Expansion Express – Where Were You?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

Was that awesome that we got to experience 12:12, on 12/12/12 or what!? Did you do anything meaningful during that moment? Were you at least mindful when that time came around? Here in San Francisco, they were flooded with people wanting to get married. I applaud them for that. Amy and I made sure that we were outdoors in the sunshine, on our deck over-looking the beautiful park, performing our daily practice of Pangu Qigong at 12:12. While practicing this outstanding qigong form, connected to Heaven and Earth, I remained mindful of the fact that we were experiencing a very rare moment in time.

Does it really matter whether you paid attention to the time and date or not? Well, yes it does actually. Those who are merely existing count the days, but those who are truly living make the days count. By being mindful of each day, each hour, and even each moment, we live more fully. We are given special moments as a way of celebrating our connection with life and the times in which we live. We got to experience this 12:12 on 12/12/12, just as we got to experience 11:11 on 11/11/11 and 10:10 of 10/10/10. Did you pay attention last year or the year before as well?

Whenever there is a rare occurrence, a particular time and date, or a cosmic alignment, or whatever it is, I do my best to experience it. These things are little gifts that we receive for living in this time in history and to me, it’s part of living a more conscious and mindful life.

I know that sometimes these things take place while we are at work, or during some other time when our schedule conflicts with our ability to experience them. But, in most cases, we are able to at least acknowledge them as they happen and that’s what most important. The moment of mindfulness. These times allow us to “be” in the moment, in the here and now, and are helpful reminders of how we should be connected this way at every moment and celebrate that connection.

Holidays also serve as opportunities for connection and celebration. I encourage you to enjoy these moments to the best of your ability, being mindful of them and connected to those around you. Birthdays are important this way too. Not to celebrate your age, that is really not important, it’s about celebrating the moment you entered into the physical world and began your life in the realm of time, space and matter. It’s about celebrating who you are in physical form and the life you have created for yourself. When you live your life as the wonderous adventure it was meant to be, you soon realize that every moment of this life is meant to be a celebration.

When I hear someone comment, “so what, its no big deal,” it shows that they may be stuck in their head and absorbed by their ego. True, these things themselves are not a “big deal” perhaps, but they offer us an opportunity that is a very big deal. At least if you are looking to live a fully engaged life and achieve any degree of Spiritual Expansion.

Where were you and what were you doing during 12:12 of 12/12/12? Something awesome I hope. Enjoy the little things, they have a way of becoming huge moments in your experience, not to mention, precious memories.

Expansion Mastery – The book is released!

My book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life! has been released early by the publisher for online sales. It will be released to booksellers on January 30th. Don’t wait, get your copy now! It has only been available for a few days and Amazon.com is already down to 10 copies and needing to re-order. How exciting! Looking to make it a best-seller. Please visit your favorite online bookseller to order your copy.

Over 30 years of dedicated experience went into the content of this book. I opened my heart and allowed the words to flow to share some of the most practical, best-of-the-best methods I have encountered. I contend that they worked for me and they can certainly work for you as well. I sincerely hope that it serves to positively impact your life! Then, I will be following my purpose of serving others.

Love, Bliss & Appreciation!
Robert D. Bessler

Expansion Express – How To Fully Engage Your Life!

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Hey everyone! Robert here!

I have found that there seems to be some people who love the idea of living a more fully engaged life of energy and enthusiasm, but they lack clarity on just how to accomplish that. No worries, my friends! I have the solution for you right here.

I offer you 3 ways to begin living a more fully engaged life:

#1 – Mindfulness!
#2 – Feeling!
#3 – Appreciation!

By living mindfully, you become ultra-aware of each moment and all that is taking place in it. This is not the opposite of “No-Mind” as many people first think. The paradox of mindfulness is that achieving a state of No-Mind will increase your mindfulness. In the beginning it is simply enough to pay attention to the three key areas of life – the first is to realize what it took for the Universe to align everyone and everything so that you could enjoy any given moment in time.The second is to consider where you are, your environment and how magical it is that you are right there at that exact moment out of all the possible places in the world and moments in time. The third is to pay attention to the connection you have with those you are with. Be ever mindful of these things – they are the heart of your life experience.

By becoming in tune with your feelings you will better connect with yourself and those around you. This is the area people need to work on the most, I am finding. People have allowed themselves to become physically numb. I encourage you to embrace the ability to feel and be conscious of the feelings you have in your body as you are with those you love and cherish. Staying in tune with these feelings helps you to stay mindful and present in the moment as well as allow you to develop awareness for your vibration.

By holding appreciation in your heart for those around you, you open yourself to a better connection and a better experience with the people you enjoy in life. Through this sense of open-heartedness, you will also attract more great people and experiences into your life. Holding a sense of appreciation in your heart at all times is the goal of nearly every spiritual system.

These three areas alone have the power to change your life! Once you can do them all at the same time – that’s when amazing transformations happen!!! For more details or to study this idea more in-depth, please order you copy of Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life. Available now!!

Expansion Express- Insist On Living!

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Hey Everyone! Robert here!

I’ve been so busy with amazing projects lately that I have not had time to film a blog for a while. I managed to sneak away for a few minutes to write one, but I miss speaking with you more personally. Finally, I have a bit of a break and wanted to get in front of the camera again.

I respectfully encourage all of you to insist on living and not simply tolerate existing. People in the world are either existing, just getting through the day, or they are living, fully engaged, enthusiastic lives. It’s not easy today with all the uncertainty and fear surrounding our unemployment, uncertain future and the cliffs that we are headed toward. People want to hide, give up, and forget. But, in spite of all these things, I encourage you more than ever to get out and experience your life.

Even in the face of uncertainty and backwards media propaganda, we must insist on living. Do not allow this brainwashing to affect you. Turn these senseless, demeaning advertisements off and get out and enjoy the adventure of life. Incredible pleasure can be found even in simple daily tasks if you live consciously and with enthusiasm. This is your life, insist of live it fully!

By the way, don’t tell my brother that we got I’m a kick-ass Christmas gift today, okay? 🙂

Expansion Express – Adversity to Opportunity

Hey everyone! Robert here!

I continue to speak with many people who are acknowledging the need to make changes in their lives. Many of these people have already begun to take some form of action toward these changes. Most who are actually going to make life changes, are already doing so. In some cases the most important areas in their lives are well aligned with their purpose so these changes are slight. Such as having lost interest in one area of their life and have developed a new interest. Some of these people are needing to make major life changes and have noticed that when they begin to make one or two changes in their life, that suddenly their entire life as they knew it, comes crashing down around them. Usually, when this happens they become frightened and turn around running back to cling to anything familiar. Growth and change require courage. Like the Phoenix, it is from the ashes of the old that we rise anew.

When I began to make major life changes I was met with great opposition. I was pressured and forced by people around me in a myriad of ways to turn around and go back. But, I knew in my heart as I first stepped foot into the light of a new path that there was no turning back. It required that I stay strong, in some cases, stronger than I have ever had to be in my life. But it always felt right, that was beyond clear to me. I summoned my warrior spirit and stayed true to myself for the first time in my life. I stopped acting in a manner reflective of the desires of others, of the herd or even that of my own ego. I listened to the voice deep in my heart and I followed the direction my Spirit provided. The voice of your heart is that of your Spirit, your Higher-Self, and it will not steer you wrong.

When a large amount of change happens all at once, it’s very overwhelming. However, it’s like pulling off a band-aid. Doing it all as quickly as possible is ultimately less painful and far more productive. The thing to understand is this – you took action and made some changes, whether major changes or minor ones, and suddenly the Universe gets more actively involved and makes many additional changes for you! This can become very challenging. I know this is what happened to me and I am not only witnessing it happen to others around me, but I am helping to guide some of these people in this process. You cannot simply pick and choose, you must go the distance. Either you are living your authentic path or you’re not. Have massive change happen is not a form of punishment as our ego would have us believe, it is simply the purging of the old in preparation for the new.

The Universe sees that you are consciously making the effort to set your life right. When this happens, what do you attract? Thats right! More things to set your life right for you. The Universe lends a hand and sets things in motion so that others changes take place too, changes to allow you the opportunity to get it right. These changes may be things you havent considered or that you don’t want, but rest assured, they are the very things you need most. Often the things we cling to with the tightest grip are those which we must let go of in order to progress on the path of transcendence. It’s usually the things we resist the most that, in truth, we most need. We may not want it at the time, but if we need it in order to grow, the Universe will keep sticking in our face until we accept it.

I found that when you build a life that’s based on something other than your true authentic purpose, a life based on the desires of others or the societal norm, instead of your own voice, it has the illusion of being solidly constructed for a while, but in truth, it’s a house of cards and sooner or later it will fall. You pull one or two cards out and suddenly the entire structure crashes to the ground.

As we enter the new era, moving from the information age to the intuition age, this is the time to make life changes. It will not be here all that long, so procrastinators will be left behind, stuck in a life they are not truly happy living. My personal life changes began back in 2004 – some were of my own creation after being willing to admit my unhappiness and some by the Universe creating certain events. You have already had 10 years or more to make your changes and you may not have another 10 – so get moving! Don’t say I didn’t offer you fair warning. 🙂 This is a rare window of opportunity and all you need is to be willing to accept change. In some cases, massive change.

As circumstances change in our life, it opens opportunities for new and greater adventures. This is the time to discover your purpose, get aligned with it and go for it! As the faces in our life change, this also offers us the opportunity to allow new faces to join our adventure. This is the time to surround yourself with others who vibrate at the same frequency that you do and align yourself with your soul-mate.

The greater the opportunity before you, the greater the challenge of change may be. If making certain changes are extremely difficult at the time, then most likely you are being prepared for something very, very awesome. The Universe always provides the greatest opportunity for those who make it through the most powerful adversity. You have heard the saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn?” Well, this is what it is referring to. Adversity is the darkness we must pass through in order to bask in the light of opportunity.

The unawakened live in a constant state of resistance. They will naturally and unconsciously act in resistance to the very things they need the most in order to experience growth. They remain closed down and tense. The awakened learn to live in a state of openness where they accept instead of resist. They are able to naturally and easily accept change as if flows around them. They are open to new experiences because they understand that this is the natural way of life.

As you become more awakened, you will notice that there is not as much need for adversity as you make changes. This is because you are flowing with the tides of change. You will find that the majority of the difficulty was due to your own resistance in the first place. We are responsible for the majority of our own pain. Once we accept, the changes role through our lives effortlessly and we find change to be enjoyable. The Universe may occasionally offer something difficult, but when it does, it is only because we need to grow in a more dynamic way.

Now is the time to make any changes you intend to make. Gain clarity on who you are and what you desire for your life and take mindful action. Now is the easiest time to make these positive changes in your life. Whether you need massive change, as I did, or just a few adjustments, now is the time to go for it! Should you be staring in the face of adversity, smile, summon your strength and move forward, for you know that the shimmering light just ahead is the warm glow of opportunity! Keep going!

Expansion Express – Focus on Cancer or the Cure?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

I would like to offer you a perspective on a topic that goes completely against the mainstream. Part of my purpose is to offer you a way of seeing the world outside of the collective illusion. Stay with me and hear me out; you may find this interesting. As always, decide for yourself. Anyone reading this can clearly see the error of the mindset of the general population; their perspective on many things is superficial and backwards from anything meaningful. My desire is to help share a perspective that is based upon open eyes, instead of the sleep-filled eyes that only see what they are told to see and the collective is instructed to believe.

Like most of you, I have lost family members and friends to the terrible disease of cancer. I have witnessed the passing of the young and the old because of its effects. I have cared for people and had to watch as this disease ate loved ones from the inside. I feel the pain this disease brings, as you may too. Thats why I am writing this.

According to the Cancer Services website, nearly every month of the year has been assigned a “cancer awareness,” in addition to cancer control month, cancer fatigue awareness day, testicular cancer awareness week, national young adult cancer awareness week, national minority cancer awareness week, national oral, head & neck cancer awareness week, national colorectal cancer awareness month, lymphedema “D” day, childhood cancer awareness, gynecologic cancer awareness, leukemia and lymphoma awareness, ovarian cancer awareness, prostate cancer awareness, thyroid cancer awareness week, and so on.

It goes even farther yet. Now, nearly every cancer has its own color or colors. Leukemia has orange, breast cancer has pink, brain cancer has gray, and so on.

Now, I suspect the people coming up with these concepts had good intentions, but I feel they’re completely backwards in their approach, at least if their intention is to truly stop this disease. Instead of bringing more awareness to the disease, why don’t we bring awareness to the CURE or to being healthy? What if we stopped focusing our attention to the drama and pain associated with the disease and focused upon the joy of the cure and the freedom and happiness of good health?

Here are some points for your consideration…

If you focus on the disease, you attract more disease into your reality. The more you focus on something, such as cancer, the more you draw it into your field of reality – individually and collectively. Through understanding the universal law of attraction, you attract what you place your focus on. By drawing your attention to the disease every month, week and day, it is constantly on your mind and thereby you are attracting it into your reality, as well as contributing to attracting it into the reality of the collective. This may serve to strengthen the disease and ensure that it continues to thrive. It could also increase your risks of contracting it yourself as well. It is not that you should ignore it and hope it goes away, but instead, place your focus on the cures and being cancer-free.

Consider the vibrational effects. By focusing your attention upon the disease itself and its destructive nature, you lower your vibration to that which matches the disease. What do you feel when you think of cancer? Fear, right? Of course, fear that you may get it and fear that you may lose someone to it; maybe it brings back the unbearably painful memories of those you did lose to this devastating disease. Any of these things will bring your vibrational frequency crashing down to the lowest possible vibrational level – that of fear and loss. What do you think you will attract into your life? That’s not good. If love has an opposite, it is not hate, it is fear. Hate is a product of fear.

Now consider the colors. I have learned that there are colors and sounds that are associated with healing. I have studied this extensively for about a decade now. The Cosmic Healing Sounds taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia and Qigong Master Michael Winn are very powerful. Taking colors and using them to represent a particular form of cancer, turns the healing power of these colors into agents of weakness and destruction. Every time you see the color pink, does it remind you of love or of breast cancer? It’s about perspective; do you choose to hold the perspective of healing, or of disease and death? Personally, I prefer the healing perspective.

I feel that we would better serve our collective health if we were all to focus our attention not our awareness of the disease, but on the celebration of the cure, or even better, to good health. This would raise our vibrations to that of attracting wellness. What if we associated colors to symbolize the cures instead of the disease? What if instead of making certain months, weeks and days that celebrate the awareness of the diseases, we make these times to celebrate the healthiness of our bodies?

I realize that from a business standpoint, you need to keep everyone thinking about it in order to keep the funds coming in. Let’s face it, cancer is very big business. Cancer is considered to be the second largest business in the U.S. and huge business in other countries as well. According to studies in 2011, some $6 billion a year is committed to breast cancer research and awareness campaigns alone! Good business idea- bring awareness to it for an entire month, a good way to get more funds and empower the disease itself. The growth of the disease is great for business; curing cancer would be detrimental to profits for the business. Yes, the goal of a business is to generate profits. The cancer business is about profit, not cures. I encourage you to do some research on the business of cancer and come to your own conclusions regarding the legitimacy of their desire to cure the disease at all.

I do not capitalize the word cancer in this blog because I do not want to give it any more power than it already has. I know it’s not much, but I am a believer that every little bit helps. I refuse to act in a manner that will empower this disease and I will do everything I possibly can to disempower it in my own life. You must choose for yourself whether you want to empower it or not.

As an experiment, why don’t we begin ignoring the propaganda being pushed on us and start celebrating our healthiness? What have got to lose? Every little bit helps. Focus on the health and well-being of our bodies and of those we love. Put out some positive vibrations regarding health instead of vibrations based in fear. Maybe then, someday, we could spend our hard-earned money on treating our loved ones to a nice dinner instead of paying for their funerals. What if we had the power to change the collective mind-set simply through changing our perspective? Let’s empower ourselves and in the process, disempower this terrible disease. Are you with me?

Expansion Express – Your End-Of-The-Year Reflection

Hey everyone! Robert here.

As the Year of the Dragon (2012) nears its inevitable end it provides us with a time to reflect upon ourselves and our life, and the progress we have made during the past twelve months. We are also provided with an exciting opportunity to reinvent ourselves or our lives in each new year in any way we desire. Are you and your life more awesome than in the beginning of the year!?

Wow!!! What an incredibly powerful and empowering year it has been for me! I wouldn’t even know where to begin, there were so many amazing things that took place. Not surprising, as I was born in the Year of the Dragon. I have learned SO much this year, in business, in esoteric knowledge, about myself, and more. I have had a great deal of magic take place in my life as well, as Amy and I directly observed the Universe in action on several occasions.

The key to truly living is living truly. Living true to your self! Being completely honest with yourself and living from a space of genuine authenticity. Anything less is merely the boredom of existing. You don’t want to exist, you crave the adventure of living, right? I know I do! For me, one of the saddest things is to observe so many people sleep-walking through their lives, just trying to get through another day. Life is not meant to be that way, it is so much more. It is meant to be a non-stop thrill ride of an adventure here in time and space! Now is the time to live fully, consciously embracing every precious moment like never before.

Where do you find yourself now, in this moment, compared to where you were in the beginning of the year? Besides another year older. 😉 Are you living more fully engaged or still just existing?

I am going to share a technique that I learned long ago. It’s an effective end-of-the-year technique to reflect, clear your head and get focused for the coming new year. I am finding that my new mentors are still stressing this same technique and using it themselves. Some things are just that good. Many of them make this a very special event in their lives. You can do the same, or you can do it from the comfort of your own home. This is a powerful process of End-Of-The-Year Reflection. Some of you may know of this, but are you actually implementing it?

Today is December 1st. It’s the perfect time to take a few days and spend with yourself. That’s right, all alone. This is the time to reflect upon your year and ask yourself several crucial questions. It’s a time to be open and honest with yourself. I know this is most challenging for people, but it is a key factor in the success of the process. So, by taking a few days to get away and be by yourself – any excuses for why you shouldn’t or how you can’t are simply that, excuses, and thereby invalid – you can do this even if it means taking a few hours in the evening over a three-day period to isolate yourself in a room in your home where you wont be bothered. Make the time to ask yourself the tough questions and most importantly, listen to the answers that come from your heart, not your head.

Here are some of the critical areas to direct your questions. Remember, you are having your own unique experience and due to that, you are encouraged to ask your own set of pertinent questions. Please use these as a base guideline.

On the first day I ask myself, “What growth and progress did I make in myself as an individual this year?”

Reflect upon yourself. Your real self – not as a parent, or a child, or a sibling, or an employee, or a business owner, a member of a church, but as the unique individual being that you truly are. Separate yourself from your roles in life and get back to the basics of who you are. It becomes all too easy to hide behind other roles we play in life and use those roles to avoid truly seeing ourselves, and we end up losing our selves as a result.

Address specific questions to all facets of your life. What improvements have I successfully made within myself over this last year? What did I do to improve my physical health and well-being? What did I do to improve my dietary intake? What did I do to strengthen and challenge myself mentally? Am I more mindful throughout the day? What action did I take to grow spiritually? Am I closer to being the person I honestly desire to be? What did I improve within myself that will positively impact my relationships? Am I more in control of my emotions and vibration than I was at the beginning of the year? What fears have I overcome this year? Did I take action to make real progress in subduing my ego and freeing my mind? Did I let go of drama and embrace tranquility? Did I have a plan in place for my own personal growth? Did I stick to it, following it for the entire year? How much more awesome is my life now than it was at the beginning of the year? Am I more disciplined now? Are you happy with the person you have become since 2011, or are you still the exact same person you were then?

Be willing to ask yourself the tough questions. Listen and truly hear the honest answers from your heart.

When we live from a space of authentic truth, we constantly grow and improve and, in turn, our lives improve as well. Getting it right on the inside sets it right on the outside. If you reflect back upon your behavior for the year and you find you were stuck in the same cycle you have always been in, then immediate attention is warranted. I witness so many people who become stuck in a life cycle; patterns of comfort, laziness, lack of discipline, making excuses, resistance to hearing their own truth and living a lie year after year. I do not judge people for this, but it is heartbreaking to observe. But these patterns can be escaped from if you are willing to take action.

I have become an expert in seeing these cycles in which people are imprisoned. Maybe too much so, I can’t turn it off. I can simply look at someone and know the cycle(s) they are currently experiencing and whether it has a hold of them or they have it well in hand. How? I became very clear of my own cycles that held me down. Imprisoned in a life that was not meant for me. I had them too, believe me! Over time I learned how to feel them as they happened, recognize them and then learned the lesson they provided in order to set myself free. I have since become extremely sensitive to these cycles when they arise and I know how to escape them. Part of what I do now in my actions of serving others, is to act as a coach and help them identify these cycles in their lives. I work one on one with these clients to help them understand what is happening and offer clarity of direction. They already have the answers they just can’t hear them, I teach them how to ask the questions and then hear the answers for themselves. I then offer them a “prescription” that will allow them to learn the life lesson and set them free to move forward in their lives.

After I reflect upon my own personal growth or expansion. On the second day, I turn to examine the outward manifestation which is my life. I then ask myself questions about the life I lived over the past year.

Did I improve my life? Is it better now than it was in the beginning of the year? What action did I take that was beneficial? What things didn’t work so well for me? Is my relationship better? Is the quality of my life better now than it was? What did I do in order to improve my financial situation? Did I live authentically this year? Did I live my own life and follow my own decisions or did I allow other or life itself to take control of my life? Did I do things because other wanted me to or did I act because I desired to? Did I cave in to social pressure or did I live from my own space of authenticity? Did I do things because I felt I had to or that it was expected by others? Hearing yourself say things like, “I have to go to my family’s house for holiday dinner” or “We gotta go visit them” shows you are not living form your own authentic space, you are doing what you feel is expected of you by others under threat of guilt or disapproval. Did I celebrate the special event of my life or holidays in my own unique way, or the way it has always been done in my family, or town, or religion?

On the third day I set goals for the new year. What do I desire to improve most in myself? What action plans do I want in place to accomplish these goals? What can I do to improve the quality of my life in the new year?

I set a clear action plan in place while leaving room for additional opportunities to enter into the equation. Over the past two years, there have been exciting and incredible opportunities that have been made available to me. All I had to do was recognize it and then take action, factoring into my overall yearly plan. I realize this gives the Universe the opportunity to present me with things I didn’t know I needed or even consider. It has always enhanced my experience greatly. I always factor in the “or something better” scenario that the Universe likes to provide.

Take time at the end of the year to reflect upon yourself, your life and to set goals for yourself in new year. Then go to work break your current life cycle by learning the life lesson it is presenting to you. Human beings are incredibly powerful. We have the ability to consciously reinvent ourselves and our lives whenever we desire. If that is not divine power, what is? What other life form has that ability? An oak tree remains an oak tree every time the leaves fall and reappear. The wolf remains a wolf, year after year. But you and I can consciously choose to reinvent who we are, what we do, what we have, and who we will be whenever we desire. The changes can be subtle or massive, they can be a few minor adjustments or complete personal overhaul. We have that power and the free will to yield it or waste it. Choose wisely.

Are you ready to step up and take your life by the reins and begin truly living? Remember, anything else is simply existing, waiting out the days of your lives in a haze, clueless and afraid of the real world around you. Let go of the fear, rub the foggy veil from your eyes and open them wide to the magical experience of your grand life adventure. Don’t allow another moment to pass you by – take a conscious and active role in your own life. make the changes in yourself in order to become who you know you were meant to be. Embrace every moment of the adventure of who you are and the precise gift that is your life.

For more detailed information and an in-depth, step-by-step process for reinventing yourself, please check out my new e-book that I will be giving away for FREE on my website. It is my gift to you, a $39 value, containing the same practical process I use. The website will be launching soon, so get your free copy while you can and begin applying the 9 keys to reinventing your life through re-alignment! Please check out my Facebook Fan Page to see the cover of the e-book. Don’t forget to hit the page’s “like” button while you’re there. Thanks!!!