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Expansion Mastery: Important Updates

Hey Everyone!

There’s a LOT of incredible things happening here at Expansion Mastery. I thought I’d share them so you stay informed and get to take advantage of everything being offered. I also wanted to express my sincere appreciation for every single one of you who takes their spiritual expansion seriously and supports us here at Expansion Mastery.

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  3. New content is being prepared for our YouTube channel. Yes, we have a YouTube channel and we’re going to be adding some awesome new content just for you. The channel is @robertdbessler and I’m creating all new short videos right now that’ll be posted there very soon. I have two different topic streams for this new content. The first will offer quick tips, about 2-3 minutes for engaging your practices more efficiently and effectively. The second will address how and why authentic spirituality is being lost due to a purposeful agenda of technocracy and dogma. This content will be available only on my YouTube channel.
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  5. Watch for more updates as I’m involved in several amazing projects right now. Oh yeah, and the book about Soul-Mate relationships – that’s being edited and will be released soon. My wife and I have done a great deal of polishing with this book to make sure it’s perfect and we’ll reveal the truth about relationships. Learn how to attract the romantic relationship you desire and deserve.

Thanks Everyone! With Love and Appreciation,


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~ Robert

The War For Reality & Spirituality – part1

Part One: Setting The Stage
I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again – Are we living in the most interesting, amazingly bizarre times or what!? Yes, it’s turbulent, twisted, and seemingly insane, but it’s also a monumentally historic moment for the entire world; for all of humanity. This is an era of human evolution. We’re resting on the cusp of something so monumentally important that the outcome will dictate the future of all mankind for hundreds or even thousands of years. These are the most incredible moments in perhaps all of human history and one of the wildest topics I’ve ever written about, and to be honest, I was hoping that I would never have to share what I’m about to write here. This article is not for those who wish to remain asleep; indeed, it requires courage to read in its entirety without the ego becoming fearful and wanting to deny the validity. So, prepare for your head to spin and your beliefs to be challenged because you’re about to go down the proverbial rabbit hole with me.

I live a fully engaged spiritual life, and I don’t particularly like the word war, but the fact remains, whether we like it or not, that this has become a war. Yes, we are all involved in this absurd situation. I don’t place any more focus on the war-like aspect of what’s happening than necessary, but there comes a time when we must accept the truth and begin taking appropriate action in order to prevent our lives and our wonderful world from being high-jacked and destroyed. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re completely passive- those are fake spiritualists. It means that you live passively until you’re left with no choice but to become proactive in order to protect yourself and those you love. Then you summon the warrior spirit, your great inner strength, and take your stance in the world. You hold your ground and you speak your mind in order to defend what’s right.

We’re all living through a mass multi-tiered revolutionary war of not only a civil and political nature, but of a mental and spiritual nature as well. We’re all in a fight for our freedom, our rights, our mental health, as well as the evolution of our consciousness. Never before has there been more at stake for so many. This conflict currently contains a revolution, a counter revolution, and counter-counter revolution all going on right in front of us and yet so very few seem to actually perceive its existence. Most are aware of the civil and political side of this war, especially in the U.S., but this revolution is happening all over the globe. This is not the conventional type of combat fought with planes, ships, or missiles for the purposes of territory disputes or military advances. This is a spiritual war for the control of the narrative of reality in order to mentally enslave the people of the world.

The political battle is relatively easy for everyone to witness, but those who are victims of the establishment’s brainwashing don’t see it through the eyes of clear comprehension. They’ve fallen victim to the brainwashing of the twisted logic and inverted reality. You can’t help but notice it because the globalist establishment elitists and their misled minions are screaming and throwing infantile fits in desperation as they’re being challenged. The civil battles we see arise are nearly all orchestrated by the globalist elitists to assist their social engineering plans and they use triggers such as political correctness to seem legitimate and righteous. This is easy to recognize as it’s taking place all around us in the form of misguided protests and violent resistance marches. The mental battle being waged seems to be well realized by those who are waking up, but the brainwashed sleep-walking masses, using toxic medications and chemicals, have little inclination as to the reality of this. This is a battle for your mental perception and your sanity as the globalist elitists are pushing a fake, twisted, inverted narrative of reality that they’re creating.

But the very heart of this that many people haven’t yet realized is the battle for the evolution of humanity known as the consciousness shift. The establishment is pulling out all the stops to stifle and ultimately prevent this natural evolutionary process from taking place. The real war is about suppressing the rise of human consciousness and vibration. I’ve been hearing a few statements by those beginning to realize that there’s a great spiritual component to this, but they haven’t been able to put their finger on it. It’s because the mind perceives this in the context of what it relates to, which is usually religion. It’s not about religious prophecy, it’s about actual spirituality. This spiritual factor is what most everyone has missed or misunderstood, but it’s something I’ve been aware of and involved in for many years now, as have the ancient indigenous cultures all over the globe. This spiritual evolution is what the global elitists are trying to prevent, and they’re using the civil and political arenas as a means to do that while distracting from the real agenda.

Let’s remove some of the obscurity and misinformation around this by exposing what they’ve been up to. The global new world order elitists are those in the deep state establishment who push the global takeover agenda, breaking down national sovereignty, removing the rights and freedoms of the people, and destroying cultures in order to remain in control and seize total global control. Their intention is to take control of the entire world and everyone in it while they transform the masses from a natural lifestyle to that of a false version of their control. These elites are the most corrupt types of criminals and view themselves to be above any laws. These criminals in control are only “elite” due to the amount of wealth they’ve managed to steal from the people, but in actual reality they’re extreme egotists. Their egos have been inflated to such a dangerous, unsustainable level that their mental ill minds reflect the very nature of what we call evil. Just because they believe they’re the elite doesn’t make it real; mental delusion is not reality. A hard lesson that many in the world need to learn. A fitting, all-encompassing term for these criminals could be something like; “Technocratic Global New World Order Corporate Elite Egotists.”

The good news is, it’s not all doom and gloom because the protagonists are making gains. They haven’t won the war by any means, but at least they’re winning several battles at this point in time, in spite of continuous resistance. We’re seeing the exposure of many of the corrupt world political, religious, banking, and corporate leaders as their attempts for global takeover are beginning to crumble. It’s time now for all of us to stand in support of what’s right, what’s real, and help evict these criminals from their seats of power and restore ourselves to a reasonable degree of sanity. I encourage you to do some objective research into this and see for yourself that this globalist new world order movement is an evil agenda to enslave and rule over the mindless masses. The goal of these criminals has been clearly stated – they seek mass population reduction and the dismantling of modern civilization in order to erect their own perverted version of reality where they obtain ultimate control.

Now, I fully realize this sounds absurd. To me it sounds more like an episode of the Disney’s cartoon Pinky and Brain. The cartoon is hilarious, but it’s not so funny in real life. These criminals have controlled things for far too long and we’ve all just sat back and allowed it, but that can no longer be the case. The egotists are out of control. I’ve spoken at great length about this ego plague sweeping the globe. The condition of the ego is to control, to control everything around it, and the desire to take over and control the world shows a level of ego that is nothing short of extreme mental illness. They claim that truth is stranger than fiction- well folks, we’re witnessing the proof of that phrase right now!

While these well-meaning protagonists are the lesser of two evils, as they don’t seek to prevent this consciousness shift from naturally taking place, we must seek the middle path. Now’s our chance. I would make a plea to those who are doing everything they can to restore the power back to the people; please set religious dogma aside. This is not a war for religious dominance, it’s a war for the spiritual evolution of all humanity. Everyone strives to understand what’s taking place as best as they can, but the mind resorts to what it knows and for most that’s a religious notion. Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. We must understand that the vibrational frequency around us is increasing and this has nothing to do with religion. This is causing our human vibrational frequency to increase as well, because our electromagnetic field is intimately linked to that of the Earth’s, which I explained in my book, Expansion Mastery. At this time, the field’s frequency is increasing and our own is attempting to increase with it. Our consciousness is rising along with the vibrational frequency and this is a spiritual circumstance. Vibration and conscious awareness are two aspects of the same thing. In our non-physical state we’re vibrating energy of consciousness awareness. This is our true state of being. This time calls for us to set aside differences in all forms, especially religious beliefs, in order to focus on the heart of what’s taking place. We must all come together as one people and embrace this moment in human evolution of which more and more are realizing to be a truth.

But allow me to start where all interesting stories start – at the beginning. This is one of the defining factors between those who are awakening and those who remain deep in the sleep-state of existence.

This all goes back to around the end of the 1940’s or so when the idea of Globalism being was presented to the world. Over the decades to come Globalism was gradually placed in front of us in varying ways and in the beginning it was a very cool idea. The establishment elites developed a stronghold after the assassination of JFK in 1963, as he set out to remove the globalists from power and disband their deep state policies and agendas, including the Federal Reserve. I still feel that the initial idea of Globalism was meant for the coming together of humanity as one people in a positive way. We’re all one, living on one planet, and we should cooperate and coexist peacefully. Paints a beautiful picture of peace, love and harmony doesn’t it? But unfortunately this can never work- well, at least not without this evolutionary consciousness shift taking place. If you’re asking why not, I can answer that question in a single word – ego. If humanity had no ego this could very well be a possibility, but as long as the human mind is dominated by ego and mentally manufactured beliefs, there’s no way this could ever happen. Set your beliefs aside for just a moment, take an honest look around, and you can see this truth for yourself. As long as the human mind is ruled by ego there will be fear, fighting, greed, treachery, hate, shame, separateness, crime, and other negative factors preventing us from living in harmony with one another.

As an adventurer, I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, so in the beginning this idea of One World intrigued me very much. I miss that innocence. If we were an awakened egoless species, we would certainly be capable of living in a way that would be a borderless heaven on earth, but unfortunately, we’re not – at least not yet. And, as it seems, if the “Globalist Elitists” have their way, we never will. While the idea of Globalism seemed to have its roots in harmony, oneness, and world peace, it didn’t take long for the twisted egoic minds of those who truly run our world to corrupt this concept, turning it into a means of increasing their own power, wealth and control while raping and pillaging the people of the world.

Make no mistake, this is positively not a battle of political parties, and this is not a war between religions either. This is a much more serious war, the classic scenario of good versus evil. The evil is not some religious ideal or some mysterious force, it’s the twisted evil of the mentally ill mind/ego of human beings, and the good are those who are waking up and standing up in opposition to their insanity. Now is the time to get control of your ego, look past your own beliefs, opinions, and identity-based affiliations so you can see past the illusion to illuminate the truth.

Continued in Part Two…

New & Exciting Projects for 2017!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to inform all of you as to some of the incredible projects I’m working on and plan to release in this awesome new year. I hope you’re as excited to hear of their production as I am to be producing them. I promise that each project will be a real game changer. I intend to reveal the truth of spirituality and some of that promises to absolutely rock the existing paradigm of false belief.

Sorry, but I can’t reveal the actual names of the projects or their exact content just yet. But trust me, they’ll be beyond awesome and I’ll make sure you know about them before anyone else, as long as you’re a member of this website. If you’re not, sign up now!

The first project will be the release of the long awaited soul-mate book my wife and I are writing together. This is going to change everything you believe about soul-mates and romantic relationships! This book is nearly completed and the editing process has begun. There will be a formal book launch and more when it’s ready. The information contained in this book will leave your jaw hanging open as you realize that what you hold in your hands in a step by step manual, a how to guide, given by two people who are living it.

The second project is a complete course in mind training. Trust me when I say that there’s nothing like this available to the public – but there soon will be. This is going to be a complete guided course, the most clear and comprehensive practical approach to mind training ever offered. I’ll personally walk you through the three fundamental mind gates that lead to true spirituality. You will be guided by video and audio instruction that is both clear and effective. I’m planning on making this a physical product of DVD’s, CD’s, and written materials. I’m also looking at upgrading this website to offer this course digitally right here as well, complete with an online forum only available to those studying the program where you can find support form other like-minded individuals as well as interact with me if you should need assistance. I’ve already planned to offer so many extras with this program that it’ll make your head spin. This course is the result of decades of diligent practice, direct personal experience, and real-world application. It’s been years in the making.

The third is a sequel to my book, Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life. If you haven’t gotten a copy of this book yet, then do it right now. You can get an autographed copy by ordering right here on the website. You’ll be glad you did as the second book will take the material in the first to all new levels. The first book helps you to create a solid and practical foundation, preparing you for what’s to come in this next book.

There’s more in the works, but I’ll stop here for now. This promises to be a very exciting year and I hope you’ll make this the year you get involved, practice with consistency, and make real, lasting progress that will result in your ability to live a Fully Engaged Life!

Love, Robert

Fully Engaged Life Audio Improvement

For all of the listeners and fans of The Fully Engaged Life – look (or rather listen) for a huge improvement in the quality of the audio on the program. The new equipment has been upgraded and the sound is amazing! This will begin with episode #124. Remember that The Fully Engaged Life is released every Monday morning, so enjoy the show with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and start your week off right!



Hey Everyone!

In the next exciting episode of THE FULLY ENGAGED LIFE, that will be released on Monday, September 26th, I present the FULLY ENGAGED LIFE CHALLENGE! Join thousands of others and tune into the podcast show for all of the details and insights into this amazing “Challenge.” The challenge begins Monday! Are you in?


Are you courageous enough to accept this challenge!? Do you have the inner strength to follow through? We’ll find out. Here’s all the details…

This is a 15 day challenge. I challenge every one of you to set aside 15 minutes every day for 15 days during which time you get up, go outdoors, and walk for 15 minutes in nature.

This can be your spacious yard, a peaceful park, an inviting beach, or a picturesque mountain hiking trail. But, it must be outdoors – rain or shine. The challenge includes walking in complete silence without your cell phone, earbuds, or other electronic devices. That means no texting or Facebook posting for 15 minutes – yeah, it just got really hard didn’t it?  Playing Pokemon Go is not acceptable nor is it at all compatible with this challenge. Your limits and self-control are probably already being tested aren’t they?

Here’s the practice included in this challenge: Find a safe and pleasant place outdoors near you. When you’re walking – just walk. Be with the action of walking. Remain aware of each step you take and the fact that you are simply walking. Enjoy all the sounds and scenery of nature, yet do not allow it to distract your mind from the act of walking. The key here is not allowing the mind to become distracted or attached to the surroundings, while being fully aware of them and all the serenity and beauty they provide. Stay focused on walking and do not allow the mind to wander on to stray thoughts. As you hold this awareness of the natural environment, keep your primary awareness on the act of walking itself. Don’t think about walking, don’t place any form of judgement on it, just walk. The difficulty, hence it being a challenge, is in the simplicity of it.

We’re asking you to take only one photo at the beginning of the challenge. Take a photo of the area in nature you’re going to be walking and include it in the comment section of a post for this challenge you’ll find on my Facebook Author Page (Robert D. Bessler). No selfies! Post a photo of nature, not yourself. Post your photo along with the comment – “Challenge Accepted!” and then make sure to return and let me know that you succeeded.

So, you’re probably wondering what the cause is that’s associated with this challenge. Simple, the cause is to raise awareness. Ohhhh, are you waiting for more? Sorry, that’s it. This is simply about raising your own awareness. This is a challenge of mindfulness.

You see, when we “raise awareness” of diseases, disorders, and disasters, we mindlessly attract more of that into reality. The ego loves the drama of it all, but we do pay a hefty price. Raising awareness to these things attracts them into our own reality as well as into the reality of those we’re attempting to help. Not very productive is it? People are already very aware of such things and raising awareness has yet to cure or solve a single issue for which awareness has been raised, yet we mindlessly continue with such challenges in the hope that it’ll become trendy. The reason it’s ineffective is because when we think, feel, speak, and act on behalf of such things, our vibration matches them and that attracts more of those things into our reality, and it doesn’t matter if we’re conscious of it or not. I contend that there must be a far better way to help those who are in need. A way that can eventually result in real cures and preventions without attracting more of it into anyone’s life.

We need to first raise our own awareness to higher levels. Much higher. Then, with truly raised consciousness we’ll be far more equipped and inclined to offer solutions that have actual results without vibratory repercussions. I figured if this old paradigm attracts more of what we’re raising awareness for, then why not offer a challenge to raise awareness so that we end up vibrationally attracting more raised awareness into the world!?

Please join us this Monday and let’s do our part in raising the awareness of ourselves and the world around us! Let’s do our part to give this consciousness shift the boost it deserves and set ourselves on the path of awakening. Through this we can all begin living a fully engaged life and help bring this higher sense of conscious living to everyone.





Hey Everyone!

Have you gotten your copy of The Breath Bridge!? If you’re serious about meditation, you need this amazing 2-disc audio set that offers you an authentic and highly effective method for crossing the bridge from the external world to the internal world.

If you’re unable to meditate because your mind is simply too busy, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve tried relentlessly to meditate, yet you just can’t seem to go within, then this is the answer you seek. This is the same practical, no fluff approach I used to get outstanding results in my own meditation practice.


This incredibly effect and easy to use program includes two CD’s. The first CD is “The Program” and contains all the detailed information about this practical and powerful method for going within. The second CD is the “Guided Practice” and on this disc I personally guide you through the process to insure your success. The program is purposefully designed to quickly allow you to master this process no longer needing to follow along with my voice, empowering you to use this method anytime, anywhere you want to sit in meditation.

This product has not yet been added to the Products Page of this website, but you can buy it now for only $24.99 (plus $5.95 priority shipping) by emailing me directly at expansionmastery@hotmail.com for details.

True Authenticity

Hey Everyone!

As the plague of the ever-growing ego continues to sweep the globe, I felt it to be a good time to offer some truth regarding authenticity. It’s all too common in the world today to find people stressing how authentic they are when in reality it’s just their ego justifying it’s actions through twisted logic. True authenticity is a state of being discovered through spiritual practices that take you beyond the mind and ego. It’s crucial to understand the difference between this fake, ego-driven form of authenticity and true authenticity. It’s my desire to offer you a clear example.

The ordinary mind – that of the ego-dominated, unconscious – sees authenticity as a way to strengthen itself. These people believe that authenticity is about doing whatever they want, acting however they want, and making up their own “feel-good” practices – all in the name of being authentic. They believe that they are individuals and finding their own individual path – but this form of separateness is a classic tactic of the ego.

The ego twists and justifies their poor behaviors into the false belief of them just being themselves. They rationalize that they should be able to act however they want to, regardless of how poor that behavior is toward themselves or others, in the name of being themselves. They trick themselves into believing their own misguided inverted logic so they can make up their own  false versions of what they call practices. These make believe forms of practice carry no real, lasting value at all. To the contrary, they serve only to stroke the ego and allow the person to feel good about themselves for a short period of time before reverting right back to the same, or often even worse, behavior patterns than they had previously. They confuse their opinion for truth, and they borrow the knowledge of others instead of actually engaging in real practices and attaining direct personal experience. The ordinary mind likes to confuse real authenticity for its facade of self-justification thinly disguised as authenticity.

How can you be authentic when the mind is still dominated by the ego? True authenticity cannot be attained while the mind is still ego-driven. Authenticity is being in tune with your Higher Self (essence), and remember that ego and essence cannot and do not coexist.

Look around at the current trend in the media. Celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, and religious leaders alike are always apologizing for some form of nonsense that holds no real value in the first place. Not a day goes by that I don’t read or hear about one of these “distraction representatives” apologizing for something. Sure, it’s a great way to get publicity, after all, any press is good press, isn’t that what they say? This current trend (and yes, I’m using the word trend here to indicate one more behavior of the those considered to be “trendies”) is a thing example of false authenticity. While we’re supposed to embrace the programming that it’s good to apologize, I encourage you to see how it’s actually an act of disempowerment when it’s not truthful, and clearly the act of someone who is of ordinary mind and thus is not truly authentic at all. If they were authentic, they’d have nothing to apologize for.

True authenticity is something entirely different. Let’s use this trendy example of apologizing as a way to illustrate my point. A person who relies on false authenticity will apologize because they said something or did something that was not mindfully executed or because someone complained about it or their ego found a way to be offended. Those who are willing to quickly retract their statements and apologize are not authentic. However, those who do something from a poor moral perspective and then refuse to apologize because they want to justify their actions and strengthen their sense of self-righteousness as being authentic, are also acting from ego and therefore are not authentic.

The pure mind – This term is used to describe a state of mind beyond ego. A mind that is free of ego and indeed free of itself. A better translation for this term would be “pure no-mind.” It’s only from this state of no-mind that we come in contact with our true authenticity.

Truly authentic people are clear in what they say and do and they stand behind it. Authentic people are spiritually awakened and speak of truth, not opinion or twisted perspective. This doesn’t mean that they won’t apologize if they make an honest mistake, indeed, they’ll be eager and set things straight, but they generally speak mindfully and from what they have come to experience first-hand as truth. Those living without ego will not apologize simply because someone decides they want to be offended or because it’s trendy and offers notoriety. Authentic people don’t act however they want and attempt to justify it, their words and action are mindful , consciously formulated, and based on truth. They don’t attempt to justify their actions by stating that they’ll do what they do because it’s them being who they are, they have lost their sense of self. When the ego passes away, so does your identity, then their is no self. When you go beyond the mind into the realm of essence their is only conscious awareness of truth for what is. There is no more opinion because opinions are mental formations that cannot exist without the mind. This is where true authenticity is found. If you have not entered into no-mind, gone beyond the mind, then you have yet to grasp the truth of authenticity. Authentic people understand that they must directly engage real practices from authentic systems in order to attain awakened consciousness and spiritual expansion.

The path to authenticity begins with mindfulness practices that help you to attain what’s called, “clear perception.” Once clear perception is achieved, then the truth begins to be experienced. You no longer live from a perception twisted by the ego or controlled by outside influences, you begin to see through all of the illusion. As you continue walking this path you enter into meditation that will allow you to experience the state of pure mind and then you will realize true authenticity.

The Expansion Mastery Program is designed to assist you on your own path toward true authenticity and this is why there’s absolutely no dogma associated with Expansion Mastery. Dogma is the creation of the mind and it serves the mind/ego, not the essence. Expansion Mastery is meant to guide you through real practices as you make your own unique way in the world while supplying you with authentic practices from a practical, non-dogmatic standpoint so that you can attain real results faster and easier. There’s no dogma to weigh you down so you’re able to rise to all new heights in the true manner intended by these authentic practices.Please do your best to apply this material to rise above the twisted logic of the ego and to take your stance in the world in a truly authentic way.