Welcome Everyone!

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me on this incredible day! I am Robert Bessler, the founder of the “Expansion Mastery System” and author of the upcoming book “Expansion Mastery“. I have been training in the martial, meditative, spiritual and healing arts for over 30 years and I have learned a few things that I feel may have some value for you. So, I decided to begin sharing it here in this free weekly video blog. The video blog is designed to be fun, light-hearted and filled with amazing, life changing wisdom for you. Sound good? I hope you enjoy the content and the lessons I share are able to help you to make massive, positive changes in your life during these uncertain and rapidly changing times we are facing. Please join me here each week, relax and enjoy yourself. I am no guru or spiritual leader, I am simply a guy who dedicated most of his life to following the disciplines of the martial, mediatative, spiritual and healing arts and has succeeded in creating the life filled with joy, love and appreciation. I am living the experience of heaven on earth through the mastery and application of a concept known as Heaven, Earth and Being and I want to help you to experience it too. I will share once secret methods and methods that have been greatly misunderstood and misrepresented so that you may gain the benefits of them as I did. Hopefully easier and in less time than it took me! Let’s make 2012 an awesome year, there’s no time like the present to get started. This is the moment that you start to have the time of your life, because it is just that!

My goal is to share insights and wisdom that may help you to live a more joyous, more fully engaged and inspired life as a completely actualized human being. Imagine waking up each morning and being thrilled that you have another day to experience the magic of life! Imagine living a meaningful, mindful life that is filled with joy, love and appreciation! I have figured out how to do this and I have helped others to begin the same process. Now, I want to get this message out so that anyone interested in living the life I have described here can begin to learn how to do so.

The video blog will be launching on January 9th, 2012! Please feel free to join us and check it out. Let’s make the Year of the (Black Water) Dragon an amazing one!