Expansion Express – 5 Ways To Spiritually Expand In Your Car

Hey everyone! Robert here.

I hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday! Mine was amazing! For those who don’t celebrate it, I hope you took the day to be mindful and appreciative of all the great things in your life to be thankful for. I encourage you to treat everyday as gratitude day.

Most of us drive at some point. Some of us drive long distances as work commutes, or to events we attend. I know I used to drive 2 hours each way, 3 days a week to train in martial arts (which I did for 7 1/2 years), over 5 hours every other month to train in martial arts in Ohio. I also used to drive 11 hours to train in qigong in North Carolina. Now I fly 8-15 hours to train. I never minded a good road trip, especially when the destination brought incredible insights and personal growth or a satisfying paycheck from a good career or to see family and friends. The ride itself can be savored and enjoyed beyond seeing the new sites outside your window.

I quickly realized that I could make even more progress in my own attempts of Spiritual Expansion by utilizing this travel time in the car. I used to crank up the tunes and rock out during the drive, which is fun sometimes. But there are a few better ways to use this time contained in a vehicle to continue learning and growing. I have been finding that my new mentors use some of these same techniques, but a few here may be new to them as well. Some of these ideas may apply to all of you who are frequent flyers as well. I fly often and I like to use these on the flight.

Here are the 5 best ways to use your driving time to progress on your path of Spiritual Expansion…

1. Practice patience. I know everyone cringes upon hearing this and it’s no wonder, it can be very challenging. Do your best to keep your patience, even with all the goofy decisions drivers are making these days. I do my best to practice offering them blessings instead of cursing. I bless their driving skills and common sense, in the hopes that it will carry a vibration that will allow them to attain such things. 😉 Practice holding your patience during heavy traffic as well. I have found that when in a traffic jam, if I just relax and go with the flow, it seems to begin moving more quickly than if I am tense about it. Tension causes more resistance to the situation thereby attracting more of it to you. I just relax, think about how easy it will be to reach my destination and I find that I’m arriving in what seems to be no time. Not to mention the physical harm the tension may be causing. Driving offers one of the greatest opportunities to practice patience. Its far more practical and effective than just sitting in meditation. The goal of sitting in meditation is to ultimately keep that level of patience out in the world. This offers you direct study and application.

2. Listen to a recording of your favorite author’s book or audio program. Use a CD, mp3, iPod, or whatever. I do not recommend using ear buds while driving, but on a plane they work great. I feel that its dangerous to use ear buds while driving, it dulls your awareness considerably and you need to stay sharp while driving to be safe and alert. I bought countless audio sets by my favorite authors and I would listen to them multiple times while driving. Even short rides to work are a great time to listen to a few segments and allow it to soak in. Whats that? Why yes, you are correct, the Expansion Mastery audio book or audio training series would be a fantastic idea! 😉 Listening to your favorite audio program still allows you to remain aware while driving, if done sensibly.

3. Practice reciting affirmations, prayers or chants. Whatever path of study you choose to be right for you. Take this time to recite and memorize them. I used to recite the Buddhist Heart Sutra in the car for the entire 5 hour drive on the way to Ohio. For those of you who do not know, one goal of the Heart Sutra is that it is designed to open the heart center by chanting it. Pretty sweet deal. I also used to print the things I needed to memorize onto a small card and mount it on the visor so I could glance up when it was safe and make sure I was getting it right.

4. Practice feeling and awareness. A car is like a massive, bulky suit of armor. Learn to extend your sense of feeling to the outer limits of your vehicle. Learn to feel if a space is too small, or where the curb is, or how to park straight and within the allotted lines in a parking space, and so on. Many of my students still email me about experiences they are having where they feel a truck swerve into their lane and instinctively move into another lane. This avoids a serious and potentially deadly accident and keeps everyone safe. Another cool thing is theat they move first and understand why they moved afterward. I am always so happy to get “thank you” emails and messages about those situations. Improving your awareness and sensitivity is critical in life, not just in martial arts. This is the true meaning of self-protection.

5. Practice being in the moment. Be present when driving. When you are driving, drive. It’s not a time to mess with things, fuss with children, argue with a spouse, talk on the phone or text. This not only allows you to practice living in the moment, but it also helps you exercise a degree of common sense and safety. If you need to talk or text so badly, pull over safely, stop the car and have at it. A bluetooth hands-free set is popular here in California where it is illegal to talk or text while driving. I personally feel this is a sensible and responsible law that should be more widely enforced. Studies have shown that when a person multi-tasks, the quality of what they are doing suffers considerably. Stay present in what you are doing, use your senses and focus on what is at hand.

Those are my top 5 tips for using your drive time to continue progressing on your path of Spiritual Expansion. Something that I learned through my martial arts training – “You are always training. Every moment is a moment to train, and every moment you fail to train is a wasted moment. Every moment contains the potential for awakening if you are present within that moment.”

Take advantage of your time while driving so you dont waste an opportunity to progress. Just take every moment to live as safely as you can while still progressing on your spiritual path.

Expansion Express – Loss Of Thanksgiving’s True Meaning?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

I was going to let the blog rest until after Thanksgiving, but after seeing so many articles regarding the concern for the loss of the true meaning of Black Friday, I thought I may offer one more for the holiday. I am referring to Thanksgiving, NOT Black Friday. When I was younger there was no such thing as “black friday.” It was still a favored day for shopping and the newspapers had additional sales flyers, calling it, “The Day After Thanksgiving Sale.” Retail stores saw an opportunity to capitalize on this so suddenly this day became a tradition later to be called “Black Friday.” Now they have even added, “Cyber Monday” just in case you didnt go out and shop. Where does it end?

Over time, the shopping day has overshadowed the true holiday. This speaks volumes of our obsession with commercialism. Sure, the economy is bad and needs the stimulation provided by the busiest shopping day of the year. I get that. But what about losing the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Or for even celebrating Thanksgiving at all for that matter? People are abandoning the holidays, yet they still celebrate the shopping days. This is yet another sign of how logic and truth are being turned upside down and common sense is falling into extinction. Take back your holidays! Take the day off of work and celebrate it with your loved ones. Take the time to relax, celebrate life and enjoy those around you.

So, let’s put our focus where it should be – Thanksgiving! Giving thanks and giving reasons for others to give thanks for you. I have already covered my thoughts for giving thanks, celebrating appreciation and enjoying the holiday of gratitude no matter where you live. I would now like to turn the focus to making sure that each one of us gives others in our lives reasons to appreciate our presence. We place our focus on appreciating others, but I encourage you to also give consideration to focusing on making sure others appreciate you.

I will use “warriorship” as a way to illustrate my point. Please hang with me and you will soon see how it applies to you even if you are not a martial artist or a military soldier.

One of the pioneers of the Bujinkan, Jack Hoban, talks about how a warrior should enter a room and have others feel safer because the warrior is there. I am paraphrasing, but that’s the basic idea. Wonderful thought isn’t it? In my opinion, a real warrior is not centered in ego, they are centered in spirit. A real warrior does not need to enter a room with the attitude of, “I’m here! Look at me! Look at me!” A true warrior enters a room and expresses the attitude of, “Wow! Look at you!” Their presence alone somehow makes others feel safe and secure – and loved. Whether you are a warrior in any sense of the word or not, you can offer this same sense of presence during the Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure that others feel better because you are there, that their holiday enjoyment is increased by your presence. Give them a reason to be grateful for you.

A true warrior is someone who not only stands for peace, but actively promotes it from their heart. It is not about fighting others. It is the ability to be victorious over oneself. The authentic meaning behind the Japanese kanji “Bu” or “Wu” in Chinese (武) addresses this. While its meaning is loosely translated into martial or military, it actually translates as “halting conflict” and comes from the ancient Chinese pictograph of someone stopping two spears from attacking to put a halt to the fighting. A true warrior is someone who has entered into battle with their own ego and has subdued their ego on the bloody battlefield of the mind.

A true Spiritual Warrior is a step above, they are someone who has not only stepped onto the battlefield to confront the ego, but they are someone who has forged their spirit in the fires of their own fears. A Spiritual Warrior has overcome their ego and holds it at bay every day. They have opened their heart to have the strength to live as their authentic self. They are powerful enough within themselves that they can openly uplift and inspire others. Their actions assist others to feel safe, loved, and that they are always left with the best of you. Being a Spiritual Warrior you are always willing and able to give the best of yourself to everyone you come into contact with. Being a Spiritual Warrior is about more than using a buzz-term for yourself, it is about the process of true Spiritual Expansion.

What behavior will you be offering those you spend Thanksgiving with? Are you powerful enough to offer the very best of yourself in ways that allows them to give thanks for your presence? Where will you be placing your focus this Thanksgiving; on giving thanks, or shopping? Let’s take back the true meaning of the holidays and celebrate them the way they deserve. Don’t miss a chance to raise your vibration through gratitude and share your love with others for the opportunity to save a few bucks on something that will soon end up in a garage sale for $2.

Give your best, heart-felt love, attention and presence to those around you this Thanksgiving, and every day after. Stay focused on what is real and remember to celebrate the true holiday. Make sure that everyone who interacts with you is left with the sense of knowing that they have experienced the best possible you. It’s important to give thanks, but I also respectfully encourage you to offer others reasons to give thanks and to give thanks for you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love you and wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

Expansion Express – 3 Things You Must Avoid This Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Robert here.

For all of you who pay close attention, you may notice that I usually replace the word avoid with evade. This is a very conscious action on my part and for the details of why I do that, check out my book Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide To Living A Fully Engaged Life. That’s right, I am not going to reveal why I do that in this blog. 🙂 For my Thanksgiving message however, I am using “avoid” to connect in a certain way and to stress the importance of a few things that you may want to keep out of your holiday experience in order to enjoy it fully engaged. Especially if you are serious about your spiritual Expansion.

I am aware that Thanksgiving is a few days away, but I wanted to share this with you so you had time to impliment it into your life, should you choose to do so. I know many people reading this blog live outside the United States and may not celebrate Thanksgiving. To all of you, I say keep reading because this applies to you too. I would also like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation for you being a part of what we are creating together here at Expansive Expressions and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

My fiance’ and I celebrate a number of holidays that are not necessarily traditional American holidays. We celebrate Chinese New Year. We hang the banners and make traditional Chinese dumplings the way we were taught on Wudang Mountain. We celebrate Japanese Golden Week by taking a few days off at that time to have some fun, do some mountain hiking and exploring more great places in the area. We even celebrate an ancient Egyptian holiday in praise of Hathor. My point is that you need not be confined by the holidays of your particular country, celebrate any holiday from anywhere in the world that resonates with you! We are all one people, we are all brothers and sisters, and the boarders of our countries cannot truly separate us unless we allow it. Expand your sense of self past any confines and embrace the entire world and everyone one in it.

This is one reason why Bujinkan Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi refers to himself as a UFO. He does not confine the definition of who he is to the boarders or culture of just one nation. He is of the entire world and embraces all cultures. I love that. I also do my best to live by that wonderful example he sets for us.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that goes far beyond the Native Americans and Pilgrims. The essence of this holiday is Gratitude. This is first and foremost. It also offers the opportunity to give, share and come together in harmony. These are the focal points of Thanksgiving. I feel that it would be amazing to have everyone throughout the globe celebrate a “Day of Appreciation.” A day of “Giving Thanks.”

If you are serious about your personal and spiritual Expansion, then take a look at the 3 things I recommend that you avoid this Thanksgiving in order to keep your vibration high and enjoy the holiday in the manner in which it was intended.

1. Avoid celebrating black friday instead of Thanksgiving! An increasingly large number of people are skipping right by Thanksgiving (and many other holidays), opting to work or just ignore the holiday altogether in order to have the day off to shop on black friday. They have it all backwards! Of course the profit hungry stores are more than happy to accommodate the perceived need for more materialistic possessions by opening on Thanksgiving and forcing employees to miss the holiday. I know times are tough, but this is not about the need for business survival, it is simply about the greed of commercialism. Forcing low paid employees to work on a holiday is simply inexcusable greed that demonstrates their lack of any real compassion and nothing more.

The focus is not supposed to be on you getting more stuff. It’s supposed to be on you giving to others. It’s about giving the best of yourself to them and fully engaging them during your time together. It’s not about fighting a neighbor for what you are being led to believing is a “deal,” but coming together in harmony and open-hearted sharing. After all, not spending the money in the first place allows you to save even more, don’t you think? It’s about connecting to others, not getting over on them. Celebrating black friday more than Thanksgiving is a tell-tale sign that you are leading a completely ego-driven life. You may attempt to fool yourself (the ego always plays dirty that way) by claiming that it is so you can purchase holiday gifts for people, but we all see the truth.

Go out and shop if you like on Friday, but don’t sacrifice the real holiday in the process, and try your best to hold that feeling of appreciation for others even while you are elbow to elbow in the crowds that you chose to be a part of. Thanksgiving may only be one day, but the feeling is meant to be carried in your heart throughout the entire year. Respect each other, offer a little consideration and exercise patience. I feel it’s sad to have a holiday focused on gratitude and then people toss those feelings aside the very next day to push, shove, fight and even kill others over some silly thing in a store that you don’t really need or want anyway. How quickly we allow the spirit of the holiday to fade from our consciousness. Embrace the essence of the holiday, holding it in your heart and mind.

We choose to make a magnificent dinner. I mean a feast fit for the most noble of royalty! We are blessed to be able to eat this way and we know it. We have some fine Napa Valley wine. We play light uplifting, romantic music. We go into the kitchen together and prepare the food joyfully and side-by-side. We have special snacks that we enjoy throughout the day while a beautiful, organic, free-range turkey slowly cooks to perfection in the oven. We take the day to relax, enjoy each other and set aside any work obligations. We spend great quality time together and really be together. We take time from the moment we wake up in the morning to offer appreciation for all the amazing things this life has to offer. We don’t wait to do that just around the dinner table, we do it all day long from the moment the day begins. We take a moment to reflect upon the delectable feast we created and offer heart-felt words of appreciation for the turkey that gave its life for our holiday meal, for all the tasty dishes and for the blessing that is our life together, before we begin to eat. As we begin eating, we do so slowly as to experience each bite. We savor the comforting flavors that so eloquently represent this holiday.

Remember that the TRUE holiday is about Gratitude, Sharing, and Coming Together in Harmony. Celebrate and focus on the spirit in which it is intended and you will keep your vibration up and maybe even raise it to an all new level. Allow your heart to open and share your love with those who are most important to you. This can be joyfully embraced and celebrated by anyone, anywhere in the world. I respectfully invite every one of you to join my fiance’ and I in celebrating Thanksgiving in a spiritually uplifting manner, the way it was intended.

2. Avoid the family drama! Remember that first and foremost Thanksgiving is about gratitude. Appreciation, love and bliss are the highest vibrational emotions we have and the holiday is meant to support that. Anyone serious about their spiritual growth would not hesitate to avoid a situation that will be filled with unnecessary drama. Contrary to common belief – you are not obligated to spend time with your family if they create a holiday of drama. If you feel the obligation to do so, then either you secretly crave the drama or you are allowing someone else to place the weight of their expectations around your neck. neither option is living from the space of authenticity. Ideally, we can summon our warrior spirit and hold the brightness of our vibration high even in the midst of those attempting to create drama. But frankly, I find this to be exhausting and tolerable at best, and the holiday was meant for relaxing and enjoying.

I choose to keep my vibration up at all times. When I am around others I make the conscious choice to assist in raising their vibration and offering feelings of love and safety. If the thought of spending the holiday with your family causes you feelings of dread or discontent, then you need to examine the situation and give some thought to speaking to them, sharing your concerns in a respectful and considerate manner. If they are resistant, then give some serious thought to spending a quiet holiday at home with someone special where your vibration can be raised instead of compromised.

Living from the space of authenticity means that you make conscious decisions based on your greater good and not due to the false obligatory pressure applied by others. This is not selfish, even though we are told that by those attempting to place this pressure on us, it is doing what you feel in your heart is in your own best interest and supports your authentic life. If your family members honestly valued their time together then there would be no need for drama. When my brother and I get together, as he is nearly all the family I have left, there is never drama between us. We respect and love each other and I do everything in my power to offer him a positive experience by giving the best of myself during our brief time together.

Spending time with your family should be an exciting time filled with love, joy and appreciation. It should be fun. Thanksgiving with your family should be a time to set aside any differences and rise to the occasion of the holiday. The holiday should be larger than petty differences. Thanksgiving should be a time to honor your grandparents and parents, reconnect with your siblings like when you were kids, and sharing the best of yourself with them. If your family dynamic does not allow for this due to toxic family members (which unfortunately is a reality), then change the dynamic by having your own holiday. My youngest daughter and her fiance’ are having their own quiet holiday and I lovingly support that. I state my desire to family for this type of behavior very clearly and if anyone feels they cannot hold themselves to this high of a standard for even one day, then I don’t place myself in that situation that would not allow me to feel gratitude and embrace the holiday with a high vibration.

3. Avoid separate holidays from your spouse or special someone! The holiday focuses on coming together in harmony and love. Being away from your spouse or special person is kind of the opposite of that, don’t you think. Be together. I know there are those occasions when this cannot be helped. No matter where you go or how you decide to celebrate the holiday, do it with each other. This should be the person you have the most appreciation for and spending it apart is not the best way to show it.

The trend of spending holidays and vacations apart is not a healthy one for relationships. I don’t care what any so-called relationship expert claims. My relationship advice is that if you or your spouse desire separate holidays or vacations, then you seriously need to re-examine that relationship and be honest with yourselves and each other.

The idea behind Thanksgiving is to spend time with those you are most grateful for in your life. That could be friends, family or just you and your spouse. The important thing is the togetherness. We need this time to reconnect more deeply to one another, taking a break from the busyness of our lives to truly embrace the company of those we love and express of thankfulness for having them in our life. Make sure to share your feelings with those you love on Thanksgiving. Feel it on your heart, say the words, and give the warm hug, kisses and bro-shakes.

I have taken the idea of Thanksgiving and I apply it to every day of my life. I created the “Appreciation Activation Process” whereby every morning as soon as I awaken, I don’t move in bed. I stay in the position I woke up in, open my eyes, feel my entire body and begin to count my blessings. I offer thanks for being able to draw another breath, because I know the feeling of having it taken away and fading into oblivion. I offer thanks for my heart taking another beat, because I know the feeling of having it stop and slipping from this life. I offer thanks for the incredible Divine blessing of getting even one more day to live, because I have been face-to-face with the possibility of my last. I then review all the amazing people, places and things in my life and feel so much appreciation for the life I get to experience that a tear (or tears) of joy stream down my cheek onto the pillow. I watch the tear as it evaporates into the fabric of my pillow where it’s essence remains, patiently waiting to re-emerge again in the tranquility of my dreams. It is only then that I allow myself to move and rise from the bed. That’s how I begin my day – with “giving thanks.”

Please leave a simple comment below containing at least one thing you are very grateful for in your life. leave one item per comment and feel free to leave as many comments as you like. I would really love to hear about all the wonderful things people appreciate about their lives, creating a list for all of us to share together. Even if you visit this blog and have never left a comment, just one brief line is fine. Sharing the great adventure that is our lives is what this blog is all about!

From Amy and I to all of you – Have the most joyous Thanksgiving ever! We love and appreciate having all of you in our lives, whether we have met you in person or have yet to experience that pleasure. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Expansion Express – 3 Ways To Keep Connection Through Technology

Hey everyone! Robert here>

I often discuss how technology dehumanizes us through emotional disconnection. While we text, email, tweet, and post on Facebook; nothing is better than good ol’ face-to-face interaction. The energy and emotional exchange that takes place from heart to heart when we are standing with a friend or loved one is vital to our nature as human beings. The more we peer into a little screen as we communicate instead of looking into each other’s eyes, the more we lose our connection to one another.

The danger in this, besides losing the heart connection to someone we love, is that this form of disconnection causes the ego to justify its false feelings of being separate from everyone else. As this happens our ego becomes larger and more dominant and we take ourselves farther away from and spiritual or personal growth. Remember that we cannot have ego and essence (spirit) at the same time. Let’s face it, in the new era we are entering, as a people we cannot afford to allow our ego’s to keep becoming more dominant. The insanity caused by the ego is already collectively rampant the world over.

In light of that, while it is necessary to communicate by all of the electronic means I shared above. My question is how can we keep our heart open, our ego in check and still have time efficient, meaningful interactions with each other through technology? Well, here are 3 ways to do just that….

1. When texting, to your friend, family member, or that special person…. end the text with “I love you.” As long as your relationship has reached that point, of course. If you are not at that point in your relationship, then substitute it with something like, “I will be thinking of you.” or whatever works for you. Whenever possible end your text with “I love you.” This goes for your friends as well. I love my friends, all of them, and I don’t have a problem expressing that to them. The main thing is to type out the entire phrase. Evade using the cutesy “I heart you” thing. This is fun and trendy, but you need to actually type out the word love and they need to read it. Nor should you substitute the you with “U.” These things just make me feel as though you either don’t have time for me or just don’t care enough about me to write it out.

Love is the most powerful, positive word in the Universe, to me it is a way to set the highest vibration and its a great description of God. Short-cutting the word love is not always good thing. When you type it out it offers you the ability to feel it, as it does the person you are sending it to. This raises both of your vibrations. Finding time-efficient short-cuts to express ourselves is part of the dehumanizing problem. Just remember, “I – Love – You.” Let’s be honest, you almost always have time to write it out. This idea could apply to your tweets as well.

2. Emailing is becoming a thing of the past too, I know. Why? Because texting and tweeting is shorter, faster, and easier. This is fine for some things, but email when you can in order to connect more deeply with someone. Emailing is great as you can make a brief sentence at the end to share something personal with them, express your appreciation for them being such an important part of your life, or other personal form of communication such as your expressions of love. Remember, emailing replaced writing letters and what are hand-written letters famous for? Being love letters. Hand written letters carried emotional content because one’s writing is an expression of their emotions. The energy of the emotions flows through one’s arm, into their hand, and out of their fingertips through the pen and onto the paper. Any calligraphy master knows this. Typing does not allow for this, it is cold and dead in comparison to handwriting, but we can still type out the words to express the feelings in our heart. It’s far better than nothing.

3. When posting on Facebook keep your message brief and use the extra time to message someone to create a more direct, personal line of communication. Send a friend, family member, or whoever a private message as a way to give a more personalized sense of communication and connection. When someone messages me on Facebook, I know they are willing to take the time to interact with me. It feels as though that interaction is important to them – and me. This makes others feel good and fuels your relationship and connection. Always make a moment to express how important your friends, family and that special person are to you, that you love and appreciate them.

Keeping these simple ideas in mind as you use modern technological methods of communication will help you to keep the ego subdued and remember that we are all very deeply connected to one another. It will help you to keep the open-hearted communication going until you have the ability to interact with the person face-to-face. Technology allows us to stay connected to people while we are thousands of miles away. That is truly amazing! Now, it’s just up to us to use it wisely. What a paradox; that we are being continuously presented with newer, easier and less expensive ways to communicate with each other, connecting ourselves throughout the world, yet we are becoming more disconnected than ever. It’s not the technology that’s causing it, its our extremely busy lives, our racing minds, our ego, and in some cases, a bit of laziness on our parts.

Keep your heart in your communications. If I am going to make the effort to communicate with anyone, I want it to be an emotionally positive interaction. If possible, I prefer to call them so I can hear their voice or Skype with them so I can see and hear them. Use your daily communications as a way to help you subdue your ego instead of feeding it. Don’t allow the ego to win. Human beings as a species will not survive that. We cannot allow the ego to be the reason for our extinction. Find ways to subdue the ego in everything you do and not only will you make large strides in your personal spiritual Expansion, but you will be helping the collective human species shift from an ego-based to essence-based reality.

I think of so many of you individually and collectively as I write or film these blogs. I do my best to speak from my heart to yours. I love and appreciate each one of you as my personal friend. That goes for every single person reading this, no matter if we have ever had the good fortune to meet or not. I do not view others as not being my friend until we meet and establish a friendship, I consider everyone to be my friend as I know very well that we are already deeply connected. So my fine friends, have a wonderful day and make sure to celebrate the upcoming holiday of “Gratitude” no matter where you live in the world. Any reason to celebrate appreciation and raise your vibration is a wonderful holiday to me! I see your greatness, make sure you do too.

Expansion Express – Open Mind or No Mind?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

One of the most common questions I get asked today is “What can I do to quiet my mind?” People have come to me in tears from the unceasing mental chatter they have in their heads 24-7. They tell me they are unable to focus, that they can’t rest well or even have inner peace because the thoughts keep hammering away at them. They just want some peace and quiet. Sound familiar?

I have been sending brief “tweets” on Twitter regarding this for days now. Hopefully offering some insights into the area of No-Mind. No-Mind or “Mushin” is a term that is used in many esoteric systems of the East and West. They may have their own cultural label for it, but it always translates into “No-Mind.” This is an extremely vital factor in spiritual and personal growth and one that is often avoided within the teachings of many modern spiritual gurus. Why? Because you must go beyond mediation in order to achieve this level of (no)mind. Many people today choose to believe it is merely a myth or legend of the old martial arts masters. But they are wrong and as soon as they choose to believe that the state of No-Mind is the stuff of legends, they block themselves from being able to attain it.

No-Mind refers to the ability to still your thoughts – all of them. In this mental state there are no thoughts, no intentions, nothing. Yet there is an incredible awareness for everything that arrises. An expansiveness of knowing from within. There is a deep sense of inner peace, yet a profound sense of connection and ability to sense the thoughts and intentions of others and the environmental energy all around you. In this state, your body seems to act on its own. It is not that there is nothing happening in the mind, it is that you have moved beyond the need for mind altogether.

I can assure you that this is very real. It is well-known by all of my personal martial arts teachers and they possess this ability. If they did not, I would not bother training under them. While practicing Taiji Push-Hands with Grand Master Zhong in Wudang China, we performed this together from a state of No-Mind and it was a truly incredible experience. He seemed a bit startled at first that I could drop into that mental non state, then he grinned and away we went. Through my own experiences I have found too, that there are stages or various degrees of depth associated with this. This mental state or more accurately, this non-mental state is for everyone, not just martial artists or practitioners of Zen.

There are 3 basic states of mind while we are in human form. There is a closed mind, and open mind and No-Mind. No-Mind will help you to quiet your mind, bring your thoughts to stillness, and offer you a glimpse of the limitless mind of the Divine. The Japanese term “Mushin” translates as No (void) Heart/Mind. Heart/Mind is the proper (ancient) translation of the Japanese word “shin.”

People with closed minds have fixed beliefs that they cannot have threatened by new experiences or knowledge. There mind is like a closed-door. Allowing nothing in or out. This is a fearful and ego-based frame of mind rooted in the resistance to change. They form concrete beliefs that prevent them from learning, growing or making any real progress in spiritual advancement. Many people today have closed minds regarding religion, politics, and sports. A closed mind for one thing is a closed mind to all things. It should be noted that the favorite technique for brain-washing is to fill someone’s mind with what they want them to believe and then they frighten them into closing their mind under the childish notion that evil cannot get in. In reality, the evil has already gotten in and now cannot get out.

People with open minds have beliefs that are more fluid in nature, they are willing to change, grow and learn. They begin to flow with the natural winds of change. There mind is like an open door, inviting new experiences and new knowledge. The open mind allows you to be open to new possibilities and the wonder of life. The open mind is like a door that is left open allowing things to come in and go out. However, even an open door can still be closed at times and then reopened – this should be understood. Having an open mind usually correlates with having an open heart and the willingness to accept change. Anyone with any real sense knows that an open mind is a good thing.

People with No-Mind are very rare. The amount of people I have met who truly possess this ability can be counted on one hand. No-Mind is beyond description. It must be experienced to be known and understood. There is no intellectual means to grasp it. No-Mind is a paradox. When you achieve No-Mind you actually open to a level where the Universal mind flows freely through you. In No-Mind, there are no doors, no door frames, and no building structure at all – it is freedom. With No-Mind, there is no longer the need for beliefs.

This passage by Osho says it beautifully. Osho grasps No-Mind, which means he had truly achieved it.
“A wise man will look open-minded to you; in fact he is without mind, not open-minded. You can be open-minded and closed-minded; a wise man is a no-mind. But no-mind appears as open-minded, at the most. It is so profound you cannot understand. At the most you can understand that this man is very open, his mind is not closed, but you don’t know that he has no mind to close. He is not open-minded, he is simply a no-mind.” – Osho – (Absolute Tao, 2012)

The first step is to know that No-Mind exists and is real. It is the goal of meditators, martial artists and spiritual seekers alike. Yet, it is elusive to most. The second step is to begin sitting quietly and observing your thoughts. Understand the nature of how they rise and fall like the tides. Do not judge them, simply observe them. The third step is to begin focusing on the space between your thoughts. Even if it seems that there is none, I assure you there is. It may be extremely brief, but you will begin to catch that gap between them. The fourth step is to begin focusing on the gap or “empty space” between your thoughts and attempt to hold that space so it lasts longer. Then you will begin to make progress and start to feel more at peace. these steps will help you to begin on the path of quieting your mind. The actual process of attaining No-Mind is far too involved for a brief blog.

I have created the most comprehensive system available that will allow you the means to study the path of attaining No-Mind. I hope to be able to help all of you to achieve this so it does not take you decades as it did for me, going through the scattered traditional approach. I have narrowed down all of the various practices I have been taught, and spent 30 years studying, to the best-of-the-best, the practices that have the greatest impact and effectiveness, and I have compiled them into an easy to follow course that will be available soon. If you are serious about attaining mental tranquility, inner peace, and the highest state of human mind, you will not want to pass up this opportunity. This is one of the greatest ways I have found to serve the best interest of others.

Expansion Express – 3 ways To Connect To Nature While You’re At Your Desk

Hey everyone! Robert here!

Many jobs today require sitting at a desk staring into a computer screen all day. With the economy poised to fall over the fiscal cliff any moment and decent paying jobs continuing to leave the U.S. so quickly, there are many more “home-office entrepreneurs” than ever before. This has the potential to be a great situation. I can relate, I am in the same place as an author and entrepreneur. As an Expansion Expert connected to Heaven, Earth and Being, I feel that this greatly limits our interaction with Nature (Earth) thereby having a detrimental impact on our well-being.

As you know, human beings require interaction and a deep connection to Nature in order to be healthy. Our mental health, emotional health, physical health and even spiritual health are all positively effected by Nature. Breathing fresh air, instead of recirculated temperature controlled air is always healthier for us. Appreciating the beauty around us is beneficial to our mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Moving our bodies as opposed to sitting sedentary all day is necessary as well. We do require sunlight too. Everyone seems to fear it these days, but we need it. How much more energized do you feel on a sunny day than an overcast, drizzly day? There are numerous proven scientific studies on the effects of human beings interacting with Nature. You get the point, right?

So, I would like to share with you three super fast and easy ways to improve your connection with Nature while you are sitting in your office or home office. These ideas will have a positive effect on your mental, emotional and physical states and enhance your spiritual growth. You may have to modify these things depending upon the rules where you work, don’t get yourself in trouble. But, if your office is at home like mine, its extremely easy to implement. I respectfully invite you to give them a try.

1. Take your shoes and socks off and sit at your desk with bare feet. Curl your toes a bit into the floor a few times and even rub the balls of your feet on the floor in a forward sliding motion that causes your toes to fan out. Do this a couple of times every hours or when you feel the need. If you do work at home, then I recommend taking your computer outdoors from time to time and sitting on your deck, porch, in a lawn chair or even sitting outdoors at your favorite coffee shop or lunch spot. I have been known to take my laptop out in the park by the waterfall and pond while I write. One of the chapters in my book was partially written there. You should also keep in mind that your body’s circulatory system begins to shut down after you have been sitting for about 1 hour. The circulatory system is the key to health and longevity. I recommend getting up and walking around or even performing some light stretches for a few minutes at least every hour to keep the fluids moving in your body.

2. Have a window nearby that you can look out. Hopefully with a view of Nature and not a highway or another highrise, that defeats the purpose. Just being able to see trees, the sky, the ground and hearing the birds has a positive effect. If possible, open the window to feel, smell, and enjoy the fresh breeze as it gently enters into your office. If there are no windows, an adequate substitute will be to have a scenic photograph of Nature hanging where it catches your attention. Paintings are great, but not for this, a photograph is far more powerful. office building filled with little windowless cubicles are not conducive to human health. They were a terrible invention that limits human interaction with one another and nature. While they were designed to maximize employee focus, this is a prison, not a productive work environment. No wonder so many people are stuck in their heads! Companies today need to be mindful and use a green management model, not just green for the environment, but for the immediate environment of the employees as well.

3. Have a live plant or flowers nearby. Artificial plants are obviously of little help, so evade using them whenever possible. Have a plant, flowers, or whatever you prefer. Then, the trick is to remain conscious of it, don’t allow yourself to filter it out after a while, stay connected to it – its beauty, its scent, its presence.

These three simple things will help you to take action and responsibility for your own health and well-being even when you are in an environment that you may not have total control over. They will help you to be more sensitive to your surroundings and it’s effects on you. It’s important to remain mindful of your health no matter where you are or what you are doing. We have jobs to do, so why not make it as enjoyable and beneficial as we can? I am sure you have other brilliant ideas too. I am providing here, the three that I consider to be the most important and helpful to our over-all well-being. Don’t feel you have to stop there. Enjoy!

Expansion Express – Accept Only The Best!

Hey everyone! Robert here.

I woke up this morning at 5:15am filled with energy and desire to begin the day. My eyes were bright and I was mentally and physically rejuvenated from a good nights rest. I felt great. The energy around me felt great. Maybe because it’s 11/11? 😉 The truth is that I wake up this way nearly every single day. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as my grandpa used to say with a grin.

I went through my Appreciation Activation process in order to get my heart open wide and ready to embrace the day. There are far too many things to list here that I appreciate about my life, but it’s like applying the feeling and idea of Thanksgiving every single day. I mentally review all the things I am grateful for before I get out of bed. I have no set time for this, but I usually go through the process until a tear rolls down the side of my cheek. Tears of appreciation and joy are a great indicator that your heart is open. I offer a detailed review of this concept in my book, Expansion Mastery. I then got my day started.

I couldn’t help but consider something that has become the core of my daily activity – the ability to start each day being the best me I can possibly be and giving the best of myself. I strive to give the best of myself throughout the entire day, no matter what arrises. It’s far too easy to blame someone or something for our bad moods or for even when we are having a bad day. We all have our off days, its part of the natural human cycle we experience. The important thing is to accept and remember is that we make our own experiences. Therefore, blaming a bad day on someone else or something else is nothing more than a silly excuse and refusal to accept personal responsibility.

If someone yells at you first thing when you get to work, that does not have to put you in a bad mood or cause you to have a bad day. If you allow it to negatively impact you that way, then that is your choice and not the fault of the person who yelled. No one can make you have a bad day unless you give them the power to do so. When you hold onto that power you can be yelled at and then continue on with your day with a smile, not allowing it to cause you to give less of yourself or buy into the drama and take it out on others. I’m not saying to ignore them, I am suggesting that you listen to what they say, consider their viewpoint, and then trying to give an entirely new level of your best to your job. You can do this with a smile on your lips and in your heart. You do not have to allow that situation to lower your vibrational frequency, just because it has lowered theirs. You can make the conscious choice to hold a higher vibration in light of such situations.

Too often, I hear people teaching others who claim that “it’s natural for a person’s emotions (vibration) to be up and down like a roller coaster all day. That’s a healthy human emotional experience.” I respectfully disagree with them. That, is the natural human emotional experience of the spiritually unaware and someone who is making no effort in personal growth. That is someone who is an unconscious slave to their own emotions and everyone around them. The way of the more spiritually enlightened and those on the path of real, practical personal growth is to develop the ability to level out their emotional experience, raising their vibration and then holding it high. Soon, this becomes your base state. You are still feeling emotions, maybe even more so, but you remain in control of them instead of allowing them to mindlessly control you. This is a necessary component within spiritual advancement.

Learning to develop this inner strength in order to hold your own center is one aspect of what is called “Fudoshin” in Japanese martial and spiritual arts. Fudoshin means “immovable heart/mind.” In other words, you do not allow others or situations to shake the openness of your heart or disrupt the calmness of your mind. This is a vital part of true spiritual growth. In this way, even if one were to come face to face with death itself, you can hold your smile and a lightness of heart. Ever see the hieroglyphs in Egypt? They depict the judgement after death by weighing one’s heart. If it’s heavy, they do not ascend, if their heart is light (which is indicated by being drawn with wings), then they get to ascend. A heavy heart is symbolic of the heart being closed and filled with resistance and regret. Like most truths, they are a paradox, so too is the heart. To be light and open, yet immovable, is the spiritual goal of the human heart.

So, mindfully give the best of yourself in every aspect of your life. Are you offering your best on the job or are you just skating by in an attempt to get through the day? Having a job that you love and doing your absolute best at it is how the work experience was meant to be. Are you giving your all to your job? If you are toiling away at a job you don’t like, with people who you do not resonate with, wishing for the time clock to hurry up and tick away the hours so you can be free, then you are in the wrong place and you’re wishing your life away. Believe me, I know from personal experience with this and everything I will share here.

Are you giving the best you have to offer every day in your relationship? Are you embracing that relationship with honesty, loyalty and love, or are you looking for ways to control, manipulate, play games and take advantage of your partner? Are you entering into that relationship every morning with enthusiasm and energy or are you just putting up with your situation? Are you giving the best you can give in your relationship? Are you being as caring and thoughtful as you possibly can? Are you freely giving of your love to other person? This one is most important and the one so many people handle incorrectly. Your relationship should have you waking up each morning excited to have your eyes open for the first time that day enabling you to gaze upon the person you love most in the world lying beside you. It should fill your heart with joy to see their peaceful face as they sleep and have the ability to wrap your arms around them and gently give them a kiss. You should be excited to begin talking with them about the days events and things, knowing you get to share another incredible day together.

What about your hobbies and interests? Are you giving the best of yourself in that area as well? everyone needs to have a hobby or interest, it’s not mentally healthy to do nothing at all. This is your own personal interest. This is not about your kids or your pets, and sitting on the sofa with your eyes glued to the television cop drama does not count. Do you have a hobby that allows you to give the best of who you are? This is supposed to be something you truly enjoy; are you engaging it fully with excitement or are you just giving it a half-assed effort? We all have interests, they are generally part of who we are and what our life purpose is about. Are you embracing the things you like to do? Do you get excited at the idea of it being time to participate in something that resonates with you on some deep level? Do you give it your all and engage it in a way that allows you to be deeply affected by it and maybe allows your to affect others deeply too? When you give your best to your hobby, it stops being something you do and becomes a part of who you are. I cannot accept the excuse that you are too busy to enjoy a hobby – I know better than most that there is always time that can be made. Make the time for yourself.

Imagine how different your world might be is you were committed to giving your very best to every aspect of your life. Imagine how much more enjoyable your life experience would be. Imagine how happy and blessed you would feel every day and how exciting your life would be. Imagine a world where we all strived to give our best. Now, stop imagining it and do it! Accept only the best of yourself and project that into the world, into everything you do. When you accept only your best, you begin attracting more reasons to give the best of yourself into your life.

Expansion Express – Do You Treat Your Pet Better Than Your Neighbor?

Hey everyone! Robert here.

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I am a pet lover. It runs in my family. My Dad owned a number of great aquarium and pet supply stores in Michigan. Growing up I had the most incredible dog ever; a purebred Samoyed named Snowflake. She had more personality than any other pet I have ever had. She was my childhood buddy. My fiance’ and I currently don’t have a pet because of the amount of traveling we do and how incredibly busy we are; we are not able to offer the proper amount of attention and care it would deserve.

Snowflake and I from January 19, 1977

Here’s Snowflake and I on January 19, 1977. Snowflake is the cute one. 🙂

Let’s face it, many of us treat our pets as if they were human beings. I think it’s hilarious when I see little dogs wearing hoodies, especially bulldogs! I see the trend of dressing pets in human clothes continuing to grow. It’s far better than dressing up those damn fake geese that sit on the front porches in the mid-west. This got me wondering about some things though, such as if our priorities are always in the right place. We normally treat our pets really well; in many cases far better than we treat one another. I feel it’s time for us to be concerned about such things and make some changes. It’s time to treat other people with courtesy, consideration, compassion, respect, love and all the other characteristics with which we treat our pets.

It deeply saddens me to see anyone abuse an animal in any way. Actually, to be truthful, I just won’t stand for it. Yet, human beings are abusing one another so much that it doesn’t seem to even phase us anymore. This is a problem and it shows the level of disconnection with others that we are facing at this point in time. I’m all for protecting and saving animals; however, I am also all for protecting and saving other human beings as well. I feel it’s time for us, as the people of the world, to strengthen our heart connections to all other people. We need vast improvement in the area of looking out for each other. We do a good job looking out for ourselves and in most cases looking out for our pets. The area in which we are the biggest slackers is in the area of caring for our fellow beings.

How we can we be so disconnected from one another as human beings that we treat others without consideration and allow human suffering while we spoil and pamper our pets? Let’s look at this in the terms of the world’s children as an example. We even allow children to suffer and go hungry while our pets eat gourmet foods and treats. Children are homeless while our pets are living in style in comfortable homes, and some even have their own furniture. Children are wearing dirty clothes that we would not even dress our pets in, while our pets are parading around in expensive human-like clothing.

I find it unacceptable that some of the world’s children have no bed at night to sleep in, yet our dogs and cats have their own warm, fluffy beds. I could not imagine having gone to sleep each night without my own warm, comfy bed to snuggle into as a child. I always felt so safe and secure, being tucked in by a loving mother. My heart aches for those children who do not get to experience that in their young lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing pets being so cared for. I just think we need to connect to other people with at least the same level of caring. I mean all people, not just people you know, but everyone without exception.

This is why I am striving to give back, to serve others through my new (reinvented) life. My non-profit organization will specialize in helping disabled children and orphaned children in other countries. We have visited a orphange in Egypt and it was heartbreaking. Children have not yet remembered that they have the ability to create their lives, they depend on the kindness and compassion of adults to care for them. It seems to me that we could be doing a better job.

According to the online source “Hunger Notes,” there are over 13-16 million children who experience hunger in the U.S. alone. The number for homeless children is estimated at 1.5 million in the U.S. That’s just the children! It’s alarming and incredibly heartbreaking. We are allowing one another to experience hunger and homelessness and all too often people just pretend it isn’t happening unless it happens to them. The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed, and one-third is starving. Every year 15 million children die of hunger.

According to “Thinkquest.org” – Throughout the 1990’s more than 100 million children died from illness and starvation. Those 100 million deaths could have been prevented for the price of ten Stealth bombers, or what the world spends on its military in two days! For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years. We worry more about destroying each other in the name of protecting ourselves than we do caring for each other. Have we truly become so backwards?

We need to begin to care for one another every bit as much (or even more) as our pets. I know it’s not an easy task, but we need to begin by changing our hearts, re-opening them to each other and stop fearing deep human connection. We also need to look deeply within ourselves to decide if having a child right now is the best idea, just as my fiance’ and I did with having a pet right now. It’s time for people to think sensibly about whether or not they are capable of caring properly for a child before they have them. It’s time to stop having children “accidentally” as a way to trap someone into a relationship. We must put an end to “entrapment babies” and have children from a mutual decision of love and desire, not as an attempt to repair a relationship that was not meant to be.

It’s also time that every one of us began treating other people, with the same love, compassion and sense of caring that we give our pampered pets. It’s time for all of us to rise up, come together and begin caring for each other the way we are supposed to. It’s who we are, or at least who we are supposed to be.

We actively participate in making sure that children get to experience a wonderful Christmas, have a home and get to eat. I am so happy that my book publisher donates a portion of the proceeds from my book and every book they publish to Habitat to Humanity. This is not an attempt to push any charity on you. I am not asking you to open your wallet, I am encouraging you to open your heart. It’s just to show that I live what I teach.

My primary point is that we are all human beings. We are all connected. We are all one. It’s time we stepped up and acted in a manner fitting of a human being; open our hearts and cherish the gift of human connection. We may be of many shades, but we are one people. We are experiencing a time of a great shift, we can shift into caring for each other and mindfully treating one another with love, compassion and respect. I think that would be an amazing start. Don’t you?

Expansion Express – Top 3 Relationship Myths Debunked!

Hey Everyone! Robert here.

I have to say that I am really impressed with the community we are creating here. Your comments are insightful, intelligent and evidence that you are not only getting it, but taking mindful action and applying it. I enjoy seeing you interacting with one another as well. This is a wonderful connection between human beings – between friends. We now have nearly 700 followers (friends) here and I hope to see the comments increase by some of the others who are enjoying what is shared. Things are about to get far more exciting in the very near future.

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I would like to share with you the Top 3 Myths in regards to relationships and marriage. These are mistakes that I continue to see people repeat in articles and books. I also hear people repeat them when giving well-meaning but erroneous advice to others. Repeating it doesn’t make it true. In all fairness, there may have been an ounce of truth to these myths about 60-70 years ago, but they no longer apply to the new era we live in. As we move from the information age to the intuition age life is calling for the “live smarter – not harder” mentality. If we answer that call, we can create a wonderful life for ourselves which includes a healthy, lasting relationship with the right person.

I have shared methods for finding your soul-mate in past blogs. I do not speak from mere theory but from my own actual experience. I am sharing from my life experience of a relationship that has been strong for over 4 years and we still have a mind-blowing blissful relationship. It is not just okay, or good, or even great – its downright amazing! Friends who visited told us how much of an inspiration our relationship is to them. Recently in Las Vegas, we had a complete stranger approach us in the hot tub and tell us we seemed like newly weds when we were swimming in the resort’s pool! The feelings and magic do not fade, not when it’s real. Please know this. I am stating this because my desire is for each of you to have this experience as well, and I know you can have it.

Maybe someday we will see this type of truth and common sense taught to our young people so that they may be guided responsibly into positive, healthy relationships from the beginning. It’s about being properly educated, guided and learning truths instead of mindlessly passing along the common misconceptions of the herd. I know that if I knew then, what I know now – my life would have been very different from the time I was a teenager. Sure, even when you are not walking in your truth there are great things that are created, but when you are walking in the footsteps of your truth, everything is magical. I am eternally grateful for my children, but I realized the rest of my life needed to change, it was simply not meant for me. Thankfully, I was able to experience a massive shift, a personal transformation of sorts and get myself and my life back on the path I was meant to experience. It’s never too late for any of us to set things right and reclaim our natural course in life. Let’s examine these myths….

Myth #1
Marriage or a serious committed relationship takes hard work.
The only reason that a relationship “takes work” is because it is being forced like a square peg in a round hole. It’s not supposed to fit and forcing it will never make it right. Working at the relationship is acknowledging that it is struggling. It should not have to be a struggle. It is most likely a relationship that is not meant to be and those involved are resisting the truth of this by working hard to make it into what they think it should be. This is not the way to happiness.

Forget what you’ve been told and think about it for a moment, feel it in your heart. When you are working hard at something it is requiring a great deal of energy and effort to make it happen. Working at something means that it is not in place and you are attempting to control, manipulate or force it into being what you think you want. All that work is tiring and before long, it simply becomes too much effort. This is not the way to establish a lasting relationship. If you are fortunate enough to be with your soul-mate right now then you already know this. A soul-mate relationship is one of love and ease, everything simply falls into place naturally like a puzzle that puts itself together, and there is absolutely nothing to be “worked” on. You get to be yourself together with someone else being their self and it works in a wonderous and beautiful way.

Myth #2
Marriage or a serious committed relationship requires sacrifice.
Any relationship requiring you (or the other person) to make sacrifices may be a sign that you are not in a healthy, productive relationship with the right person for you. If you have to sacrifice something you love to do for something that goes against what you would truly rather be doing, or giving up some part of yourself; that is not living your authentic truth. Sacrificing your authentic self on any level is not what a healthy relationship is built on. This happens from our well-meaning desire to please the other person. Pleasing your partner is great, but if it requires you to sacrifice who you are, then I believe the outcome is obvious. It is important for every human being to be their authentic self and to keep their sense of individuality even when coming together in the unity of marriage. When you are with your soul-mate, neither of you will find there to be any reason to make sacrifices. Your lives will fit together in such a way that you end up being your authentic self more than ever before. You will spark ways for your partner to expand themselves at the same time while you are doing the same. You will amplify one another’s individuality and as you do, you will find that it deepens your connection and love for each other as a couple.

Myth #3
Marriage or a serious committed relationship involves compromise.
This is probably the most common one out there. The great compromise myth. It amazes me how easily we tend to accept this one. On the surface it sounds like it makes sense though, right? If we peer below the surface however; we discover that it’s a lie. Compromise requires someone to give up something. Something they prefer, a part of who they are, their dreams or aspirations, and so on. How can we believe that this is a good ingredient in the recipe of a healthy marriage? Marriage is not about compromise. If you are living a life of compromise, then you are not living from a place of authenticity. Be courageous and think outside the box for a moment. Step away from the beliefs of the herd and really feel whats right in your heart. In your ideal relationship, do you see yourself giving up things you enjoy? Do you see yourself having to let go of your dreams and the desires you have for yourself and your life in order to create a happy relationship? Of course you don’t, nor should you. The union between two people does not mean compromise. That’s an old point of view which no longer applies to our reality. When you are involved in a relationship with your true soul-mate there is simply no need for compromise. You enjoy most of the same things, have nearly identical desires and you continue to grow together instead of growing apart. You come together on such a deep level that it’s like you are two parts of a whole person. It’s amazing.

I am going to say what others won’t. I do my best to offer practical truth, not the fluff that leaves you feeling good for a moment but fails to fix a single thing in your life. I feel this is important to grasping the truth instead of denying it and if you are here at this blog, then you must be interested in making real personal progress. I always state that real personal growth takes a warrior’s heart, that’s because we must be willing to ask ourselves the hard questions. Then we must also be willing to truly hear the answers. We must be willing to do what others only wish they could. Resist attempts to rationalize the falsehood that things different in your case or that love conquers all, in order to suppress the truth. While it may be easier to argue your way past the truth, denial never fixes anything and it never results in happiness.

It’s no mystery that according to 2012 statistics 59% of marriages end in divorce – but it is incredibly unfortunate. Why? I believe it’s because most people are not with their soul-mates due to not knowing how to seek them out. When this is the case, it’s not long before you grow in different directions and go your separate ways. Now let’s look at the other 41%. How many of these marriages are truly happy? I am not referring to the typical, “I’m comfortable and everything is okay.” I’m talking about being ecstatically happy and living a joyous life. Statistics indicate less than 35% of the 41%! When people are strong enough to be honest, this number is frighteningly low isn’t it? Why? Because so many people remain in relationships that are not with their soul mates and they are truly not happy. They may do this for noble reasons such as to benefit the children, or they do it because its easier than the hassle of a divorce, or they do it because they don’t feel they will be able to be with someone else. The list of excuses go on and on. Excuses are not justifications.

I am not an advocate of divorce. I champion the cause of mutually faithful – mutually happy marriage. That’s why I am writing this, only through seeing the way things are can we make the necessary changes to improve these statistics and bring integrity back to the institution of marriage. I want your relationship to be the amazing experience it was meant to be. I have been through divorce and I never want to experience it again. However, it is in place to allow you to set things right if need be and it’s much better to the alternative of throwing your life away being unhappy and unfulfilled in this lifetime.

For those of you who are looking to find a special someone with which to share your life. I respectfully encourage you to hear these words and keep the concepts in the forefront of your mind. Do not be blinded by lust or convenience. And above all, always, always be true to yourself. If you won’t be, how can you expect anyone else to? True love is out there. Your soul-mate is closer than you think. Make sure to begin your relationship with a similar spiritual foundation, life goals and interests. Communicate openly and honestly with each other from your heart, without compromise, without sacrifice, and without manipulation, the desire to change someone, or using them for an easy ride in life. Be true to yourself and to the other person. May you find your soul-mate and live a live of unified bliss.

For those of you who are already married… I hope you are able to enjoy your happy and healthy relationship. I hope you are with your soul-mate and that this post reflects everything your relationship embodies. I wish you wedded bliss in every possible way. If you (or they) are not happy, then do what is right for you in your own situation. Each of us must walk our own path and from a place of our own truth. You will find that residing in your own heart. May your relationship be the right one.

Expansion Express – My Heart Reflects My Health?

Hey everyone! Robert here!

When we think of being healthy we most often think of being free of illness and disease. These are, of course, crucial factors in our health, but how often do we think about our happiness? We use phrases such as being “happy and healthy,” usually in good wishes towards our friends and family. What we need to consciously realize is that these things do go together, maybe much more than we generally recognize.

As we continue to shift into the new era, it is becoming increasingly important to recognize the factors that play important roles in our health and well-being. I must state for the record that I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on T.V. so this is not to serve as medical advice. It is meant to serve as a means to assist you in taking responsibility for yourself and opening your eyes to a broader perspective of life. While there is already an outstanding amount of research available to support what I am sharing, I will leave that up to you to seek out. I will share what I have come to know as truth from my own personal experience. I hope it helps in your own personal quest for improved well-being.

Our environment impacts our health. By this I am speaking of multiple layers of environment. Where you live in the world effects your health. Where you live in any given country effects your health. Where you live in any given state effects your health. Are you living in an area that is optimal for your health? I am also referring to the household you live in. Obviously a dirty, cluttered living environment is not conducive to your health or well-being. Let’s look at these things more deeply.

When I lived in Michigan I was sick a lot. Far too often. The humidity, dampness, high mold content and so on negatively impacted my health. I am not knocking Michigan; for some people it may help their health, but for me it did not. We are all having individual life experiences so it is crucial that we know ourselves and what’s best for us. Since leaving Michigan and living in a completely different environment, I have been perfectly healthy. No more sinus or respiratory issues! The dampness also invaded my chest and caused severe aching and pressure where my sternum is wired together. I needed to be free from the humidity. Thats why I changed my location in the world and country to a different state. I also changed my home environment; I now live in a home that is kept clean, free of clutter and filled with positive spiritual energy and love. These things have made a huge difference in my health. This area of health may ultimately require you to relocate, it may also require you to alter your living habits or find a new living environment for yourself.

The food you eat obviously impacts your health. Eating locally grown, organic foods has been great for my health. Leaving the world of boxed, pre-packaged, shipped, and fast foods has made a massive, positive impact. Common sense dictates that no GMO’s or other “enhanced” foods are consumed. Seriously, it doesn’t take that much research to find that these things are poison. I had to make major changes in my life in order to begin eating the way I knew I should. I didn’t for a long time and I paid the price. Since I have changed to eating the things we were designed as human beings to consume, I have been much healthier and happier. It just feels good (right) to purchase, prepare and enjoy all natural foods. This area of your health may demand that you make changes in your eating and drinking habits, becoming much more conscious of what you consume. Garbage in – garbage out, right?

Exercising is crucial to your health and well-being. The body is a machine that is meant to move. I have realized the profound benefits that movement has on our health. Through martial arts, qigong and simply getting out in nature and hiking, my health has improved. A sedentary lifestyle is at the core of many physical and mental disorders. When we get off our butts and move it, move it, we stimulate the natural health and healing processes of the body. Not to mention the circulation and immune systems. I have always stayed active and I continue to practice qigong, martial arts, mountain hiking, dance lessons, evening walks in the park, etc. This area may necessitate that you move more, begin an exercise routine, or even simply go for evening walks.

There are so many factors of our lives that play important roles in our health. But perhaps the most important and commonly overlooked area is our emotional state. Your happiness plays a key role in your overall health and well-being. Studies show that your emotions greatly impact your physical and mental health. Put another way, your health is directly related to your emotional state. People who live from a heart-centered state of being are more healthy. People who are unhappy – and you can trick your head, but you cannot deceive your heart! – usually suffer from health issues. Being in control of your emotions, having balanced and centered emotions, letting go of negative emotions and transforming them into positive ones, all help your overall state of health. Living your life of purpose positively impacts your well-being. Living your life from a place of authenticity increases your health. Being truly happy, living a life of joy, feeling your heart open and overflow with feelings of bliss, may be one of the best things you can do for good health.

Once I realized that I was not happy in my life, that I was not living my life purpose, I understood that it negatively impacted my health. My health was a direct reflection of my heart. Can you see the incredible irony!? My heart was closed and unhappy. So what happened to my health? My heart decided it just didn’t want to work anymore. The health issue I faced directly reflected the state of my heart – how’s that for irony!? Please learn from my unfortunate example and prevent this from happening to you by being happy in your life. I was blessed by the Universe and allowed to survive, but I knew that I had no choice but to affect massive change in order to live the life I was supposed to live that would result in my happiness. I have succeeded in doing so. I exceeded happiness and went to living in a place filled with Joy. I didn’t stop there. I kept going until I created a life overflowing with pure bliss – and I have never felt healthier in my entire life! People do not always have physical ailments due to a direct malfunction of the physical form; many times it’s a manifestation of their mental and emotional state. My wish to you is “be happy – be healthy!” It works in that order.