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About The Book

Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide to Living a Fully Engaged Life
By Robert D. Bessler

Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide To Living A Fully Engaged Life is the culmination of Robert’s 30-plus years of intensive and dedicated studies of the martial, meditative, healing and spiritual arts. The book is designed to serve as a practical guide to living a balanced, awakened and expansive life filled with lasting love, appreciation and joy. The program contained within the book, the Expansion Mastery System, is the first of its kind. This unique system is based on the ancient concept of Heaven, Earth and Being that is at the original core of most religious and spiritual systems throughout the world. Connecting to Heaven refers to the cosmos, to the divine and to embrace our higher spiritual self. Connecting to Earth refers to living a natural life, being part of nature and embracing our physical self. Connecting to Being is to master the mind through quieting our thoughts and subduing the ego, it is about creating a heart connection with others and living a heart centered life where we embrace love and appreciation. The book also brings to light many ancient martial arts principles, delivering them in a practical manner that clearly demonstrates their effectiveness in spiritual and personal growth for anyone, whether or not they have a personal interest in martial arts.

The content of this book is designed to cut through the fluff of modern spiritual systems, the dogma and control of religions, and the mystical instructions of the esoteric, in order to offer a practical guide for those serious about their personal and spiritual development. A few of the incredibly valuable lessons contained within this important work include how to quiet the mind, subdue the ego, and create fluid beliefs to embrace change. Robert details where we are now as human beings and then continues by painting an inspired vision of where we have the potential to go in the near future.

Expansion Mastery also offers an understanding for the times of change that we are living in. Many people are all over the world are experiencing feelings of change. The need to change their career, their hobbies, their relationship, etc. – for many these feelings are confusing and result in deep inner turmoil. Robert explains these feelings and offers an explanation of why you are experiencing them at this point in human history. He also addresses the current increase in feelings of discontent, depression, emptiness, and being lost. Offering explanations, and more importantly, how to effectively manage these feelings through understanding what they mean to us and why we are having them. If you are one of the many who are experiencing such emotions and urges at this time; this book will serve you well as a guide to accepting change, acting on change and embracing it instead of fearing it.

We are currently living in one of the greatest times of human growth, potential and change. Expansion Mastery is designed to offer a way for people to reawaken to the vastness of their potential and to live happy, mindful and balanced lives in this time of great human evolution. The Expansion Mastery System extracts the essence of ancient, esoteric teachings to eliminate the mystery, and from this knowledge presents practical exercises and tools for positive transformation. These teachings are detailed specifically from their ancient sources, yet presented so that they can be applied to anyone’s personal belief system and life situation.

The Tao produced the One; The One produced the Two; The Two produced the Three; The Three produced the Ten Thousand Things.
~ Lao Tzu, 42nd Verse of the Tao Te Ching

If you had the knowledge and tools to make serious and lasting changes in your life, would you do it? If you had the chance to start over, change everything you needed to change in order to live the visions of your dreams, would you? Is it going to take a near death experience to motivate you into making the necessary changes in your life, or will you accept the challenges contained here and master your own personal expansion?

The world is going through great transformation and human beings all over the globe are realizing that they are living in a time of incredible human potential and growth. Now is your time, right now, to be a valuable part of this movement.

Expansion Mastery offers you a chance at creating the life you know in your heart you were meant to experience. A life of real happiness, a sense of living “Heaven on Earth” by understanding your position between Heaven and Earth. The essence of this ancient spiritual concept of “Heaven, Earth and Being” is presented to you with clarity to achieve ultimate expansion.

Can you rise up and actually participate in your life?
Can you change your attitude from “just getting through another day”
to fully engage your life with enthusiasm, purpose and presence?

It’s no longer a question of can you—it’s a question of will you!


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"I love Robert Bessler's amazing work. He puts ancient Taoist principles to work in practical modern life. He's proven the power of the Inner Smile in transforming the lives of children given up for lost or permanently disabled. His genius is to offer real hope to the hopeless, and power to the dis-empowered. Readers will be inspired, uplifted, and educated on how to make the impossible possible."
 ~ Michael Winn, founder
"When I had a problem that stopped me dead in my tracks, Robert Bessler was the first person I called. His advice was clear, useful and actionable. I was able to immediately implement his advice and the results were exactly as he predicted. I am thrilled that Robert is now offering this same advice to a wider audience. I recommend his expertise to anyone looking to find a more authentic way to experience their lives and businesses."
~ Melanie Saladino
Life & Business Coach