of a language, yet it is easily seen and felt by the person who has developed it. This feeling offers a deeper sense of Knowing than anything you had before.

Here are a few of examples to illustrate my point –

I once worked in a plastics injection factory. I learned how to run a massive machine that injected plastic into a mold that made casters.¬† I was trained how to use this machine. I eventually became able to produce more pieces per hour then was required, but not at first. First I had to know that such a machine existed, then understand how the machine worked, where the plastic pellets went, and how to operate it. Soon, I developed a “feel” for the machine, I Knew things like, the hopper became easily jammed if it was filled past a certain amount and it jammed easier on days where the temperature was over 90 degrees. Now, there were supervisors and maintenance people who were highly educated in these machines. They understood the machine and how it worked, probably better than I did, but could they run it as fast and efficient as I did? Not a chance. What did they lack – skill as a result of experience.

The same example can be demonstrated with just about anything. Let me explain using martial arts. I have been training diligently for 33 years. When a student comes into the dojo I could give them every piece of information they need to master a particular technique. Let’s say something simple like Osoto Nage. (Great Outer Throw). I could introduce them to the technique they had not known existed before and teach them every detail about the technique. Yet when they perform the technique, their movement is still stiff, they bend over, their foot placement is off, and so on. On the other hand, I have done this simple technique tens of thousands of times or more. I Know small subtleties for the placement of my feet to make me more stable while taking their balance faster and more effectively. I keep my back straight, stay relaxed, take their balance prior to initiating the technique, how to use little effort, etc. I Know concepts that they do not know or understand and I am able to Know them on a level that only comes with skill from decades of experience. This is why repetition is stressed so heavily in martial arts training. Repetition gives you the experience that you lack in order to grasp the depth of Knowing for such a technique. In addition, the grandmaster knows additional concepts that I do not, his feeling and sense of Knowing are developed to a level that I am aspiring toward but do not currently possess. This is why I never form the belief that I Know it all. Even when just about everything there is to know is known, it can still be Known in deeper ways. Review that last statement carefully. This leaves me room to learn, grow and reach all new deeper levels of Knowing.

As an even more simplistic example, I would like to share that I really enjoy the vocals of a few musical bands. On a basic level, I know that I like that type of music, the lyrics, etc. But on a deeper level, I can feel the music and vocals. Something in their voice just resonates with me on a level that cannot be expressed in words. It stirs my vibration. It just raises my vibration and makes me feel good. I connect with it. These things are so far beyond anything that can be learned from a dictionary. A dictionary is made of pages of dead wood, filled with type that is dead and words that are dead. There is no feeling to the words within a dictionary – and that’s fine because that is not the function of a dictionary. Does anyone read the dictionary for personal or spiritual inspiration? Of course not, because it is not to be found there. As a tool to learn what a particular word means in a basic sense, it serves that function just fine for the most part, but there is no feeling in that.

The ego takes offense to not knowing, but the ego can never Know. It is not possible. As long as the ego thinks it needs to know in order to be content, it blocks us from ever attaining a deeper sense of Knowing. The ego will attempt to reason, but true Knowing is beyond reason. Reason is the product of the thinking mind which is governed by the ego until one acts to subdue the ego. The essence Knows, it is from this space of spirit and essence that we come to truly Know in our hearts and in the depths of our soul. It is there that it is felt and through this inner feeling, it is Known. Without this, one cannot Know on the deeper level of which I am speaking. With it, this sense of Knowing becomes very clear to all.

From an inner, or esoteric reference, Knowing is not the result of the thinking mind, it is a feeling that occurs once you go beyond the thinking mind. True Knowing is a sense, a deep inner feeling, not something you have rationalized in your thinking mind. We should also understand that the inner and outer knowing are not opposites, but parts of the same process. First we are in the thinking mind, trapped with the ego. Every human being faces this, it is part of being human. It is here that we learn through knowing about things. This leads to a richer level of knowing which is called understanding. To understand something gives us good working knowledge of it, but do we know all there is to know? This too is accomplished while in the thinking mind, along with the ego. Then, as we transcend the mind and subdue the ego, we learn to quiet the thinking mind and place our consciousness in our body, not just our head. We begin to silence the thinking mind and subdue the ego. This process leads us to develop a sense of Knowing that is based in deep feeling. It exposes a world that we did not know existed. A world deep within ourselves. This deep feeling is often called intuition or a gut feeling. It is not an emotion, it is a sense.

Thinking, reading, rationalizing  Рall have a valuable place in our lives, but they cannot lead you to developing a deeper sense of Knowing. Why? Because the very act of each of those things triggers the thinking mind. This can hardly be disputed. This takes you from a sense of feeling to a sense of thinking, of being in your head again. Learning to rely on feeling comes from experience. Through experience we gain the first-hand ability to Know something. Not just from our mental comprehension for it, which is limited by our degree of knowledge at the time and perhaps even our tainted perception of it, but from a deeper sense of feeling it after having lived it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a deep interest in Lao Tzu and Saint Francis of Assisi. He often quotes the Taoist text, the Tao Te Ching. He wrote his own version of it. According to him, he first read and researched about 100 different translations of the Tao Te Ching. Then he began to apply each verse or chapter to his life in order to experience them. First he gained knowledge, then he gained experience in order to achieve a deeper sense of connection, feeling for, and Knowing about the Tao Te Ching. His book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life is incredible. Personally, having spent so much time in Japan and China, and living eastern thought, I saw a few areas where his interpretation possibly lacked the Knowing for what was meant. He understood it, just from his own western perspective, not an eastern one from where it came. It doesn’t make his interpretation bad or wrong, it is just not as deep as it could be.

When I followed his example and took each verse from the Tao Te Ching, I lived each verse for two weeks, remaining mindful of each verse throughout the day. I didn’t merely read it, I applied each one to every aspect of my life for two weeks. I applied my own understanding to each of the 81 verses, actively living it for 162 weeks in order to develop a deeper sense of Knowing for them within myself. Likewise, there are those who have been living these verses every day in China since they were very young and they have an even deeper sense of Knowing than I do. This is why I do not form beliefs about what I Know, so that I might continue to learn and grow, reaching all new levels of depth. Its wonderful to let go of the belief that we know everything or even the need to know, it’s exciting to learn and experience new things through fresh eyes. This is what allows our spirit to expand and our life experience to be enriched. Embrace what we don’t yet know or Know and be grateful for the opportunity to experience more. These examples are not words from my ego, they are a way to share my own direct experiences. In this way, there may be life in this text, feeling in my words, then my meaning can get through in order that you may Know it too.

It has been well documented for thousands of years that Knowledge and Experience go hand-in-hand to develop mastery and a sense of completeness. These are not merely two sides of the same coin, they are part of a process of cycles. To know a book exists, to buy it and to read it does not give you a sense of Knowing. It may offer a degree of understanding, but this is not Knowing. One must get out into the world and repeatedly apply what they have learned in order to uncover the sense of feeling for it, this is Knowing. Most people, especially in the west, stop their learning and growth in the first half of the cycle because they are taught to think about everything. We are told things like feeling is unmanly. But even this definition of feeling is used in a limited perspective.

By “feeling” I am not referring to emotion, I am referring to a sensation – an inner sense. Women are far more naturally in-tune with this sense of feeling than men tend to be. We refer to it as a “woman’s intuition,” but the reality is that we all have it. It is a very basic level of the Bujinkan Sakki Test. The basic level of this test is to sense or feel through intuition, the killing intention of the person behind you with a sword when they cut downward.

One can argue over the limited meaning of various words in the English language, but the truth of this cycle remains. Developing a deep sense of Knowing can be experienced directly by those who consistently practice the proper methods. Practicing is much more than merely reading. Can you spell “practice” without the word “act?” I don’t think so. Let go of ego and take comfort in knowing that you don’t Know everything you think you do. Then make it your purpose to actively develop this sense of Knowing through the continued balance of knowledge and experience.

Knowing What You Don’t Know

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

I have been diligently training in the martial, meditative and spiritual arts for nearly 33 years now. It has been the core of my life. For decades it was the only thing in my life that was truly authentic. It was what kept me on my path of purpose. What does this have to do with anything? There is an important point that I would like to share with you. This opened my eyes a bit wider in every area when I learned it and I think it needs to be shared.

Picture yourself as a young person. Your mother is extremely insecure and greatly lacking self-esteem. Self-esteem is a by-product of a strong mind and of having purpose, a greater purpose than staying home raising you and your brother. Mental boredom breeds ego-driven insecurities. Your parents argue and fight every night – without fail. Your little brother often cries into his pillow because of the screaming. It’s a nightly occurrence that you have simply come to accept. During the day your mother piles you and your brother into the car and follows your dad to work to spy on him. Everyday events are filled with accusations and suspicions. She is basically a good mother, just extremely insecure. You and your brother grow up with this behavior and the belief that this is just normal behavior. Both of you end up taking on some of these traits, as children usually do adopt some of their parents behaviors. While this is learned behavior and can be corrected, you don’t know any better at the time.

Years pass and you grow up to find yourself in a relationship of your own. You end up attracting someone who embodies much of the same behavior patterns as you grew up with but you believe this to be normal. You say to yourself – “It’s just the way relationships are.” You are no better in that you exhibit those same types of behaviors learned in your childhood. This makes for a rocky relationship, even seemingly happy times are not truly happy, not to the degree that is possible. But aren’t relationships supposed to take hard work? That’s what everyone says, that’s what all the articles written by experts claim. That’s what you have witnessed throughout your entire life, haven’t you? It must be true, right? This is why you attracted someone to you who is vibrating at about the same low-frequency. Like attracts like. It works in the positive – and the negative. You accept this way of living because you don’t really know any better. This is just how women are, or this is just how men are, right?

My point is this…You are not aware of what you don’t know exists. Take a moment to read that simple statement again and allow it to be absorbed. The very first step in learning something new is learning that it exists in the first place. When a new species of plant or animal is found, none of us previously knew it existed, therefore we could not possibly understand anything about it. As a martial arts instructor, it was common to introduce a new concept and have students begin shaking their heads affirmatively when they clearly had no idea of what I was actually talking about. This was their thinking egoic mind’s reaction, to begin shaking their head in acknowledgement as if they knew. When studying internal martial arts, you may be told of the crucial concept of “lengthening,” yet you previously had no idea that such a concept existed. Yes, it is commonly taught in internal martial arts such as Baguazhang and Taijiquan, but you may not have known of it. Once you are exposed to such things, then you are awakened to their existence. This is the all important first step in truly learning it.

Most often, this realization of the very existence of something beyond what we believe we know is missed. The first step in learning something occurs only when you set aside your preconceived notions from past experiences and realize that there are concepts, principles, and truths that you do not know even exist. It sounds sensible enough, yet the egoic mind jumps right past this part as it quickly begins relating anything new to what it has experienced in the past. Is this really learning? Not really, no it isn’t. Yet, as a martial arts instructor and now as a spiritual coach, I see this time and again.

When I speak to someone of happiness, I feel the vibrational frequency of the person I am speaking to. Usually, they shake their head in the affirmative, smile and fully believe that they understand what I mean by happiness yet their vibration clearly says otherwise. It is thrilling to speak to someone whose vibration is at a level where it is obvious they have experienced this sense of depth to happiness. They know and experience this depth already. The truth of the matter is that they remain clueless, trapped in their limited understanding or belief of what they have experienced as happiness so far. They do not know of the existence of a deeper sense of happiness. They will remain trapped in this realm of limited understanding until they can free themselves of the egoic mind and its reaction of relating to past beliefs.

To truly learn and grow, we must let go of what we think we know and open our minds to experience and understand something new. At the very least, in a new way, or a deeper sense. Realizing that you don’t know is the first step in learning something new. This is one reason why so many people lack success in true spiritual and even personal growth. They think they have an open mind, they believe that they are learning and growing, but thinking and believing usually create false outcomes based on ego reactions that keep you in your comfort zone.

Reactions are the product of the thinking, egoic mind. Responses and reactions are very different things. A response is from a sense of knowing, of feeling, that is beyond the thinking mind and therefore beyond the reaches of the ego. Reactions can be seen as a form of mild mental illness, whereas responses are the sign of a healthy mind because the mind does not get involved.

Truth is always a paradox. You know that, right?

If, in your head, you just said, “Oh yeah, I know that,” or if you shook your head, then you have just reacted from the thinking egoic mind. If, on the other hand, you took a moment to realize that what is being presented to you here may be something beyond what you currently understand and you decided to wait until you see where this goes before answering, then you have just responded.

The most important point I desire to share with you is that in relationships you may think or believe that you are happy. Nothing wrong with that, and you might just be. I sure hope so. Just realize that there is a level of happiness that you do not even know exists. You do not know it exists because you have never experienced it before, nor is it likely that you have ever even seen it in the relationships of others. It’s that rare. But it doesn’t have to be. The collective mind accepts a certain level of happiness and calls it happiness. Then that is where most people believe happiness is, but they are limited by their own beliefs which have been set by the collective mind of society, including their families, friends, and other social influences. As you become free of the thinking egoic mind, you step outside of the confines of the collective, socially influenced mind and you open yourself to all new levels of authentic experience.

When I speak of happiness in a relationship, I am speaking of such joy that words cannot adequately describe it. This is not something that comes and goes depending upon some external influence. I am talking about a state of joy that is always there and intensifies every time the other person is near you. A joy that transcends the word joy and even bliss for that matter. A state of being where you are filled with love, appreciation, and bliss simply because the other person cuddles up to you on the sofa. Every time you hold their hand, the electricity can be felt and your heart swells with the magic of love. I am talking about something that does not fade over time, it does not become commonplace – no, it is fresh, exciting, and heart-opening every moment of every day. I am speaking of something, perhaps, beyond your comprehension at this moment because it is still so rare in our world.

But now that you know of the existence of this happiness. You are now able to look for it, to attract it to you, to experience it for yourself. You know that it is not just the thing of stories or romantic movies, but a reality that you have the ability, the right, to experience for yourself – if you are capable of realizing that you may not know it now, than you are capable of experiencing it in the future. It may require changes in yourself – it took great changes in myself before I was able to know this depth of happiness. It may take changes in your life situation – it took multiple, dramatic changes in my life before it was possible. You may not have as many things to set right as I did, I certainly hope not. The key is getting past the egoic reaction of believing that you understand. This is when the mind is truly open and you can begin to grow in ways that you may currently not be able to imagine. It is only when we realize that we know very little, that we are able to begin learning in all new ways.

Living with Purpose

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

We have all been hearing the buzz about “Life Purpose” for years now. It has become an increasingly important topic in the self-improvement and spiritual communities. I find that many people have the wrong idea about what a “Life Purpose” actually is, so I thought it might be helpful if I offered my point of view. I hope it may offer a sense of clarity, or at least not add to the confusion. ūüėČ

Questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of life?” have been on the lips of human beings throughout time. People seeking the answers to these types of questions are generally spiritual seekers of one sort or another in search of themselves. In the past, even when people did get some sort of legitimate answer to these questions, their minds had a difficult time comprehending those answers. I feel that today we are on the verge of people knowing their purpose and having the spiritual capacity to accept the answers with a sense of clarity that is previously unheard of. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it will be given. People are realizing that the only way to truly know their life purpose is to go within, ask the question and listen for the answer.

The answer cannot be found within your head. This is the most common mistake people make. The brain cannot contemplate or rationalize the answer, no, the brain will most assuredly only add to the confusion. If you employ the mind, the ego will jump in and happily create some comfortable solution for you, but it will be a false direction meant to keep you in the comfort zone of the cycle you are currently experiencing. No, the mind will not help, the ego will take you by the hand like a dear friend and make you feel warm and fuzzy, all the while it is taking you farther than ever from that which you seek. You can ask others, but if they are unable to have a sense of awareness for their own purpose, how are they supposed to know someone else’s?

The answer resides within your heart, as it always has. Your spirit has been attempting to guide you from the heart since your were born, but when the heart is closed it cannot be heard, and when the ego speaks so loudly and constantly, it drowns out the gentle whisper of the divine. The key to finding your life purpose is to ask your higher-self (your Spirit or true Self) and then silence the mind in order to hear the answer which comes in the form of a divine whisper. This divine whisper may come in the “form” of a voice or it may be a feeling. The answer will come, I assure you. It always does. Being given the answer is not the challenge – hearing the answer is! Often times the voice of the ego gets in the way and starts screaming its false answer which is always what you think and believe you want to do. But what we want to do is not always our purpose in life. Life is known for taking some strange turns and this is the reason why. One thing that helps is to stop questioning it and simply allow yourself to be guided. “Let go and let God.” The meaning of this is often lost on those attempting to grasp it with the thinking mind. This is the meaning; let go of your ego, of the thinking mind and allow yourself to be guided by your own divine spirit.

My personal definition of a Life Purpose is something like this… “A Life Purpose is that one single most act you are meant to undertake in this ever-changing moment in order to place yourself in the service of others while experiencing your life lesson, following the divine direction offered by your spirit, and acting in your own higher and greater good while bringing value to the world.”

I say “something like this” because as my own comprehension deepens, my definition will change and adapt, this is why I develop no beliefs around such things, I allow them to simply be what they are as I know them at any given point in time. My definition of what a life purpose is must change, because life purposes can change as well. See, people are getting it all backwards; in this life time there is but ONE soul-mate for each of us. That’s right – there is only one. A life purpose may last for your entire life. However, our life purpose can change, and they do change, resulting in multiple life purposes within one lifetime. Just not at the same time. The reason for this is that while you are acting in service of your life purpose, you are also experiencing a great life lesson (or lessons) which, if learned, will cause your spirit to expand and your soul to soar. The problem with this is that most people are unable to recognize their life lesson and learn from it, trapped in the cycle they are stuck in until they break free. At this point their life purpose becomes tedious because they are stuck. Sometimes this is experienced as boredom, being in a rut, lacking direction or enthusiasm for life, and so on. They have served the life purpose, yet cannot move forward, to expand, because they have yet to learn the lesson(s).

Much of the confusion today surrounding one’s life purpose comes from so-called experts who have no clue and are trying to make a buck from selling some silly fluffy notion. Today people are attempting to sell the idea that whatever you are doing is your purpose and your life is unfolding the way it should – but this too is simply a way to sell more by making people feel good about doing nothing. The ego likes it, so they buy it. But the spirit weeps. Here is the simple truth – Conscious awareness for your life purpose requires you to open your heart and be in tune with the voice of your spirit, your true voice, as it guides you in what you should best be doing. Some people can do this naturally, but for others it requires effort. When you are living your life purpose, you will experience a joy that is unsurpassed. This doesn’t mean that there will not be challenges involved, oh there will certainly be challenges, remember that there are life lessons to be learned while living your purpose. One thing that is for certain; people always experience the greatest sense of inner peace, outer tranquility, and sheer happiness for life when they are living their purpose. I see it all around me as I choose to surround myself with others who are awakened in this manner, to one degree or another, and living their purpose. I can see it in their eyes, I can feel in their hearts. It is unmistakable.

It also helps to understand what a life purpose is by knowing what it is not. A life purpose is not a pre-destined path that you agreed to take before entering this physical world. Nor is it a “soul-contract” you entered into before being born or other such complete non-sense. Likewise, it isn’t simply something you are deciding to do right now. It is becoming all too common to believe that whatever you may be doing is your life purpose, but this is not so. If you are controlled by the egoic mind, you cannot live from essence. Living from essence or spirit is the only way to walk in harmony with your life purpose. When you live this way, you may be unconsciously guided toward your purpose, but you will know it when you find it. I have experienced though, once you begin to consciously align and take action toward your life purpose, the universe will start moving things around to allow you to fulfill it. How dramatically things get moved around is in direct proportion to the impact your purpose will have on the world.

Let’s take a closer look at an outstanding example of someone following their life purpose. I admire and respect Deepak Chopra a great deal. In my opinion, he is one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. This is someone who had an amazing career as a¬† medical doctor, becoming the Chief of Staff at the New England Memorial Hospital, teaching at Harvard University and more. He left that profession in order to pursue his life purpose and help people in a bigger (and better) way. There is very little to argue in regards to whether or not Deepak is living his life purpose. He has been able to offer scientific and medical explanations for many spiritual ideas and holistic health concepts offering us all clarity and the ability to better understand them. Can you imagine the strength and conviction it must have taken for him to leave a lucrative career that he obviously spent years preparing and training for, in order to follow the gentle whisper of the voice of his spirit!? Now he has positively impacted the lives and well-being of hundreds of thousands of people or more. I am grateful for him sharing his wonderful wisdom so openly with us.

Making a massive change in life is what frightens most people to veer away from their purpose. They pretend that it’s not calling to them. They don’t want anything to have to change. The degree of change required to step onto the path of walking your life purpose is different for everyone. I have found that it is determined by just how far you have wandered from it. Helping others gain clarity for their life purpose, helping them establish a direction action plan, and getting in tune with the voice of their higher-self, is part of my own purpose now. By guiding my coaching clients, I help them to find the answer within themselves so they know it as truth, and then I help them to chart this exciting course of change. For those I have been working with, I have found that in many cases it doesn’t require life-shattering changes at all. There is nothing better than to hear the change in their voice when they are filled with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for living their life, or to see the brightness and depth in their eyes as they achieve clarity and connection within themselves.

Many people fear that they will have to leave their families, and yes some of us did have to do exactly that, but for many it is just that they will have to make a subtle change, like being away a bit more or work in a different way in order to serve others. Occasionally, people think that they will have to give up everything and start completely over. Sometimes this is true – I know because I did. But this is certainly not the common case. For most, it simply results in a lifestyle and/or career direction change. It is a strange paradox indeed, to see the fear and confusion in the eyes of those desiring to find their purpose only to see that fear transform to overflowing delight and excitement once they discover the very things they feared.

For those looking to my example – Yes, my case is a bit extreme, but I was pretty messed up. ūüôā You can read about it in my book, if you don’t know my story. I had worn out my previous life purpose and my spirit was desperately trying to keep me on track and guide me toward my next purpose. Yet I remained stuck in the dramatic downward spiral of unlearned life lessons such as the need to overcome the control issues and anger of the egoic mind, of not being my authentic self, and living a life that was not what I was meant to be living. I was trapped in that downward spiral of poor life habits, taking on responsibilities that weren’t mine, and I managed to stray far from my path. I had a lot of work to do on myself in order to set my life right. Making the transformation from someone who had a controlling nature, so filled with anger that I never smiled and rarely ever laughed; into someone who just last Saturday was called a “very nice man who knows how to smile” was not easy, but so worth the effort. The wonderful lady at our local Farmer’s Market paid me a bigger compliment than she knows, which I appreciated so much. I also allowed life to happen to me as I just sat back and watched things happen as I began to get drawn into a life I didn’t consciously choose or even want. Changing into someone completely authentic, who lived their life of purpose was the most difficult and severely traumatic of all. My wife tells me that I have continued to change greatly within just the past 2 years. I feel that we both have.

It was helpful that I developed the ability to hear the voice of my own spirit and I was being warned that I didn’t have much time to get with the program. That my next near-death experience would not be so much “near” as it would just be “death.” For me, the fact of the matter is that it was a matter of survival, and many know just how true that is. I am finding that most people do not have such a traumatic experience, for some this self-exploration is actually fun and exciting.

While it is human nature to resist or even fear change, change is the very thing we must learn to embrace in order to grow – personally and spiritually. This is a paradox of the human condition. The very thing we need the most is what we fear and resist the most. This is why I teach people the keys to being a Spiritual Warrior, so that they may succeed where so many fail.

We are most fortunate to be living in a time when spiritual growth is becoming commonplace and so many have so much potential. It has never been easier to know the truth of age-old questions and to align yourself with your spirit. These are exciting times my friends, especially for those who are conscious, aware, awakened, and who have shifted from ego to essence. It is time to know your purpose and to live it fully. It is your time to know the satisfaction of learning a life lesson and to experience the deep sense of joy that comes with the awareness of living your life purpose. Your life purpose is the greatest adventure you will ever live!

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share an incredible experience with you – my first book signing and presentation event for Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life! I was invited to speak at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers in the East Bay recently. This is a beautiful two-story location with an outstanding staff.


I have to admit, it’s quite¬†astonishing to recall myself as a teenager wandering through my favorite local bookstores, browsing new arrivals and¬†pausing to stare at¬†the posters of visiting authors¬†displayed¬†throughout the store. I used to¬†fantasize about what it must be like to be a real¬†author and visit a bookstore to sign books and mingle with the fans and customers. I can remember thinking “how incredible that must be.” Now I find myself in Barnes and Noble where the posters on display are of me! Yeah, that’s just a little overwhelming¬†to have¬†your youthful fantasies collide headlong into your current reality. It’s a powerful experience to say the least that took some time to sink in.

My experience at the Emeryville, CA. Barnes and Noble was thrilling in every way. They had given me a wonderful display and posters, not to mention setting up an entire table and tabletop book display. I had a wonderful time speaking and the interaction from those attending was both enjoyable and impressive. the support from the staff was heart-warming as they made me feel right at home. I must admit that I was a bit stunned to see people holding my book who had the pages dog-eared, passages highlighted, and multiple book marks place strategically in the pages. That caught me by surprise. I especially enjoyed hearing people read passages I had written in the book back to me.


Signing books for people at the table and signing a handful of extra copies for the store’s shelf was a great time, too.


I have also been invited to hold a presentation and book signing at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.¬†on the 25th of¬†August. This will be especially exciting for me as it was only one year ago that we were in the audience there listening to author Mike Dooley speak.¬†We drove Mike to his hotel in San Francisco and then he made a few moments for me to interview him for my blog, which was awesome! He was even kind enough to buy me a beer afterward, as we continued our discussion off camera. Now I get to speak at this iconic independent bookstore as well. I feel that I now know what it means to be “living the dream.” ūüôā

I understand that as human beings, the fear of death is one of the largest fears that we carry with us, but after two near-death experiences, I feel that its far more frightening to exist without truly living fully as your authentic self while you are alive. This is part of the message I am spreading – Live fully and be authentic! I hope if you are in the area that you will attend one of my book signing events, I would love to meet you in person. If you can’t join me in person, at least pick up your copy of Expansion Mastery. It is available in every English speaking country at this time including the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and others. Its also available in electronic format for the Kindle, Nook and a dozen others.

An excerpt from my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life was just featured as the lead article in a wonderful magazine about Taoism called, Empty Vessel. That’s was a great¬†honor! We are currently setting up radio interviews and additional book signing events that will be including a special mega event with multiple¬†local area authors who will be taking turns speaking throughout the day at another East Bay Barnes & Noble location that will be announced later this summer. I am currently busy writing multiple magazine articles for local and national magazines. My publisher is even talking to me about the possibility for my own radio program. Sound interesting? Let me know in the comment section if you would be interested in listening in to a weekly program. I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

I encourage anyone reading this to follow their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem at the moment. Go for it! Live fully with excitement and energy. Be your authentic self and speak with your own voice, sharing your message with the world. I hope to see you soon. Wishing you all the best!