Expansion Express – Wave Of Awakening

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Its happening! Its happening all around us! These are exciting times indeed. More people are beginning to notice and feel that things are not the same as they once were. Actually, they are noticing that things are not the same as they were even two years ago! I am not merely addressing the obvious changes in the economic climate, job markets, or even television stupidity. No, I am referring to something else. A discernible feeling that the very “air” around us has changed. We are beginning to hear people asking what is going on and seeing mainstream articles written regarding noticing these changes and studies are being done that indicate a drastic drop in intelligence and physical reaction time. These are symptoms that are being noticed and reported on.

This is the beginning of their shift and we are witnessing an entirely new wave of people experiencing it. We are hearing basically “non-spiritual” people beginning to remark how different people are acting, how difficult it is for them to think clearly, how challenging it has become to remain motivated and committed to living healthy, how they severely lack energy, how foolishness and ignorance are becoming so common and mindlessly accepted, how the nice people are getting nicer and the nasty people are getting nastier, how they have this desire to change professions or make other big life changes, and how different in general the world is now.

These same “non-spiritual” people are beginning to express an interest in spiritual concepts, although it is still somewhat hazy for them. They are responding to the deep feeling in their hearts and they hear the faint whisper of their spirit guiding them. The haze will slowly dissipate, they will achieve clarity and that faint whisper will become louder. While these people can’t quite put their finger on what is happening or why at the moment, they are at least awakening from their mentally numb slumber and acknowledging it. It’s kind of like waking up from a deep sleep and trying to shake off the grogginess. That alone is huge and highly encouraging.

I first noticed that things were changing back in the late 80’s to early 90’s, the behavior of people shifted toward the negative. People seemed to be more numb and dull than before, but it was an overwhelming feeling that “things were very different” that I felt in the Autumn of 2007. I remember it vividly. That day, I knew the world had changed drastically forever. I openly expressed this to my martial arts students.

As the divide between those awakening and evolving, and those who are not becomes increasingly larger, I see many people starting to open their eyes and pay attention. Sadly, I also continue to observe those who are stuck in their heads, enslaved by their own analytical mind and ego, sinking to all new depths of the abyss. While the numbers of the unawakened continue to far surpass those who are awakening, at least we see more people coming around. This is unfolding as predicted by nearly every culture throughout the world. Some will arise and awaken, and many will… not. This is the new nature of natural selection.

Those living in the world of so-called “intelligence” and attempting to rationalize and analyze everything don’t seem to notice anything. If they do notice something, they immediately rationalize it away. This is the result of being stuck in your head. They are trapped in their own reality of materialism and rampant thoughts. This is what happens to those living in ego. Their ego offers some silly explanation that does not include change, self-growth, and anything that would threaten its ability to dominate the existence of that individual. They filter such things out and keep forging ahead; oblivious and confident that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Those enslaved by their ego continue to become increasingly rude, aggressive, and disrespectful. I trained under a Ninjutsu instructor once who used to like saying, “Rudeness is not a survival instinct.” He didn’t know how right he was!

It is becoming as though much of the time those who are ego driven cannot even see or perceive of those who are spirit driven anymore. They look right past you or even through you and seem startled when you make your presence known. They are also increasingly threatened by the strength of your presence and yet crave some sort of connection with you. It’s as though there are two different species living in two very different (vibratory) dimensions, yet sharing the same time and space – at least for now.

Amy and I are currently working and interacting with a number of people in a variety of ways these days. We are both beginning to hear the rumblings of “something isn’t right, things never used to be like this.” It makes us want to smile and pull our fist in with a hearty exclamation of “Yes!” While most of these people are not yet ready to hear the explanation, they’re right – things never used to be this way. We often discuss how much things have changed in the short time span of a couple of years that we’ve been living in the Bay Area. Some things have gotten continuously and incredibly better. The circles of people we interact with seems to have attained all new levels of enlightenment and sensitivity, and they are not finished yet. Other aspects of things have declined rather quickly, especially in regards to levels of rudeness and aggressive behavior. Those who are awakened, and there are great numbers in our area, continue to evolve in all new ways. It’s rather thrilling to witness.

For those riding the current wave of awakening – keep surfing it! Those with high vibrations will be riding atop this wave, while those with low vibrations will be pummeled by it as it crashed down upon the shore. When the eyes open wider, so does the heart. Then the intense brightness of your spirit radiates outward and you make the transition from living in ego to living in essence. You will have a shift of perspective as you feel and know the truth of life.

This new wave of awakening is part of the new era that I have been speaking of for years now. Every culture knows this is the time for it even though they may have their own unique ways to describe it. I have not observed a wave of awakening like this in some time. I am hopeful that its momentum will increase.

Expansion Express – That’s Not The Way I Perceived It

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

Picture this, if you will…

A small group of unacquainted people are courteously escorted to a hibachi table in the middle of a Japanese-style restaurant. Flames suddenly arise from surrounding tables as people cheer in delight at the antics of the hibachi chefs. Bite-size pieces of shrimp are being flailed about while tiny volcanoes made of onion rings spew “smoke.” Everyone in the group sits, gets settled into their seats and begins to browse the menu for refreshing cocktails and tasty entrees selections. This group is primarily made up of couples out for an evening meal and entertainment from the skilled hibachi chefs. There is the slight feeling of excitement and anticipation is in the air around the group as they’re aware of the stimulating interaction about to take place. The low murmur of voices begins as couples converse between themselves and their evening together begins.

One couple is sitting on the end of the table. They appear pleasant enough and are well dressed. As the evening progresses however, this couple complains about well… everything imaginable. It’s not what they ordered, it’s not what they wanted, it’s not prepared properly, the food is not hot enough, the drinks are not cold enough, the temperature in the restaurant is not right, it’s too noisy, the seats aren’t comfortable. Then, of course, they complain constantly about the service. Eventually, they begin to turn on each other. They begin to bicker and bite at one another, at one point even moving their chairs away from each other as much as they could within the limited space surrounding the hibachi grill. Then they argue and become agitated with each other. You know the type. They had a simply miserable time and made sure everyone was aware of it.

Meanwhile, another couple sitting on the corner seemed to be having a wonder experience. They were engaged in deep conversation with one another, fully engrossed in the experience of being together. They enjoyed the taste of a cocktail and their food was prepared perfectly. They enjoyed pleasant interactions with the chef and the wait staff, exchanging smiles and sentiments of appreciation. The service was spot on and very friendly, they never seemed to wait for anything or be served too quickly. This couple interacted with the hibachi chef, enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and clearly each other. It seemed as though they were having a loving, magical time.

The interesting thing is that both couples were at the very same restaurant, at the very same time, eating the same food prepared by the same chef, partaking of the same cocktails, experiencing the same service and atmosphere, and both were couples in a relationship to one degree or another. The stage was set and the scenario was exactly the same for both of these couples, yet one had an unquestionably miserable time while the other had an incredibly joyous experience.

It comes down to perception. Perception is basically an impression, discernment, or understanding based upon what is observed through sensory information and then what thoughts are associated with those observations – put very simply. Perception is a complex topic that I enjoy researching. Isn’t it fascinating that two different couples can share the same experience, yet due to the difference in their perception, one has a negative evening and the other has a positive evening? There is a self-help saying that goes, “If you can perceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.” Well, if you perceive a bad experience, form the belief that it will happen, then Bam! you will achieve it. Likewise, if you perceive an awesome experience, know it will be magical, then Bam! you achieve that. It comes down to taking responsibility for ourselves and our thoughts, doesn’t it?

The first couple seemed to sit with the expectations of having a bad time. Maybe they pull such childish stunts in an inexcusable attempt at getting a free meal, who knows. Either way, they experienced an insufferable couple hours. They got what they wanted and expected; a terrible time. Remember that “like attracts like.” So if their vibrations were low within themselves, they are certainly going to attract a low vibrational experience, even if it has to be created in their minds through their perception because it is not initiated by any outward reality. They experience the exact same situation as the second couple, but because of their low vibration and negatively driven perception, they have a highly negative experience. They came to have a bad time and they succeeded.

The second couple went out for the evening expecting to have a wonderful dinning experience. They were thrilled to be with one another, both of their vibrations were high and they had positive perceptions. They felt light, free, filled with appreciation and very happy. They attracted that type of experience into their outward reality. This couple came to have an enjoyable evening and they succeeded.

How do I know for certain the second couple had such a magical evening? Because the second couple in this story was Amy and I and we both continue to speak of this pleasing and entertaining evening. While we were obviously aware of the situation with the couple next to us, we did not allow their low vibration to infect our vibrations. We continued to have an incredible evening together while allowing the other couple to have a miserable one. Its just so interesting how you can have one situation with simultaneous experiences and one is negative and the other positive. To each their own reality.

Much of our reality is affected, if not actually created, by our perception. Certainly our thoughts create our reality and those thoughts are influenced by our perceptions. Are your perceptions geared toward the positive or negative? Are you stepping up and taking responsibility for your thoughts, perceptions, vibration, frame of mind, and so on? This is living a fully engaged life! When you no longer allow life to happen to you; you begin to take charge of your life. You begin to live an empowered and authentic life. This allows you mastery of yourself and in turn, of your reality.

I feel too, that your perceptions are deeply connected to not only your thoughts, but your vibration, and therefore, what you attract into your life experience. Pay attention to your experiences and be aware if you are causing a negative experience or a positive one. It’s completely up to you whether you have a great life or one of frustration.