Expansion Express – Can I Trust You?

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I have been tackling, what seems to me, to be some of the trickier topics to share in personal development – forgiveness and trust. While these two concepts are critical to our own healing due to the emotional potholes on the road on life, they are also necessary for us to function as our authentic adult selves.

The conventional thought on forgiveness is that it must end with complete reconciliation and the relationship returns to the way it was. While repairing the relationship is surely the most positive outcome, I contend this model is limiting the potential for growth, and in some cases not the best solution. The relationship is calling out for change, to resist that change is always detrimental to the personal growth of each party and the relationship itself. Relationships need to change and grow because those involved must change and grow. This usually begins when you learn to forgive yourself, then you can more easily forgive others. This is a large factor in the complexity of relationships which needs to not only be understood, but embraced. Not just in regards to the outcome, but in regards to personal and spiritual growth.

To forgive someone is the healing. It is potentially unhealthy to hold onto negative thoughts and emotions. However, sometimes after you have forgiven, the best outcome may be to create space and time. This allows both parties to heal as well as have the room to grow within the space created. No hard feelings need to be fostered or harboured there, it is simply a space for personal growth. If the relationship is not toxic, then it too will grow and reach its new phase. In some cases, the growth process will only occur through this separation, especially in those cases where the relationship was toxic to begin with. While many people desire things “to be as they were,” this is unrealistic, resistant to change, and results in stagnation as no growth can take place in keeping things as they are. Everything is changing all the time, it cannot be stopped, it needs to change for without it there is no growth. Without growth, there is only death.

So, let’s move into the topic of trust. While it may seem difficult to find trustworthy people in today’s world, I assure you they are out there. While there is truth to the fact that we cannot simply trust everyone we have some form of relationship with or even everyone we would like to trust, we should surround ourselves with those we can. It’s a matter of aligning your own vibration with those who are of higher caliber character. Over the past few years I have been meeting a large amount of new people. These people I consider to be friends, many I consider to be personal friends and I place my trust in them completely. I find that the more I trust myself and my own decisions, the more these people are willing to place their trust in me as well.

Just as forgiveness is about learning to fogive yourself, trusting others is the result of trusting yourself. Yes, once again we must dust off the mirror and look longingly at ourselves, as well as inside ourselves, first and foremost. That is where trust begins.

When I was young I had pretty bad control issues. I admit it. I was not an empowered, secure person when I was younger. How I managed to keep a relationship – I have no idea. Through lacking the ability to trust, I would respond by trying to hold on too tightly to what I had through attempting to control the situations and the people involved. Of course it resulted in failure every single time. There is no other outcome to such a scenario. The rock band .38 Special understood it – “Hold on loosely” is the name of one of their famous #1 hits. Yes, this dates me pretty good, but it still amazes me how .38 Special knew it and yet I was to dense back then to really grasp what they were singing about and actually apply it to myself. I was simply unable to at that point in my life. Through the practices I eventually learned, which are contained within the Expansion Mastery System, I learned that this inability to trust others was not the fault of theirs, it was mine. Ouch. It came back to feelings and beliefs that I could not handle the pain and humiliation if someone betrayed me in some way. Sound at all familiar? If so, don’t worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂 If I can do this, so can you!

Through powerful practices of inner reflection and inner honesty I began to reform some of the beliefs I had, understanding why they formed the way they did in the first place. Here are some highlights that may offer you a little sunshine on your own situation…

1. I realized that much of my feelings of fear and betrayal stemmed from the separation of my parents when I was a young teenager as well as rejection from my childhood peers. I then understood that those feelings formed into beliefs. Those beliefs were the product of a child and they really had no role now that I was an adult and therefore they needed to change. I then set out to change the beliefs and the feelings changed automatically. In addition, I realized that these feelings and beliefs resulted from me not liking myself very much. I had to undergo intensive practices that allowed me to forgive myself and have the ability to not just like who I was, but to completely and unconditionally love myself.

2. I realized that I didn’t trust myself to make the right life decisions. I should have, I made some good ones through my teenage years, such as never trying drugs or cigarettes. I’m sure you have made some good decisions in your life as well. I later learned too that when I felt fearful, controlling and insecure the most was when I was making decisions that took me off of my authentic life path. This is an important point – please think deeply on this. As I look back, when I allowed life to happen to me or when others were allowed to control my life choices, these feelings of mistrust became more intense. Now that I make conscious, mindful decisions to live my authentic life, these feelings of mistrust have been replaced with feelings of deep, loving trust and they are continuously reinforced through my life experiences. In other words, as I trust, I attract more reasons and people to trust in. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

3. I found too, that as I became more sensitive to my environment and to my physical body (inside and out) I was able to feel who I could justifiably place my trust in and who I should not trust. As we know, there are people in life who cannot and should not be trusted. I simply separate myself from such people now. There is no room in my authentic experience for those who are not trustworthy. I also know I am deserving of this because I act in an open and trustworthy manner towards others. Even all of my great business friends stress transparency and full disclosure in their own business practices, but this also overflows into their personalities as well. It’s just who and how they are. These are the people I choose to surround myself with and interact with in regards to business.

4. I have also realized that I should not allow my trust in people to be so easily shaken every time they act in a way that I may not agree with. I have learned to instead, place my trust in the fact that they are doing what they need to for themselves. I have to trust in their ability to make their own life decisions even if they spark a change in our relationship. this allows me to be “fluid” in my relationships, allowing the relationship itself and all involved to grow and change as nature intended. I trust in the bigger picture of life.

Look inside yourself. Look into your own heart and begin to place your well deserved trust in yourself. If you can’t trust yourself how can you expect others to trust you? Once you trust in yourself, it opens a space of authenticity within your heart and your life opens up, blooming like the most beautiful rose you have ever seen. Stay mindful to the times when you don’t feel trusting, that may be alerting you to the fact that you are straying from your life path and purpose.

I am not a “drama-addict” so I prefer a drama-free life. I enjoy peace, quiet and tranquility. I find that by surrounding myself with those who I know to be trustworthy, I have drama-free friends and business friends. People who crave drama and surround themselves with it are exhausting. I prefer inspiring to exhausting.

When you trust, your vibration raises and your heart expands. This allows you to attract positive things into your life and live from a place of self-love, self-trust, self-forgiveness and self-empowerment. This makes it much easier to love, trust, forgive and empower others. I now find that being able to place my full trust in people to be an incredible feeling! I place 100% of my unconditional trust in my finace’ and this is an extremely crucial aspect to out relationship. Likewise, I give her every reason to be able to place 100% of her trust in me. It is tantamount to a healthy relationship that you both trust yourselves and each other fully. Accept nothing less for yourself in your own relationships, you deserve it. I trust that you will make the right decision. 😉

Expansion Express – Able To Forgive Yet?

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Let’s continue to keep all the good people of the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers. I hope all of your friends and family are accounted for, warm, dry and healthy.

In the last video post, I covered some basic ideas of forgiveness. Now, I know that many people do not like to hear that they have to begin the healing process of forgiveness by looking at themselves. It can be a hard thing to hear at first and a harder thing to do, but this is another reason why I stress the importance of having a warrior spirit. There are times when taking a long and honest look in the mirror can be the most difficult thing we could do. It’s easy to get caught up in all the fluff and silliness often associated with spiritual growth, and those types of teachings can make you feel all warm and fuzzy – for a moment. But, they will not produce real spiritual and personal growth. They mostly just stroke the ego in a passive way while supplying the illusion of spiritual practice. This path can be challenging. It takes real courage and a strong desire to experience true, lasting growth no matter what. I share this truth with you because I know that you have this courage, and the strength to succeed.

Forgiveness, in part, is the realization that others have their own life experiences to live, just as you and I do. Sometimes, they need to do what is best for themselves, even if we cannot see it that way. Often times, when these situations occur, it is allowing the other person to be their authentic self and step into their power, while at the same time providing us with the opportunity to grow or learn a life lesson. Yes, in life people sometimes do things to unfairly wrong us. Sometimes these people may be our own parents. Let’s face it, some people are simply toxic or even mentally unbalanced. But that is still their life experience and our interaction with them provides us with the opportunity to grow. It doesn’t always mean making up and having a close relationship. Sometimes it means separating ourselves from them, giving ourselves some space – space we need in order to grow. The growth comes from forgiveness. More often than not, forgiveness is about helping and healing ourselves, not something that is projected toward another. We cannot force others to act the way we may want them too. This is the desire of the controlling ego and will always cause you pain and suffering.

By harbouring hard feelings toward someone else or being angry with them, we lower our own vibration. Which is not good. Carrying around these negative emotions may also lead to negatively impacting our own physical health. It is becoming increasingly understood that negative emotions can lead to physical disease (“dis-ease”) such as cancer. By offering forgiveness, we let go of these negative, potentially harmful emotions and allow our vibration to increase as well as possibly maintaining our physical health and well-being. For any serious martial artists out there, this is the goal of training – to become powerful enough that we are not affected (ie – our vibration does not become lowered by anger or fear) by others even while we are in the process of fighting for our lives.

We also have to understand that the real reason we may have trust issues is because we don’t really trust ourselves. Trust begins from within as well. Once you begin to truly trust in yourself, it becomes much easier to trust in others and no longer have your trust so easily shattered. I can recall when I had the most serious trust issues was when I was a controlling person. I was this way because of my own insecurities and feelings of powerlessness. Fortunately, I was able to turn that around and so can you. Of course, in our modern society, we cannot simply trust everyone. That would be foolish. However, for those we know and love, trust should come easy and not be so easily shaken.

This is why I encourage people to first look at their own perceptions of right and wrong, look at their own expectations of others and see first if your own ego is at the root of this situation. The ego is usually at fault for our unhappiness or suffering. Once you sit down and give some honest thought to this, you may see how your ego is partially at fault, it is then that you can begin to work on subduing the ego and making real spiritual progress. Once this happens, you can begin to forgive and move forward in your own life and possibly (hopefully) in your relationship as well. If the situation is one that requires separation in order to heal and move forward, there is nothing wrong with that. It is a natural part of life. Just do your best to remain open to allowing the other person back into your life when the time feels right.

Here are some steps in the process of forgiveness….

1. Think about what happened that caused your feelings of being wronged and caused your lack of trust. Be willing to be completely honest and objective with yourself. Reflect on your own perceptions, expectations and desires.

2. Look at yourself before looking at another. Was your ego at fault for these feelings? Did the other person actually wrong you or were they merely attempting to live their life as their authentic self and that clashed with the way you wanted them to act? Become clear on this.

3. If it appears that the other person indeed caused you real mental, emotional, or physical distress, then you may need to create separation between you until the other person seeks help for their behaviors or experiences some form of personal growth. If they do not do so, then it may be time to walk a path that is different from this person’s. Often times, if it is someone we love, this can mean simply limiting your time or contact with them, keeping a safe distance. Do your best to avoid cutting them out of your life completely. I can tell you from past experience that this one is a poor choice.

4. If you discover that your own ego may be at fault for your suffering, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on yourself. Subduing the ego is at the very core of real, life-changing spiritual practice. Then you can set about repairing the relationship and making it a close and beneficial one for you both once again. You may also need to request their forgiveness. Yes, this is a two-way street.

5. Let go of the negative feelings toward the other person. There are practices I will be sharing where you learn to dissolve the negative emotions and recycle them into positive emotions in order to give you more fuel for your spiritual expansion. This will result in you being able to raise your vibration and add inner strength to your pursuit of spiritual growth.

6. Once your vibration has raised, you will notice that forgiveness is a much easier task. Once you forgive, you will free yourself of the chains of hard feelings and experience a sense of emotional freedom. Your perception may shift, allowing you to accept others and situations more freely without judgment or the need to control.

I believe that this sense of freedom and raised vibration is the practical reason that we have the statement “to forgive is divine.” Experience your divinity through forgiveness. Allow yourself and others to be who they are and live an authentic life. You will find that this leads to far greater happiness and often times, a far greater relationship for all involved. You may find yourself living in a far more empowered space as a result.

Remember that “love conquers all.” This does not refer to the romantic notion that love will overcome all obstacles resulting in happiness as Hollywood likes to promote – that is entertainment not truth. The phrase – “love conquers all” refers more accurately to the fact that love is the highest form of vibration. Love overcomes all other vibrations. Love is the Universe or God. When you forgive, you realign yourself with love and the Divine. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. 🙂

Expansion Express – Should I Forgive & Trust?

[wpvideo WjPD5NTg]

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Here is another topic that I get asked about quite often. Forgiveness and Trust. Forgiveness can be a tough path to take, but it is the road to freedom. The same goes for trust, it is difficult to live with an open heart if you have trust issues. Forgiveness and Trust often invoke the ego and that’s when it can become even tougher to live a happy, fully engaged life.

This topic is a very deep one. Obviously, it cannot be fully addressed in a brief video, but I would like to begin by offering some things to think about in order to begin taking your first steps down the path of forgiveness and trust. It may be a long road, or it may be a relatively short one, it all depends on your personal situation and your ability to forgive. Here I will address the issue of forgiving and trusting parents. This is something I know about very well as I have experienced being on both sides of this situation.

I find that in most cases when we have forgiveness or trust issues they stem from our own forces desires for how we think life should be, including how others in our life should act. We often project judgement and expectations on others which are not realistic. One of the most powerful things that I personally came to understand is that everyone is having their own life experience and that’s how it needs to be. We are human BEings and we must BE our true authentic selves, not someone who someone else wants us to be. I know this can be hard to hear, but I have found freedom and the ability to forgive within this wisdom. We simply must learn to allow others to have their own life experience and build a relationship around that.

I hope this advice offers some practical help in forgiving, trusting and helping in your own personal expansion. Once we look within, we can often begin the healing process. It’s up to us to heal ourselves, it is not up to others to act a certain way to cause our healing. Empower yourself, heal yourself, and begin to live a fully engaged life with trusting, loving relationships and forgiveness for all. I will be offering more on this topics in future posts. Best of luck!

Expansion Express – Will The Universe Give Up On Me?

[wpvideo sjLRcwMg]

Hey everyone, Robert here!

When talking with friends and family I often get asked questions regarding my view on certain subjects. One question I get asked is in regards to one’s life purpose. “If I can’t see my life purpose and I move away from it, will the Universe eventually just give up on me?”

Great question! The answer to that and more is contained within this brief video.

I t is actually not uncommon for people to spend their entire life not figuring out their life purpose. It’s far more common than you might imagine for people to take several lifetimes before they expand enough to understand this idea and act on it.

Finding your life purpose is not simply finding something that you enjoy doing, it comes from developing a sense of knowing through your inner self. When you can connect powerfully to your inner self (higher self or spirit) then you can hear the divine guidance that is being given to you every moment of every day. It is only then that your life purpose may become clear to you.

Check out the video, I hope it answers some of your questions, helps to put your mind at ease and offers you clarity on your path toward spiritual expansion. Enjoy!

Expansion Express – Searching For Your Soul Mate?

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I have been offering guidance for relationships based on my own experiences and the incredible insights I have received from well over 3 decades of study, practice and constant observation. I live by the information I share and it’s producing amazing results in my life. I hope these concepts are beginning to positively impact your lives as well. I would be thrilled to hear that someone was able to find their special partner in life because they followed the ideas I shared. I would be so happy to know others get to experience what I do.

So far, I have been addressing the relationships that are already established. Thats not fair to all you single people out there, so today I would like to offer a post for all those people who are still searching for the right person, that special person made just for them, their soul mate. You should understand that your soul mate does indeed exist and is most likely closer to you at this moment than you may realize. I would like to offer some possibilities for you if you are still searching for your partner, but the insights I share may also offer an understanding of why your relationship is not going well if you are currently involved with someone in an unhealthy relationship.

It is important that you realize that searching for your soul mate in a bar, club, at a party, online, or on a single’s cruise, is not likely to yield the results you are hoping for. Let’s face facts, people at these establishments are not searching for a healthy, long-lasting relationship, they are looking for a casual, friendly or sexual experience. To believe that something great will grow out of that may not be very productive. Where should you go?

Remember this – in the new era we are living in, the old paradigm of “opposites attract” does not apply. Today, the idea of “like attracts like” is far more effective when it comes to relationships of all kinds. You should first become clear on the things you enjoy most in life and have an idea of where you want your life to go. Then get out and start enjoying yourself and your life without feeling the desperate need to find someone. When you are enjoying yourself, enjoying what you are doing and feeling good about your life, that’s when you are more likely to attract a similar person into your experience. They will be there enjoying themselves and suddenly you may magically find yourselves enjoying the experience together. You will want to begin paying attention as you participate in activities that you find enjoyable.

The key is to get out in the world and go to the proper places. You cannot expect to meet someone while sitting on your sofa in your bathrobe. Life requires a little bit of effort. Likewise, being positive and outgoing will attract someone else who is positive, you should probably not expect to attract a highly positive, motivated person when you are in a victim mentality. Don’t seek out the “broken” person in hopes of fixing them. Find the person who has already fixed themselves and is awesome as they are. This is the type of person you can resonate with and enjoy your time with. Trying to fix someone or change them seldom ever results in a healthy long-lasting relationship. While you are doing the things that interest you the most, you will begin interacting with others who have the same interests. If possible, make sure to attend events that support your spiritual preference. Establishing a relationship with someone who has the same spiritual beliefs that you do is paramount to creating a healthy foundation for a relationship. You can walk the path of life together and grow together instead of growing apart.

If you are a spiritually awakened person, then you may desire to attend special spiritual based events in your area. If there are none where you live, then it’s either time for a road trip or time to relocate. This too may be part of your life journey. It is not uncommon for me to drive 11 hours in order to attend events that support my spiritual growth. You can find seminars, workshops, Spiritual Community Centers and other great places to spend your time. In this way, you continue on your journey of personal expansion and place yourself in the best locations to find someone like you. I don’t recommend going there in search of someone, go there for your own growth and just be open to the possibility that someone special may also be in attendance. Your beautiful, smiling face may be the beacon of light they were looking for to find their way out of loneliness.

I have been meeting a number of people lately who have been active in seminars focusing on business with some spirituality added to the mix and they have met that special person at these events, quite unexpectedly, and have gotten married and are extremely happy. Another case where like-minded people gather for their self-improvement and end up getting more than they hoped from the experience. Whatever your interests, and whatever your belief preferences, I would encourage you to get out in the world and go to the proper places in order to place yourself in the right place at the right time. In finding your soul mate, as with real estate, its location, location, location. It doesn’t hurt to be a vibrational match to the type of person you desire to be with either – like attracts like. 🙂

Expansion Express – Sweetest Day Edition

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Happy Sweetest Day!

So, we have Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day. Are these attempts by the nefarious florists and greeting card companies to drain our wallets and raise our credit card debt? No, not hardly. It is, however, a wonderful reminder of how we should show our appreciation for that special person in our life, every day of our life. These holidays are opportunities, allowing us to slow our insanely busy lives long enough to share our love with the one person in the world who is closest to us. It is a reminder of how we should act more lovingly every day of the year. These holidays offer us an opportunity to be mindful of our love and to express it through our thoughts, words and actions. Flowers don’t hurt either. 😉

It’s tough with everyone running around trying to keep up with their busy schedules and trying to make a living to support themselves or their families. It’s easy to become so focused on these things that we forget to slow down, take a breath, and say “I love you, you mean the world to me” to those who matter most. While this is understandable, it is still not acceptable. We must remain mindful of our feelings and share them openly whenever possible.

If you can afford it, do something very special for the person you love. Get them a nice card, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, treat them to a romantic dinner, sneak away and spend the weekend in a nice hotel, whatever they might enjoy. This is not too much effort to make for the person share your life with and that you love so deeply.

I know budgets are tight these days for many people. If this is the case, you can still go for a romantic walk as you hold hands. You can curl up together on the sofa and watch their favorite movie with them in the dark. You could simply “be” with them completely mindful, present and fully engaged with them. You can make them a romantic dinner and enjoy it by candlelight as you talk. You can merely make the time and effort to embrace them, hold them tighter than usual and whisper in their ear that you love them more than anything in the world. Expressing yourself from the heart costs nothing and it is the greatest of all gifts.

Sweetest Day is also an incredible opportunity to practice the “Spiritual Love Making” that I discussed in a previous blog. Please refer to it if you have not already done so. Spiritual Love Making is when you are fully present, fully engaged in the act of making love and you slow down, take your time and really, deeply connect on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You open your heart and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the emotion of love for another while physically connecting to them in the most intimate and special of ways. Spiritual Love Making allows your souls to unite in a divine union of pure love in the most honest of ways. I know that many people are so busy that they just don’t seem to have time to make love very often. I encourage you to make the time today. Set aside an hour or two and connect on a deep soul level as you make love. While I recommend doing this whenever possible, at least make the effort on the holidays that serve to remind us of how much we treasure that one special person in our lives.

Celebrate every holiday. Reclaim your right to slow your life down from time-to-time in order to relax and celebrate the things that matter most. Evade surrendering to your busy life and sacrificing the things that are truly important in life. I wish all of you the happiest of Sweetest Days and if I could buy all of you ladies flowers, I would. Guys, I’m sorry but you’re on your own 😉 Enjoy!

Facebook Fan Page – Please “Like”

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Just a quick note for those of you who are not aware. I just launched my Facebook Fan Page. It’s very exciting and I am hoping that all of you will help me to boost the number of “Likes” on the page so it looks as though I actually do have some fans, or at least people who kinda like me. 😉 Get your friends, family, neighbors and even random people you stop on the street to go there and “Like” it.

All of your support is greatly appreciated. If you happen to have a fan page or something that I can “Like” to share my support for you in return, just list it in the comment section below and I will put the smack-down on the “Like” button for you. Anyone else visitng the blog can do the same if they so desire.

Community is important and mutual support for one another is one good way for us to be connected. Thanks again for visiting the blog and for your wonderful, intelligent, and positive comments here on Expansive Expressions!

Expansion Express: Partnership participation

[wpvideo An7944uR]

Hey everyone, Robert here!

Best of mornings to you! How about a little light relationship advice with your morning coffee?

As we venture further into this new era, I observe more and more that the old ways of doing things are being rendered ineffective. This applies to everything, even the way relationships are conducted. The old paradigm of the man sitting in his chair drinking a beer and watching television while the woman cooks dinner is gone. It went out in the 1950’s. I know some of you have husbands who are chiefs and do the cooking, so this may apply to you as well. The old ways of the man working and then not getting involved in things like wedding plans, are over. This is the era of mutual participation and living to the fullest.

To have a healthy and happy relationship in this new time of human evolution, you will need to participate more fully in your life. That means that both of you get involved in the cooking (please refer to past posts on this topic for more detailed suggestions), it needs to become something you do together. Both men and women need to be involved in important life decisions and events such as getting married. If one of you does not care to get involved for whatever reason (or excuse), doesnt that make an obvious statement?

Separate vacations seem to be all too common today as well. I contend that this is also making a statement that reveals your inner feelings in regards to your relationship. It is certainly not good for a healthy relationship.

Both parties in a relationship should desire to be together and do things together. Not because you have to, but because you truly want to. If you desire to be apart so much, then the question begs to be asked, “why are you in a relationship in the first place?” So, c’mon! get up and get involved in your life and in your relationship. You will notice your happiness increase and your relationship with be strengthened. Your partnership with the person you love is a huge part of your life experience and to avoid participation is to throw much of your life away. Jump in, get involved, and enjoy! I hope this will help you to live more fully engaged and to have a far more healthy and happy relationship.

Expansion Express – Experiencing It For Yourself

[wpvideo DVWZlXtI]

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I hope you are ready to live another glorious day of your life. I trust that you are.

I have talked at length about the idea of thinking for yourself. You are all well versed in that and most likely masters by now. So, I would like to expand on this concept a bit to include “experiencing for yourself.”

Get out in the world and rely on your own experiences. Don’t always rely on an app that offers the perceptions of others to dictate what experiences you do and do not have. Just because someone around you isn’t having a good experience does not mean that you aren’t. Maybe they are having a bad day, or things are not what they expected, or they just crave drama, or maybe they have an unrealistic sense of entitlement that is reflected in a poor experience for them. That’s their experience. They live theirs and you live yours.

While these guides offer helpful advice, they should be used with a degree of common sense and not be the sole source of your decisions. I believe that’s their intended use. Besides, once you are in conscious control of creating your life, you can just usually create a great time anyway. Obviously if a place has continuously poor ratings, then common sense tells us to perhaps make another choice. Just try not to fear going in the opposite direction of the masses, usually that’s where the greatest experiences are.

Expansion Express – Distractions vs. Progress

Hey everyone, Robert here!

We are living in a new era for sure. One filled with paradox. We are living in a time when the potential for personal and spiritual growth is unparalleled. The new stage of human evolution is calling louder every day. Yet it is seems to be more difficult than ever to make any real progress in ourselves. What is happening! Insert your own personal freakout here. 😉

While the potential for spiritual and personal growth has never been higher, the distractions that we face have never been more enticing either. Look at how easily children become bored, and adults cannot focus for the length of a normal stoplight. I know everyone is doing the best they can, and it helps to understand what we are up against in order to get the upper hand and make the progress we desire in our lives. Allow me to outline the evolution of this problem.

In the past, children grew up with only the occasional TV programs in the evening and video games once in a while. They played outside most of the time. Playing with neighborhood friends, riding bikes, playing sports, climbing trees, playing with toys, and playing make-believe games and adventures. Then as parents began to take a hands off approach to raising their children, they plopped their kids in front of the television all day or had them play video games. TV and video games became not only the new “babysitter,” but also the new “parent.” That way the parents didn’t have to be involved so much. Soon, young people needed something in front of their face to keep them entertained or they were bored. They stopped engaging their creative imagination, trading it in for simulated living through the computer, cell phones and other forms of virtual existence and entertainment. Well, children grow up. Now as adults we are afflicted with the need to be constantly entertained and amused by outside means. The mind’s imagination lies dormant. We allow the virtual worlds created by programmers to do our imagining for us. The right side of the brain get ignored, discarded like a misfit toy from a Christmas special.

The result of this is that we lack mental focus and become too easily distracted. Combine that with the fact that there are more types of distractions than every before, and we can see why focus and productivity are an endangered species. The mind is stuck in a left-sided spin where it craves new information and new ideas all the time, never focusing on any single one for more than a few moments before needing to move on to the next best thing.

We must become more disciplined than ever in order to avoid the seduction of these distractions and make progress in our personal development. We must put our priorities first, focusing on productivity. Whether that productivity is in regards to your job or your personal growth and spiritual evolution, it needs to be prioritized into your day. Then, once you have accomplished your days “work” you can allow yourself to indulge in the distraction of information and entertainment. Now, during this time, we must become the masters of our own mental focus. We need to engage the imagination and exercise the right side of our brains. We are the creators of our “real” world and I encourage you to join me in creating a world that is even more incredible than that we have before us right now. A world filled with empowerment, growth, love, happiness and appreciation – one that allows humanity to evolve, insuring that we don’t fall away into extinction while our faces are buried in a screen.

Take some time to visualize your perfect life. Don’t rush this, relax and enjoy engaging your mind. See what it would be like in your mind’s eye. Pay attention to every detail. Now the most important – FEEL what it would be like if that’s how your life was right now. Then right down all the details of this dream life. Now, take focused and deliberate action to create it, making it a reality. It will be far more incredible than anything anyone else could dream up for you.