Expansion Express: Extinction of the Middle Class

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

We have all heard the frightening economic reports about how the middle class is being driven into extinction in the United States. I think the term “economic downturn” is being used. Well, it’s true and not just in the U.S.; its a world wide phenomenon in many ways. The middle class is being systematically and purposefully driven into poverty. There are those few who make the transition to the upper class, but they are rare. So, you may be asking – “What the hell does this economic view of social classes have to do with Expansion Mastery?”

Everything – and nothing. That’s the paradox of any truth. The economic condition that people are facing is an outward manifestation mirroring that which is happening inwardly. I look around and see (or more accurately, feel) how this same situation is occurring on a spiritual and vibrational level as well. I find that while we are all one in the grand design, people can be placed into three basic, but very distinct categories in terms of their spiritual expansion or where they are in their spiritual evolution. Human beings can be defined through the following three basic “class” categories:

First, there are those people who live in a world of violence, hatred, entitlement, and disrespect. They live with an “us against them mentality.” They believe that “might makes right” and they are completely absorbed in the physical, material world. These are considered to be the “lower class” in spiritual terms, not because of how limited their financial situation may be, but by how extremely limited they are in terms of spiritual and personal maturity. They are completely enslaved by their own ego and are far from knowing any truth of God in this lifetime, regardless of what religious or spiritual affiliation they claim. The lower class refers to their vibrational frequency, not their financial worth. This class is always seeking false ways to reclaim a sense of empowerment because they feel severely disempowered. They are as entrenched in their ego as they are in a mental survival mode. The lower class lives in a constant state of fear based emotions of jealousy and false superiority and their minds remain tightly closed. Their vibration is very low and they are clueless of it because they cling to beliefs that justify their behaviors. I have met some of these people who have great wealth, but they are still controlled by their ego and while they possess money, they are extremely poor in vibrational and spiritual terms.

Then there are those who are blissfully ignorant, comfortably numb, and a member of the mindless masses. These people follow the herd in their beliefs and lifestyle. They eat fast foods, watch T.V., follow the news, obsess over celebrities and desire the latest fashions or tech. They believe that life is about going to work, having a family and then growing old. They lack a sense of any real personal purpose. These people have partially open minds to varying degrees and are attempting to work at becoming someone better and improving their lives through moderate effort. The effort they make is usually based upon the same effort everyone else in their circle of family and friends have applied, with very minimal results. They try to do the right thing and be a good-hearted person. However, they have a difficult time committing to anything that requires any real effort or change in themselves or their beliefs, primarily because they fear change and no longer fitting in. This is the “middle class.” The middle class has a common level vibration that is mediocre in terms of the vibrational scale, but is in a constant state of flux. Basically, it has no consistency; their vibration is similar to a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. The same goes for their ego- they try to curb it, but in the end it controls their reactions the majority of the time. Just as with their money – sometimes they have some, then they spend it all or lose it, and then get a little more, never getting ahead. Their vibration and expansion moves in the same way; they make a little headway, then they are faced with changing a belief or having to make more effort and they run back to where they were in the beginning.

The final class are those who have pierced the veil of illusion. They no longer allow the ego to run their lives. They have freed themselves from the mental prison of the ego and have moved beyond having an open mind to achieving a state of no-mind. They no longer react, but respond consciously. These are the rare people who have transcended into a higher evolved vibrational human being, which many today describe as having shifted. They have deep and real connections to the Divine, to Nature and to the Human Heart. They are in tune with their higher self (or spirit) and live an essence-based life. They are able to be honest with themselves and then do what is necessary to continue to expand. These are the true upper class, not because of the financial wealth they have amassed, but because of the high vibrational frequency and open heart they have achieved. They have effective practices in place that they commit to on a consistent basis. I have met some of these people and they come from all walks of life. I met an upper class man who was a common laborer in Peru, who knew that to work with your head all the time is not good, but you must also work with your hands. He did not seem to be a wealthy man in terms of finances, but he was wealthy in spirit and vibration.

I look around each day and observe the greater divide between people. The middle class herd is becoming extinct. People are either waking up or falling into a deeper sleep than ever before. We are living in rapidly changing times; anyone who sees with open eyes knows this to be true. More and more each day, people are either slipping into a lower vibrational life or they are transforming into the higher vibrational being. It seems that the middle ground is being taken from us and people are being forced to either evolve higher or sink lower. Its happening. Choosing not to accept it or deal with it will result in your choice being made for you. This choice is without conscious effort, so the result will clearly always be ending up with a lower vibration or becoming the lower class.

I have personally reached a level where I can sense or feel a person’s vibration. Maybe you can do this as well. I can feel if their heart is opened or not, regardless of what they claim. I am completely aware of whether they are evolving in this time of rapid change or if they are being left behind, to sink lower and lower into the spiritual abyss. I can tell if they have a chance or if they have already been left behind. This is not bragging and it is as much a curse as a blessing. As human beings continue to be divided into two spiritual classes, you may want to ask yourself an honest question: “Which class am I headed for?” Once the middle class is spiritually extinct, the question becomes, “What’s going to happen to all those lower vibrational people when the world around us is constantly changing to support a higher vibrational being and way of life?” Something to think about.