Giving, Serving Others & Volunteering

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Hey everyone! Here is the second video I filmed while in Peru. The topic of this video lesson is that of serving others through responsible, mindful giving of your time, resources, funds and so on. As we were there as volunteers working with archaeologists at a 1500 year old, pre-Incan, solid pyramid, the topic of serving others was in my heart and on my mind.

Human beings are meant to be of service to one another. Helping others creates a feeling within us that we can all identify as a warm and wonderful feeling. That feeling is typical of the sensation human beings experience when their heart center is opening. We gave five hours of hard work every day and we didn’t even take the scheduled breaks. We preferred to work right through them to give as much of ourselves as possible. It feels so good to give of ourselves to worthy causes such as this.

I recommend that everyone finds ways to give of themselves in the name of serving others. Mindlessly giving money or gifts to charities is not what I am referring to here. I recommend being very mindful and connected to the ways you give of your time, energy, money and efforts. Make sure that you are providing service that is sustainable and not merely a momentary quick fix. Remember the famous phrase about “giving a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” This is the idea behind mindfully serving others.

We were very proud to work hard next to others who were working hard and dedicating their lives to restoring this amazing landmark for the Americas. We hope our efforts impacted the outcome of this project in some small way. The adventure that we had in the process is absolutely priceless. I have made the primary focus on my new life’s work, serving others through sharing my message.

Experiences – You Do Take It With You!

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Hey Everyone! Robert here with the first video blog from Peru! It was so beautiful there that I decided to film a couple blogs for you to enjoy in the setting of Miraflores.

I was feeling so strongly about the greatness of experiences that I wanted to share some insights I have had regarding this topic. It has been my personal experience, through 2 different near-death experiences, that you take your experiences with you when you pass from the physical world. It is your experiences which unlock the potential for your spiritual expansion and all of that remains as part of your consciousness once you pass through the veil of “death” into the after-life. The importance of experiences cannot be overstated as they are the the vehicle of your personal expansion.

Every experience (or adventure) that you have carries within it the potential to allow your sense of consciousness to expand and evolve – which is what you are here to accomplish. That’s why its so important to live your passion and purpose through your experiences. We are all meant for great things – every single one of us. All of us have the potential for greatness and when we activate that potential through our experiences, we are able to achieve of insurmountable levels of spiritual growth.

Make sure to consciously create adventures in your life and always leave room for the Universe to provide you with some unexpected, awesome opportunities along the way. It always does. 🙂

3 Easy Ways To Fight Impatience

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Hey everyone! Robert here. Since I am off on another adventure, I thought I would post an additional video for you to enjoy until I return. Can’t have you missing my smiling face too much, that’s just not right. 😉

Impatience is a product of the ego-based mind. It prevents us from attaining spiritual growth as impatience is directly connected to anger and fear. Both very low negative vibrational emotions. Impatience is resistance to the way things are and your ego’s desire to force things to be the way you want them to be. This was one of the lessons I battled with for years, but I am providing you with the 3 easiest ways to allow patience to prevail in your life.

Patience is a lesson contained in every spiritual system as well as martial art and healing art. So, I thought I would provide you with 3 easy ways that you can begin to fight impatience. The perspective I offer may surprise you, expanding your current level of understanding of these things. Patience leads to relaxation, acceptance and personal expansion.

You will have to watch the entire video to get the big picture, but here they are in a nutshell…

1. Learn to Allow.

2. Learn to Trust

3. Learn to Let Go.

Through the practice of these three topics, you will begin to notice instant results in your fight against impatience as your degree of patience improves dramatically. I hope this video serves you well and that you achieve the spiritual growth you desire. Enjoy!

Are You Really Ready For Growth? The #1 Way To Know That Growth Is Coming.

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Hey everyone! I hope your life experience is becoming more awesome by the day. I know mine is!

This week I ask you, “Are you really ready for spiritual growth?” and I offer the #1 way to realize that growth is on it’s way!

I will not provide you with this #1 tell-tale sign that you are about to experience great spiritual growth, you will just have to check out the video. Its worth it, believe me. I wish I knew all this stuff decades ago, it would have saved me a lot of frustration and set-back in my spiritual advancement.

Just remember that no growth ever happens inside of your comfort zone. Obstacles are opportunities if you have the proper perception. Enjoy.