Expansion Express – Spiritual Love Making: Round 2

Hey, Robert here!

There was such a great response from around the globe on this topic that I thought I should expand upon it for everyone. The first thing is to accept that there is nothing “dirty” or “bad” by this topic or by the act itself. Nothing could be more natural or more beautiful for two human beings then making love from a deep, spiritual perspective. It is the physical expression of true love. I will also state that you should probably be 18 years old or older for this post, but I will present it in an appropriate and mature manner none-the-less.

Think about this… you are making love with someone and you lean in to kiss them. They turn their head away. It crushes your soul and slams your heart shut doesn’t it? It does if you were making love, but if it was just a sexual act, then it may not bother either of you. Love making and sex are two very different things. The person turning away does not want to feel the deep soul connection so they prevent it. Good way to kill a relationship. This is why love making should never be used as a tool of manipulation, behavior modification or control in a relationship. If you choose to use it as such, be prepared to pay the price. It could never be used in such a deceptive way if the relationship is a healthy and honest one with the right person to begin with.

We are absolutely blessed with these amazing physical bodies upon birth. We get to experience the physical world through them for a very brief time as they are only temporary. They are like a leased vehicle, only there is no option to buy. It’s these amazing vehicles that allow us to truly experience our lives here on Earth and that is a great and precious gift not to be wasted.

I would like to offer you a practical and simple process for experiencing Spiritual Love Making. The purpose of this is not to fix a broken relationship or to create one that should not be. It is to create an experience that allows two soul-mates to join, uniting into one soul and passing through the doorway to the divine. I like to experience this in 3 ways – from the external environment, from the physical senses, and from the internal or spirit/soul level.

Begin by engaging your physical senses. Create an atmosphere that is relaxing, safe and pleasing to both of you, such as certain lighting. This is the purpose of your bedroom. Take the time to slowly look at your partner, really study their features. Really take the time to marvel at how beautiful and amazing they are. Look deeply into their eyes until you touch their soul. I call this “Soul-Swimming” because I love to swim in her eyes and glimpse her soul.

Then listen. Listen to their voice and the things they have to say. Pay attention to what it does to you when they say “I love you.” Listen to their words, their whispers, their breath, their voice of their soul. Maybe add some external stimulation through light, positive, romantic music. Something you both find pleasurable.

Then drink in their scent. Everyone has a particular scent. I am always mindful to smell good. Take in their scent, just as you do from their pillow or shirt when they are away. Take in a deep breath of their scent as though it has to last you a lifetime. Maybe add some quality incense to the room to make it even more special.

Then be mindful of touch. This is always an important one. Feel the amazing details of the physical body with yours. Put your awareness into your entire body and feel their whole body as well. Really be present in what is happening, be fully engaged in the moment. Feel their breathing change along with your own. Feel the magic, the electricity when you touch them lightly with your fingertips as you explore them, feel the same charge when they touch you back. Human contact is a powerful thing. Make your environment comfortable to insure there are no distractions.

Finally, incorporate taste. Pay attention as you kiss (and whatever), to how they taste. Just as you have your own scent, you have your own unique flavor as well. If it is your soul-mate, you may find that their flavor is intoxicating. You can add other external flavors as well. A nice wine, some champangne or chocolates to enhance the experience.

The physical senses are meant to allow us to fully experience our lives – use them! It is becoming too common that people are desiring to be “comfortabley numb” as a way to escape their fears and pains. I recommend the opposite – use your senses to the fullest!

Then comes the emotional awareness. You cannot experience Spiritual Love Making without emotions. Let go of the fear of showing your emotions and don’t hold back. Allow yourself to be fully open and to truly feel. Let down your guard, allow the walls you have built from the bricks of fear to crumble and the masks you hide behind to fall away. Be your honest and real self. Allow your love for the other person to overflow from your heart into theirs. Let your heart open fully and connect to theirs in the deepest possible way – until your spirits touch and unite. It’s okay to love, its the most special of all gifts here in the physical world. We get to feel and express our love and passion for another person and we get to feel what it’s like to be so deeply loved by another. This is when the tears of overwhelming love and joy begin to trickle down your cheeks. Let them flow, its beautiful. Appreciation is important here as well. Appreciate every aspect of that special person and don’t be afraid to share your appreciation with each other. Use your senses to ignite the depths of your appreciation for each other and for life.

In my own experience, I spend a lot of time throughout the day looking lovingly at her, being filled with appreciation for her breath-taking beauty, inside and out. I am constantly filled with appreciation for her intoxicating scent, her uplifting laughter and heart-warming words of love, the incredible taste of every passionate kiss and for every single moment I get to hold her lovingly in my arms. The connection we share remains at all times (as it has for years now)because our hearts remain open and connected always.

Love making is a critical part of the spiritual and human experience and one more way to fully engage your life. Incorporate these things into your life experience and if you are with that special person and you truly love them, your souls will unite and you will know the magic of Spiritual Love Making. Enjoy, my friends!

Expansion Express – The Top 3 Ways To Live YOUR Life

Hey everyone! I hope your morning is off to wonderful and exciting start.

Okay, let’s get down to life business. I would like to share the top 3 things you can do to begin living YOUR life in a fully engaging manner today.

#1 – Begin having your own real-life adventures; stop living vicariously through other people! Too often, parents live vicariously through their children instead of getting out in the world and experiencing amazing adventures for themselves. I would invite you to stop being content with such a life and begin experiencing the wonders of your life first hand. I share this often because it can be difficult for some to grasp – just because you have children does not mean that your life ends, requiring you to spend it in servitude of your children. I do my best to serve as an example for my children by living a fully engaged life; hoping to inspire them to live their own life adventures as well. Children are not a parents life purpose. You are still an individual with your own divine life purpose of which your children are now a wonderful part of, but they are not the purpose itself. Let go of being content to live vicariously through co-workers, friends, or family; get out and have some adventures that are inspired from your heart’s desire! This is your life, don’t be content sitting on the sidelines watching others have the time of their lives – get in the game!

#2 – Begin listening to your own inner voice! Once you step up and accept ownership of your life you can stop listening to everyone else who is trying to direct your life and you can begin to listen to the truth of your own inner voice. You know what is best for you and you know better than anyone else what’s in your heart. Get in tune to yourself, stay true to yourself, follow your heart to create the life you dream of experiencing. No one can live your life for you, so why should you allow someone else to tell you what is right for your life? Let go of the fear and take a small step into the world as a fully empowered human being. Search your heart for an adventure you would like to experience. Make it something small at first. Become very clear on it, feel what it might be like if you were doing it right now. Then begin taking action steps to make it happen. Once you accomplish this with something small you will see that you can do it with anything you desire.

#3 – Think about one thing in your life that is holding you back and change it! Is there someone or something holding you back from living the life of your dreams? If so, then make the necessary changes. Are you holding yourself back with limiting beliefs or a lack of personal empowerment? If so, make the necessary changes. Take a moment to become very clear on the one primary obstacle that seems to be holding you back from living a fully engaged life. Then consider what it might take to change that situation in your life and how doing so might positively impact your life situation. Change it, let go of it, whatever you have to do, but take the necessary action to change that limiting obstacle, transforming it into a platform from which you can luanch a new found sense of freedom and self-empowerment. Don’t allow anything to hold you back – especially yourself.

Expansion Express – From The Heart

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I have been posting a number of things on Twitter recently regarding living an authentic life as your true and authentic self. I would like to expand on this topic a bit. Being authentic is usually associated with being your unique self and not mindlessly following the mentality of the herd. We look at it as striking out on our own, blazing our own trail and so on. But there is more to this topic…

I would like to expand upon this to include living from your heart. Allow me to ask a series of questions, upon which, I will elaborate for clarification.

Are the thoughts in your head genuinely yours, or are they the product of the collective herd mentality or ego? I continue to have people contact me asking for a way to effectively calm the rampant chatter in their minds. (I am putting together such a course, right now! Help is on the way!) While the uncontrolled thoughts running through your mind like a undisciplined, hyper-active child are a mind-numbing disctraction; they not always your own. They are primarily comprised of the things you are hearing from various sources and of the inner chatter of your ego. Once you can calm your mind, cut thought the chatter and discover which thoughts are truly yours, then you can begin to make incredible progress in creating and living your own authentic life. Recall the last thought you had. Was it actually your consciously directed thought, or was it mental feedback or ego chatter? As you become more aware of your thoughts, you begin to take charge of your mental processes. Then you can direct your thoughts to reflect the feelings in your heart.

When is the last time you spoke to someone where you felt yourself speaking from your heart? We have become so busy and so stressed in our lives that often times “small-talk” is all we share. I observe this all around me. A lot of people mindlessly talking, but saying very little and certainly not speaking from their hearts or really connecting to those they are speaking with. When you speak from your heart, you feel it and so do they. It is the honest, raw truth as you know it and you speak in a way that connects directly to the heart of the person or people you are speaking with. They feel the connection and honesty of your words. It is an amazingly open and honest form of heartfelt communication between human beings. When we become attuned with our true self and we choose to live an authentic life; it becomes natural for us to speak from our heart.

Do you feel your daily life opens your heart? When we live a life centered in our hearts and we consciously live our own life it’s common to have the daily events of your life open your heart. If the normal actions you take throughout the day bring you deep sensations of joy and appreciation, then you are living from such an authentic place that you open your heart without having to do any special affirmations, meditations, or other activities. This is when you have internalized the concept of being authentic and every day provides another opportunity to express your true self and expand in every way. This is the highest goal of affirmations, meditations and visualizations. Then you are living them and there is no longer a need to practice them.

How do you know if you are living an authentic life? Are you living according to your own life rules, or according to the life rules set by your family, social group, religion, or your society? If you are feeling forced into a certain relationship, having children, working in a particular field, having particular beliefs, or whatever the case; then you are not experiencing your authentic life. Living your authentic life is when your career is something you love to do regardless of what others think you should do. This is when your “job” is actually your life purpose. It is when you are living according to the beliefs that resonate in your heart as truth. It is when you are in a relationship of love and honesty that you know in your heart is right for you.

Are you seeking the “American Dream” of a house, white picked fence, 2.5 children and a dog, because YOU actually desire that life or is it because that’s just what everyone does? Become very clear with yourself on these types of issues and do not compromise. To compromise means you are giving up a portion of your autheticity. Your authentic relationship and life will not require compromise. When you are living your life a certain way because that’s what your parents did, or thats what’s expected from you, or becuase you will not fit in otherwise; then you are not living an authentic life. When you live from a place of authenticity, you diecide if it’s better to rent or buy depending upon the life you are chosing to live at that moment. You don’t rush to buy a home because it’s expected of you. You do not get a pet because you are supposed to once you start a family. You make sure that it is a responsible move that will benefit all involved, including the pets. I enjoy traveling a lot, it would simply not be kind for me to have a pet and kennel it all the time – in my opinion. You choose your relationship consciously and decide if having children is right for you or not; not because you accidently get pregnant, or “accidently” get pregnant, or because your parents are nagging you to. If you choose not to have children because you feel in your heart it is not right for you, then stand by that. The key here is to act not because of the pressure placed upon you by society or your family, but from what you honestly feel is right for you in your heart.

I did not claim it would be easy. Living an authentic life requires you to be completely honest with yourself. For many people this is a challenge because they are not even comfortable with themselves, or even their own thoughts, let alone having the ability to be honest with themselves. This is one of the areas that the Expansion Mastery System is designed to help. Once you are comfortable with your own thoguhts and feelings, and you are comfortable with yourself; then you can be honest with yourself. Once you attain this, you can begin to live your authentic life more easily. This is a practical path to happiness and finding your life purpose. I am speaking here, through this written form, from my heart and my own personal life experience. If you would like me to elaborate upon my own life experience in finding this truth I would be happy to, just request it in the comment box below. As always, best of luck to you in living as your authetic self.

Expansion Express – Spiritual Love Making

Hey everyone, Robert here!

I am going to address a wonderful topic in this blog. Love making. I can hear the cheers from here! 🙂 You should be 18 years or older to read this. Although, I will keep it clean and tell the truth as I have come to know it. Making love is a natural and beautiful part of the human experience. I would like to expand upon it from a spiritual view.

Sex and love making are two very different things in my opinion. Sex is an act you perform for primal gratification, for momentary stimulation that allows you to feel good. To often, people tend to do this today because they are so unhappy and frightened in their lives, so they use sex as a form of escape from their reality. Then it has no more value than any other common distraction. This can also refer to the act of intercourse when the sole purpose is to procreate as encouraged through certain belief systems. Then it is a sterile act without any deep connection designed to establish control for those who hand over their personal power to someone else.

Love making, however, is a completely different experience and I believe it is one of the most spiritual acts we can participate in as human beings. First of all, one night stands, hook-ups, or whatever else you want to call them do not apply to love making. In order to make love you must have a partner who you are deeply in love with and share a similar spiritual foundation. This must be a relationship of loving honesty – free of manipulation, traps, games, hidden agendas, cheating, and lies. This is even more intense when you find that one special person, the person some people refer to as a soul-mate. When your partner is your soul-mate, you know it. It’s an intense experience just to be in their presence and when you make love, it is an incredibly powerful expereince. Yes, I believe in a soul-mate. I understand how a soul-mate is possible within the universal scheme of things.

So, if you have that special someone that you love with all your heart, in an honest and meaningful way and they happen to be the “one” for you, then you are able to experience spiritual love making. This doesn’t require strange acts or tantric positions, this is something above all of that. Spiritual love making is when you look deeply and longingly into the eyes of the other person while you engage in love making. You connect in every possible way, your eyes, your mouths, your breath, your hands, your hearts, your souls, etc. (I said I was going to keep it clean, so I’ll stop there) You will feel both of your hearts open completely and connect on the deepest conscious level with one another and the divine. It is truly a magical gift to fully connect with another human being. When you do, there will be no room for doubt from either of you. The experience is mutual, in order to be real and not the product of one person’s imagination, you must share in the experience.

I hear people claim that they have been together a while now and that the magic is gone. I have news for you, this type of magic never fades! It is always there if you are with that special someone to whom you establish this spiritual heart connection. I am not going to kid you, it has been my observation and personal experience that this is extremely rare. It is rare, not because it is so difficult to find, but because fewer people believe in it or follow their hearts in order to find it. More and more people begin a relationship for the wrong reasons and it usually turns out to be with the wrong person. Big surprise. You cannot find your soul-mate by using your rational mind, the only way is to follow your heart-mind. Using your heart does not simply mean to use your emotional mind, but to balance the emotional mind with the intuitive mind. We are passing through the information age and entering the intuitive age. As we do so, I am hoping to see more and more people find their soul-mate and enjoy the magical experience of spiritual love making as part of their healthy relationship. I hope you are already enjoying such an experience and that you have that special soul-mate in your life. If you are still looking, then I truly hope this may help guide you to that special person and that magical relationship that will show you how amazing life can be. Best of luck, my friends!

Expansion Express – Stairway Of Bliss

Hey everyone, Robert here!

In this blog I am going to expand upon the happiness topic I covered previously. I hope this adds another dimension to your increasing happiness. In the last post I shared which path to take in order to experience happiness. Today I would like to look at how that path turns into a staircase.

Anyone who has ever been to China knows what I am talking about! Especially in the mountain temples. Endless stairs, always promising just a few more, just a bit farther. Yeah, sure, a few hundred more maybe. But these endless stairs taking you upward are also symbolic. They represent an ascension, a raising of your vibration and consciousness, becoming closer to God or the divine, that the path of life is a pilgrimage that requires effort, and yes, it raises your heart rate. The rising staircase in a historically well known and commonly used metaphor for making spiritual progress and raising your vibrational frequency.

So, let’s apply the staircase symbolism to the subject of happiness. If you are having a difficult time being happy, you must take that first step and change yout thoughts to those of already being happy. Think about it, see it in your mind, as if you already were happy. What would you look like? How would that feel to you? Get very clear with this. Then take another step up the staircase and begin to do the things that allow you to experience and express your happiness.

Once you are an expert at taking responsibility for your own happiness, the goal is to take another step up and hold that happiness in your heart for extended periods of time. It’s the same with meditation, the goal is not to always need to sit for hours. The idea is to have the ability to drop into a meditative mindset in an instant and hold that meditative state of mind in your daily life and normal routine. I stated previously, you are looking to hold that feeling of happiness consistantly as your core, or base emotion. How do you know that you are being successful? Here are 5 easy ways to know.

1. You feel happy as you first open your eyes and awaken in the morning.
2. Feeling depressed is just not something that you can conceive of for yourself.
3. You find yourself smiling and laughing more easily and more often than you used to.
4. You are able to keep the inner core feeling of happiness, even when something does not go as you would have liked it. These types of things do not affect you.
5. You find yourself attracting other reasons to be even happier into your life.

So, you are feeling happy most of the time and enjoying you life more than ever. The idea then is to begin taking more steps up the staircase, one step at a time. As you take the next couple of steps, you will notice that your happiness becomes more intense and turns into joy. Happiness will simply no longer feel like an appropriate term for what you are experiencing. You will begin feeling your heart open and expand even more and you will bubble over with enthusiasm and excitement for your life. Pretty good deal, huh? But wait, there’s more! As you continue climbing the staircase and develop the ability to hold onto joy as your core emotion, you will feel that joy transform into something even more positively powerful – bliss. Bliss is an amazing emotion that has an extermely high vibrational quality. Bliss has no emotional opposite and ranks at the highest level of the emotional staircase right up there with love and appreciation.

The primary idea is to reach the top of the staircase and experience a state of bliss. Then I would invite you to do your best at holding this state of bliss in your heart for extended periods of time until eventually it becomes your normal state of being. Being blissful does not mean you have to act foolish, wacky or extreme, that is not real inner bliss. Bliss brings with it a sense of inner peace and trabquility as well as a high level of excitement for life. As you live a fully engaged life, you will find that it becomes a blissful one. Enjoy.

Expansion Express – The Truth Regarding Happiness

Hey Everyone, Robert here!

I am going to share with you the truth in regards to happiness. It’s really not as complex as you may think, so this article does not need to be lengthy. It is always right in front of you. Or more accurately, right inside you.

The path to happiness is like a fork in the road. You reach a point where you are faced with your path splitting into two directions. You then have two ways to find happiness; which path you choose is your own choice.

Too many people choose to take the path that leads them on the life adventure of searching for happiness. This is and always will be a fruitless act. You can never find happiness by searching for it. These people search for material things to make them feel happy, or they look to other people to make them feel happy. It’s a matter of always reasoning, “But if I just had…” and this reasoning is driven by the ego. They miss the point of truth completely. This path is the equivelant to searching for someone else to drink your water to quench your thirst. Happiness is never found on this path. The fleeting impostor appears during the stage of newness of acquiring these things, but quickly vanishes when the excitement of the newness wears off. It is then that you can see it was merely an illusion. This is the path of the un-awakened.

The few people who find real, lasting happiness, the kind that fills their heart with a magificent joy and bliss, do so by taking the path less travelled. They choose a life adventure filled with promise, and learn to search inside themselves, in their own heart. Those on this path learn to look inward for happiness. They understand that their happiness is not up to someone else or some external thing. Happiness, they learn, is a conscious choice. It is always there, residing in their heart and all they need to do is make the choice to acknowledge it and allow it to be. There may be the occassional obstacle on this path, but it is merely placed there for you to enjoy all new levels of happiness when you get past it. Don’t turn back, keep going! This is the path of the awakened.

Human beings have free will. It is your right to choose which path you take and ultimately it is up to each one of us to accept responsibility for our own unhappiness or happiness. No one else is responsible for causing our unhappiness or happiness – it has been and always will be up to each of us. When you choose to embrace this truth, you can better make the right choice toward happiness.

I have learned to hold my core happiness regardless of what else is going on around me. Even in the face of adversity, I hold onto my own sense of inner happiness even while dealing with the external unpleasantness. It may take the spirit of the warrior to do this, but that’s why I also encourage you to develop this inner strength as well. Enjoy. Smile, and be Happy!

Expansion Express – Learning To Listen; Stay Empowered

Hey everyone, Robert here!

It is all too common today for people to surrender their sense of self-empowerment. Unfortunately, I see this happening more and more, and I feel this is the real pandemic that is sweeping our nation and our world. Human beings are all too eager to surrender their personal power in trade for a false sense of entitlement. This is a form of giving up. Don’t be drawn into this illusion. Step outside of the herd and this ego-driven mentality, and continue thinking and feeling for yourself. Feeling is the most important as well as the primary area that is being stripped away from people by technology through over-thinking.

I suggest that you cultivate a sense of awareness for your own mind, body and heart, learn to listen to them because they are communicating with you constantly. I mean truly hear them. Then develop a continued sense of mindfulness in order to remain in direct contact with yourself. This will allow you to hold onto your sense of personal power and not feel the desire to surrender it, resulting in disempowerment, which then sucks you further into a state of false entitlement.

Listen to your body. Cultivating a heightened sense of awareness for what your body is telling you is the critical first step. Pay attention to your body and mind in the evening, you do not need a clock to tell you it’s time for bed. If you feel yourself getting mentally foggy or physically needing to relax, then it’s time to get some rest. The body and mind are telling you they have had enough and need to be recharged and rejuvinated. Go to bed. Regardless of the time, just go to bed and get the rest.

When you are eating, you don’t have to clean your plate. Listen to your body, it is telling you when it’s had the right amount. That’s a terrible habit we get into because our parents ordered us to do so as children. Even as children, we knew when we were full and when we were hungry. I’m not usggesting wasting food, I am suggesting smaller portions and left overs. Today it’s too common to just mindlessly keep eating until everything is gone. Be mindful of your body as it is telling you when you have had enough, then you can stop when you are comfortably full instead of stuffing yourself.

Pay attention to your internal organs and internal processes. These things too, speak to you constantly. Your health is meant to be your own responsibility, not a doctors or hospitals. Yours. If you drink too much your liver will warn you that it is becoming damaged. If you smoke, your lungs are letting you know they don’t like it. If you feel sluggish, you need to eat better foods, get better nurishment and some exercise. We tend to block these things out in favor of our habits, but this is detrimental to our health and puts you on the road to disempowerment. Pay attention to the things your body is telling you.

Learn to listen to your heart for guidance. You cannot get better advice anywhere or from anyone else, than from the inner voice of your own heart. You already hold all the answers for your life right there. You just have to learn to trust in yourself again, ask and then listen carefully for the answer. It will be given. The times in which we are living are calling out for us to do this. You no longer need to seek out someone else’s opinion each week for things you already have the true answers to. Just learn to listen to your heart.

These things will take you from a state of awareness for yourself to a state of mindfulness for yourself that will allow you to retain your sense of personal empowerment instead of falling victim to the pandemic of false-entitlement. These exercises are a part of the Expansion process offered through Expansion Mastery.

Expansion Express – The Spiritual Warrior

[wpvideo EskGqmaP]

Hey Everyone! Robert here!

The path of personal growth and spiritual expansion can be bumpy at times. Are you experiencing times of resistance and difficulty? Do you find that you make a certain amount of progress only to be distracted or discouraged by yourself or others? Are you finding it can be lonely at times when living your purpose? You are not alone! I feel your pain and frustration because I have experienced it too. The truth is that the path to spiritual growth is not all roses and sunshine, as we are often led to believe, there are moments of intense challenge. These moments require a “warrior’s spirit” in order to make the breakthrough you are striving for and real lasting change in yourself and your life.

I have extracted the essence of my 30+ years of martial arts and spiritual training and developed a system that allows me to train others to have a warrior’s spirit without decades of martial arts training. Anyone can cultivate this incredibly powerful inner strength to overcome any obstacle if you carefully follow the Spiritual Warrior Program. There are times when you must summon great courage to continue on the spiritual path. It may require long periods of time where you are far removed from your comfort zone. You will need to cultivate a sense of inner strength and bravery to succeed. Obstacles you may encounter include, your own mind, your ego, and others around you.

In this video, I share with you the beginning 3-phases of the Spiritual Warrior Program so that you can begin breaking through the barriers on your path to personal and spiritual expansion. Enjoy!

Expansion Express- Fluid Belief Formula

[wpvideo PVZ9XgUL]

Hey everyone! Robert here!

Have you run into a brick wall that you just can’t seem to get around in your personal growth? Are you feeling distressed because you feel that you need to make changes and expand, but your current beliefs are holding you back? This is your lucky day, my friends! Having to change your beliefs or hanging onto them with an unshakable, closed mind causes tremendous mental stress. Many people refuse to even discuss their beliefs because they are so afraid of having them challenged. This is not very healthy.

I ran into this issue so severely that it weighed heavily on my mind and soul. I didn’t know where to turn. Finally, I put all of my 30+ years of experience in the martial arts and spiritual, esoteric systems to work for me and I developed the Fluid Belief Formula. It worked wonders for me, allowing me to break through the stagnation caused by my belief about a certain topic and move forward in my life and my spiritual expansion. I had a certain belief concerning divorce. This belief was constructed from a childhood perspective when my parents went through a divorce. That belief stayed with me until I found myself in a situation where my relationship needed to change. I had to evaluate my belief, remember how, why and when it came into being and then realize that it no longer served me to believe that way. This allowed me to change my belief about divorce and move forward with my life. This has allowed me to live my life purpose and find incredible happiness.

In this video I present the Fluid Belief Formula for you to use for yourself. I am giving you the opportunity to apply this powerful formula for free as my way of serving you. I hope it is able to serve you as amazingly well as it has served me. Enjoy!

The Fluid Belief Formula is the copyrighted property of 3xpansion, LLC and cannot be used in whole or part without the expressed written permission from Robert D. Bessler or 3xpansion, LLC.

Expansion Express – How Can I Quiet My Racing Mind?

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Hey everyone! Robert Here. I am constantly being asked this question: “How can I quiet my mind? It’s racing all the time and it’s driving me crazy, I wake up in the night filled with thoughts of fear, anxiety, and dread. How can I quiet my mind and attain some relief?”

Piece of mind is important for our mental health. Today it’s very difficult for people to achieve due to the amount of time we spend in a state of mental over-stimulation, not to mention this time of world turmoil and economic uncertainty.

I know, I went through this too. I would wake up in the night with my mind racing, filled with irrational worry and no chance of returning to a peaceful slumber. My mind was even filled with uncontrollable chatter throughout the day, most of it negative. Things had to change – and they did!

In this video, I teach you a powerful, yet quick and easy to learn method for quieting the mind. I used this method in order to achieve “Mushin” (no mind) or “Stillness.” The sooner you get started, the sooner it can begin working for you too. Remember, if I can do it, so can you. For a far more detailed bullet-point guided version of this exercise, please refer to my book, Expansion Mastery, now available for pre-order. Enjoy!